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#Warringah Turnbull will never be half the man that Tony is.. Mr Abbott loves family, Community, and Australia.. MT loves himself #auspol
20 Apr, 07:20 AM UTC
Heath Aston
Turnbull warned Warringah voters: Return Abbott or face hung parliament or Shorten Labor Govt. Even promised to sav… https://t.co/7XPzhDnZDg
20 Apr, 03:14 AM UTC
Michaela Banerji
Wrong! He has a right to represent the people of Warringah. That is all. It's a problem that he doesn't get this! https://t.co/YBD6zQ2TnR
20 Apr, 05:35 AM UTC
Sky News Australia
.@PeterDutton_MP says he thinks it is appropriate that @TonyAbbottMHR comment on govt policy. MORE… https://t.co/DikB4sw43y
20 Apr, 10:21 AM UTC
James Mathison
When Warringah voters were robocalled, texted and sent "Vote for us" letters I figured something was up... https://t.co/pGu8BD6zhT 1/2
20 Apr, 07:24 AM UTC
MSM Watchdog
ROTFL ~ 'Vote for Abbott, save the Great Barrier Reef': Malcolm Turnbull's pitch to Warringah voters ~ https://t.co/9NeBWZjuz6 via @smh
20 Apr, 09:23 AM UTC
Ed Hunter
Warringah LNP voters vote LNP, period. LNP could stand a gorilla wearing a blue tie in Warringah and it would stil… https://t.co/HbU9gS3xfr
20 Apr, 02:13 AM UTC
Federal Politics
'Just Malcolm Turnbull, Tony Nutt and I had it': Tony Abbott lashes 'sneaky' leak of Warringah polling https://t.co/fU8Wm0wWyz #auspol
20 Apr, 01:11 AM UTC
Sky News Australia
.@TimNichollsMP: Some of us are scratching our heads over the in-house fighting.. Voters should come first. MORE… https://t.co/x9tUR8J5KJ
20 Apr, 11:27 AM UTC
Sassy Leo
Turnbull warned Warringah voters that unseating Abbott could elect Shorten https://t.co/d5bWNNMdJp via @smh
20 Apr, 05:15 AM UTC
Don Wilson
Forget Mediscare hype, Fizza's claim that only electing Abbott to Warringah would save Barrier Reef was the biggest lie of 2016, #auspol
20 Apr, 11:01 PM UTC
NJL 🚨 Deplorables
Turnbull lost 14 seats at Election ? & we to believe his robocall SAVE Abbott seat of Warringah 🤔 LOL so bloody laughable #theboltreport
20 Apr, 09:47 AM UTC
Sky News Australia
.@TimNichollsMP says the continued 'sniping' at a federal level doesn't do the state govt's any good. MORE… https://t.co/5FaGwIMoDr
20 Apr, 11:25 AM UTC
Brad Hooper
However, I never ever wear speedos so cannot stand for Warringah. I am very comfortable with this https://t.co/M4Z8Vhoywb
20 Apr, 10:11 PM UTC
'Just Malcolm Turnbull, Tony Nutt and I had it': Tony Abbott lashes 'sneaky' leak of Warringah polling https://t.co/UBDpbNUa8F via @smh
20 Apr, 03:29 AM UTC
MSM Watchdog
'Just Malcolm Turnbull, Tony Nutt and I had it': Tony Abbott lashes 'sneaky' leak of Warringah polling https://t.co/V1QNoyWxVE via @smh
20 Apr, 09:22 AM UTC
Turnbull and his best mate Photios, are doing all they can to have Abbott disendorsed as the liberal candidate for Warringah. Hence leaks. 😡
20 Apr, 10:24 PM UTC
Mike Kelly
'Just Malcolm Turnbull, Tony Nutt and I had it': Tony Abbott lashes 'sneaky' leak of Warringah polling https://t.co/pXH5EaoYVY
20 Apr, 10:22 PM UTC
Bruce Williams
Turnbull warned Warringah voters that unseating Abbott could elect Shorten https://t.co/kQ3JFkSnMJ via @smh What a waste of time.
