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Chelsea Handler @chelseahandler
Trump’s aides say he wrote his inauguration speech himself. It’s like watching a baby use the big person toilet for the first time.
Larli @larli0316
RT @asamjulian: What better way to wait for the #Inauguration of Donald Trump than by watching dumb fake news pundits react to his announce…
Zanetta @therealzanetta
RT @PiercedSkull: The #LincolnMemorial watching the Trump Inauguration concert right now.
Anna @cyrakhureen
RT @DefendingtheUSA: What a moment watching @TobyKeithMusic Sums up how Trump Supporters are feeling right now! WE DID IT! #TrumpInaugura…
Rose @caaptivated
RT @piercespears: watching CNN tomorrow & Trump about to raise his right hand & u hear gunshots in the crowd, tv goes blank & u know that i…
Isadora || SH @benchiddles
RT @PinkNews: 7 amazing LGBT shows you can binge instead of watching Trump's inauguration @JoshThomas87 @michellevisage…
LiberalsREvil @jtinfo
RT @NolteNC: You think Obama is watching Trump's patriotic display or masturbating to his Che poster in a room filled with moving boxes?
DeplorabledebMaltese @bookemdeb
RT @ezralevant: I love watching Trump dominate the daily news cycle with 140-character tweets. In 18 months the media still hasn't figured…
Angela Mendola Burke @Angela_Caliber
RT @PRPOnline: Watching the Trump inaugural concert. Patriotism is back in style in America again.
DeplorabledebMaltese @bookemdeb
RT @LarrySchweikart: Watching Trump at laying of the wreath @ Arlington, he tapped his heart, as if making specific promises. This guy wi…
Lisa Presley @LisaPresley17
RT @carlreiner: Just stopped watching inaugural concert when learing that Trump was about to speak. He's bound to ruin enjoyment of my afte…
Umeh I. George @umehizuh73
RT @JoshHallGOP: You guys all watching Trump's inaugural concert? God bless President Trump!!! #TrumpInauguration
y🥀 @yulmariis
RT @Iildevil: gonna be lots of fun watching these trump supporters realize trump never cared about their broke asses for the next 4 years h…
Michael @Htrd34
RT @on2_off4: Watching Trump at the welcome celebration singing along...I'm in tears because it's obvious OUR new president LOVES our count…
DeplorabledebMaltese @bookemdeb
RT @AnthonyParrillo: How awsome would it be to be watching Trump be sworn in and as he finishes we see the FBI arrest Clinton in the backgr…
Medusa, Reclaimed! @dmvaugha
RT @miatumutch: Retweet if you WON'T be watching the #Inaguration! Show Trump we don't think he's a legitimate President!…
DeplorabledebMaltese @bookemdeb
RT @schooltyranny16: Teacher in Michigan has banned students from watching Trump's inaugural address, citing #FakeNews about "mocking minor…
Siùsaidh @BellWhitworth
RT @aubvi: A page dedicated to watching Trump supporters lose their faith/realize their mistake. Instant classic.
Dianne @GramaD386
RT @tadams1234bg: @atlaswon I literally had tears watching this family get off the plane. Trump saluting our military! So classy and respec…
LP @GayMaleLiberal
RT @mfriel25: Is it true that if I'm watching Trump on CNN that it is fake news and this isn't really happening? That's how it works right?
DeplorabledebMaltese @bookemdeb
RT @Lirzu: Watching Trump cause the complete meltdown of #Hollywood and the political establishment without even being in office yet - that…
Racheal LaFavor ✨ @RockinRachi92x
RT @gabyU2: All the bad things that have happened bc of Donald Trump's election was like watching the trailer for a horror movie that opens…
Hawaiibound @imadoggymama
RT @0321jail: @zavie8 @TeaPartySon @LindaSuhler Thank the Lord we are watching the Trump family arrive in DC & not those vile, wretched sna…
Ralph Gamberdella @FamGamDad
RT @rustycrossland: Watching the laying of the wreath at the tomb of the unknown. Who would of ever dreamed it would be a president Trump?…
Matthew Willey @PizzaBAEgoals
RT @mikeylovesfries: Me watching Donald trump get sworn in 🇺🇸
Leader of Pussies @ImJustCeej
RT @1Lovee_GiAna: It's supposed to be rainy all weekend here plan on being & in bed & NOT watching anything concerning Trump…
Jiban @jeanibanez
RT @CZampell: My stomach is jumping for joy! And watching these ceremonies is more fun than a pile of monkeys 😂😂God Bless #Trump & his fami…
d y l a n // ʎɥdɹnɯ @Dylan___Murphy
RT @Jason_Stapleton: Watching the live stream of NYC Trump protest...because deep down I hate myself. :-)
AnnieT @AnnieWT
RT @HaitianBeatz: What to Do Instead of Watching Trump’s Inauguration
Julie Cappiello @julie_cappiello
RT @SpotdogWright: @julie_cappiello @realDonaldTrump @TrumpCommunity 🇺🇸watching concert and Pres Elect Trump say once again he will b Pres…
Renea @renea2old
RT @banke718: Believe me overrated high on yourselves #Lalawood Hollywood ‼️we are watching Trump bring jobs to Our USA TO #MAGA 🇺🇸 https:/…
Diana's 2 Sense @DianaHollins
RT @Saffta: @MSNBC Trump to be sworn in by Clarence Thomas, how fitting, two disgusting perverts on the same stage. We won't be watching.
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