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michelle g @michelgrcia
RT @HornyFacts: "What is your aspiration in life?" Me: to be like Victoria Beckham.
🔱Ruven 🔱 @RuvenTVP
RT @awecoupIes: in an effort to keeping faith alive: remember David and Victoria Beckham have been married for 17 years…
udenism @hazimhamdii
RT @IzzadZahari: level of being extra: victoria beckham
nick @nicksimmer813
RT @FunnySayings: Level of being extra: victoria beckham at the dmv
EL PAÍS @el_pais
Victoria Beckham lamenta haber pasado por el quirófano, someterse a dietas milagro y vivir años subida a los tacones
Kate Schofield @K8S_84
RT @DailyMailCeleb: Victoria Beckham expresses regret over getting a boob job
Sözcü @gazetesozcu
RT @SozcuHayat: Victoria Beckham en büyük pişmanlığını açıkladı! İşte Victoria Beckham'ın en büyük pişmanlığı https…
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