20 Apr, 09:48 PM UTC
Live Traffic Sydney
Travelling or living in the Northern Beaches? Warringah Rd closed tmrw night 8pm until Sun 9am in Frenchs Forest: https://t.co/LP6VttqcEE
20 Apr, 11:15 PM UTC
Justin Field MLC
'Vote for Abbott, save the Barrier Reef' That's what Malcolm Turnbull wrote in an 11th hour letter to Warringah... https://t.co/obD3x56YO4
20 Apr, 09:15 PM UTC
Voe Kluender
Live streaming Canberra Raiders vs Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles tv watch April 21, 2017 https://t.co/YpHqLtyCOd #live #stream #watch #online
20 Apr, 08:23 PM UTC
Turnbull warned Warringah voters that unseating Abbott could elect Shorten https://t.co/uRnbui9RpJ via @smh Tony owes Malcolm Big Time 😂😂😂
20 Apr, 07:11 PM UTC
@PhillipCoorey Amazing part of this is that @TonyAbbottMHR appears to have turned Warringah into a marginal seat! Well done Tones.
20 Apr, 01:09 PM UTC
William Byng
Tony Abbott appalled at 'sneaky underhanded' leaking of polling data by 'unknown' LNP colleagues. https://t.co/v8sIKm5KXI
20 Apr, 01:02 PM UTC
Warren #DelCon. 🇦🇺
Just heard on the radio LNP to put up a candidate for preselection against Tony Abbott in his seat of Warringah.. #auspol
20 Apr, 06:50 AM UTC
@AmbientUXr @MSMWatchdog2013 as it should in any suburb, well except maybe Warringah
20 Apr, 11:51 AM UTC
Robbie Patterson
Runner up to Tony Abbott, Greens' @ManlyClara wants spending cap on Federal elections after poll leaked. @ManlyDaily https://t.co/FdSapPVHiT
21 Apr, 01:01 AM UTC
New post (Canberra Raiders vs Manly Warringah Sea Eagles) has been published on Live Stream -… https://t.co/CSxtYfiJc0
21 Apr, 12:20 AM UTC
Had good giggle with my gals today (and an incredible breakfast) @ Flower Child Cafe Warringah Mall https://t.co/Yn1dJagOAu
21 Apr, 12:19 AM UTC
....if ABBOTT was REALLY 'the DESTRUCTIVE problem' then WHY LNP don't have the GUTS to dis-endorse him in Warringah? That speaks volumes.
21 Apr, 12:04 AM UTC
.....TURNBULL tried to say he saved ABBOTT seat in Warringah yet now say he's 'destructive' via CORMANN - yet NO moves to disendorse ABBOTT
21 Apr, 12:02 AM UTC
SERIOUSLY Cormann - if ABBOTT was SO 'destructive', why is he not being 'disendorsed' as 'candidate for Warringah? https://t.co/YnB3sz4vZc
21 Apr, 12:00 AM UTC
BOZ I'm balanced
My sincerest apologies to the Warringah electors ! I never envisaged that you had the good sense to remove from our Plment our biggest LIAR
20 Apr, 11:42 PM UTC
Simmo, just Simmo
Elect Abbott, save the Reef Feeling good are we, Warringah? Happy with how it's turned out? They lie. You really need to understand.#auspol
20 Apr, 11:18 PM UTC
Phil Stefans
@gorgeousdunny1 How silly were the good burgers of Warringah to buy it?!
20 Apr, 11:08 PM UTC
Kieran Simpson
Because the chaos of this gov is so much better. Oz would be better off if Warringah voted Abbott out https://t.co/ge63VLPzdl #auspol
20 Apr, 11:05 PM UTC
Carmen Borg
@JohnWren1950 @leighsales @abc730 @TurnbullMalcolm must have revoked her nomination as LNP candidate in the safe se… https://t.co/GfYAnOzAkA
20 Apr, 11:03 PM UTC
praise green machine
Turnbull warned Warringah voters that unseating Abbott could elect Shorten https://t.co/owcpaQvTgI via @smh
20 Apr, 10:59 PM UTC
Marquis d'Killara
@TurnbullMalcolm promises to save the reef. one word for you Mal - Adani (Joined ranks of LNP liars.) https://t.co/FkRMZXmv7U
20 Apr, 10:54 PM UTC
GT Cars AU
SYD traffic BREAKDOWN Car - CAMMERAY Warringah Fwy below Falcon St https://t.co/SuXQlgSJST
20 Apr, 10:52 PM UTC
Gettraffic NSW
Cammeray - breakdown southbound Warringah Freeway at Falcon St
20 Apr, 10:49 PM UTC
Turnbull warned Warringah voters that unseating Abbott could elect Shorten https://t.co/pdnNPSo43G via @smh face palm
20 Apr, 10:43 PM UTC
rodney stewart adams
Leak of Liberal polling is 'corrosive', Abbott says https://t.co/Jkqhl1ATkO via @ABCNews
20 Apr, 08:36 PM UTC
Library Conference
How Warringah Can Transform MOOCs.
