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Scott Nelson
Many of us regret voting Tom Watson to be Deputy Leader, he's stabbed us in the back. Emily Thornberry should repla…
21 Mar, 02:08 PM UTC
Hi @tom_watson, if you want to see what Momentum is really about, please come and meet us - we'll provide the tea ☕️
21 Mar, 11:49 AM UTC
Poll: If rumours are true, Emily Thornberry will stand against Tom Watson for the position of deputy leader of Labour. Who gets your vote?
21 Mar, 11:15 AM UTC
Eoin Clarke
Probably the most balanced article you will ever read about Tom Watson.
21 Mar, 12:28 PM UTC
John McPartland
Tom Watson should resign. I once rated him so highly. I was wrong to do so. He is helping to secure a Tory victory…
21 Mar, 05:47 PM UTC
Frank Parker
"I promised I would support the leader you elected 100%, & I will keep that promise" Tom Watson's acceptance speech #emilyfordeputy
21 Mar, 04:39 PM UTC
Jennie Formby
Len McCluskey responds to yesterday's attack by TW & comments on Gerard Coyne using The Sun to attack his own union…
21 Mar, 07:57 PM UTC
Daniel Blake's Vest
Dear Tom Watson, Liz Kendall easily got on leadership ballot she got 4.5% Corbyn scraped on ballot he got 59.5% 15% rule is a RW stitch-up
21 Mar, 12:34 PM UTC
Emily For Deputy
Emily Thornberry has been loyal to the elected party leader. Tom Watson is trying to censor Labour's socialist valu…
21 Mar, 03:31 PM UTC
The Canary
Ken Livingstone hits back at Tom Watson live on air. And it’s superb.
21 Mar, 02:46 PM UTC
Tom Watson
"Len McCluskey Talked Of 'Entryism' Plan To 'Recapture' Labour Party For The Left"
21 Mar, 05:55 PM UTC
The Awakend
For twats smugly saying 'Respect The Mandate' re @tom_watson. He should've respected his own mandate #EmilyForDeputy
21 Mar, 08:22 PM UTC
HuffPost UK Politics
Tom Watson tells Len McCluskey to 'state categorically that Unite will never fund Momentum'
21 Mar, 04:51 PM UTC
chelley ryan
A quick history lesson for @tom_watson and chums!
21 Mar, 10:35 PM UTC
Zeo Fondue
Len McCluskey lecturing Tom Watson on loyalty to the Labour Party: a retrospective.
21 Mar, 03:22 PM UTC
Jeremy for PM
We said this MONTHS ago: Tom Watson's plan to overthrow Corbyn begins with the overthrow of Len McCluskey. Make sure you vote for Len!
21 Mar, 09:33 PM UTC
Emily For Deputy
Labour can be an effective opposition if the leadership is united. Emily Thornberry can do this, Tom Watson can't. #EmilyForDeputy
21 Mar, 04:30 PM UTC
Daniel Blake's Vest
Congratulations Tom Watson, Wes Streeting and the PLP's right-wing rent-a-mob. You really are the gift that keeps on giving. To the Tories.
21 Mar, 10:14 AM UTC
Manda Scott
Anyone else noticing pattern: Whenever #Tories are in serious trouble, @tom_watson and his cronies fire up a new 'scandal' about the left?
21 Mar, 08:46 AM UTC
Ali Dogan
.@EmilyThornberry Hope the rumours are true, please challenge @tom_watson for Deputy Leader, I promise to campaign non stop for you 😊
21 Mar, 10:41 AM UTC
Emily For Deputy
Emily Thornberry will fight against the Tories, it's what she does. Tom Watson will promote Tom Watson. It's what h…
21 Mar, 09:50 PM UTC
Andrew Spooner
Momentum, Lansman and McCluskey are the epitome of vicious skullduggery. Tom Watson is a genuine hero of the Labour Party. No doubt.
21 Mar, 05:31 PM UTC
Missed this earlier; they're coming for Tom Watson, Labour's journey to oblivion is almost complete.
21 Mar, 07:22 PM UTC
Scott Nelson
Emily Thornberry v Tom Watson: it's not just business, it's personal: a 12-year feud
21 Mar, 09:21 PM UTC
I have never regretted a vote as I have voting for @tom_watson We need a Deputy that stands with us & up for us not…
22 Mar, 02:47 AM UTC
Matthew Black
"When Unity Is Required, Tom Watson Manufactures Division"
22 Mar, 02:38 AM UTC
Grumpy Git
so Tom Watson was right all along about Len McCluskey, Jon Lansman and entryism into #Labour via @HuffPostUKPol
21 Mar, 05:42 PM UTC
Pleb on the Left ✊
I've been blocked by Tom Watson, presumably for posting this tweet. Obviously touched a nerve. #JC4PM
21 Mar, 07:56 PM UTC
John McPartland
Emily would win with an even greater majority than that of the treacherous Tom Watson.
