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Sinn Féin @sinnfeinireland
Arlene, were you looking for someone? #AE17 #vote17 https://t.co/JUi6LVtcjs
Hugh Yeaman ❄️🐊 @MayorofNantes
RT @MarkMcL94: EXCLUSIVE: leaked photo of Arlene Foster's notes for #vote17 #ae17 debate https://t.co/speT3tkfUI
rory mc colgan @rmc_colgan
RT @BarryMcColgan: Arlene's favourite Shinner. #Vote17 https://t.co/SEgkWPO5el
Nuala Toman @NualaToman
RT @IrishUnity: Who won tonight's Leaders debate? Please retweet when you vote. #Vote17
Orla Murphy @OrlaMariaMurphy
RT @BarryMcColgan: BREAKING: An exclusive glimpse inside Arlene Foster's brain. #Vote17 https://t.co/pVzvQmBDkW
TNR_U @Tee81_U
RT @TomHarper23: This new series of Take Me Out is awful #Vote17 #nolikey https://t.co/sLf88VVxHF
sean mc glone @seanmcglone2
RT @BelfastBabs: Arlene during the break... #Vote17 https://t.co/0yokRtUBFn
David James @DavidJames2100
RT @SophieLong01: "People of NI are collateral damage to the British government" Never a truer word spoken. #Vote17
Conchúr McCauley @ConchurMcCauley
RT @HamillOSF: Jesus Arlene. You only had 45 seconds to open. You mentioned Gerry Adams twice & Sinn Féin 3 times. #Vote17 #AE17
sean mc glone @seanmcglone2
RT @HamillOSF: Arlene Foster on tonight's election debate. #SinkingShip #Vote17 #AE17 https://t.co/sgaLjh9dVU
Sean James MacAoidh @SeanJPMcKee
RT @Aubs93: If I got £1 every time Arlene Foster said "Gerry Adams" , I'd probably be able to finance the entire RHI scheme myself. #vote17
Patrick J Dorrian @soundabuse
RT @SophieLong01: Gerry Adams is trending on Twitter because of a certain fangirl from Fermanagh... #vote17
Nuala Toman @NualaToman
RT @BarryMcColgan: Who won the leader's debate tonight? #Vote17
Dr Damian Fogarty @DamianFog
RT @SluggerOToole: #vote17 #ae17 Colum Eastwood is happy to support “transferring down the ticket in a cross-community way” if people wante…
Jonathon Hughes @johnnyhughes
RT @PatSheehanMLA: I think Arlene Foster secretly fancies @GerryAdamsSF xoxo #Vote17 💘
sean mc glone @seanmcglone2
RT @castleDD: #vote17 The election is about Gerry Adams Sinn Féin agenda. Not RHI. https://t.co/7GtgcOELEu
Jill Macauley @JillMacauley
RT @AntonyCarville: .@DUPleader @duponline don't want you to see/share the truth. #Vote17 NEVER FORGET #RHI #RedSky #SIF = #DUP have no a…
The Bondologist Blog @Dragonpol
RT @uuponline: We have a 5 point plan to clean up Stormont @mikenesbittni #VOTE17 #UUP https://t.co/3LsbPVtLUc
Conchúr McCauley @ConchurMcCauley
RT @ValentinoVault: SDLP looking down their noses at Sinn Fein from the side lines won't go down well with Nationalist voters #vote17
Jacqueline McParland @jacquimcparland
RT @GemNixon1: @naomi_long missing a trick here if you haven't pointed out Einstein backs your #AE17 campaign! #vote17 https://t.co/W2AUkWy…
Alan Craig @muppetjude
RT @Micky_Murray: Clearly @naomi_long came out on top on tonight's debate, strong leadership and a dedication to delivery #Vote17
sean mc glone @seanmcglone2
RT @nikki_gavan: #Vote17 let's remember the final straw that triggered this election https://t.co/YztEaYGE6D
Trish Hegarty @iniscomm
RT @ImagineBelfast: Look out #Belfast for small p #Poltics & big #Ideas coming your way 20-26 March #Vote17 with 86 events, most free https…
Alive.ie @AliveNewsPaper
RT @counterpower5: Which leader and party supports the right to life? #vote17 #ae17 #leadersdebate #voteprolife https://t.co/VTdleodVPD
sean mc glone @seanmcglone2
RT @OisinPatenall: Don't recommend playing the "Gerry Adams, Sinn Féin" drinking game. Arlene has me bluttered. #vote17 https://t.co/GqxsNO…
Alan Craig @muppetjude
RT @JennaEmmm: I'm going to work on a Leaders Debate Bingo in time for the BBC one. Suggestions welcome. #vote17
Dawn Patterson @DawnPEastAntri1
RT @shannon_downey5: Just saying, if @StevenAgnew was on this debate, we'd be hearing some sense 💪🏼💚 #Vote17 #HateWaste #VoteGreen
Celtic Clan @celticissimo
RT @LukeJBloomer: Arlene Foster lacks humility but arrogance is abundant. Arrogant Arlene, Chief DUPer. #ArrogantArlene #DUP #Vote17
jonathan newell @jonnycharles
RT @SluggerOToole: UTV Leaders' Debate #vote17 - squabbling politicians talk in clichés #ae17 https://t.co/GB9q0jDG2T https://t.co/6nIL1x8p…
e wing @e_wing
RT @ainemagu: Arlene when Michelle spoke Irish #Vote17 https://t.co/XtsL3vD5ez
Kris Nixon @belfastbarman
RT @Saraita101: RIP people drinking every time Arlene says Gerry Adams #vote17 #ae17
Love, Not Hate. @End_Hate_NI
RT @joec493: #vote17 politics of fear should be left behind. Insulting the intelligence of the people. Break the mould vote for change #New…
Dolores Kelly @doloreskelly
RT @joannatuffy: In Lurgan earlier tonight to canvass with @doloreskelly and to #MakeChangeHappen #vote17 https://t.co/WdOPeGZZt0
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