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AJ+ @ajplus
Buckle up, because this self-driving drone will take you on wild ride up in the air. https://t.co/C70pILwMmh
Trish @Trish54299231
RT @guardian: Air pollution leads to up to 9,000 early deaths per year in London. Why isn't more being done to clear the air? https://t.co/…
THEHODofficial @thehodofficial
RT @bandssaveduss: Up In The Air // 30 Seconds To Mars https://t.co/Zb19fMC3sP
Carlos Gutiérrez @carlosvein12
RT @HYPEBEAST: #hbouthere: Up in the air ☁️. Photo: @samkolder https://t.co/rMbFqYxjmS
Muh. Jalbil Masholih @Jalbil_Masholih
RT @UtdInterest: Zlatan Ibrahimovic - Immense hold up play - Dominant in the air - Stunning ball control for a big man - Proves doubte…
H20_Vanogla @H2O_Vanogla
RT @ConIsles: Its official, Ill never be able to forget Gionta jumping into Ladd's arms and Ladd HOLDING HIM UP IN THE AIR LIKE THIS IS DIR…
Ginger Holland @Ging_Holly
RT @threadless: Friday Features: Valentine's Day is almost here! Cuddle up to 10 Artist Shop designs that you'll heart #ArtistShops https:/…
Jack Zacharda @liondawgs
RT @wrathofgnon: In train, stop at deserted station in the middle of forested mountains. Door opens, the night air rushing in: so glorious…
diane c @northkats
RT @RobPulseNews: Trump's ruse is throw so much shit up in the air to obscure and deflect media attn from Trump's many, many, many, many co…
alayna lawler @alaynalawler_
RT @PGHS_cheer: @PGHS_cheer 🚨make sure you secure your spot but MARCH 17TH!!!!🚨 sign up and throw some cheerleaders in the air!!!!!
James Lavin @JamesKLavin
RT @BBCCarrie: China, it's up! Ep 1 of Murder in the Lucky Holiday Hotel. With bunga money, sex, threats and hot air balloons. https://t.…
Tiffaney Monique @_Tiffaney15
RT @VellyVelle23: J.Cole: Last night, they pulled up on my nigga at the light like... nice watch *gun cocks* Me: RUN IT!!! HANDS IN THE…
NancyPflug @npflug
RT @ImEdBall: #Fact: A green roof acts as a bio-filter, a sponge sucking up dirt & #pollution in the air—https://t.co/20I5n6M9AV via @Archi…
Brent Beaird @brentbeaird
RT @ThomasGoldkamp: Those rumors that #Gators asked Spurrier to interview for the job in late 2004? The Head Ball Coach clears the air - ht…
D 🔪 @FauxDanai
RT @FauxJeffrey: Up in the air, with the best team ever! https://t.co/lYxi3RHE12
Matthew Munoz @xenionzeus
RT @vickered: @TMobile never lets me down (up in the air) #TMobileWingman https://t.co/iQuMgvj0YT
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