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Entertainment Weekly @EW
#TheView is showing solidarity with those participating in the grassroots protest #ADayWithoutImmigrants. https://t.co/dW4rysRcLK
Madeleine @haddmad
RT @ImUnderherfeet: I finally agree with @JoyVBehar. Republicans are selling their souls to help the rich screw everyone over. #TheView #Tr…
NIC @okaynickay
RT @Remixgodsuede: Dr.Phil​ reacts to my remix of #CashMeOusside on #TheView LOL! Thanks everyone! Download song here: https://t.co/lmjzmi3…
RT @caramelcoat8dme: .@TheView , are you are reading this? 👇🏽 Book @rolandsmartin ASAP. He won't disappoint. #TheView https://t.co/yXhZLQjX…
Kim Olivari-McClure @KimOlivari
RT @FolukeFiasco: .@WhoopiGoldberg, @Trevornoah, @RealDLHughley and @JoyVBehar on #TheView right now have a wonderful blend of awareness, h…
Mary Bird @jo_kasprzak
RT @xoxsimply_mee: Can't wait to see @Trevornoah on #TheView . He's smart, funny, sexy, AND that accent melts my heart 😍😍😍
Juiceberry718 @taneka2323
RT @ToysHawk: Yes...racism begins at the dinner table... #TheView
Diana Yalith Espitia @yatropicalmami
RT @TheView: Have a great weekend and take a little time to enjoy #TheView! https://t.co/cBmKVbCACK
RT @Denali99: Trevor is so right. Using code words. But they fail to realize that we all know the code. #TheView
Janet Gaines @Bake4pinkJanet
RT @tac0510: #theview @TheView Trump family’s elaborate lifestyle is a ‘logistical nightmare’ — at taxpayer expense https://t.co/fxddjg1sIO
RT @BrooklynBlueNy: #TheView @TheView You know why he's not taking a paycheck. He's gonna have to file w2 etc. Opens up his taxes!/its not…
RT @bridgette_bc: Love what Whoopi says on #theview "unless you are native American we are all immigrants. "
Michael DRAGson @Tev_Campbell
RT @dionna_oxox: People who voted for trump know they voted for a racist. They don't care. They condone his racism. #TheView
Da_Skeptunes @Robin_Volpi
RT @therealNasim: "America has a branding problem." - @Trevornoah on racism in America #TheView
Pixie Beth @pbn5154
RT @lorislifehacks: Am I the only one that sees @CNN breaking news and thinks WTF has #Trump done now? #4today #fridayfun #theview
Владимир @poichevlesa1978
RT @DonnaLampkin: What an awesome life story @Trevornoah - Watching you on @TheView I also actually heard about it on @NPR #TheView #BlackH…
Carrie Gosnell😙🌅 @CarrieLGosnell
RT @justDooDirty: @CulturallyAlive shoot I don't believe a fucking word coming out that building or that administration mouth. #TheView htt…
RT @brijh: I agree. They kept it classy & 💯 at the same time. Loved it! #TheView https://t.co/jTKbUXRCpL
RT @TUGGLZ2U: #TrevorNoah speaking on #TheView about #BlackOnBlackCrime growing up in South Africa simply… https://t.co/qsyvYzRMlI
sexysportsfan @sexysportsfan
RT @PigeonPeasme: #TheView #BornACrime Trevor Noah I'm buying it Today. @TheView
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