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muva @xO_Allana
RT @HBCU_Roundtable: Yooo some of yall females be wildin foreal 😂😂😂😂 #UMES https://t.co/Qi4uZkO8N3
TBONE (goodlook) @tbonenewera
RT @ChriiWentHam: Damn #umes my man said @Migos just pulled up too https://t.co/cQSH2SPEUd
Sapphires Logic⚓️ @sweetelegance_
RT @EndlessMoves: A Boogie not fucking with Maryland for a while now 😭😭😭 #UMES https://t.co/TnALZYId8n
Mel🌞 @Merl_Sweatshirt
RT @OMGitsChizzle: UPSET! Whoo Whoo Whoo Whoo Whoo #umes
ChillWill662 @KingTrey662
RT @MikeFoolay: Video of Migos at #UMES tonight: https://t.co/ESOg7OPuUM
Zi-Zi ™ @Zion_dw3
RT @finessaprafessa: Us: how many times have y'all ruined our fun and college experience? #UMES : https://t.co/H672lfHbk5
👑Dai👑 @_xXdaibooo
RT @XOLife96: Basically 🤷🏽‍♀️💀 #Umes https://t.co/MpvP4h3Pgs
Cruddy Daj🤘🏾💯 @BigDajah
RT @nellydagawd: Yooooooo A Boogie was here 😭😭 #umes https://t.co/XEhdp8sXkz
Zi-Zi ™ @Zion_dw3
RT @JazzViceversa: #UMES y'all want to know why y'all lost fucking over 500+ students cause y'all treat them like fucking criminals
muva @xO_Allana
RT @StuckOnDEZ: all because they wanted to have one door open smh . this was the outcome #umes https://t.co/EBhYpN3mwT
sure jan., @__sinned__
RT @BofoeandAfter: #umes when they said get out the concert is cancelled and you thought they was playing but they actually cancelled the c…
Lauren @laurp24
RT @_RyDawgg_: #umes Police caused more trouble than the students did tbh
👑Dai👑 @_xXdaibooo
RT @bwells1130: Feel bad for #umes freshmen they had 2 dry semesters with no homecoming
Donté🤷🏽‍♀️ @_prettygurl__
RT @__DosTres: The number of people transferring after this semester #umes https://t.co/7lyQFzurZG
Ryan™ @_RyDawgg_
RT @May_KEN_History: Real recognize real💯🤘🏾🐐 #longlivejack #umes @AboogieHBTL (I was pepper sprayed before the pic) https://t.co/sQhb1BK9qo
DMV 🔌 @DmvMusicPlug
#Umes always trending
Cruddy Daj🤘🏾💯 @BigDajah
RT @__MicahJ: Lost phone #UMES https://t.co/srdnDBcHmh
⚡Zay⚡ @Isaiahtrackstar
RT @SenorrJay: My first homecoming was trash #umes
Ryan™ @_RyDawgg_
RT @__Peezy: why in the hell did we have a tank on campus and officers dressed for combat? this is a college not a damn war-zone #UMES
Blue Prynt @SacBiuePrynt
RT @heisarmani: No shade its the STUDENTS fault. Yall literally forced ppl through the doors, crushed ppl into corners for migos... #umes
Zi-Zi ™ @Zion_dw3
RT @_Succ3ss_: #umes it's really sad....y'all should allow students in first before anybody...we pay to go to the school...it's our event
Sapphires Logic⚓️ @sweetelegance_
RT @_Succ3ss_: #Umes I will be the first to say if we have a make up even Ima have on this same fit....fuck it 🤷🏽‍♂️✅
👑Dai👑 @_xXdaibooo
RT @HugooBlack: Naw moe i looked sweet tonight for no reason #umes
Donté🤷🏽‍♀️ @_prettygurl__
RT @PapaaSmurf_: Just make sure I get my $40 bacc #UMES
Sapphires Logic⚓️ @sweetelegance_
jayla👑 @__alyaj
RT @_JimmyNuetron: All that money they stole from us was for the new lawn mowers lmao #umes
DadⓂ️ @Will_ThaThrill6
RT @AllEyesOn_Kye: Sorry @Migos #UMES let y'all down
Dbiv10 @Dbiv33
RT @deyoncec: And I'm upset that y'all thought squishing people to try to get in the concert was a good idea tf #UMES
Qwėėn 🌙 @infatuatedd_
RT @xbryciex: WIC's Finest™🐶 #umes https://t.co/PjT2KIJUnC
Amber S. @Amber__Writes
RT @Your_BootyGoals: Y'all dumb as hell for saying don't go to class 🤦🏾‍♀️ #Umes
#teqniqmike @PROMO27K
RT @l_elisabeth__: High key feel bad that #umes couldn't enjoy their homecoming concert fr. That's wild. Students wild. Security/police wil…
Blue Prynt @SacBiuePrynt
RT @kayjaeee_: Y'all acting like fights don't break out at other events of the same magnitude elsewhere. They are just handled better #umes
4/26 ♉️ @imKEKEcutiee
RT @ImBrookieCookie: Wow people really traveled hours for #umes tonight lol
Dbiv10 @Dbiv33
RT @JussTakeMine: Niggas don't ever look to they manz when they doing to much and be like aye son just chill? #umes
Lakeyshia K @LakeyshiaK1
RT @april_jayy: Whether it was the guests or the students who attended homecoming, it was ruined by foolish ass people #umes 🖕
TBONE (goodlook) @tbonenewera
RT @MarcFinessin: #UMES just took the worst L 🤦🏾‍♂️
Sapphires Logic⚓️ @sweetelegance_
RT @dontdissdez_: BACK ON MY BANK CARD 🗣🗣 not playing games #UMES and they bet not talk about its go to take 4-5 business day either https:…
Denise Cherry @Denisecherry_2
RT @Mr_Nonchalantt: Everyone at #UMES gotta be tight right now but at least it wasn't #DSU for once lol
Zi-Zi ™ @Zion_dw3
RT @dontdissdez_: #umes my money needs to be refund by the end of fridays business day (which mean 4:30pm ) thank ya
🎈 Tolulope @ctoluskii
RT @AhhhKaivonnn: S/O to both the police and students, yall put on an amzing show, now where's my refund🙃 #umes
BGE SHOTIME🤐😎 @rackedupmari_
RT @_Succ3ss_: I've watched #umes go from the livest school to the shittiest school...I thought tonight was rey save the school but naw
Dbiv10 @Dbiv33
RT @kayjaeee_: They could have stationed security/ police at the front doors of hytch, people enforcing some type of line SOMETHING #umes
🎈 Tolulope @ctoluskii
RT @KingWaveee_: #UMES definitely on some 💩 https://t.co/B7jOTE2KOn
Denzel @dmhunt_101
RT @RAMSEY_whodat: Dam I heard A boogie drived all the way out from New York to Maryland #umes and the party got pepper sprayed welp this i…
TRC Kev @TRCof1900
RT @KingWaveee_: I swear #umes be treating us like so fucking kids 🙄
Lakeyshia K @LakeyshiaK1
RT @AhhhKaivonnn: S/O to the people who decided to push and bum rush lol hope you got the responses you were looking for .. #umes
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