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Jacu @jacuesta1998
RT @Patron__DelMal: Pablo, coge tus cuchillos y vete. #topchef https://t.co/XPNjGsm5dq
M6 @M6
Attention à ce que tu dis Jean-François 😱 ! #TopChef https://t.co/sOLj78vpAf
M6 @M6
C’est donc Jean-François qui quitte l’aventure ! On se retrouve la semaine prochaine sur @M6 ! #TopChef https://t.co/LOIl36gBFE
TopChef @TopChefA3
.@norcoreano nos sirve su crítica de pasado programa de #TopChef. ¡Degústala! https://t.co/6sVOlFC4Pb https://t.co/23eCozG4qE
yomm @yom_muc69
RT @M6: À ne pas reproduire chez vous 😱 #danger #TopChef https://t.co/IDgTSk8LRb
pioupioumagique @pioupioumagique
RT @Minist_Hashtag: A côté de Noah, le critique de Ratatouille est hyper sympa #topchef https://t.co/oFWKVBtkqv
J•A•N•O•U♡ @JeanneTapin
RT @Jeff_the_BM: #topchef c'est totalement démérité pour Jean-Francois. Je suis dégoûté
server diaries @server_diaries
RT @ElleInStyle: "I'm allergic to tequila, and if I drink too much I breakout. I break out and dance." -Sheldon The best line ever! #topchef
server diaries @server_diaries
RT @taleoftwoidiots: #topchef Katsuji: *ur a professional don't sabotage him* Inner katsuji: *do it America will thank you* https://t.co/68…
server diaries @server_diaries
RT @eddie16897: This is #topchef not Cutthroat Kitchen. Give them the tools they need/all the ingredients they need and let them cook the b…
Kris @krispenita7
RT @people: #TopChef's Sheldon Simeon breaks down everything you're dying to know about this season https://t.co/0oqes1Q7Xq https://t.co/tU…
Stacy @SaaSyStacy
RT @BravoTopChef: Help send your #TopChef Fan Favorite to the final round! Vote now: https://t.co/dI3ZkSaRrm
TopChef @TopChefA3
RT @vamostardeFM: 🔊 El #PODCAST de @Gonzalo_SaezM: Un robo, amor y primera expulsión en @TopChefA3 #TopChef #VamosTarde97 https://t.co/Lv9Y…
Camille @camillendavis1
RT @vamostardeFM: 🔊 El #PODCAST de @Gonzalo_SaezM: Un robo, amor y primera expulsión en @TopChefA3 #TopChef #VamosTarde97 https://t.co/Lv9Y…
Camille @camillendavis1
RT @TopChefA3: Las confesiones de @RakelTopChef en #TopChef: “@MontoroTopChef es como Clark Kent, queda genial en cámara" https://t.co/QlkS…
Hurricane @Realhurricane
RT @Cathi_I: Sheldon was totally robbed on #topchef. I'm Done watching this stupid show. Brooke's dish had ZERO flavor.!
