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Kimberly Robinson @KimberlyRobinsn
Final oral argument calendar of #SCOTUS term is out and it's packed, including long-awaited Trinity Lutheran.
Paul Taske @Paul_Taske
RT @AHoweBlogger: Trinity Lutheran was granted in mid-January 2016 but had not been scheduled for oral arg until today -- presumably to avo…
Ben Haygood @benhaygood
RT @scotusreporter: #scotus sets April hearing for Trinity Lutheran case, Missouri church-state dispute accepted in Jan 16. Expecting a nin…
Jon Whitehead @jrwhitehead
RT @Tonymauro: After more than a year, #scotus has scheduled Trinity Lutheran Church case for arguments April 19.
Michelle Corsilles @MichCorsilles
RT @lawrencehurley: Supreme Court has finally scheduled Trinity Lutheran Church case, which has been hanging around for a while. April 19
M.D. @Meghatron24
RT @shermancourt: #SCOTUS argument calendar for April includes long-held Trinity Lutheran case(4/19) on church-state separation. Will Gorsu…
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