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Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
What does happiness mean to you? #WorldHappinessDay
20 Mar, 03:17 AM UTC
The Art of Living
Everyone is seeking #happiness – happiness which doesn’t turn into misery, a love which doesn’t turn into hatred.-G… https://t.co/SBgZpKbcjq
20 Mar, 03:40 AM UTC
Bonnie Greer
“All that glisters is not gold; Gilded tombs do worms enfold.” #Shakespeare #worldhappinessday #MondayMotivation
20 Mar, 10:24 AM UTC
Agent P
Just a reminder that today is #worldhappinessday. Have a good one.
20 Mar, 02:01 PM UTC
Ashok Gehlot
Greetings on #WorldHappinessDay Pursuit of happiness is a fndamntl human goal n evry effort mst b md in society so that all can live happily
20 Mar, 09:46 AM UTC
Kathryn Somerville
Celebrate these special people in your life 👭👬👫 #friendship #worldhappinessday #InternationalDayOfHappinesshttps://t.co/WLdENq9SIB
20 Mar, 09:45 AM UTC
Embassy of Israel
Today is #worldhappinessday! Israel is ranked 11th happiest country on earth by @earthinstitute & @UNSDSNhttps://t.co/ImrpexsGMs
20 Mar, 04:20 PM UTC
Lucia Tassan Mangina
#Worldhappinessday First day of #Springtime ☘🐞🌸🌻🌿🐝🌻 Art to be young 🎨Mark Keathley© b.1963 🐕🐾🐤🕊🐦 Happiness and peac… https://t.co/d8u6gNsLyY
20 Mar, 01:54 PM UTC
Russia in UK 🇷🇺
What does happiness mean to you? #WorldHappinessDay
20 Mar, 11:06 AM UTC
Here's some very happy Benedict for #worldhappinessday :)
20 Mar, 09:50 AM UTC
Make a friend or a loved one happy today by telling them why they are so special. #worldhappinessday #mentalhealth
20 Mar, 07:05 PM UTC
The Travel Magazine
Happy #WorldHappinessDay !! Can you guess which is the happiest country in the world? ➡️ https://t.co/Sx5348fiyH
20 Mar, 06:34 PM UTC
ZDF heute
Probier es mit Gemütlichkeit, mit dänischer Gemütlichkeit #hygge #worldhappinessday
20 Mar, 08:06 PM UTC
Black Dog Tribe
Make a friend or a loved one happy today by telling them why they are so special. #worldhappinessday #mentalhealth
20 Mar, 07:05 PM UTC
World Values Survey
Today is #worldhappinessday. You can access more #WVS data through our user-friendly online analysis tool:… https://t.co/AUTZDkmaIt
20 Mar, 07:43 PM UTC
Marco Sermoneta 🇮🇱
World Happiness Report 2017 released today at @UN - proud to see #Israel ranked 11th! #WorldHappinessDay #WHR2017
20 Mar, 02:50 PM UTC
Marco Sermoneta 🇮🇱
Presentado hoy el nuevo informe #ONU sobre la felicidad - #Israel 🇮🇱 en el undécimo lugar! #WorldHappinessDayhttps://t.co/LqGxgt3XwV
20 Mar, 02:45 PM UTC
Left Foot Forward
People are happier in more equal societies. Here’s the evidence https://t.co/SM00JRX2Tl #worldhappinessday
20 Mar, 05:30 PM UTC
Ont Princ Council
It's #worldhappinessday and the #firstdayofspring. Coincidence? We think not!
20 Mar, 07:59 PM UTC
Louise Chénier
Today is #WorldHappinessDay! No matter how small, pay attention to the positive experiences out there waiting to be… https://t.co/Rya2utTJnN
20 Mar, 12:55 PM UTC
Travel Triangle
Nothing like an unplanned trip with your buddies! #InternationalDayOfHappiness #WorldHappinessDay
20 Mar, 08:00 AM UTC
What if there was a way to help children boost their brain power and make them happier? #worldhappinessday
20 Mar, 12:00 PM UTC
Illana Smith
As its #worldhappinessday why not make this super tasty Spiced Choco Cashew Cheesecake 😄🍫🧀🍰🇱🇰 #srilanka #food #blog https://t.co/YZoUoPUD0A
20 Mar, 09:19 AM UTC
Gary M Douglas
The one thing that cannot be stopped is happiness. #InternationalHappinessDay #WorldHappinessDay https://t.co/eAjmjqlUt2
20 Mar, 05:10 PM UTC
Here, have a share of a #cat that a woman in #prison drew for us on #worldhappinessday.
