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Varney & Co. @Varneyco
William Smith: I worked for Senator Jeff Sessions​ for years and he's never been racist... the smear campaign must… https://t.co/XNSSllPeVn
RT @DBloom451: After Cory Booker's🙄INCREDIBLY FAKE ACTING JOB🤢watch heartfelt testimony from fmr Sessions STAFFER William Smith👇 https://t.…
Renaissance Man ن @nnwehby_ahmad
RT @DailySignal: "After 20 years of knowing Senator Sessions I have not seen the slightest evidence of racism because it does not exist." -…
Mariz @MarizzaSofia
RT @FoxNews: William Smith: "The people who know Jeff Sessions... have been supportive of Jeff Sessions." https://t.co/vzD1nURxO7
#BlueLivesSlaughter @isaacmorales559
RT @tariqnasheed: William Smith was protecting Jeff Sessions in the confirmation hearings like https://t.co/70TjiaA0FM
Hobo Duke @DukeHobo
RT @America_1st_: William Smith: "I worked for Senator Jeff Sessions​ for years and he's never been racist... the smear campaign must end."…
Renaissance Man ن @nnwehby_ahmad
RT @donkeysav: "And he crushed it!" Great job William Smith! We all need a friend like you! #SessionsConfirmation @jeffsessions https://t.c…
Amy Hurd @AmyHurd9
RT @NerdyWonka: I know a dumbass when I see one....William Smith is one. https://t.co/YUxXR7i2iS
Ruben Guzman @paleovert
RT @David_Bressan: Why we collect #fossils , by William Strata Smith, January 1796, who introduced teh concept of guide fossils https://t.c…
Tweet Knowledge @StickAForkInYou
RT @sunday_melissa: William Smith Because Jeff Sessions can be nice to him doesn't mean he gives a caca about the black man on the street
LeslieSBDiamond @LDiamond39
RT @MadelineMRowan: @France4Hillary Cory Booker committed political suicide today. William Smith had the facts while Booker flip flopped ju…
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