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Bernie Sanders @SenSanders
President Trump, you made a big mistake. By trying to divide us up by race, religion, gender and nationality you ac…
RT @daisyrdley: Shia LaBeouf started an anti-trump livestream that will run for FOUR years #HEWILLNOTDIVIDEUS
Sheelove @_Sheeeelove
RT @JuanEspino_: "Ivanka Trump is poised to be one of the most fashionable first daughters in history"
A. 🥀 @adejaagrace
RT @C4Ciaran: Watch Trump and Obama greet the same couple. V different styles.
I got the Ke's. 🔑 @DiggyLovesMe_
RT @ubeempress: "Bakery confirms they were specifically asked to copy Obama’s cake." I can't stop thinking about this. Trump. Plagiarized.…
Kim Goodspeed @kimgoodspeed1
RT @sadmonsters: Trump claims no one cares about his taxes. The next mass protest should be on Tax Day to prove him wrong.
Humana cabreada @mjleyva97
RT @Dory: Trump's inauguration VS The Women's March
Alexandre Ferreira @josenelore
RT @PrisonPlanet: So did we establish that did the media used images that were taken way before Trump's inauguration?…
Thomas English @tomeng_2000
RT @SenSanders: If Mr. Trump is serious about standing up for working families he will tell Republicans to stop trying to cut Medicare and…
SpIKEYsPiKES34 @sebastiandwierb
RT @PrisonPlanet: Trump vows to stop Islamic terrorism! How dare he? This might offend Islamic terrorists! I'm literally shaking. https:…
Ashen @Ashxn7im
RT @brendonurie: I propose that anytime the name "Trump" is introduced into conversation, it should be followed by at least 10 seconds of l…
Gary @two9139one
RT @Truth_Bombers: Liberal tries to set a President Trump supporter on fire at the #WomensMarch If you can identify this person, let us kno…
Ann Marie Nelsen @AMN06
RT @susannecraig: News today that Trump won't be releasing his tax returns is hardly surprising. If you have them I'm still interested: 620…
Kenny Neuner @KennyNeuner
RT @RealJack: Barron Trump is ten years old. Every time a writer, pundit, or any adult attacks him, they prove to the world how much of a c…
Luis Fernando @luisfestevez
RT @juanrallo: "Los ricos manejan el mundo". Pues cuando Trump "sólo" era rico, nadie lo temía. Ahora que es político, sí.¿Quién maneja rea…
Regina Ag @ReginaA1981
RT @Shoq: Yes, there really is a term for that vulgar tactic all Trump surrogates use each day. It's called the "#GishGallop"…
Rachel Donadio — NYT @RachelDonadio
RT @Sulliview: The traditional way of reporting on a president is dead. And Trump’s press secretary killed it. ....Latest from me: https://…
CFR Andre @cyferPtVila
RT @jsavite: Trump. Day one. Perfection.
Mensans for Trump @Mensans4Trump
RT @DrMartyFox: Thank You #Islamists Pretending To Be #WomensMarch #Feminists Violent Anarchists #GeorgeSoros For Producing The #Trump
ActualidadPolítica16 @Politica16_ESP
RT @GOP: Stand with Team Trump and add your name to join the movement that is making America great again ➡️ https:/…
skew11 @skew11
RT @Democrat_4Trump: Australians love Trump. The world loves Trump. Trump featured on all 3 major newspapers in Aus - all POSITIVE NEWS. Do…
Sherri Lynn @Sherribells1771
RT @DavidCornDC: Democrats have lots of reason to be pissed at Comey. But if he leaves the post, Trump will be able to select his own FBI d…
Mark J.Tomlinson @skollietomcat
RT @YoungDems4Trump: Great men face great challenges! #IHaveADream  - Martin Luther King Jr. #MakeAmericaGreatAgain 🇺🇸 - Donald J. Trump…
Snoozinglion @snoozinglion1
RT @Johnatsrs1949: One more time-here is actual comparable photo of #Trump's inauguration...notice the people in ponchos-rain...don't liste…
candy @radianlifestyle
RT @morgfair: Trump and his press secretary flagrantly lied on their first day in office. That matters. via @HuffPo…
Cathy Disney @fl_tax_lady
RT @CarmineZozzora: Consequences and punishment are making a comeback... #MAGA
Sylvia J5 Jackson @Selenurspickle
RT @KeyaMorgan: Wow! Trump Protest all over the world right now. Every country and every city. Millions of people are upset and insulted. #…
Jason @SwingerSwift
RT @scumpapi: Michelle Obama is a Princeton and Harvard graduate meanwhile Melania Trump is a sugar baby that hasn't worked for anything ex…
Elisa Guillaume @Elisa_Guillaume
RT @ParisPasRose: "Faits alternatifs" à la sauce Trump : la légende du journalisme Dan Rather a une réponse assaisonnée.…
マーク・ターナー @dalliard_dotnet
RT @Trump_ton: Ministry of Alternative Truth @PressSec to hold press un-briefing today at 1.30pm #Trump #alternativefacts…
EA @ealvarez112
RT @aroseblush: 📧 Lock him up: Donald Trump administration using personal email for White House purposes 📧 #Resistance…
RNR Florida @RNRFlorida
RT @OnlineMagazin: 🆘‼️😉🔥 USA: Anti-Trump Protesters at #WomensMarch ... that's all they have to say. Well then...