20 Mar, 07:34 PM UTC
Balanced Achievement
“The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.” ~ Oprah W. #WorldHappinessDay
20 Mar, 02:45 PM UTC
Kelli Vogstad
Did you know it is #worldhappinessday ? Wishing friends and colleagues happiness every day. @Surrey_Schools
20 Mar, 08:02 PM UTC
illy Italia
Felici di sostenere il World Happiness Report #WHR2017 con la Fondazione E. Illy #WorldHappinessDay #LIVEHAPPillyhttps://t.co/YbHNb156Fc
20 Mar, 04:15 PM UTC
Uni St.Gallen (HSG)
"There is no instruction manual for being #happy" - Interview with Dr. Florian Schulz about the #worldhappinessday https://t.co/KOzHHMUBFk
20 Mar, 02:15 PM UTC
Hanan Qabartai
Sad anniversary not only for #Iraq but for the whole Arab and Muslim worlds It's funny because today is… https://t.co/HpyElITbQC
20 Mar, 08:52 PM UTC
Mondo Foundation
Happy #WorldHappinessDay ~ Join the Mondo family today to change your world #BeTheChange #Volunteer #Smilehttps://t.co/2PeUwnwJDy
20 Mar, 08:25 PM UTC
Who said I'm too young to play guitar?!! #MusicMonday #worldhappinessday
20 Mar, 08:37 PM UTC
Women ADV Riders
#firstdayofspring & #worldhappinessday fall on the same day - coincidence? I think not! Wheels up, folks!… https://t.co/7XtXdZZTKl
20 Mar, 08:37 PM UTC
iCare Home Health
It’s #WorldHappinessDay - HAPPY - Pharrell Williams (feat. Minions) https://t.co/sj29AjGVAo via @YouTube
20 Mar, 05:47 PM UTC
Hunt's Cider
@clothingyourway @Inspiring_Joe Good thank you! All busy as we are rebranding :) so we are definitely enjoying #worldhappinessday too!
20 Mar, 08:30 PM UTC
e quindi il primo lunedì senza #Presadiretta che si fa? e sarebbe anche il #worldhappinessday ??
20 Mar, 08:57 PM UTC
Kristoffer Kirby
@kki911 on #worldhappinessday happy to be in the world happiest country #home #oslo #påplass 🇳🇴☺😴❄️🌨⛄️☃️🍾
20 Mar, 08:48 PM UTC
Christian A. Aramayo
"Contar con alguien incrementa el nivel de #felicidad como un aumento en el #ingreso de 16 veces."… https://t.co/8ccrzDuUWC
20 Mar, 08:43 PM UTC
Mr. Tickle
#worldhappinessday We seem to be doing the opposite:'investing in care for mental illness provided the best return' https://t.co/4ESls0WXqV
20 Mar, 08:42 PM UTC
بشـاير itti
اليوم ٢٠ مارس يوافق #worldhappinessday وبكره ٢١ مارس يوافق #MothersDay يخلي لنا امهاتنا يارب ويسعدنا واياهم وير… https://t.co/v24JhfSBMo
20 Mar, 08:37 PM UTC
#worldhappinessday From Blazes to Blazes 😉😉That moment when u know the cat plays hard to please 😃 #CatsOfTwitter
20 Mar, 08:36 PM UTC
Pakistan Ki Awaz
آج دنیا بھر میں خوشی کا دن منایا جا رہا ہے #worldhappinessday
20 Mar, 08:36 PM UTC
Vivien Hacker
UN ranks Germany 16 out of 155 (UK 19). Germany happier than a decade ago, (UK less happy)... #worldhappinessdayhttps://t.co/1XzQGTfeic
20 Mar, 08:36 PM UTC
Pakistan Ki Awaz
افریقہ میں سب صحارا خطے کے افریقی ممالک دنیا کے سب سے زیادہ ناخوش ممالک ہیں #worldhappinessday
20 Mar, 08:29 PM UTC
Birgit Mueller-Winkl
Happy #worldhappinessday greetings from #norway
20 Mar, 08:29 PM UTC
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