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Stephanie Garber
Having fun with the magical @sashaalsberg @authorlindsayc & @lizwrites at #txla17
21 Apr, 05:55 PM UTC
Emily Kupersztoch
HIP HOP LIBRARIANS WIN BOOK CART DRILL TEAM 2017!!!! #LibrariesRRock #txla17 #booksbooksbooksbooks @LibrariesRRock
22 Apr, 12:27 AM UTC
Victoria Jamieson
The view from the Bluebonnet stage today! Thank you, @TBABooks, for a magical day. #txla17
22 Apr, 03:05 AM UTC
Colette Eason
#txla17 "Did you know the moment you were born, somewhere in a dusty corner of the world a book was written just fo… https://t.co/2fQTtOjvFh
21 Apr, 09:39 PM UTC
TX Bluebonnet Award
Our awesome student presenters are ready for the Bluebonnet luncheon. #txla17
21 Apr, 04:32 PM UTC
Sara Romine
What a treat! Carmen Agra Deedy@at General Session II. What a wonderful storyteller! #txla17
21 Apr, 09:42 PM UTC
Sara Kelly Johns
Great to catch up with @MrSchuReads as Peter H. Reynolds (Dot!) talked about his new HAPPY DREAMER @Scholastichttps://t.co/xv2E6MuwUF
21 Apr, 03:32 PM UTC
Joanna Cardenas
THE FIRST RULE OF PUNK and THE EPIC FAIL OF ARTURO ZAMORA spotted at #txla17! @CeliaCPerez @phcartaya https://t.co/TkfwpF80U4
21 Apr, 11:02 PM UTC
liz the librarian 💯
Nerd alert 🤓#txla17 #bookcartdrillteam
21 Apr, 09:48 PM UTC
T.S. Ferguson
Galleys of THE SIDEKICKS by @willkostakis are now available at the Harper booth at #txla17. Get 'em before they're… https://t.co/2HbyxlMqRA
21 Apr, 06:47 PM UTC
One of the many highlights of #txla17 - finally meeting my editor @nancyrosep in real life! And hanging out w… https://t.co/8x0MNtQA9p
21 Apr, 01:53 PM UTC
Randy Rodgers
Proud of these kiddos who shared at #txla17 today! #txlamakers
22 Apr, 02:04 AM UTC
Lee & Low Books
@lesleanewman I don't think of myself as a diverse person, I think of myself as a person. #txla17
21 Apr, 03:02 PM UTC
Jeff Zentner
Signing books at #txla17
22 Apr, 04:55 AM UTC
Full Circle Literary
.@CeliaCPerez @emerylord And here are more of our gorgeous spring picture books! #txla17 @boygirlpartyhttps://t.co/qmTaQyaXZf
21 Apr, 07:03 PM UTC
Barbara Moon
Look at this beauty I picked up at #txla17 Thanks @Scholastic @SelinaAlko @sean_qualls Paige Britt
22 Apr, 12:41 AM UTC
Lizette Serrano
Catching Readers #txla17 excited to hear @isabelinpieces talk about her series Ugly Cat and Pablo! Inspirations fro… https://t.co/c9hr9GvVjV
21 Apr, 04:15 PM UTC
Kim Green
Thank you to the hundreds of librarians who came to see the Books and Bites on the Bus at TLA #neisdlibs #txla17
21 Apr, 07:51 PM UTC
Christie Hirst
The Texan Librarian Convention is 🔥#TXLA17
22 Apr, 12:38 AM UTC
Texas State Library
@FakeLibStats here are REAL library stats showing the impact of #texas libraries https://t.co/Avn3tw8adG #txla17
22 Apr, 12:12 AM UTC
Roseann Oden
"No civilization that destroys its libraries can stand for long," Marvelous speaker!! Carmen Agra Deedy #txla17
21 Apr, 09:59 PM UTC
Jeff Zentner
The absurdly talented @sarahnlemon and I at #txla17
22 Apr, 04:42 AM UTC
Marnie Cushing
Best moment of #txla17... @jeffzentner spilt water on me at the Texas Tea!
21 Apr, 07:47 PM UTC
Cindy Buchanan
It's fun to see #txla17 through the eyes of first time attendees like @OlesonLMC and @GranthamLMC
21 Apr, 09:00 PM UTC
Rox Mtz
Best part of my day- inspired by Carmen Deedy 🤗 #txla17
22 Apr, 02:22 AM UTC
C Foote
Loved getting to personally meet so many authors at the Texas Tea today at #txla17!
