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Chris Markevich
LOL. Except for Site C, MSP, ICBC, BC Hydro, Massey Bridge, BC Place, right? #bcpoli #YourVote2017 #bcelxn17 https://t.co/txdAtnKpp7
21 Apr, 02:36 PM UTC
I still can't believe this comment. I have a job - a great job... but I couldn't get my foot in a house in Vancouv… https://t.co/LPTLEpDu6n
21 Apr, 04:58 PM UTC
Today's BC Liberals
Say Anything @JJHorgan is at it again – this time on MSP. What will he say today? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ #bcnelxn17 #YourVote2017 https://t.co/RmrOZDI7h0
21 Apr, 03:22 PM UTC
Mike McDonald
.@christyclarkbc fired up in the Cariboo standing up for forestry workers. https://t.co/DQczLf7l98 #YourVote2017 #TeamBC2017
21 Apr, 09:33 PM UTC
Mike McDonald
Here's @GlobalBC news story showing radio debate. You be the judge. https://t.co/8TavaI8meL #YourVote2017
21 Apr, 08:44 PM UTC
And here's ep 30 with takes on #YourVote2017, ON housing, UK elxn & @VoteKalenHarris interview. #bcpoli #bcelxn17 https://t.co/AHmijgsJe4
21 Apr, 07:46 PM UTC
NEWS 1130
Things got pretty intense. Catch the whole NEWS 1130 Leadership Debate on @YouTube https://t.co/PEMb13rcZEhttps://t.co/ixOW9douvT
21 Apr, 06:30 PM UTC
Katy Merrifield
I'd hate to be a woman in his caucus. #YourVote2017 #bcelxn17 https://t.co/75oL5yQ3sr
21 Apr, 08:46 PM UTC
Lasia Kretzel
The new in today's announcement is that construction on Pattullo Bridge would begin immediately #bcelxn17https://t.co/nhlrSdUBY2
21 Apr, 05:57 PM UTC
Theckla Saya Gunga
Day Three of Nominations for 2017 National General Election #YourVote2017
21 Apr, 10:01 PM UTC
Where's Poindexter?
Christy's big lumber donors brag of US mills. Private health corps want a pieces of #BC health care. Who'll work 4… https://t.co/xiKAclpb3q
21 Apr, 09:47 PM UTC
NEWS 1130
VIDEO: Catch the whole NEWS 1130 Leadership Debate on @YouTube https://t.co/PEMb139BB4 #YourVote2017
21 Apr, 08:04 PM UTC
NEWS 1130
Have your say: NEWS 1130/PlaceSpeak 2017 election poll https://t.co/nQp1msejOJ #YourVote2017
21 Apr, 06:10 PM UTC
Chris Markevich
Martyn Brown: Out on a limb for a @BCNDP win https://t.co/fKZDrzjMCI via @georgiastraight #bcpoli #yourvote2017 #bcelxn17
21 Apr, 05:05 PM UTC
NEWS 1130
Things got pretty intense. Catch the whole NEWS 1130 Leadership Debate on @YouTube https://t.co/PEMb139BB4https://t.co/bLcGPKmHn3
21 Apr, 04:59 PM UTC
Marcella Bernardo
#Liberal candidate @LindaReimer4BC's support of private health prompts #NDP claims of elitism. Details @NEWS1130. #YourVote2017 #bcpoli
21 Apr, 10:46 PM UTC
Where's Poindexter?
How can Christy stand up 4 BC forest workers when the lumber corps own her? All have US mills. #bcpolihttps://t.co/Cf3sdAf5mD
21 Apr, 09:40 PM UTC
Jane LeBreton
21 Apr, 09:24 PM UTC
@bcndp Is the new #patullabridge going to be #tollfree orr is this just a roten campaign carrot? #YourVote2017 ppl want to know. #nomorebs
21 Apr, 08:26 PM UTC
Where's Poindexter?
Spurious argument. To stop paying MSP directly, then payment comes from somewhere. Gen'l Revenue? Sales tax? Donati… https://t.co/Q4n7roSs8P
21 Apr, 08:06 PM UTC
@milowe What's the official position Mikes?! #bcpoli #bcelxn17 #yourvote2017
21 Apr, 07:56 PM UTC
@GarsDeFer @jjhorgan The Home Buyers cancellation is also fake, Eby said they'd cancel it! #alternativefactshttps://t.co/qWMV8ADQlJ
21 Apr, 07:55 PM UTC
NEWS 1130
Have your say: NEWS 1130/PlaceSpeak 2017 election poll https://t.co/nQp1mrWIXb #YourVote2017
21 Apr, 07:34 PM UTC
Payton Griffen
Thank you @yoghut for providing dessert today #sponsor #YourVote2017 #VerifyYourAccount
21 Apr, 06:06 PM UTC
Mr. Magoogle
You know what you need to able to get re-elected? You need to not make idiotic & out of touch statements.… https://t.co/4paFa8g4qQ
21 Apr, 05:02 PM UTC
Innotech Windows
MT @BCSEA: FREE BC Election Webinar with party candidates at noon. #YourVote2017 #bcpoli #bcelxn17 https://t.co/rX3TIlbF6m
21 Apr, 05:00 PM UTC
Jane LeBreton
21 Apr, 05:00 PM UTC
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