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This Is Us @NBCThisisUs
Nothing is more important right now. Share this moment of brotherly love, presented by @Chevrolet. #ThisIsUs https://t.co/vrFkYe6LWh
Virginia Mitchell @4yOLhg6qJFHDjJ8
RT @MiloVentimiglia: Grab your sweetie (whoever that is) and watch a new #ThisIsUs TONIGHT 9/8c on @nbc MV https://t.co/Fchaq9MXI6
Katarina @enirehtacmai
RT @NBCThisisUs: We're always here when you need us. Thanks for watching #ThisIsUs. We'll see you next Tuesday at 9/8c. https://t.co/bc9uF2…
DNS.ILGN @denniscillin
RT @TheMandyMoore: While I go on tour, Jack's holding down the fort. Pretty sure he can handle it. 😉 #ThisIsUs https://t.co/kVtRktLlR6
Rafaela de Jesus @rafinhajbl
RT @NBCThisisUs: It's time to have "the talk." Hear Milo and Mandy talk about tackling Pearson problems on the #ThisIsUs Aftershow, present…
Claire Berry @ncfYVAQ6kfgV2R4
RT @NBCThisisUs: "I talked to your dad. He was my person." #ThisIsUs https://t.co/Z0grMZ9HvF
Laura :) @Miss_Autonomy
RT @NBCThisisUs: How we feel watching Randall right now. #ThisIsUs https://t.co/EnHjqw1aIn
miss.K @qshi425
RT @TheMandyMoore: Growing old in a matter of seconds (which actually takes HOURS).👵🏻 #ThisIsUs https://t.co/26EHVfTEU8
Vanessa Sheehan @vmsheehan3
RT @NBCThisisUs: Can’t argue with that! #ThisIsUs https://t.co/nllUskyujq
Marina Spencer @maarinaa
RT @sterlingkb1: .@justinhartley love you, brother! 😬#ThisIsUs https://t.co/2JyH5BwQ4x
leah🌃 @salvackles
RT @shanolahampton: Why does #ThisIsUs have to always break my heart?! I love this show so much!
Erin Zimmerman @erinzimm0812
RT @NBCThisisUs: He did what his dad would do, and we didn’t expect any less. ❤️️ #ThisIsUs https://t.co/pCq22sBXbh
LONES 🌹 @nenesh_BK
RT @SeriesUpdatesFR: #ThisIsUs La traduction du 1x15 vient de commencer.
Giusy @emcmhugs
RT @xLonelygirl_: Kate non è pronta a parlare della morte di Jack, e io non sarò mai pronta a vedere la scena della sua morte. #ThisIsUs
Giusy @emcmhugs
RT @peddyganador: Avevo un cuore, poi #thisisus l'ha fatto a brandelli
Giusy @emcmhugs
RT @rmcelvis: Questa serie è una benedizione #Thisisus https://t.co/ftrK083uo7
Stydia//Gallavich @valelovesrk
RT @Giada_Aro: Solo io passo ogni puntata di #ThisIsUs a pregare che Jack non muoia? Ogni volta che lo inquadrano sono tipo "ti prego non m…
Giusy @emcmhugs
RT @fluohalo: Caro dio, voglio un marito come Jack Pearson. Grazie, gentilissimo. #ThisIsUs
Chuck Fan @Chuckfan2012
RT @TVLine: Ratings: #NCISNewOrleans Gets Crossover Boost, #ThisIsUs Dips Again But Still Dominates https://t.co/SEj7upLlmY
Giusy @emcmhugs
Giusy @emcmhugs
RT @faithandfuture: Io come Kate che si nomina solo la morte di Jack e subito qualcosa si sgretola dentro, un dolore lancinante. #ThisIsUs
Giusy @emcmhugs
RT @niceut: #ThisIsUs va visto in slow motion perché abbiamo bisogno di più tempo con Jack Pearson
Chuck Fan @Chuckfan2012
RT @SpoilerTV: Ratings News - 15th February 2017 *HH Numbers Posted* #SHIELD #NCIS #ThisIsUS #ChicagoFire #Bones https://t.co/8LP1kSsZuT
Giusy @emcmhugs
RT @ellcrys_: Ma io come potrò mai superare la morte di Jack? #ThisIsUs
Jessica Anderson @ExPccmQx8cSTc22
RT @J12TheS: The twist at the end of "This Is Us" ep1 had me like 😮#ThisIsUs
Chuck Fan @Chuckfan2012
RT @SpoilerTV: Ratings News - 15th February 2017 *Full Tables Posted* #SHIELD #NCIS #ThisIsUS #ChicagoFire #Bones https://t.co/8LP1kSsZuT
Anna Simpson @D3Bx4ejLwbvHAJf
RT @chorizopizza: I need a Kevin. 😢 #ThisIsUs
Diana Ogden @yfYkMLH0MWPMHss
RT @TheQueenDragon: #ThisIsUs I believe that Rebecca married Miguel as a marriage of convenience.She is unemployed& needs his work benefits…
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