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S.J. Hermann @Writing_Novel
RT @Suzy_Henderson: New Release "The Beauty Shop" available now: #WW2 #aviation #TheGuineaPigClub #HistFic #Kindl…
Duncan Jones @ManMadeMoon
A depressing facet of life these days is watching the lessons of WW2, the Geneva convention, "never again," erode away before our eyes.
not @lill_qa
RT @Poland: #OnThisDay in 1942 the 🇵🇱Home Army (AK, frmly ZWZ) was established, largest underground army in occupied Europe #WW2 https://t.…
lifted @robbyTrees
RT @EsotericExposal: Since WW2, Earth has had 248 armed conflicts. The United States started 201 of them.
Paki Harvey Specter @syaldram
RT @WWIIpix: Paratroopers of the US 82nd Airborne waiting near the Sicilian beachheads before the invasion of mainland Italy, 1943. #WW2 h…
RT @LGBTHM: Forbidden love: The WW2 letters between two men - BBC News
Army LGBT Forum @ArmyLGBT
RT @BBCEngland: Forbidden love: The WW2 letters between two gay solders
Peter Flanagan @peterflanagan
RT @peterflanagan: I'm writing an alternative history book set during WW2 where Germany are the good guys and Britain are the bad guys It…
S.J. Hermann @Writing_Novel
RT @Suzy_Henderson: A wonderful guest post by @Suzy_Henderson - Hope in the Midst of War #History #WW2 #Fri…
S.J. Hermann @Writing_Novel
RT @Suzy_Henderson: WW2: A fleeting glance at a friend; a last farewell before the explosion pummelled the sky. #H…
Dehimoth @Dehimoth
RT @PCGamesN: All the signs are pointing towards the new Call of Duty being set in WW2. We review the evidence. ht…
Elano de Urano @ElenPelopollen
RT @HoneyYumm: When your food sounds like WW2 in the microwave but still comes out cold
Ellen M. @EllenM0130
RT @michaelpoulton: Forbidden love: The WW2 letters "in a more enlightened time... the world could see how in love we are"😥 #LGBTHM17 🌈 ht…
kuru @kuru24350
RT @SarahEBond: Ceramic ostrakon receipt from 65 CE, under Nero, notes payment of the τέλος ἑταιρικόν (prostitution tax) @ Memnoneia https:…
Jonathan Capewell @ww1tigers
RT @FirstTankCrews: Darby was badly wounded, leading his company, on the Somme in Aug 18. He also served in Europe in WW2. His medals are @…
maisam chizari @maisamchizari33
RT @PlaystationWrld: Is Call of Duty going back to WW2? The Batallion 1944 devs think so
Markus Perry @metsandjetsubet
Carestream @Carestream
RT @RadiologyACR: #Radres/fellows, learn from others' Missed Opportunities, Mistakes & Valuable on-the-Job Lessons at #ACR2017…
Kirsten Murphy @_kirstenmurphy
RT @dbelibrary: "A child's reading level doesn't catch up to their listening levels until the 8th grade."
mike bennett @TankieMike
RT @PillboxPete: I So Love This, Made Out of the Legendary Man's Quotes. #churchill #WW2
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