Hurricane @Realhurricane
RT @ColeSimone00: Tired of Brooke...Sheldon was robbed #TopChef
Dorothy Kim @dorothyk98
RT @ColeSimone00: Tired of Brooke...Sheldon was robbed #TopChef
Camille @camillendavis1
RT @TopChefA3: .@albertochicote a Filippetti: “Eres un poco gocho trabajando, tus puestos siempre están sucios” #TopChef https://t.co/XT6Ml…
Hurricane @Realhurricane
RT @anela_chan: If @chefwonder doesn't win #TopChef with his ono kine grindz and Brooke the Appropriator returns to win, I will not be too…
xoSmitten @xosmitten
I love love love Brooke and Shirley but my admiration for any other chef pales in comparison to Sheldon #topchef
ShaRon Fredy @sfdesignsmaui
@chefwonder I'd eat your ripped up fish any day of the week. Great run #teamsheldon @BravoTopChef #TopChef
Cin A. @Cin_A_
Dammit, if you're going to eliminate my favorite chef from the competition then he better get the 10 G's for Fan Fav. @chefwonder #topchef
Sarah Isabelle @DrThumper
So sad to see Sheldon go :-( making plans to visit Maui asap. #topchef
Michelle Anneliese🔮 @mliesedesigns
Taza @creolekittykat
RT @alexa_datuin: Brooke vs. Sheldon vs. Shirley is the #TopChef made of dreams
J. Seaberry @JJSea
So happy you made it to the finale Shirley and @ChefBrookeW Yay Congratulations Ladies!! #TopChef
Cʜé @immaQulit
👨🏾‍🍳 #TopChef
Hurricane @Realhurricane
RT @Foxxi72: This show is a total setup!!!! How the hell is Brooke in the finale and not Sheldon. #topchef
Mexicandy @Mex1_Candy
😡 .@ChefBrookeW should've gone home not @chefwonder i'm so mad, disappointed 4 his career, fam n opportunities lost… https://t.co/ZBsKcERLgR
Sherry @slchen_
history repeated itself with @chefwonder's elimination, though i would have said that for @ChefBrookeW and… https://t.co/U583FRAbuT
Mexicandy @Mex1_Candy
🖕🏽.@tomcolicchio needs to get his 🍑 out of the judges table... his tastes r dried out n it reflects on his decision… https://t.co/KIWblyAOZ9
Hurricane @Realhurricane
Sux BIG TIME that #Sheldon left & not #Brooke! LUV the chance 2 taste @chefwonder food Ive had @ChefBrookeW & husbands food....meh😶 #TopChef
Jason Brennan @JasonMBrennan
@tomcolicchio love you on #topchef but wanted to point out that Hawaii is in America
Black Boy Magic✊ @WOODYMC84
RT @303juliette: Girl pleeez.. Tom and Padma are biased and in love with Brooke. They aren't gonna send her home. #topchef #TopChef2017
Conner A. Erickson @GordanRamseyLoL
I did not expect that result #topchef
Ty Frackiewicz @tyfrack
@ChefBrookeW I am seriously rooting for you right now. You are my favorite with some of the best dishes. #topchef
Arbor Day is Apr 28 @KevinNelson84
... so, go @ChefBrookeW!! #topchef
Joe Feline @joeismycat
#topchef Loved watching @chefwonder. Probably not as disappointed as he was, but I wanted it to be a Shirley-Sheldon finale.
Nini @fifiboylston
#topchef I'll be happy if Shirley wins, @chefwonder is fan fav & Colicchio keeps his trap shut long enough for west coast viewers to watch.
Lady Buginski @ladybuginski
Those clay pots can be used as a dome on open grill. Fyi. #topchef @TopChefA3 #Mexico
EugenieftSpriteLogic @nSquib
Aha #TopChef is in Tulum this week! Four days and counting...🌞🏖🇲🇽
WIN- IPHONE 7 PLUS! @giveawayduuo
I feel bad for chefwonder (Sheldon) on #TopChef But I can't imagine it was as close as they made it. A MEXICAN thought his sauce too spicy
Lindsay Sattler @carats87
RT @JillBidenVeep: Love this final 3 on #TopChef (Really any final 3 that didn't include John would be ok)
kffk @kffk2012
RT @mliesedesigns: A WOMAN IS WINNING #topchef
RT @JasonMBrennan: @tomcolicchio love you on #topchef but wanted to point out that Hawaii is in America
Luesma & Vega @Luesmavega
Los concursantes de #TopChef 2017 contarán con nuestra piezas para emplatar. Aunque Victor Gutiérrez ya nos conoce… https://t.co/J5Dy9Bff4z
Adam Gerhardt @AdamBpankey
RT @moizedong: Wow this is so unfair. Producers really want Brooke to win. Sheldon should be in this final. No question about it. #TopChef
twizms @twizms
So happy Brooke made the finals #topchef
server diaries @server_diaries
RT @twizms: So happy Brooke made the finals #topchef
T.U.E. TRAVEL USVI @roaryalabeba
RT @SecretsResorts: We wish we were enjoying a cocktail by the beach with you, chefs! 🍹@BravoTopChef #TopChef #SecretsAkumal
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