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Big Think
No #vaccination? No daycare. Australia could soon ban unvaccinated children from attending preschools nationwide:… https://t.co/3vXjZwArHB
21 Apr, 08:13 AM UTC
@MerckAH As well as #vaccination, #understanding how to live and interact with dogs is essential in every country a… https://t.co/9ftsIkIiLm
20 Apr, 03:17 PM UTC
Dr Robert O'Connor
came across this brill #vaccination cartoon https://t.co/3d0rq8kE7n @HSEImm @IVaccination -worth sharing & putting… https://t.co/SR8D9xJPaO
21 Apr, 07:45 AM UTC
Elus Contre le Sida
#Communiqué > Semaine de la #Vaccination 2017 de l’OMS du 24 au 30 avril 2017 : #ELCS alerte les collectivités… https://t.co/Q5XhtM5WTS
21 Apr, 07:36 AM UTC
Assurance Maladie
[Communiqué de presse] Semaine européenne de la #vaccination du 23 au 29 Avril : quand effectuer vos rappels DTP ?… https://t.co/KeLX4d0SIJ
21 Apr, 08:54 AM UTC
We're showcasing #Vaccination at @WeThrowSwitches GamesAreForEveryone party tonight! Be sure to stop by and have a… https://t.co/cA0qYdQW3M
21 Apr, 08:50 AM UTC
Toddler Permanently Brain Damaged by a Mystery Combination #Vaccination That Her Parent’s Did Not Consent To… https://t.co/Ob4IWitTeP
20 Apr, 03:01 PM UTC
Mordi Ibe Fdn M.I.F
MEMO:(WIW) World Immunization Week is less than 1month away! How will you make #VaccinesWork on April 24-30?… https://t.co/z0afyrXf0D
20 Apr, 07:32 PM UTC
ABC Emergency
Each and every #influenza #vaccination delivered this #flu season has relied on the humble chook egg.… https://t.co/IF4TsjH3aA
21 Apr, 08:03 AM UTC
RFI Priorité Santé
Pr Alain Fischer : "la #vaccination fonctionne grâce à la #mémoire de notre #SystèmeImmunitaire ds @prioritesante sur @RFI
21 Apr, 09:22 AM UTC
Mustafa Tameez
Dr Spinner: "#Texas ranks 41 in US for HPV #vaccination." Must strive to do better, stop preventable cancers. @Immunize_USA #txlege #iamherd
20 Apr, 05:50 PM UTC
Mustafa Tameez
Glad to have support of @SarahforHD134 for HPV #vaccination, stop preventable cancer. @Immunize_USA #iamherdhttps://t.co/bF955NIiqk
20 Apr, 05:54 PM UTC
katy 🕹🎮 @GAFE
Making our way up north to take #Vaccination to this event with @alexvscoding. Excited for tonight! #indiedev https://t.co/Z4pWdpY70k
21 Apr, 08:06 AM UTC
Ideas 4 Development
La #vaccination, un choix politique. Une des interventions les plus rentables au monde en matière de #santé @gavi https://t.co/4TmMQlkwDt
21 Apr, 06:08 AM UTC
Vaccination Trends
Truth Bomb Hits Fake News From Forced Vaxxers #vaccination #http://bit.ly/1rtfS0i https://t.co/WGkabyGNLO
21 Apr, 08:30 AM UTC
Ha ragione Eco a dire che "il computer" è il megafono per gli imbecilli, questi ne sono i risultati. #vacciNation https://t.co/1diIzMZPAa
21 Apr, 05:35 AM UTC
D Brand
Thank you @TuckerCarlson @RobertKennedyJr for allowing the truth to come out about #vaccination
21 Apr, 10:59 AM UTC
Dans quelques jours, c'est la semaine mondiale de la #vaccination.@oafress participe à @prioritesante #vaccineswork
21 Apr, 10:39 AM UTC
Alexandra Jackson
#vaccination adult fuk blonde girls
21 Apr, 09:18 AM UTC
Priorité Santé Mut
#BlogExperts Que pense une #pharmacienne de la #vaccination ? Réponse : "les vaccins sauvent des vies"… https://t.co/vrrLEgMJTL
21 Apr, 09:12 AM UTC
Préfet de la Vienne
#SEV2017 Semaine européenne de la #vaccination du 23 au 29 avril. C’est le moment de faire le point sur vos vaccins… https://t.co/3pHYjl142B
21 Apr, 09:09 AM UTC
CPAM des Deux-Sèvres
Semaine européenne de la #vaccination du 23 au 29 avril. C’est le moment de faire le point sur vos vaccins #SEV2017https://t.co/UjVrNWjzPK
21 Apr, 08:21 AM UTC
Winnie David
#Vaccination decreases the need to use #antibiotics & opportunity for developing antimicrobial resistance #AVWng2017 https://t.co/iPSCVfmRju
21 Apr, 08:00 AM UTC
As #autism rates rise, the #vaccination debate rages on https://t.co/ibWcbpdHQV
21 Apr, 07:05 AM UTC
Vaccination Trends
What does a chicken egg have to do with your #flu shot? #vaccination #Everyinfluenza https://t.co/0tZrB1sXSX
21 Apr, 06:33 AM UTC
Let's Comment † ن
Enorme hoax mondial toujours au profit de la #vaccination. Plus c'est gros plus ça passe. https://t.co/Qmg8Clqqc2
21 Apr, 06:13 AM UTC
Benjamin Fulton
ID4D: La #vaccination, un choix politique. Une des interventions les plus rentables au monde en matière de #santéhttps://t.co/qCHfV67RGt
21 Apr, 06:12 AM UTC
Let's Comment † ن
La semaine prochaine est la #SemaineDeLaVaccination. Preuve qu'on cherche à vous embobiner sur le sujet. #vaccination
21 Apr, 06:09 AM UTC
#USA: Highest #Vaccination Rate in the World Has the Worst #Health. https://t.co/Pv7S3JciQm
21 Apr, 05:50 AM UTC
Elivio Invizo
#GoDigital #Alarm #Vaccination #chilledoutparent ...the end. Never miss ur lil ones shots with Elivio.… https://t.co/u52vUOb1mN
21 Apr, 05:33 AM UTC
Alt Mental Health
Must watch: CIA #Whistleblower Speaks Out About #Geoengineering , #Vaccination Dangers, #bigpharma and #9/11 https://t.co/ASy6UQ3DMT
21 Apr, 04:52 AM UTC
Vaccination Trends
#AlexJones - Posts | The ceremony of #vaccination is a rite of... https://t.co/QJ9yiXxj7a
21 Apr, 04:19 AM UTC
appalling; #USA: #Highest #Vaccination #Rate in the World Has the #Worst #Health https://t.co/dlGjVLsx6X
20 Apr, 10:38 PM UTC
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