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South Korean newspaper equates President Trump's "armada" claim with North Korea's "fake missiles" on parade… https://t.co/CMlK9WmulS
20 Apr, 03:35 PM UTC
Sebastian Gorka DrG
Talking National Security and North Korea with @seanhannity who's broadcasting from Jerusalem tonight. 1000pmET… https://t.co/epx9d7nIiz
21 Apr, 01:15 AM UTC
With eye on North Korea, China puts its cruise-missile-capable bombers "on high alert," US official says… https://t.co/FnG5XdFrd9
21 Apr, 03:42 AM UTC
Daily Mail Online
Putin sends troops to Russia's border with North Korea https://t.co/HsxisucJoc
20 Apr, 02:02 PM UTC
Tarek Fatah
While #Trump fights fake wars with North Korea & Iran, nuclear Pakistan hands over #Gwadar at the mouth of Persian… https://t.co/9zYtqvqYey
21 Apr, 10:50 AM UTC
NYT Opinion
In her latest column, @GailCollins looks at the situation with North Korea https://t.co/VAW3j4yFev
20 Apr, 11:00 PM UTC
Foreign Affairs
How Trump could accidentally start a war with China, Iran, or North Korea: https://t.co/2lZomnuHDy
21 Apr, 09:30 AM UTC
America Resurgent
Trump's wandering towards war with North Korea through reckless remarks not supported by a coherent strategy.
20 Apr, 08:56 PM UTC
The EU's foreign policy chief says conflict with North Korea could lead to "global fallout" https://t.co/kQKiG0ir4P
21 Apr, 04:00 AM UTC
Joe Bastardi
Tensions are high with North Korea, but lets not forget their example of conservation shown by this pic. Every day… https://t.co/EzkdPJnnHy
21 Apr, 11:59 AM UTC
The Daily Beast
You don’t want war with North Korea. But do you want Kim Jong Un sitting on a warhead that can take out Chicago?… https://t.co/0lbUOlFVBX
21 Apr, 06:00 AM UTC
Defense One
Hawaii is asking the Pentagon to help it prepare for a nuclear attack, amid escalating tensions with North Korea.… https://t.co/2DFiHHj1np
21 Apr, 06:35 AM UTC
Max Boot
I normally agree with @LindseyGrahamSC re just about everything but disagree on this, as I explain here:… https://t.co/RBrHal2RJa
20 Apr, 07:14 PM UTC
Russian authorities are denying reports that they are moving troops to the border with North Korea https://t.co/f2CT0y345h
21 Apr, 12:10 PM UTC
RadioFarda راديوفردا
شورای امنیت کره شمالی را تهدید کرد: احتمال وضع تحریم‌های جدید https://t.co/yjXyC61JQg
21 Apr, 09:33 AM UTC
Inquisitr News
World War 3: Putin Sends Troops To Russia’s Border With North Korea Amid Rising Tensions https://t.co/APlHCxOYfY
20 Apr, 07:40 PM UTC
Deplorable Kevin
Don't forget if it wasn't for Pres Hillary Clinton, we would not even have this crisis with North Korea. Just wait until Iran gets nukes!
