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Harry Leslie Smith
Most days now, the Labour Party resembles a child's 8th birthday celebration-tears, fights and chaos. #tomwatson
20 Mar, 12:16 PM UTC
Gracie Blake-Samuels
#TomWatson deliberately exploded this piece of fiction knowing that it would cause problems for Corbyn & Labour. Th… https://t.co/31czPBd05G
20 Mar, 02:26 PM UTC
jimmy sutherland
#TomWatson what on earth is Watson doing, self interest is all I can imagine. He knows that majority of Lab members want him gone
20 Mar, 09:38 AM UTC
Gracie Blake-Samuels
The Tories are on the ropes (just like after referendum) & #TomWatson picks now (as he did then)to divert attention away from Tory woes WHY?
20 Mar, 10:30 AM UTC
Jerry Hicks
#TomWatson seems to undermine, plot against, leaks, briefs opposition to #Corbyn & is still #Labour 'deputy leader' https://t.co/9AfKWzqraJ
20 Mar, 08:41 AM UTC
Adam Samuels: #TomWatson "How dare you deny democracy. How dare you look to bring down the Labour party" @dorset_eye https://t.co/OIuoGJRYyQ
20 Mar, 04:33 PM UTC
Coyne News Network
Breaking News: Tom Watson breaks cover and Joins @gerard_coyne on campaign trail RT & Share #r4today #tomwatson
20 Mar, 05:15 PM UTC
Gracie Blake-Samuels
@NameChangeGirl It's time for #TomWatson to resign, this is too much & let anyone else that cannot put voter and party first go with him.
20 Mar, 04:33 PM UTC
janice barnes
#TomWatson knew this would detract from #ToryElectionFraud hes a #WasteOfSpace this will backfire public are more a… https://t.co/6V0m55K1Xm
20 Mar, 01:12 PM UTC
Miss Jean Louise
He should do the decent thing and go. He's made a fool of himself and the party. It's embarrassing #TomWatson https://t.co/Ajz4IZeyfQ
20 Mar, 07:30 PM UTC
Relish Hendy
#TwoFacedTom #TomWatson we're all suffering under Tories while Tom enables them with his smoke and mirrors routine.… https://t.co/PEvhVPDGle
20 Mar, 11:14 AM UTC
Fund Schools Fairly
Well said Unite! 👍 I'm beyond sick of the constant smearing of Labour members. Enough now #TomWatson 😔
20 Mar, 05:13 PM UTC
Gracie Blake-Samuels
#TomWatson This is the question I keep asking but he's blocked me, perhaps someone who isn't blocked can ask him? https://t.co/EjzNYu0ot2
20 Mar, 02:47 PM UTC
Gracie Blake-Samuels
It looks like #TomWatson has lost the confidence of the majority of Labour members Corbyn made to stand for reelect… https://t.co/z7TkU6CX9i
20 Mar, 03:01 PM UTC
fwhat world??
#Corbyn cult out in force on #TomWatson trotting out their usual nonsense .Momentum should be proscribed they are an entryist org
20 Mar, 11:26 AM UTC
@SocialistVoice @logansteven #TomWatson - not so much a Blairite as simply treacherous by nature. You recall the ol… https://t.co/G2OYe0REjE
20 Mar, 12:06 AM UTC
Miss Jean Louise
#GerardCoyne should bow out now. This is completely unacceptable. A tissue of lies ! #Unite #TomWatson https://t.co/qRhUqbNuVo
20 Mar, 07:31 PM UTC
Yvonne Anne Bolton
@j_sutherland2 @4evapoison #TomWatson has always had his own agenda, Jimmy..
20 Mar, 12:01 PM UTC
Dame SocioblahIN
Labour need a total clear out of oldskool bullyboys like #TomWatson. Sooner younger generation come through + democratise it, the better
20 Mar, 05:16 PM UTC
Mountain Boy
What will it be next from #TomWatson ? Reefer Madness!!! Momentum kids are being plied with the evil Marijuana. Turn in your kids now!
20 Mar, 05:40 PM UTC
Jake Wilde
The #TomWatson hashtag manages to effortlessly prove @tom_watson right. https://t.co/mkPFYwAmVk
20 Mar, 07:41 PM UTC
Nomentum Gaza
We demand only two things: 1. Party #unity 2. Isolate and destroy #TomWatson & #Blairite #chickencoup 👊 https://t.co/iO1H1HUdPU
20 Mar, 07:41 PM UTC
Tim Mitchell
#Someday this will be a comic book. The #TomWatson character used by forces beyond his comprehension, by ambitions… https://t.co/FQq1Y5WUMr
20 Mar, 07:14 PM UTC
fwhat world??
The #TomWatson hashtag is so full of Corbynista tripe ,it's beyond parody
20 Mar, 07:25 PM UTC
Robert Walsh, Writer
#TomWatson We at @evolvepolitics have been following Watson's machinations for some time. Articles here: https://t.co/BEfoVzPmHQ
20 Mar, 05:11 PM UTC
The Corbyn Conundrum
If Tom Watson was food what would he be? #TomWatson #WatsonMustGo #Labour #Momentum
20 Mar, 07:33 PM UTC
A message for #TomWatson IF you can't tell the truth then keep your fucking mouth shut or cross the floor of t house https://t.co/f8czwJ0HRE
20 Mar, 07:11 PM UTC
Myar Seitis
#TomWatson seems to have decided to take some pressure off #TheresaMay and #Tory pressures.
20 Mar, 03:36 PM UTC
Karen Pool
@KrustyAllslopp #TomWatson He is a troublemaker, really would like to see him ousted, but not sure how we achieve this?
20 Mar, 07:31 PM UTC
Kev Young
#TomWatson who takes money from a #Nazi slating #Momentum for destroying #Labour and #JeremyCorbyn calls for unity What????? #gladimpurged
20 Mar, 07:27 PM UTC
Sean McG
@pollypreston this is dire stuff.. #TomWatson is right to speak out and up against undemocratic entryists..whose only aim is to destroy Lab.
20 Mar, 06:13 PM UTC
Jezemy Corbyn MP
Get hold of that #TomWatson you knob. https://t.co/vTAdwZpEtV
20 Mar, 07:07 PM UTC
bea jaspert
@EL4JC @peterwalker99 Yes and don't forget Tory election fraud. Funny how none of that matters to #TomWatson
20 Mar, 06:53 PM UTC
Cardiff Nan
Did #TomWatson feel left out of #toryelectionfraud and wanted to join in.
20 Mar, 06:45 PM UTC
Miss Jean Louise
I was angry at first, now I'm just laughing. It's like schoolyard bullies who believe they're invincible #TomWatsonhttps://t.co/xVlFPYDsQe
20 Mar, 07:36 PM UTC
Bill Deville
More lies from #TomWatson .. oh and don't look at the link, nothing to see here. https://t.co/7DaY3wZ5jf
20 Mar, 07:36 PM UTC
Do #TomWatson constituants know they voted @LibDems back in 2015? https://t.co/aDo4zqZThy
20 Mar, 07:26 PM UTC
Joey's Thesaurus
News and abstract thought from Sky interest tuner featuring #Trump #Article50 #TomWatson #SpringEquinox #Google #OceanRescue
20 Mar, 07:20 PM UTC
Blue Streak Daily
News and analysis from Sky News Radio featuring #Trump #Article50 #TomWatson #SpringEquinox #Google #OceanRescue https://t.co/1QaOUrldyI
20 Mar, 07:11 PM UTC
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