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simon alcock @simongalcock
"I came along for a good laugh" says the bloke who hasn't cracked a smile for 53 minutes #tippingpoint
gabrielle @wallfl0wer__
'i went on just for a good laugh' yeah, we can tell Tony #tippingpoint
Dick Trickle @thefatconman
#tippingpoint Tony finds out during the ad break that a school bus has crashed with no survivors. https://t.co/B1UeYTqLSp
Rita-will @Ri30618696
Hate it when people don't use basic manners on television! Please and thank you should be automatic! ā˜šŸ¼#tippingpoint
dave @djclarke73
#tippingpoint I came along for a good laugh, that's the fucking funniest part of the show ! Worth the wait !
Dick Trickle @thefatconman
#tippingpoint Tony came for a good laugh šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚
squaremilenews @squaremilenews
Tony says he only came on the show for a good laugh. Sadly that lifelong dream continues........ #tippingpoint
lynne vodka barrett @lynnebarrett98
#TheChase just watched #tippingpoint. Bloke did well to get 10 grand but Julie was thick as fook and deserved to go out first. Evening all šŸ˜€
Gemma Anne @MusaKleio
Isn't that what happens when you join the mile high club? #tippingpoint https://t.co/JoRSnc9q5y
Steve Burnstone @steveburnstone
Why does Ben on #tippingpoint sound likes he's trying to force one out ??
Col @Mizmummy
Ben just said "lovely" twice within about 2 seconds of each other. It annoyed me more than it should. #tippingpoint
fuctoff @fuctifiknow
I bet Tony watches schindlers list to cheer himself up #tippingpoint
Daniel Morgan @danmorgan91
Tony is smiling. Its a miracle. Still has no manners mind #tippingpoint
Alicia @aliciaaaaaa
#tippingpoint Can we all leave poor Tony alone? I think he seems like a lovely cheery man. It's not easy to be on TV. Hoping he wins!
Unless he fucks up all the remaining questions, he's surely won this! #TippingPoint
Phantom flan flinger @phantom_flinger
Tony when he wins #TippingPoint https://t.co/SLGIBBVd2a
Quockerwodger @Quockerwodger_
Tony is on the verge of frenzy #tippingpoint
TWJ @IrnBruRevolutio
And what a good laugh you had on here Tony. #tippingpoint
Stacey @staceybrewski1
Tony won 10K & finally cracked a smile šŸ‘šŸ¼ #TippingPoint
Catherine @lyons1
Tony on Tipping Point is a fucking legend #tippingpoint
#Broken Ady @Ady_T
Tony wasn't smiling because he won. The mention of histamine which reminded him of when a friend died of anaphylactic shock #tippingpoint
Stacey @staceybrewski1
RT @simongalcock: "I came along for a good laugh" says the bloke who hasn't cracked a smile for 53 minutes #tippingpoint
Aimee Haynes @A1m33Hay1
Well tony looked happy... #tippingpoint
Eberz @EbonyAShakur
RT @simongalcock: "I came along for a good laugh" says the bloke who hasn't cracked a smile for 53 minutes #tippingpoint
Don't be a #TwoCounterWanker, Tony! #TippingPoint
Nick @nickdthomas
#tippingpoint if Tony's GP is watching you need to up his anti-depressant prescription asap!
Dee @_justmsdee
@xX666XxRB oh, you just know its going to be. Hope he proves me wrong #tippingpoint
Phantom flan flinger @phantom_flinger
The next 15 minutes are going to be a rollercoaster of emotions #TippingPoint
Assassin's Creed magazine. Fuck off! #TippingPoint
"Red Pilled" Liberal @platinumshore
Just watching #tippingpoint - third round is really hard to get a comeback from, ought to be another number of questions in 30 seconds.
Phantom flan flinger @phantom_flinger
Tony could buy a full frontal lobotomy with his winnings #TippingPoint
Its Jenna Actually @JennaActually
Tony giving any single answer in the past hour #tippingpoint https://t.co/sNDCiw0ws6
Jeanie Law @jeanielaw
#tippingpoint God what a boring program
Col @Mizmummy
I actually want Tony to win. #tippingpoint
Maurice Dancer @LoHungLo
The person controlling the machine wants to make this as quick as possible. I wouldn't blame them #tippingpoint
Joe brennan @joeybrennan_joe
Fuck me Tony, meet us halfway mate, say or react to something! #tippingpoint
becca šŸŒø @becca_x94
Did tony just laugh or was it wind? šŸ˜‚ #tippingpoint
dave @djclarke73
#tippingpoint Tony is gettting into his stride now, I hope he doesn't spontaneously combust if he wins
GD1892 @xxGeorge1892xx
Ben has his "fingers crossed" that Tony gets to visit the "country" he's always wanted to visit.....Hawaii šŸ˜œ #tippingpoint
Dee @_justmsdee
And don't talk to the machine. It doesn't help! Respect for him not being a #twocounterwanker #tippingpoint
āš ļø Alex G šŸƒšŸ» @alexg1215
#tippingpoint ...and the crowd goes wild! https://t.co/Gu17wZJxP7
Nick @nickdthomas
#tippingpoint Tony is actually smiling!!! I can see why he doesn't do it often. Its fooking terrifying! https://t.co/cnjY0Tyhzd
Faye @fayee123
Well done Tony. I'm happy for you - somebody has to be I suppose! #TippingPoint
Patrick Mayes @PatCWMayes
#tippingpoint 'came on just for a good laugh!!!' Holy shit! Fuck yes Tony you legend!!
Faye @fayee123
RT @wallfl0wer__: 'i went on just for a good laugh' yeah, we can tell Tony #tippingpoint
Dee @_justmsdee
@xX666XxRB ffs, I could sum up better gifts #tippingpoint
Kerry-Ann Dunn @karnyd88
Tony went on #tippingpoint for a good laugh.... whos he trying to kid ? šŸ˜‘šŸ˜‘šŸ™„
Eberz @EbonyAShakur
Tony's got to be the most blah contestant ever #tippingpoint
Rachel @Rachel_6661
Anyone else wanna punch #BenShephard in his stupid face! šŸ˜” #tippingpoint
Nick @nickdthomas
Thank the lord its time for #TheChase I just watched #tippingpoint and I have never been more depressed need the #gangofchase to bring cheer
KiesKlimaat @KiesKlimaat
RT @svenjense: Bijna 4 van de 10 verkochte auto's in Noorwegen elektrisch #tippingpoint #klimaattransitie #kiesklimaat https://t.co/JNckh1Lā€¦
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