21 Apr, 02:27 AM UTC
Thomas McNally
Russia has deployed soldiers and an armored division on the border with North Korea, all 11 miles of it
21 Apr, 03:33 AM UTC
ruben ferdinand🐀
we must escalate war with north korea because their scholars of the jade hall ability gives them a tech boost when they build a world wonder
21 Apr, 12:28 PM UTC
Joseph D. Poole
the deals Clinton and Obama made with north korea and iran suggest they were fools or enablers
21 Apr, 03:40 AM UTC
Juliet Amy
Pence: Talking with North Korea has been a 25-year “colossal failure” - Hot Air https://t.co/zKNwVsQ7PN
21 Apr, 12:31 PM UTC
We Have Cards to Play With N. Korea - Charles Krauthammer, Investor's Business Daily The crisis with North Kore... https://t.co/n6Fkd9bwCA
21 Apr, 12:32 PM UTC
Collin Rugg
Trump's way with North Korea: - Consider military action / talk to China Dems way: -Say nice words, give them money, compliment Kim's hair
21 Apr, 12:47 PM UTC
Trump Must Stop China's Dangerous Behavior With North Korea — Gordon Chang https://t.co/Ma9mvLAVIr
21 Apr, 12:30 PM UTC
St Croix Free Press
China sides with Russia on Syria and North Korea https://t.co/EJ7CCSq9hO
21 Apr, 12:10 PM UTC
Karl E
Russia sends troops to border with North Korea: Reports - https://t.co/io9RsblKHn
21 Apr, 12:00 PM UTC
@marcorubio @OAS_official Can we stick to one crisis at a time! We can't B starting crap with Iran and Venezuela wh… https://t.co/RUtvSnK78v
21 Apr, 12:34 PM UTC
World War 3
World War 3 fears: #China's bombers on 'high alert' as North Korea threatens #USA with nukes https://t.co/AxtWiH5HAN #WorldWar3 #NuclearWar
21 Apr, 11:48 AM UTC
Markus Abelman
#NorthKorea threatens to ‘reduce US to ashes’ with ‘super-mighty pre-emptive strike’ https://t.co/vY9a2CyIU3
21 Apr, 12:44 PM UTC
Rhonda Kazmierski
The Guardian prints the opinion of an idiot and manages to get the hashtag "With North Korea" trending.
21 Apr, 12:41 PM UTC
Mauri Sami Silverman
So now Russia has moved troop's to their 17km long border with North Korea. https://t.co/VpBHN9IB4B
21 Apr, 12:44 PM UTC
4_21_17 China Has Military Alliance with North Korea https://t.co/2YLFXP5NRv
21 Apr, 12:31 PM UTC
hotnews trend
New post (Report: North Korea coping with shortage of gasoline) has been published on Hot News Trend US -… https://t.co/o3Esy72T1o
21 Apr, 12:48 PM UTC
Tynus Jorvensen
"With North Korea" - Obama already tried boring them to death. Release the Trump. 🦁 https://t.co/3iPsa4Wo7k
21 Apr, 12:47 PM UTC
Mari Proud Trump Won
With North Korea SO! an #Idiot (@isaacstonefish) at @guardian is now going to dictate policy? WOW! What's it like to be ALL KNOWING??😂😂
21 Apr, 12:47 PM UTC
Nathan Peteya
Chosin Reservoir - Epic of Endurance | KOREAN WAR - Winter Was Brutal in North Korea up there with Bastogne https://t.co/D0UME0HDWH
21 Apr, 12:47 PM UTC
The NORK problem. Reminder-they have nukes because of Clinton deal...just like the deal Obama made with Iran. https://t.co/czfRYnqpoH
21 Apr, 12:47 PM UTC
Aki Heikkinen
US official: With eye on North Korea, China puts bombers on 'high alert' https://t.co/cZRxU6rgK3
21 Apr, 12:47 PM UTC
Putin reinforces his border with North Korea after rising tensions https://t.co/xIWADtZWPW
21 Apr, 12:47 PM UTC
North Korea: How to deal with the world’s most dangerous regime via @TheEconomist
21 Apr, 12:45 PM UTC
@marco093046 North Korea is doing something with their military today, Russia/China is worried war may start if NK attempts another missile
21 Apr, 12:44 PM UTC
Ryan Taylor
My Chemistry teacher discussing with me about North Korea and United States... ohhh fuck him...
