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The Beaverton @TheBeaverton
Saskatoon honours Joni Mitchell with new parking lot https://t.co/HOVXOlrtHI #thebeaverton
Justin B. Manuel @Justin_B_Manuel
RT @MarillaWex: "Ottawa - the place you've already forgotten since I started this sentence." - @Emmahuntress #TheBeaverton
chris saxton @ckwsaxton
RT @Lukemaybefunny: Canada: we make you feel not as bad as everywhere else! #thebeaverton
Alexander Saxton @AEWSaxton
RT @MarillaWex: https://t.co/bx130wCdLB - only @TheBeaverton could come up with a dating site algorithm based on head bumps. #thebeaverton
(((Marilla Wex))) @MarillaWex
RT @PeteDeCourcy: I am so excited for #theBeaverton tonight because my life has unanswered questions and only Master T has the answers.
(((Marilla Wex))) @MarillaWex
RT @niceguyscomedy: We love #TheBeaverton!
Paul McGeown @paulsefmcgeown
RT @AJHuntley: This might be our last @TheBeaverton episode before we perish in a tweet-related nuclear war. #TheBeaverton
(((Marilla Wex))) @MarillaWex
RT @josettejorge: @TheBeaverton starts soon. So lucky to have worked on such a funny episode! Turn to @comedynetwork now!#thebeaverton #mas…
(ahmed)kris(siddiqi) @Siddiqs
RT @Tdotcomedy: So much Toronto lady talent on the air these days! Right it's ladies of #thebeaverton @Emmahuntress @lauracilevitz @aishaal…
Alexander Huntley @AJHuntley
RT @kristylapointe: The first commercial break of #thebeaverton is always the point where I realize I haven't purchased enough champagne fo…
chris saxton @ckwsaxton
RT @TheBeaverton: "DIY Your Gastric Bypass with the new home surgery trend" -@Emmahuntress #thebeaverton
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