20 Apr, 07:48 PM UTC
Sydney Pokémon Alert
[Roseville Chase] Vaporeon (M) (IV: 66%) until 05:33:08AM at 9998 Warringah Rd https://t.co/JqSpXDIamQ https://t.co/xg5xiLnoDb
20 Apr, 07:04 PM UTC
Helen Mascarenas
Watch Canberra Raiders v Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles Australian NRL Live April 21, 2017 https://t.co/39QocjJ2Ib #live #stream #watch #online
20 Apr, 06:23 PM UTC
'Vote for Abbott, save the Barrier Reef': Malcolm Turnbull's pitch to voters. Yes, a drovers do won! #auspol https://t.co/nZq7tEhftW
20 Apr, 05:40 PM UTC
'Vote for Abbott, save the Barrier Reef': Malcolm Turnbull. Where's the reef protection? #auspol https://t.co/nZq7tEhftW
20 Apr, 05:35 PM UTC
Linda McAvenna
Abbott: "leaking of documents corrodes trust" (his bad poll results in Warringah b4 last election). He's the worst offender. Deluded #auspol
20 Apr, 02:30 PM UTC
Sandra Lee
Did @TurnbullMalcolm leak the negative polls showing @TonyAbbottMHR was on the nose in Warringah? https://t.co/6c9Yaz8ogZ
20 Apr, 01:37 PM UTC
Monkeys' gone dumb
wow! Tony is pussy sucker then!Turnbull warned Warringah voters that unseating Abbott could elect Shorten https://t.co/rQCBeDhiUx via @smh
20 Apr, 01:32 PM UTC
Sir Geoff
Abbott should be 'applauded' for speaking out https://t.co/OVo5f3KOtk via @SkyNewsAust Wan't to be Abbott's wan't a be right hand man?
20 Apr, 01:12 PM UTC
Romona Perry
@smh Warringah voters are intelligent enough to make up their own mind on Abbott . I think best man 4 Job - shame i… https://t.co/qtewP7EzYR
20 Apr, 01:01 PM UTC
Leak of Liberal polling is 'corrosive' Abbott says https://t.co/goiKNwQ1RO self interest. What's truely corrosive is housing unaffordability
20 Apr, 12:59 PM UTC
HEY @PhillipCoorey YOU SICK LITTLE SOCIALIST Tony Abbott pulled 62% of the Warringah vote you utter lefty moron. Yeah Mal's robocall #auspol
20 Apr, 12:51 PM UTC
This is now farcical, the LNP are a laughing stock, pure and simple. Who had what to gain by leaking this? https://t.co/aJjycGB2Vk
20 Apr, 12:35 PM UTC
Mick Fisk
@DrCraigEmerson So what we are left with is people pretending to believe that Turnbull's amazing powers of persuasi… https://t.co/U483IdLqRi
20 Apr, 12:31 PM UTC
Mick Fisk
@DrCraigEmerson I'm sorry, but it is a matter of the public record that Abbott won Warringah by 23%. 1)
20 Apr, 12:29 PM UTC
James Mathison
@nergie99 Yes! I ran out of room for those. It was nice at the very least to feel the liberal party gave a shit abo… https://t.co/MJdSy8QiIc
20 Apr, 12:17 PM UTC
Simon Templar Esq
Top story: 'Vote for Abbott, save the Barrier Reef': Malcolm Turnbull's pitch t… https://t.co/G9ExNYGjBH, see more https://t.co/mr4cf03s0t
20 Apr, 11:52 AM UTC
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