21 Apr, 12:44 PM UTC
Saundra Bethley
China puts bombers on high alert with an eye on North Korea, US official says https://t.co/zkyeua4E90
21 Apr, 12:43 PM UTC
Complex Mathematics
Why Trump needs Seoul and Tokyo for success with North Korea – The Hill (blog) https://t.co/S9YXnRGUZ4
21 Apr, 12:43 PM UTC
Doctrine Man
The question with the NorKs isn't whether we have cards to play, but what's the name of the game? That matters. https://t.co/Uv8IqBPOi5
21 Apr, 12:42 PM UTC
Masahiro Makino
“Putin sends troops to Russia's border with North Korea | Daily Mail Online” https://t.co/q3My0BkitS
21 Apr, 12:42 PM UTC
인천풀싸롱 #부천풀싸롱01030912437 #인천풀싸롱01030912437 #인천쓰리노 #인천풀싸롱 부천풀싸롱 #간석풀싸롱 🎵 With North Korea
21 Apr, 12:42 PM UTC
The Sandman
Russia Sending Troops, Tanks to Border with North Korea – Anonymous ⚠️ https://t.co/DNmlezGuud
21 Apr, 12:41 PM UTC
This "With North Korea" hashtag has more raving lunatic and bot/troll tweets than i was prepared for before 9am
21 Apr, 12:40 PM UTC
Ray Heard
Krauthammer: With North Korea, We Do Have Cards to Play | https://t.co/rUjK06d6ak
21 Apr, 12:40 PM UTC
With North Korea, we do have cards to play https://t.co/AKcPAmVLbd
21 Apr, 12:40 PM UTC
Russia Sending Troops, Tanks to Border with North Korea – Anonymous https://t.co/b4xEqgrhEY
21 Apr, 12:40 PM UTC
Charlie Ward
@thedoorofbliss The ban on coal exports from. North Korea occurred in mid February, after a missile test. Before tr… https://t.co/A7mvwa3yiz
21 Apr, 12:39 PM UTC
Nathaniel Moheban
@realDonaldTrump China and Russia are mobilizing their armed forces to fight against the US, S. Korea and Japan in the war with North Korea!
21 Apr, 12:39 PM UTC
Putin sends troops to Russia’s border with North Korea https://t.co/fJMPolC6wY
21 Apr, 12:38 PM UTC
Dougy's Daily Digest
Kremlin comments on Russian troops reinforcement near border with North Korea https://t.co/FTrVHGGLMp via @skinnergj
21 Apr, 12:37 PM UTC
Tony Thompson
So North Korea refuses to visit the negotiation table with the US, threatening that when they're done, only ashes will be left..
21 Apr, 12:37 PM UTC
Mike Zornig
North Korea must be a top priority along with the Middle East. Its time.
21 Apr, 12:36 PM UTC
David Flomo
@nytimes North Korea is treading a dangerous path with the tes ting of nuclear weapons
21 Apr, 12:36 PM UTC
Marshall Dillon
Putin sends troops to Russia's border with North Korea https://t.co/iSJh167X09 via @MailOnline N. Korea's fat boy better know his place
21 Apr, 12:36 PM UTC
RT🚨Video: North Korea Threatens To Destroy US With Nukes. 🚨🇺🇸🌎🙏🏽 https://t.co/NXJ8jfYQ9z
21 Apr, 12:35 PM UTC
Kevin Kozak
@realDonaldTrump So China, North Korea, Russia and ACA are issues. Hell with it. Hang out with Nugent, Palin and Ki… https://t.co/u0LdxcvwIK
21 Apr, 12:34 PM UTC
Blue Streak Advances
Trump Must Stop China's Dangerous Behavior With North Korea — Gordon Chang https://t.co/F05nxRx5ck — TheStreet (…
21 Apr, 12:34 PM UTC
Andrzej Bieńkowski
Cal Thomas: What is our goal with North Korea? | https://t.co/foNOhxpIOo
21 Apr, 12:33 PM UTC
Pizona Ng
Krauthammer: With North Korea, We Do Have Cards to Play https://t.co/OLzNS1md6i
21 Apr, 12:33 PM UTC
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