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X Company @XCompany
We'll just drop this off here. Brand new #XCompany tonight at 9! https://t.co/zrNaSHUc4H
Lucile ⛄️ @_smileofpayne
RT @St3phM0rg: @XCompany #XCompany We can’t wait for you to meet @MissMadeleineK as Heidi Adler, Aurora’s new frenemy, inspired by a real w…
Charlee @charleesnow
RT @XCompany: Super tense episode of #XCompany coming up at 9. We warned you. @EvelyneBrochu https://t.co/Q5DHkKo8V6
Aline 👭 @Adams_Fosters
RT @St3phM0rg: @XCompany #XCompany @XCampers @EvelyneBrochu #JackLaskey Being high-stakes spies is extremely serious business. https://t.co…
A girl has no name @kurwiszcze
RT @TempleStreet: Her logic seems sound. #XCompany https://t.co/ZMExAQRiE3
CJ Frederick @PoweredbyPoodle
RT @torbenliebrecht: +++ all new #XCompany episode incoming +++ #tonight 9pm #CBC +++ https://t.co/5LHJnAeHaB
Mia-Rose @mylife1619
RT @XCompany: Oh boy. Kinda scary with these two running the show together. @torbenliebrecht @realhughdillon #XCompany https://t.co/KrX2LfH…
Love&Forget @PinkHeartbeaty
RT @TempleStreet: I mean that’s one way to get to know your enemy. #XCompany https://t.co/clSVxLWqqP
Oby Mac Wilkobi @NHBAMacG
RT @XCompany: But it's also because Krystina is really good at *her* job. @LaraJeanC @mrtrevorwhite #XCompany https://t.co/UMcYG8NwLh
Kamila Jenner @Kamilamoralesg
RT @TempleStreet: “Does Helene Bauer know how to dance?” #XCompany https://t.co/MCTnPaiGFF
FrenchFlashpointFan @FRFlashpointfan
RT @MarkEllis_TV: Nazi's did all this shit. #fear #fascism #XCompany #notjustinworldwartwo
FrenchFlashpointFan @FRFlashpointfan
RT @juliepuckrin: An angry Sabine is a dangerous Sabine. But I love seeing her stand up for herself! #XCompany
E. J. Babcock @SunfiresAngel44
RT @St3phM0rg: @Xcompany #XCompany Jacques Rigaud: loosely inspired by Jean Moulin, a hero who fought to unite the fractured forces of the…
FrenchFlashpointFan @FRFlashpointfan
RT @sandrachw: In the writers room, we called these party scenes "dancey dances and glancey glances." #XCompany
FrenchFlashpointFan @FRFlashpointfan
RT @St3phM0rg: @Xcompany #XCompany Loved the battle of wits between @LaraJeanC (Krystina) and @mrtrevorwhite (Scubaman) - two well-matched…
FrenchFlashpointFan @FRFlashpointfan
RT @St3phM0rg: @XCompany #XCompany This what Schmidt’s hotel room looked like before production designer Michael Fleischer got his hands on…
FrenchFlashpointFan @FRFlashpointfan
RT @MarkEllis_TV: Get ready for a tough, realistic, beautiful season folks. #Miri #XCompany
marytownsend @msflashpoint
RT @TeamDuncanXCo: Who's ready for E2? 🙅🏻🙋🏻 Hope we get another super-sized serving of Sinclair! 🇨🇦❌🇨🇦 #XCompany #WeWantMoreSinclair #TeamD…
Judith Pita @judfoto74
RT @MarkEllis_TV: The episodes get more emotional from here on in, I think. #XCompany
Basil Eidenbenz @EidenbenzBasil
RT @St3phM0rg: @XCompany #XCompany Sadly, Edsel’s adorable crush on Aurora was a story thread we had to cut @EidenbenzBasil https://t.co/fn…
FrenchFlashpointFan @FRFlashpointfan
RT @SydneyRae45: Man, watching your good friend die on tv is VERY concerning. But beautiful work, girl! @IMSaraGarcia #XCompany
FrenchFlashpointFan @FRFlashpointfan
RT @MarkEllis_TV: I'm starting to feel bad. #XCompany
FrenchFlashpointFan @FRFlashpointfan
RT @SydneyRae45: Oh my god @LaraJeanC is badass and scary here. Don't wanna piss her off! #XCompany
FrenchFlashpointFan @FRFlashpointfan
RT @sammy_eh: "The Adventures of Narry: An #XCompany Spin-Off Series"
brandi dean @missbdean
RT @Steve618: @realhughdillon @TeamDuncanXCo Really like seeing Duncan in the field. #SinclairsArmy @XCompany #XCompany
FrenchFlashpointFan @FRFlashpointfan
RT @vanbbunny: How bad ass is Alfred? Pretty bad ass #xcompany
FrenchFlashpointFan @FRFlashpointfan
RT @juliepuckrin: Alfred, scoping the good intel like a brainiac ninja. #XCompany
FrenchFlashpointFan @FRFlashpointfan
RT @St3phM0rg: @XCompany #XCompany This scene in the courtyard revealed just how high a camera can ride a dolly #handlewithcare https://t…
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