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Lillie @Lillie_Toomey
RT @BrysonTlIIer: words have no worth to me. ya actions tell it all
Sarah Rauer @srauer20
RT @LoganWynne1: .@joshtpm Sen Toomey just scheduled a town hall with 90 minutes notice
Elizabeth McKeown @lizzie1919
RT @WhatsPatUpTo: Hey #RealPA - we have heard Sen Toomey may hold several town halls Feb 18-24 but we see NOTHING on his website. Email his…
#GainWithXtianDela @patomwangis
RT @WhatsPatUpTo: Senator Pat Toomey has not held a town hall since 2013. That is not normal. #RealPA should remind his scheduler: https:/…
Will Bunch @Will_Bunch
URGENT: Pat Toomey telephone town hall TODAY at 2:05. Link here: cc: @TuesdaysToomey
Cmdr Ace Rimmer @2017Ace
RT @WhatsPatUpTo: Hi #RealPA - I recorded most of Senator Pat Toomey's town hall- you can download it here. Please share!…
Courtney Malley @delilahfrontal
RT @WhatsPatUpTo: Senator Pat Toomey is getting hammered in his tele "town hall" - many questions about his disdain for dissenting constitu…
Crystal with a Sì @LilfootLanolin
RT @HaughtyTotty: .@SenToomey You always have time to meet w big donors outside of DC, why not us? #realPA #Toomey
(((Barbara B))) @BarbB0925
RT @kirstenann: @SenToomey Toomey just falsely claimed that Trump inherited an economy in "free fall." History lesson: that was Obama. #alt…
lorenna cleary @bipolarlioness
RT @springfels: So this is why @SenToomey did the rushed softball phone #TownHall - someone is putting numbers out. Toomey does not represe…
RT @wheresPatToomey: @SenToomey @OpenSecretsDC Toomey has received almost 300k from oil and gas since 2011 & today voted for Pruitt, who su…
Beth Pikachu @SadBeth1
RT @WhatsPatUpTo: Senator Pat Toomey needs to tell #RealPA straight- does he support protecting national security through an independent in…
Beth Pikachu @SadBeth1
RT @TuesdaysToomey: Meet Myra Young, mom of two with a powerful message for @SenToomey at #TuesdayswithToomey 2/7/17.…
Marcy McGowan @marcylauren
RT @VABVOX: I signed b/c #Philly is a #sanctuarycity PA Voters: Ask #PatToomey to hold an in-person town hall Sign the Petition! https://t.…
Peggy @Mairead8460
RT @LibFem: Toomey ran on #GunSense. Today voted to help severely mentally ill (unable to care for own affairs) to buy guns. RT, #RealPA!@T…
Camilo Páramo @CamiloPramo1
RT @GeneHoglan: Check out my interview with the Talk Toomey Podcast!Covering @testament #dethklok @DeathOfficial #…
(((RP))) @lalger2020
RT @wilddaughter: That "tele town hall" was classic Toomey: evasion, gaslighting & bullshit. I'm #realPA and I deserve REAL REPRESENTATION.…
Michael Niemeyer @UserNameBlank24
RT @KathrynMaleney: @WhatsPatUpTo After any direct contact w Toomey, voters hostile loathing for him increases. He knows this & so is afr…
Michael Niemeyer @UserNameBlank24
RT @thewordunheard: Pat Toomey literally phoned in his efforts to host a town hall.
Diane @dianez123
RT @rromnija: Whys he ducking us?
elaine @emo50
RT @FontainePGH: Toomey wraps up Q&A after half-hour. He said more than 8,000 people listened in online, more than 7,500 did by phone. He t…
Diane @dianez123
RT @chintal_choksi: #toomey Why school choice sounds good, but isn't.
ALV @riotingpacifist
RT @int_output: Sen. Toomey, you are working against your own constituents here in PA, me included. I don't know who kept u in, but you're…
Michael Niemeyer @UserNameBlank24
RT @igavigan: Hey Toomey: Why won't you show your face on this #TeleTownhall? Come on. #TuesdayswithToomey #RealPA
Chris Barrus @quartzcity
RT @thisismariat: I really want "Bad Company" to start playing underneath this caller on the Toomey presser
Michael Niemeyer @UserNameBlank24
RT @phillymag: Toomey Just Held a Last-Minute Telephone Town Hall
Diane @dianez123
RT @VashBandy: Is it the #Phillies, @SenToomey? Why r u hiding from #Philly? We're really loveable. #TuesdayswithTo…
Sarah @beeandham
RT @sherrif4life: 👏👏👏 TY @SenBobCasey Time for U to do same @SenToomey .. #WeThePeople pay ur salary too Toomey!
Cindy Walter @CindyRae1960
RT @Soapnexis: @RBReich the only place to find Toomey is on a milk carton
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