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Star Wars @starwars
.@WoodyHarrelson has joined the cast of the upcoming untitled Han Solo film. https://t.co/l9csioaS8I https://t.co/KwyByINREG
Isabel Lerena Gil @Isayunke
RT @FrikiRatos: Lucasfilm anuncia que Woody Harrelson estará en el spin-off de Han Solo que llegará en 2018. https://t.co/baRAGgq113
Cynthia @realgoatmilker
RT @AlexSteinman: Woody Harrelson joins Emilia Clarke and Donald Glover for the upcoming young Han Solo film https://t.co/X0N0pq1zx9
Talent Guru @thetalentguru
RT @Collider: Confirmed! Woody Harrelson is indeed joining the cast of the Young Han Solo Star Wars spinoff. https://t.co/TLCnc4vRLo
Gonza Rodriguez @gonrodriguez11
RT @lacosacine: Alden Ehrenreich Emilia Clarke Donald Glover Woody Harrelson El spinoff de #HanSolo está armando hermoso equipo.
cristina giosa @crisgiosa
RT @StarWarsLATAM: .@WoodyHarrelson se une a la película de Han Solo aún sin título. https://t.co/5gpyLbiIds https://t.co/y2X6b4jn4f
大瀧聖弥 @seiyaotaki22
RT @eigahiho: 『スター・ウォーズ』ハン・ソロ主役スピンオフにウディ・ハレルソンの出演が確定!監督のフィル・ロード&クリス・ミラーが認めた。アルデン・エーレンライク、ドナルド・グローバー、エミリア・クラーク出演 https://t.co/JBxVbM9Ge0 #HI…
kim bird @kimbird8
RT @jessicasara: Woody Harrelson is a go for the young Han Solo movie 🙌🏻 #StarWars https://t.co/j2fwDx3DS8
diana @diluny
RT @StarWarsEs: Ya es oficial! Woody Harrelson estará en el próximo Spin-Off de Han Solo. #StarWars #HanSolo #woodyharrelson https://t.co/…
Chlo. @nuancesombre
RT @KonbiniFr: C'est officiel, Woody Harrelson sera dans le spin-off sur Han Solo https://t.co/4RCYgbpIsF https://t.co/RbDviFyLDl
Lєια Oяgαηα. @WithAKindHeart
Jasmine James @jasminejames342
RT @THRmovies: 'Han Solo' Movie Directors Confirm Woody Harrelson Casting https://t.co/4ljzSZCr6q https://t.co/5p5hqXZvK0
Baby Lean @chokeurprlncess
RT @DavidPapp: Woody Harrelson drops new hints about his role in the 'Star Wars' Han Solo spinoff https://t.co/YqGY3xYexk
Jonas Hiry'k Dark @nicsother1
RT @totalfilm: The Han Solo movie adds Woody Harrelson... possibly as a mentor? https://t.co/040wco1IEu https://t.co/WTEnuhXVLS
That Fred Girl @fred42
RT @AnotherElle: I really hope Woody Harrelson's role in the young Han Solo movie is Zebediah Solo, literal nerf herder and embarrassment t…
Kevin Ahoy @FlightsimGeek
RT @IMAX: Woody Harrelson + Han Solo? That's a pair we can't wait to see. https://t.co/Zuk0c61Qp4
Old Man Geek @OldManGeek88
RT @bleedingcool: Woody Harrelson Officially Confirmed For Star Wars Han Solo Film https://t.co/hvkk4hxKy8
leia organa @caroll_is
RT @rollingstoneBR: Woody Harrelson é confirmado no spin-off de #StarWars sobre Han Solo: https://t.co/PR5dM37caI https://t.co/7I2DsbGSNa
Samantha Holloway @pirategirljack
RT @TheMarySue: Woody Harrelson Joins the #HanSolo Movie Cast. Guess Our Rebellious Lead Needed a Father Figure https://t.co/xO6spqbYC9 htt…
Phoenix Shanklin 🔥 @Da_Nerdette
RT @HeroesAndCoffee: Good NEWS, #StarWars fans! @WoodyHarrelson will join the cast for #HanSolo movie! https://t.co/98Lk2lb9AM #PodernFam…
Seán Maguire @fermanagh4sam
RT @JohnnyFocal: Woody Harrelson officially on board for Han Solo Star Wars film https://t.co/BMiygLgs6L
Gatólica observante @Castelleti
RT @JorgeGustavoB: Cada ve que veo a Woody Harrelson en alguna película, me dan ganas de ver Zombieland o Natural Born Killers
E. Lee Zimmerman @ELeeZimmerman
RT @ELeeZimmerman: Han Solo Gets A Woody? Woody Harrelson Joins 'Young Han Solo' Movie! https://t.co/3o8Mjx1cjO #SciFi #StarWars #HanSolo #…
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