Lm Ranin @RaninLm
RT @pochoy29: TIFFANY TRUMP #makeuptransformation video up now! 😁👍🏼
@karaicerrista @karaicerrista
RT @ActualidadRT: ÚLTIMA HORA: Rusia coincide con las declaraciones de Trump sobre la "completa destrucción" del Estado Islámico https://t.…
my*a @blkgyal
RT @lucolegend: Niall told everyone to suck it up and accept Trump, and Harry's only activism is tweeting "love humans". But go off Lola! h…
Abdullah Al-Hasani @abbudalhasani
RT @ghoshworld: No coincidence that MidEast correspondents see echoes of Sissi/Saddam/Assad in Trump's rhetoric, media posture. They'll be…
gianluca falvo @FalvoGianluca
RT @TaloniStefano: Lapidate date in sposa ancora bambine picchiate, infibulate ma il popolo rosa manifesta contro il "maschilista" Trump.…
Mariana Kalil @marianakalil
RT @FinancialTimes: From realism to internationalism; follow updates about Donald Trump’s presidency…
Mustafa A.Güçlü @mustafaaliguclu
RT @32gunTV: Kadın kuruluşları Londra, Paris, Barselona ve Nairobi'de Donald Trump'a karşı sokakta #WomensMarch
クリスチャンStoleski @DarthKiko69
RT @tarastrong: Weird how watching Trump fallout & facts feels like a reality show.
S.N.A.Subramanian @ramusha1983
RT @nytimesworld: 2 suspected U.S. drone strikes in Yemen, the first launched during new Trump admin, said to kill 10 Qaeda militants https…
🆘 @sighidontknow
RT @theonlyadult: Is Donald Trump’s Insecurity a National Security Threat?
Mustafa A.Güçlü @mustafaaliguclu
RT @32gunTV: ABD'nin Denver şehrinde binlerce kişi Donald Trump'ı protesto etti
RT @Sophia4Trump: VIDEO : Black Trump Supporter Stands His Ground at the L.A. Women’s March
Shahida Qureshi @ShahidaQureshi5
RT @OrlaGuerin: A new era of 'Alternative Facts' #Trump White House Pushes ‘Alternative Facts.’ Here Are the Real Ones.…
Eduardo Pinillos @edupinillos
RT @WinstonManrique: Libros para conocer el país que recibe Trump y sobrevivir a él: @Capitan_Swing @megustaleer @…
El @wndmika
RT @NiallEatYou_: probabilmente harry ieri era alla marcia contro donald trump e io sono così fiera di lui
Mª Luisa Diaz @MLuisaDiaz_
RT @mjguzman2010: "La corbata de Trump" Por Antonio Burgos
Didier @cesardidierab
RT @SinEmbargoMX: Trump pone en peligro 1 millón 142 mil empleos, así, de entrada; en 2 meses se quedó 14 mil plazas…
Carol Wilson @RomeosMom7
RT @RussiaInsider: Letter From Moscow: How the Trump Inauguration Is Seen in Russia (Video)
🌹 @whoskyIie
The Deplorable Lamp @RamboStiltskin1
RT @pmclauth: 2016. Year that the Left beat the crap out of gays & Latinos who supported Trump. Violent scum, like Hitler's socialists.
ぼーどろわ @AY_baudroie
RT @Punjabupdate: Japan's PM Shinzo Abe says will keep seeking Donald Trump's understanding on TPP - -…
Guilhempere @Guilhempere21
RT @JasonJournalist: Trump: les illusions des marchés financiers #ECONOMIE
Forever and Always @itslolaruizh
RT @hesmypurpose_: Por favor que porque pattie haya dado fav a trump no quiere decir que le apoye quereis calmar las tetas.
pahrock @phrocka
RT @Aquaice_: Trump's inauguration crowd: Sean Spicer's claims versus the evidence~ Irrefutable proof refutes his #AlternativeFact https://…
Phyllis Kupferstein @pkdof
RT @Kat4Obama: Chancellor Merkel’s team "has given up any pretense that Mr. Trump might become more statesman-like."…
APR @Alucia537
RT @jorgegmerino: @josecdiez y Donald Trump están disculpados porque tienen empleados inmigrantes.
Rachael L Squires. @Rachlouise45
RT @Rachlouise45: @Mokeddem77 @27leigh She is a model and looks do make Donald Trump the sort of man he is. A fucking sexist. 👽🐵👽🐵👽
Fröken Sverige كافرة @frokensverige
RT @corrigan_ryan: @frokensverige @c0nvey @DailyCaller It's not about women, it's about Trump hating. #WomensMarch Thats what I gathered fr…
Nicolas Kssis-Martov @Martov
RT @Thomas_Andrei: Voilà, là on y est. Ça regarde les Kardashian, rêve d'être célèbre, c'est obsédé par l'apparence et ça vote Trump https:…
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