22 Apr, 03:34 AM UTC
If you haven't already, go get this from your local library: The Rooster Who Would Not Be Quiet by Carmen Agra Deedy #txla17
21 Apr, 09:29 PM UTC
Sarah Nicole Lemon
I'm in my underwear eating banana laffy taffy in @rahdieh hotel room. #txla17
22 Apr, 03:28 AM UTC
Erin Entrada Kelly
This is how they dress in San Antonio. #txla17
22 Apr, 02:51 AM UTC
Publisher Spotlight
Found 5 Giraffes, follow up to #AprilTheGiraffe and her baby! @FitzWhits booth 2622. #txla17 @amyelott
21 Apr, 06:45 PM UTC
BISD Libraries
So excited! #LoneStar2017 Authors talking about their books and upcoming projects. #txla17 @Davila_BISD @SFA_bisdhttps://t.co/71iIAOUxT5
21 Apr, 01:47 PM UTC
Heather Lister
TLA was absolutely amazing and empowering. I'm exhausted and energized at the same time. Thank you to everyone who made this happen #txla17
22 Apr, 04:26 AM UTC
Aaron Graves
Catch the #amazing @MattRichardson talking about #raspberrypi at #txla17 @txla17makers in Ballroom 301B
21 Apr, 07:47 PM UTC
Pam Beaufait
Blown away by author Carmen Deedy's powerful and inspirational speech! #txla17
21 Apr, 10:05 PM UTC
Yvonne May
Poetry - Must READ!! #txla17 #thehumblelibrarian - Another Great session! Love it https://t.co/9hpI2f5FzN
21 Apr, 02:42 PM UTC
Kim Green
So excited to see @bjansen my UT library school professor at #txla17
21 Apr, 07:29 PM UTC
Lisa Stultz
The incomparable, always wonderful, @RutaSepetys. Hope to have you at #TeenBookCon again soon. Until then, #txla17https://t.co/OlkspxuWYG
22 Apr, 04:06 AM UTC
Poet Carmen Tafolla from San Antonio, an honor to meet her #txla17
21 Apr, 01:51 PM UTC
BISD Libraries
I'm absolutely speechless!!!! #RutaSepetys, and #PJHoover are here at my table! #AuthorsAreMyRockStars #txla17https://t.co/9MyGtuXLNw
21 Apr, 06:59 PM UTC
Shannon Miller
"I immersed myself in Boy Scouts and books." It was wonderful meeting you @poetmariachi at #txla17
21 Apr, 07:26 PM UTC
Lenny Jaquez
#txla17 meeting YA authors was such a privilege! Fan of them & their stories! #episdlibraries #iamepisd https://t.co/LyaUrGqUvK
22 Apr, 04:33 AM UTC
Yolanda Benavides
Enjoyed Mac Barnett reading of his book Triangle with Heather Herzog @ TLA Teacher Day! A fun Friday! #txla17 https://t.co/v64C5xptel
21 Apr, 07:12 PM UTC
Keith Barrow
Thank you Sam! Keep fighting the good fight for librarians, books, and the kids they inspire! @TXLA #txla17 https://t.co/cEcxyzuwLd
22 Apr, 04:00 AM UTC
Nancy Jo Lambert
Looks like all that rehearsing paid off! Way to go #LipSyncBattle Champion! #txla17 🤗 https://t.co/Ip8zGAkoUz
22 Apr, 03:47 AM UTC
Stacey Rattner
Happiness is following someone you totally admire into the elevator and then leaping with her. TY @NicolaYoon 😘… https://t.co/LQOQ0GXNar
22 Apr, 05:22 AM UTC
Emma Liz
Clips of oral histories from black and brown voices are available to the public at https://t.co/U4qxZyDRuU #txla17
21 Apr, 04:28 PM UTC
KidLitTV_NYC : RT txlibrarylady: KidLitTV Program TODAY at 1:30, Room 221CD with KidLitTV_NYC roxiemunro #txla17https://t.co/3cUchJPZFE
21 Apr, 06:39 PM UTC
Andrea Keller
Recap of #txla17tc https://t.co/nzMCAm6HGk SO many ideas.. my words might have exploded a little :) #txla17 more blogs coming soon!
22 Apr, 04:04 AM UTC
Sylvia Vardell
@becalzada @janetwongauthor No worries. I can only imagine how busy you must be! Thanks so much for all the #txasl support at #txla17
22 Apr, 04:00 AM UTC
Sam Weller
@deniseannengle So nice to spend some time with you at @TXLA #txla17
22 Apr, 03:57 AM UTC
Parkway Library
So much fun at #txla17! Ideas, books, authors and new learning wherever you look! (Plus the Alamo!) @ParkwayEShttps://t.co/lHRsAVsZGX
22 Apr, 03:53 AM UTC
June Henson
If I did nothing else at #txla17, at least I got to explain the plot of American Gods by @neilhimself and why I am ALL IN for this show.
22 Apr, 03:47 AM UTC
Cooke County Library
Excited to listen to Carmen Agra Deedy at #txla17 #childrensauthor
21 Apr, 08:46 PM UTC
Alvin JH Library
"I call reading weight lifting for your brain." Author, Tim Green #txla17
21 Apr, 03:05 PM UTC
Jennifer LaBoon
Dancing at the President's Party with @txlibrarylady #txla17 such fun!
22 Apr, 05:09 AM UTC
tara greene
Great meeting Bluebonnet Award Winner for Roller Girl @JamiesonV ! A great pic by TX students #txla17 #rollergirlhttps://t.co/kjQA7ZYkTw
22 Apr, 04:31 AM UTC
Becky Calzada
@writeguyjeff Sorry I missed seeing you at #txla17
22 Apr, 03:32 AM UTC
Raychel Treviño
@JamiesonV @TBABooks SO cute! Well deserved victory... Texas kids know talent when they see & read it! #txla17 #graphicgenius
22 Apr, 06:04 AM UTC
Raychel Treviño
What does this happy librarian do on a Friday night of her #txla17 conference? Read! @MarshaSkrypuch @TXLA 😊
22 Apr, 05:49 AM UTC
Jaime Eastman
I can't even begin to put into words how awesome #txla17 was.
22 Apr, 05:04 AM UTC
tara greene
@JamiesonV @TXLA @TBABooks love the roller girls at the presentation today! And I think #flatwalter did too! Congr… https://t.co/l9UUf384Tr
22 Apr, 04:39 AM UTC
Gilbert Library
Showcasing Roller Girl #txla17
22 Apr, 04:39 AM UTC
tara greene
@geneluenyang think I need a permanent drawing of me for pictures then I will not be caught talking!… https://t.co/bzHURhNBqR
22 Apr, 04:37 AM UTC
Gilbert Library
Inexpensive computer #txla17
22 Apr, 04:37 AM UTC
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