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New Statesman
Withnail and I: 30 years on, it's the perfect film for Brexit Britain https://t.co/d2JBllU5tP
20 Mar, 06:43 PM UTC
WITHNAIL & I A bit pissed up the lads pop in a tearoom for some cake, some wanker calls the old bill. 10/10
20 Mar, 02:23 PM UTC
Benjamin Myers
My piece about Withnail & I at 30, empire, fear of the rural, Brideshead Revisited, gentrification & more: https://t.co/3Pp9MdixMl
20 Mar, 04:46 PM UTC
Unofficial Britain
Withnail and I: 30 years on, the perfect film for Brexit Britain ~ by @BenMyers1 https://t.co/SrnoL9oxv4
20 Mar, 05:05 PM UTC
Luke Turner
This by @BenMyers1 is the best writing I've yet seen on Withnail & I, my favourite film. It is about England, too.… https://t.co/PxyMSUfDri
20 Mar, 05:46 PM UTC
Withnail: "Free to those that can afford it. Very expensive to those that can't."
20 Mar, 10:01 AM UTC
Darran Anderson
"Where would we find a young Withnail today?" https://t.co/pYb7XABhK5
20 Mar, 05:59 PM UTC
Tom Gatti
"Chris Evans bought Withnail's coat for £5K (& mangled it on his quad bike)" - from @BenMyers1 on the film at 30… https://t.co/3V1RKZfua9
20 Mar, 04:57 PM UTC
Will Parrott
The @propellerites team meets the man, the legend, now off for the finest wines known to humanity #AWEuropehttps://t.co/L1miZEjbUS
20 Mar, 06:22 PM UTC
Tony Sylvester
Thanks to @LukeTurnerEsq for tipping me off to this. @BenMyers1 on Withnail & I. https://t.co/aoEptDIUyQ
20 Mar, 06:24 PM UTC
Trish Halpin
From Withnail to Trump & launching a fragrance brand - it's all happening in my interview with @RichardEGrant for #AWEurope today
20 Mar, 04:30 PM UTC
Nick Giles
Absolutely brilliant to hear from @RichardEGrant @AW_Europe w @TimeIncUKAds on Withnail & I and How to Get Ahead in… https://t.co/A8wCncsj6A
20 Mar, 05:45 PM UTC
인천쓰리노 예약하기 #인천쓰리노01030912437 #부천쓰리노 #부천쓰리노01030912437 #강남풀싸롱01021543560 인천쓰리노 인천풀싸롱 강남풀싸롱 문의☎ Withnail
20 Mar, 07:17 PM UTC
Sonoo Singh
The one where I thank @RichardEGrant for swearing like a trooper on stage. Very entertaining. Note to moi: watch W… https://t.co/hFsESDQzw6
20 Mar, 07:01 PM UTC
Bathroom Eleven
We are very excited to introduce a new member of our mobile fleet.
20 Mar, 09:45 AM UTC
Lisa Batty
Some lovely reminiscing about Withnail and I with the very handsome @RichardEGrant @AW_Europe @TimeIncUK
20 Mar, 05:40 PM UTC
LS Productions
One of several interesting sessions from the first day of #AdWeekEurope - Richard E. Grant talking Withnail and I… https://t.co/K47HDMR8Tt
20 Mar, 05:39 PM UTC
Monkey Barrel Comedy
If you see one show this year at @GlasgowComedy Festival make it one of MBC's great resident hosts @LiamWithnail https://t.co/K3xV297KAG
20 Mar, 03:33 PM UTC
deb broadbent-clarke
Watching Withnail and I. Why not? @RichardEGrant
20 Mar, 07:09 PM UTC
NS Culture
Withnail and I: 30 years on, it's the perfect film for Brexit Britain https://t.co/sspmyJdhCo
20 Mar, 06:43 PM UTC
Betsy Jones
Richard E Grant talks Withnail and I and his new perfume... @AW_Europe #AWEurope
20 Mar, 05:40 PM UTC
Branwell Johnson
"Scrubbers!" - it's Richard E Grant at #AWEurope talking Withnail and his perfume...
20 Mar, 05:40 PM UTC
Jon Restall
A very poor photo of Withnail legend Richard E Grant at #aweurope
20 Mar, 05:36 PM UTC
I: "No thankyou, no more. Look, it's a stinker Withnail, why don't you go home."
20 Mar, 03:01 PM UTC
Simon W Johns
@iamjohnoliver Was that a sneaky Withnail and I reference about Trump being a stopped clock? Classy, John. Highly classy.
20 Mar, 07:35 PM UTC
Nino Brodin
Withnail and I: 30 years on, it's the perfect film for Brexit Britain https://t.co/aRa14tcdzz via @NewStatesman
20 Mar, 07:30 PM UTC
Emma Hughes
@Havishambler *quietly mothballs own Withnail-at-30 feature*
20 Mar, 07:03 PM UTC
Withnail: "Eccentric."
20 Mar, 06:01 PM UTC
Richard Shea
Richard E. Grant talks Withnail on the @Shutterstock stage at @AW_Europe
20 Mar, 05:43 PM UTC
Stephen Lepitak
.@RichardEGrant on his first film Withnail & I - "it gave me my screen career." I am geeking out far too much right… https://t.co/bfGvXF5iNU
20 Mar, 05:41 PM UTC
Michael Blackburn
Withnail & I, and #Brexit Britain? Interesting article. But I don't think brogues can flap. https://t.co/MoLwxqVo8b
20 Mar, 05:28 PM UTC
George Whalley
Monday afternoon watching Withnail & I.....could probably get used to this!!!
20 Mar, 04:33 PM UTC
Last week it was The Wicker Man, This week Withnail and I. https://t.co/XORhv3wbjs #filmsthatareallegedlyBrexitallegories
20 Mar, 04:28 PM UTC
Ginge Knievil
TV ads have gone nuts. • Mr T / Sainsbury's. • Kaiser Chiefs / Yorkshire Tea. • John Cleese / PPI. • Danny from Withnail & I / Aldi.
20 Mar, 03:56 PM UTC
The Page
Withnail and I: 30 years on, it's the perfect film for Brexit Britain https://t.co/rEZevhrdtZ ^NewStatesman
20 Mar, 03:07 PM UTC
...david jones
Withnail and I: 30 years on, it's the perfect film for Brexit Britain https://t.co/cySBcW84ds ^NewStatesman
20 Mar, 03:07 PM UTC
No More Excuses
Withnail and I: 30 years on, it's the perfect film for Brexit Britain https://t.co/RKVgumrf47 ^NewStatesman
20 Mar, 03:07 PM UTC
News, Views, People.
Withnail and I: 30 years on, it's the perfect film for Brexit Britain https://t.co/kNeI6fWYmz ^NewStatesman
20 Mar, 03:07 PM UTC
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