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Becky Gunn @beckygunn
RT @PeterRoderick15: Cost of poverty in public spending and reduced tax take = £78bn (4% of GDP) according to @Chris_Goulden at #YHSLI2017
AHSN Yorks & Humber @AHSN_YandH
RT @lawson_dawn: Fabulous turn out for #YHSLI2017, 'making the link: evidence & practice'. Buzzing atmosphere as event starts 😬@AHSN_YandH
DanielaSK @DanielaSKhidir
RT @DrAmandaSeims: @beckettpress @BeckettResearch Prof Jane South discusses community-centred approaches for health #YHSLI2017 https://t.co…
rupert suckling @RupertSuckling
RT @s_hughes2011: We need to fully engage communities to support health &wellbeing to support change #YHSLI2017
Alison Iliff @alison_iliff
RT @alxsgt: Sorry to be missing #YHSLI2017 today. Sounds like a great day via @PeterRoderick15 @FurberA @alison_iliff @CorinneHarvey45 @Nic…
Vineeta @vineetaseh
Just presented at #YHSLI2017 on Mindful Employer in Leeds @MindEmployerLds @cathbeany https://t.co/B6Q6q0uUJ1
Kaye Mann @Kemma23
RT @MelanieJE13: #YHSLI2017 fantastic turn out to the event... https://t.co/ntURpTuvsf
Nicola Corrigan @Nicola_Cog
RT @RupertSuckling: We are trending on twitter #YHSLI2017
Nicola Corrigan @Nicola_Cog
RT @MelanieJE13: Great public health messages being shared #YHSLI2017 https://t.co/9KBTj7rvI5
Nicola Corrigan @Nicola_Cog
RT @MelanieJE13: #YHSLI2017 some great posters on show today! https://t.co/5X2Fdxfaju
Nicola Corrigan @Nicola_Cog
RT @MelanieJE13: We need to share what works so we can build the evidence and learn from each other #YHSLI2017 https://t.co/QjzurMmQEo
Nicola Corrigan @Nicola_Cog
RT @MelanieJE13: Community-centred approaches they should be mainstreamed into public health #YHSLI2017 https://t.co/UtvrXBoqgH
Nicola Corrigan @Nicola_Cog
RT @MelanieJE13: It's unacceptable that poverty holding so many people back #solveukpoverty #YHSLI2017 https://t.co/tQXZXiT13G
Nicola Corrigan @Nicola_Cog
RT @MelanieJE13: #solveukpoverty Joseph Rowntree Foundation #YHSLI2017 almost anyone can experience poverty1.25m people experienced destitu…
Nicola Corrigan @Nicola_Cog
RT @MelanieJE13: Persistence in the face of challenges is what is needed - Councillor Carol Runciman York HWB #YHSLI2017
Nicola Corrigan @Nicola_Cog
RT @MelanieJE13: Making the link: evidence and practice #YHSLI2017
Nicola Corrigan @Nicola_Cog
RT @MelanieJE13: #YHSLI2017 finally here today in York thanks to all for supporting lets get trending and show how great we all are in YH!
Nicola Corrigan @Nicola_Cog
RT @Ali_i2: @Nicola_Cog @AndySnell hope I'll be able to hear the session! #YHSLI2017
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