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Rep. Pramila Jayapal @RepJayapal
Women need Title X so they can make their own decisions. A women's uterus is not a political football. Period.… https://t.co/OnJUslXexu
teuwoaiceu @jiminatozaki
RT @mxsupporter: ya'll: all in is monsta x's best title track me, an intellectual: https://t.co/gaCLwJ6QJp
Tina Davila @casinodavila
RT @RVAwonk: House GOP voted to allow states to deny Title X funding to Planned Parenthood. If enacted, public health consequences will be…
Pepperpotmary @pepperpotmary
RT @girlsreallyrule: RING THE ALARM-The House just voted to make it easier to defund Planned Parenthood w/ Title X #StandWithPP https://t.c…
Simon J. Hernandez @shimown
RT @voxdotcom: Congress is about to make it easier for states to defund Planned Parenthood https://t.co/GIahoStQdN
Stevie Bobbitt @StevieBobbitt
RT @PPact: Congress will vote to overturn rule protecting access to health care—despite 91% favorable response to the rule: https://t.co/y9…
Lookout @GQinNC
RT @LiveAction: Thank you, @RepDianeBlack, for supporting states to reallocate Title X dollars from abortion providers to community health…
Meg Gruber @meg_gruber
RT @RepDonBeyer: Well said, @RepJayapal. If you want to know who respects and supports women, look at the House vote on Title X. I voted to…
Jenjo @factseekingmom
RT @Newsweek: House votes to overturn Obama Planned Parenthood state funding rule https://t.co/WNQTGpU2XQ https://t.co/2OSnEUI3qf
CommonSensei @quarklesparkle
RT @RVAwonk: A bit of background info on Title X funding and why it's so crucial for women's health... https://t.co/nHEaxTK59H
Mary Ann Barton @JoyousParadox
RT @RVAwonk: When TN diverted Title X funds away from PP & gave them to a community clinic, 90% fewer patients received care. https://t.co/…
toshiaki@無色 @toshiaki2015
RT @Anime_Voice: 「週刊少年マガジン」連載『徒然チルドレン』2017年夏TVアニメ化決定!監督:金子ひらく/制作:Studio五組 https://t.co/3lnxDO3lXz 【原作】 https://t.co/FeM6MkWfRu https://t.co…
DeplorablePinkGirl💕 @SMassadi
RT @SouthLoneStar: Title X. Don't know what's this about but I'll post the greatest #BLM leader of all times @ShaunKing https://t.co/HnwJ6h…
Debrah Howes @DebHowesNH
RT @SenatorShaheen: House GOP's action on Title X grants would hurt women & their families.I #standwithPP &will work to protect women's acc…
Laura Manson Gaga @Lotus_x_Songs
RT @AceThatTest: Our piece on @edutopia - complete with a unique and interesting (?) title - all about spacing & retrieval practice! https:…
Too Cold Sagittarius @ShaggyBlack
RT @cagesideseats: X-Pac: John Cena insisted on putting Bray Wyatt over on SmackDown Live this week https://t.co/n0XpFPLVsJ https://t.co/a3…
Nicole Sheets @heynicolesheets
RT @SphallSteve1245: #TrumpPressConference dominates the headlines. Meanwhile, Congress voted to let states eliminate Title X funding for P…
Yael Gottlieb @YaelGottlieb
RT @IntlWomen: The House voted today to make it easier for states to defund #PlannedParenthood #Resist https://t.co/o3bTlHS4h4 #IStandWithPP
Natasha Fatale @instinctnaturel
RT @blegere: Congresswoman Stefanik voted Yes on HJ Res 43 to deny millions access to Title X, preventive services. Call her: 202.225.4611.…
しゅろ🌙キラフェス2日目 @___luneo9
RT @Anime_Voice: コミック『カードキャプターさくら クリアカード編 2巻 特装版』予約開始 https://t.co/c5ucQaFWTO 4月1日発売!どでかアクリルキーホルダー、でか缶バッジ1個、缶バッジ3個、ポストカード1枚封入 https://t.co/…
Fred Ellise @Clutthewindow
RT @reppittenger: Recently, I voted to give states the freedom to redirect Title X funding away from Planned Parenthood and toward communit…
divine chaos @yasmineee__x
RT @GHBAthletics: WRESTLING...Luis Hernandez won district title by tech fall. Waiting on Jesus Bencomo in the 160lbs. Finals! @TeamBlueSteel
DeplorablePinkGirl💕 @SMassadi
RT @hmaxwellpitts: Folks, you can still fund PP at the state & local levels (like you always should have). I applaud Title X reform. PP is…
Kim Koch @KimMKoch62
RT @DamnPatriot: Bye bye Title X. Don't let the door hit you in the ass
GrandMaster Blame @BlameOne
RT @j57: [ @HipHopDX Premiere ] #DirtyScience x #FiveSe7enMusic Present: @BlameOne 's new group, BIG BLOCK SILVERS! https://t.co/YEG7y9O9…
Rhonda Williams Byrd @rkwbyrd
RT @ArkansasBlog: The House just voted to make it easier for states to defund Planned Parenthood, and clinics like it https://t.co/g8y6qufE…
Fred Ellise @Clutthewindow
RT @reppittenger: Pres Obama pushed through an 11th hour rule to prevent states from eliminating abortion providers from Title X funds.(1/2)
Jamila Taylor, PhD @drtaylor09
RT @CAPWomen: Today, anti-choice lawmakers are aiming to eliminate a rule that protects Title X providers like Planned Parenthood https://…
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