21 Mar, 10:44 PM UTC
Paul Waugh
.@tom_watson says latest video of Len McCluskey talking about 'entryism' proves he was right to speak out.…
21 Mar, 06:17 PM UTC
The Independent
Len McCluskey says Tom Watson is behaving like he’s in a ‘low budget remake of the Godfather’
22 Mar, 06:46 AM UTC
Jeremy the Snail
@Rachael_Swindon Nobody made a mistake voting for Tom Watson. We were all conned thinking he'd support Corbyn. We're all a little wiser now.
21 Mar, 04:14 PM UTC
Martin Collinson
Maybe if @tom_watson had promised never again to take a rich person's money then he wouldn't be a hypocrite.
21 Mar, 10:11 PM UTC
Richard Woolley
“MPs like @Tom_Watson cause problems & friction in Labour Party. Then they turn around & say, ‘look at what’s happe…
21 Mar, 11:31 PM UTC
Daniel Blake
When Unity Is Required, Tom Watson Manufactures Division - Little Surprise He's Split The Party Again @HuffPostUKPol
22 Mar, 06:57 AM UTC
Dr Shibley Rahman
Len McCluskey says Tom Watson is behaving like he’s in a ‘low budget remake of the Godfather’
22 Mar, 06:46 AM UTC
Sean Caldwell
@tom_watson - Tell me Tom. Who do Progress represent? Are they not the entryists trying to change Labour, moving it…
22 Mar, 06:45 AM UTC
'When Unity Is Required, Tom Watson Manufactures Division' Time for a Deputy who will support @jeremycorbyn!
22 Mar, 06:55 AM UTC
P. Pink
Ken Livingstone hits back at Tom Watson live on air. And it’s superb.
22 Mar, 06:44 AM UTC
Deborah Finn
@tom_watson @jeremycorbyn Step aside Tom. We need united leadership team. You're not a loyal deputy, your conscience should tell you to go.
22 Mar, 06:52 AM UTC
This man speaks for us all. It should be shown at the next meeting of the PLP @tom_watson @jeremycorbyn
21 Mar, 10:30 PM UTC
birdy birdy
McCluskey won't deny he'll spend HIS (Unite's) Money on Momentum. Treats the union as his own. via @HuffPostUKPol
22 Mar, 06:58 AM UTC
Democratic Socialist
.@tom_watson it's important that the Labour leadership is representative of the whole of Islington #EmilyForDeputy
22 Mar, 06:46 AM UTC
@LancsLabComClub @tom_watson @EmilyThornberry "We need united leadership." The way it's going you'll be led by Uni…
22 Mar, 07:16 AM UTC
Speech by Tom Watson to Labour Party Annual. "We need to welcome all our new members better than we used to."
22 Mar, 07:16 AM UTC
Tom Watson a fool,but biggest fools of all are idiots who put Corbyn in charge. Totally destroying the Labour Party for foreseeable future
22 Mar, 07:15 AM UTC
Wales Unite For Len
Unite statement on Tom Watson MP’s claims on Momentum and Unite
22 Mar, 07:15 AM UTC
@DrBob317 @tom_watson Don't despair Bob! Ask him politely how he's helping Labour win and it won't be long.
22 Mar, 07:14 AM UTC
That scum mafia boss fighting trash labour, dogs all of them
22 Mar, 07:12 AM UTC
Steve Cranley
@Attaphia @beverleyhb57 Tom Watson's got no friends, betrays JC to make amends. Find out where the money went, when he's out of parliament
22 Mar, 07:11 AM UTC
Tim Watson
@NameChangeGirl @joan32173631 Tom Watson should resign without getting a few of his mates to resign with him.
22 Mar, 07:09 AM UTC
@mconway70 @Vad002 @tom_watson not as much as i regret Corbyn getting my vote
22 Mar, 07:09 AM UTC
Jacob Neil
@tom_watson Oi, lard arse, step down from your position. Everybody can see what you're trying to do. Enough of the charade #bluelabour
22 Mar, 07:06 AM UTC
@tom_watson @EmilyThornberry there is no dishonour in stepping aside if you find you cannot be a loyal deputy. We need united leadership.
22 Mar, 07:02 AM UTC
Dazza G
McCluskey says Tom Watson lives in a "world of skulduggery, smears and secret plots”. Unlike McCluskey himself
22 Mar, 07:02 AM UTC
@mconway70 @tom_watson I voted for him as well but that sick of party in fighting that I've left and let my membership lapse
22 Mar, 07:02 AM UTC
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