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The Daily Telegraph @dailytelegraph
The jig is up, Waleed Aly. You’ve shown your true colours, writes @TheCalebBond https://t.co/rB0hh8rJIc https://t.co/3uYXksF3vw
A bit bionic Bill ♿️ @fulafoto
RT @broomstick33: Worth a Read. Waleed Aly. Turnbull has dug himself into the same hole that did for Tony Abbott https://t.co/a2hcpwLsQq v…
Frank @thefrankreport
RT @NC_24: This is Brilliant @TheCalebBond ..Describes SMUG SNEERING #WaleedAly perfectly #theprojecttv 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 https://t.co/z3toYH8v3K
Rob T @acktifate
RT @theage: Malcolm Turnbull has dug himself into the same hole as Tony Abbott, writes Waleed Aly https://t.co/bfFSMxDeCa #auspol
Annette Rampling @net11e
RT @GrayConnolly: Well done to @TheCalebBond giving Waleed a deserved rebuke https://t.co/7Ng8VGlKPF
Robert Fairhead @tallandtrue
RT @RNTheMinefield: Conservatism has long been undermined by its coalitions, argues Waleed Aly. Those coalitions are now coming undone. htt…
Susan Steel @1075rosebud
RT @GeorgeBludger: Waleed Aly: Malcolm Turnbull has dug himself into the same hole that did for Tony Abbott https://t.co/zFyVmarOnp
meera @meera55275169
RT @AchieveThis: Damian Cowell: Get Yer Dag On review – TISM frontman lampoons us again, and pines for Waleed Aly https://t.co/jTUe5b7Xtx h…
Andrew Turek @TurekAndrew
RT @pwafork: Nailed it! @TheCalebBond gives Waleed a wack in today's @dailytelegraph ... https://t.co/B0lZSDednq
My Halo Broke @AB_Owl
RT @darcstei: Right wing commentators suddenly outraged at Waleed Aly joking about bogans, no outrage about commentators being homophobic #…
Pamela Nathan @PamelaNathan1
RT @RendezView: Waleed Aly — that darling of the Left — exposed his true colours this week, writes @TheCalebBond https://t.co/QxELGVMUaE
Alicia Curry @AliciaLCurry
RT @davidheth: "Not the political moment for such ideas": Common sense from Waleed Aly on Turnbull's company tax cuts #auspol https://t.co/…
Adrian Fernando @contact_ady
RT @PaulNAustin: The hole that Malcolm dug. By Waleed Aly https://t.co/11gpdUFAyd #auspol
Mark Houston @Mark1Houston
RT @ryancropp: Come see my band, Waleed Aly and the Perfectly Reasonable Opinions
Constance Andrews @Caz9898
RT @Clare_Land: Waleed Aly says building solidarity is the big challenge. Agree ;) #WeAreCommunity #DecolonizingSolidarity
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