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George Couros @gcouros
I'm with @teachmarek from #PrinceCharlesTVDSB and here is his learning from #TVDSBOPC this morning. https://t.co/fDO1zjk63L
Kathy Hanchiruk @hanchiruk
RT @wendymacinnis1: Powerful words from @gcouros. Stand up for what's right. #falconpride @orrzie #tvdsbopc https://t.co/IOOcMjDMOy
Laura Elliott @directorelliott
RT @sbruyns: Thames Valley VPs are being challenged by @gcouros to rethink current practices #tvdsbopc https://t.co/xd6KaFb5ft
Nicolle Valiquette @ValiquetteVal
RT @sbruyns: Social media is like water, we can either teach students to swim or let them drown @gcouros #tvdsbopc
tvdsbopc @tvdsbopc
RT @GHoward03: Bon voyage GEORGE thanks for the session #tvdsbopc @gcouros https://t.co/lRkvJRyIMq
Leeat Cribbs @CribbsLeeat
RT @Charltonian2012: Literacy evolves #tvdsbopc @gcouros
tvdsbopc @tvdsbopc
RT @hjakobi: @gcouros Thanks for coming to share. Here are our learnings at #TVDSBOPC https://t.co/8Ll8gw8FXx
tvdsbopc @tvdsbopc
RT @lynds_kristin: Hard to pick one thing, so much learning with @gcouros - but here is my take away. #tvdsbopc #edchat https://t.co/d9fIXo…
tvdsbopc @tvdsbopc
RT @MPatel_1: @gcouros Thank you for the wonderful morning with us. We appreciate the learning! @tvdsbopc #tvdsbopc @tvdsb https://t.co/Uu…
tvdsbopc @tvdsbopc
RT @waller_gordon: First moment in pushing the boundary to move to being innovative. Let's do this! @gcouros #newsarumtvdsb #tvdsbopc http…
tvdsbopc @tvdsbopc
RT @brenwilliams1: Thanks @gcouros #tvdsbopc for the learning, the connecting, and the reflection! https://t.co/1WzitcgT3g
tvdsbopc @tvdsbopc
RT @akano_l: I am learning so much at the #tvdsbopc with Couros. https://t.co/9U3RKxSenL
tvdsbopc @tvdsbopc
RT @Bryant82S: Modelling risk taking and leadership this morning. #tvdsbopc https://t.co/5HXQkyzZ9Z
tvdsbopc @tvdsbopc
RT @TiffFrederick: Loving our morning together with TVDSB VP's and @gcouros #tvdsbopc https://t.co/YU3AnGpqMi
Ann Marie Luce @turnmeluce
RT @pluggedportable: Hey, I think you know this person! @turnmeluce @tvdsbopc #tvdsbopc #tvdsb https://t.co/whCndixpRX
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