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synchronicity @EtTuSahu
RT @registability: Verratti's performance was so good it forced FutbolSergi into Twitter retirement. Now that's a masterclass.
Squawka Football @Squawka
Pass accuracy by PSG's midfielders against Barcelona: Blaise Matuidi (97.6%) Marco Verratti (90%) Adrien Rabiot (8…
kingpembe 👑 @Iea_mchd
RT @SoccerSt_: Marco Verratti, little maestro.
Paul-Louis Majou @pl_majou
RT @Tanziloic: Marco Verratti a tenu à démentir certains propos sortis hors contexte selon lui #PSGFCB
4-0 @HamzaAchour75
RT @Footballogue: [#Décla💬] Verratti: "Emery savait comment mettre en difficulté le Barça."
k @dcrq_
RT @maldiniplus: Cursillo acelerado de fútbol de Verratti en estos primeros 38 minutos. Qué jugador.
Josh Knowles @joshk_knowles
RT @YoannArsenal: I feel sorry for Marco Verratti, he can't even enjoy watching himself live.
Jason Russell @jasonmanutd1991
RT @Squawka: Marco Verratti has never lost a Champions League home game as a PSG player: WWWDWDWWWDWDWDWW Monster in midfield. https://t.…
RT @RahatRMCF: Marco Verratti masterclass vs FC Barcelona. Had Iniesta and Busquets on a leash
CallMeHish @JusSaiyn
RT @itsibz27: We copped an afrobeat dancer for 90 mil instead of Verratti im sick
RT @LiamPaulCanning: I’m not sure Marco Verratti would swap PSG for Man Utd - even with Champions League - but what a replacement he would…
☁️9️⃣ @Felixsoyyo
RT @Doc_Joshi: watching BT Sport? That Verratti guy looks decent doesn't he? Just saying. No agenda. Let me know your th…
Isaac @IsaacO10_
RT @registability: Marco Verratti vs Barcelona (H) 16/17 Had Busquets and Iniesta chasing shadows all night.
Efren Gonzalez @Chief_Eeefff
RT @br_uk: Everyone was appreciating Marco Verratti last night 👏🏼
🤙🏼ittarrev @R__Amandaa
RT @rcosmidis: Trapp 26 ans Areola 23 Kurz 24 Meunier 25 Aurier 24 Marqui 22 Kimpembe 21 Rabiot 21 Verratti 24 Draxler 23 Lo Celso 20 Luca…
Gregory Benoit @benoit_gregory
RT @RomainCG75: #Verratti n'a jamais perdu un match de Champions League au Parc des Princes comme joueur du #PSG (11V-5N). #PSGFCB #PSG htt…
🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 @flaca27_
RT @Actu__PSG: Marco verratti dément tout transfert et affirme qu'il veut gagner la Ldc avec Paris 🔴🔵
Abel Tarzhanov @tarzhanovabel
RT @Football__Tweet: My dream is to win for Paris, not to play for Barça". - Marco Verratti
Kurzawa @GiammarinoTom1
RT @Actu__PSG: La classe de Marco Verratti hier soir 🔵🔴
Chete @Chete_Sfc
RT @solosiamonoi: Las lesiones no le dejan reinar en Europa, pero las exhibiciones de Marco Verratti en Champions son de mediocentro histór…
Miley Hofmann @mileyt2013
RT @MailSport: Marco Verratti is running the show against Sergio Busquets and Andres Iniesta in midfield https://t.…
Born To Fan RMadrid! @JibreelBurataii
RT @UItraSuristic: Verratti last night said he never stated he dreamed of playing for Barca.
Marie @mariechamallow4
RT @PSGsociety: Marco Verratti : « Je n'ai jamais dit que mon rêve était de jouer à Barcelone. Mon rêve, vous le savez, est de gagner ici,…
GoldenGoals @KingMxrco
RT @_MidKnightGaz: Lol guys. Marco Verratti is just 24. The man hasn't even reached what you call prime age. Especially as a CM. He's gone.…
Billy @_Billy_613
RT @allaboutarsena: Imagine how much rabiot and verratti would be worth if they dabbed and got a new haircut every week
Kay-D MusiQ @KayDMusiQ
RT @touchlinefracas: Verratti had Busquets & Ineista chasing shadows yesterday. Genius
Succo Rosa @GregoryMontella
RT @NapoliCFrance: Marco Verratti: "Ce soir je vais suivre Real-Napoli avec beaucoup d'émotions car je me sens un peu comme un supporter Na…
Arifstarr @yapmayavvw
RT @ggrenimo: emery devre arasında bi uzun parliament yaktırsın verratti'ye artık eşek değil
Geezer Gaz @GeezerGaz1
RT @the_manutd_gifs: Time to bring out the chequebook for Verratti?
Sashank Upadhaya @_sashank_
RT @Viaanito: Verratti, though. Says he's interested to join Barca, thrashes them few days later. What a way to say "SIGN ME YOU FUCKING BA…
DapperG @DapperG_
RT @Paolo_Bandini: A piece on the extraordinary Marco Verratti, and the even more extraordinary PSG team we witnessed this evening: https:/…
La Psy 666 ™ @KabyleHniinou
RT @Verratti_France: Le fils de Patrick Kluivert avec Marco Verratti. 😉👍 #PSG
Alexis Rabuté @AlexisRabute
RT @rcosmidis: PSG-Barça résumé en une image : les permutations Verratti-Rabiot, Di Maria entre les lignes, Draxler vs. Sergi Roberto https…
ste' @Palpica79
RT @MercatoMarotta: ...secondo @tuttosport, Di Maria, Cavani, Draxler, Verratti, Matuidi e Rabiot dovrebbero giocare con la Juventus a Port…
Moha Koke ⚽️ @mohamaki
RT @Luchismo_FCB: -Digne, André Gomes y Alcacer: 100 millones. -Verratti y Draxler: 80 millones. Gracias @jmbartomeu.
Lucky Lefty @InnoWire_Maluks
RT @Griezmahimovic: Pogba and Verratti are different players, idk why people just compare because they play in midfield and have similar ag…
Rilwan Wale KOKOMST @Rilwan4real
RT @MrTund: Verratti's range of passing is out of this world.
Gerard McCarthy @McCarthyGerard
RT @NaplesAndNapoli: Verratti: "I'll be cheering for Napoli tonight, it won't be easy but Napoli is playing one of the best football in Eur…
Slake Mendieta @Cerebrone
RT @DoctorDrugFree: >thinks people started rating Verratti yesterday lol
skankhunt42 @kibet__
RT @betway: @thamster7 Rabiot and Verratti are bossing it tonight but you can never ignore MSN.
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