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Sarah Roane @sarah_roane
RT @charlie_cafc: This just happened on #theChase ffs https://t.co/q6mj9hGW64
george whitmore @gwhitmore7
RT @Ali_loco1: This just happened on #theChase ffs https://t.co/bGKIG6RRaB
mehmet sonuç @mehmetsonuch
RT @Fatih_KAPLAN_: British deep state #TrumpPresser Robbie Savage Peter Wright #CarpenterFilmTitles #SLHudSal #LoveTheDarts #TheChase Mata…
Junie Woonie @The_Evil_Barbie
RT @yasmindalton247: In my opinion taking a minus offer on The Chase is the equivalent of murdering several thousand people #TheChase #YouJ…
Lauren Clarke @lardarse92
RT @lewcalvert91: @metpoliceuk I'm not one to grass but I'd like to report a theft please. Kelly has stolen £6,000 on @ITVChase #thechase
RT @Hannah_Knight_: #TheChase is on to get @BTS_twt into the UK charts again!! (Couldn't resist it's so fitting 😂) #BTSUKTop40 #SpringDayU…
Black_Fonz @Kuttler13
RT @FlyTye216: New Vibes Coming Soon! #TheChase https://t.co/h5Kx2JTzTq
معينإقبال @Theboythomas_
RT @johnmclane123: #TheChase I've just rung the police and asked them to arrest kelly for a £6000 theft
TomPete @tjthwaites
RT @gthom86: Bradley making out Kelly was the star of the show there. David won most money and Ciaran nailed the final round. #Thechase
jiml @lightwingj
RT @billcutts59: #TheChase I wonder howmany contestants say"that's cool take the minus"when they really want to punch their lights out. I w…
Laura Cook 🌼 @lacook_x
RT @CoralBartramx: Feel like a genius when I get a question right on #TheChase 😂🙈💡
Jay Crane @JayCrane83
RT @TheSun: Bradley Walsh was not happy after quiz master Paul fluffed a very personal question on #TheChase https://t.co/7EKyq902VT https:…
TomPete @tjthwaites
RT @Graftarian: #thechase Ciaran would make anyone look shit in the final - answered so quickly. Well done lad.
TomPete @tjthwaites
RT @JasJudge: Pretty sure Ciaran would have done that on his own, Bradley... Kelly added nothing...#TheChase
Olivia Adams @LivAdams2011
RT @juliabrooks87: #TheChase trending for a third time this week! Can't wait to go home and watch it!
Coach Budde @CoachBudde
RT @FHN_Lacrosse: 10 days until lacrosse season starts! #TheChase https://t.co/rmWBD2MTzU
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