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RIP Michelle Zuria
#7YearsOfVictorious Someone: *Mentions they're going to Chicago* Me:
27 Mar, 04:12 PM UTC
when someone says Chicago this is all i think about #7YearsOfVictorious
27 Mar, 09:47 PM UTC
dangerous cameron
Today is #7YearsOfVictorious !!! Let's always cherish this BOP !
27 Mar, 03:35 PM UTC


Antiques Roadshow
We are all-new tonight at 8pm ET and we're live tweeting with @MarshaBemkoEP! Use #antiquesroadshow to join the con…
27 Mar, 10:21 PM UTC
Antiques Roadshow
We're back! We are all-new tonight at 8/7c on @PBS with Palm Springs, Hour 3. Preview the episode now!…
27 Mar, 10:16 PM UTC
Tune in to see Aaron Bastian on the new @RoadshowPBS episode, airing tonight at 8/7cPM on @PBS! #antiquesroadshow
27 Mar, 11:23 PM UTC


Should've been a Bayley/Sasha/Charlotte but they had to just add nia jax.. #RAW
28 Mar, 12:08 AM UTC
“I never in my whole life thought that I’d see the women right in the middle representing @WWE.” -@SashaBanksWWE.
27 Mar, 07:42 PM UTC
Cageside Seats
And just a week ago it was a simple Triple Threat
27 Mar, 09:05 PM UTC


Jay Dior
Bernice Burgos ain't here for the bullshit
27 Mar, 07:46 PM UTC
Not how i imagined she would sound. RT @JayKenMinaj: Bernice Burgos ain't here for the bullshit
27 Mar, 09:31 PM UTC
Bernice Burgos clears up rumors that she's breaking up TI and Tiny's happy home. She also makes it clear she's not…
27 Mar, 08:26 PM UTC

Caleb Swanigan

Lonzo Ball, Frank Mason III, Josh Hart, Caleb Swanigan & Nigel Williams-Goss have been named Wooden Award finalists.
27 Mar, 11:58 PM UTC
ESPN College BBall
The Wooden Award finalists: Josh Hart Nigel Williams-Goss Frank Mason Lonzo Ball Caleb Swanigan
27 Mar, 11:51 PM UTC
Wooden Award Finalists •Lonzo Ball •Frank Mason III •Nigel Williams-Gross •Josh Hart •Caleb Swanigan
28 Mar, 12:01 AM UTC


Chicago Blackhawks
The #Blackhawks look for a bounce-back effort against the Lightning tonight in Tampa. #CHIvsTBL Game Notes:…
27 Mar, 02:42 PM UTC
Chicago Blackhawks
JURCO! No. 13 makes it 3-1 Chicago! #CHIvsTBL
28 Mar, 12:05 AM UTC

Daniel Norris

bransby szn ⚾️
Oh boi our Opening Day lineup is tearing up Daniel Norris
27 Mar, 10:58 PM UTC
Mark Bowman
Folty's single was the ninth hit Daniel Norris has surrendered within a span of 15 batters
27 Mar, 11:06 PM UTC
Jason Beck
Daniel Norris, facing Braves for 2nd time in 3 starts, pitches around walk for a scoreless 1st inning. He picked off Dansby Swanson.
27 Mar, 10:20 PM UTC


Carla M.
"¿Que otros métodos usarían para pelear?" #DebateEstudiantil (JH)
27 Mar, 10:20 PM UTC
Pulso Estudiantil
#DebateEstudiantil | Mikael Rosa Rosa: Participante por la Juventud Hostosiana
27 Mar, 10:18 PM UTC
Carla M.
"¿Qué otro método usarían para pelear?" #DebateEstudiantil (CUP)
27 Mar, 10:17 PM UTC


Jason Pynn
If you cover up your logo, would you recognize you? #DSSEA
27 Mar, 09:16 PM UTC
Smart Savvy
Did we mention we're having a great time at @DigSumSeattle? #DSSEA
27 Mar, 06:46 PM UTC


Daigo Umehara
The other groups are rolling in. #ELEAGUESFV
27 Mar, 10:28 PM UTC
Watch the #ELEAGUESFV group stage live. You can also participate in the amateur tournament before the show…
27 Mar, 11:46 PM UTC

Elon Musk

The Verge
You can order Elon Musk's solar glass roofs next month
27 Mar, 07:43 AM UTC
The Verge
Elon Musk launches Neuralink, a venture to merge the human brain with AI
27 Mar, 08:10 PM UTC
Wall Street Journal
Elon Musk’s latest startup: Connecting brains with computers
27 Mar, 09:30 PM UTC


Lenette, M.Ed.
@joerobison907 Absolutely! RELATIONSHIPS is the key to SUCCESS! (My word for 2017) Love it! #engsschat
27 Mar, 11:51 PM UTC
Steph Sukow
A7: Formative data can help Ss reflect and encourage engagement. Feedback is personal and builds connections through content. #engsschat
27 Mar, 11:54 PM UTC
#TeachWriting Chat
Tomorrow night's #TeachWriting will be a mentor text share-a-thon! Join us! #TeachWriting #EngChat #EngSSChat #SSchat #NGSSChat
28 Mar, 12:08 AM UTC


George Takei
Early voting starts today in GA 6th! Let the GOP Congress and Trump know how you feel. Vote for Jon Ossoff! #FlipThe6th #VoteYourOssoff
27 Mar, 12:34 PM UTC
Alyssa Milano
VOTE #Ossoff TODAY GEORGIA and help us #FlipThe6th. Find out more:
27 Mar, 01:50 PM UTC
Jon Ossoff
Be one of the first to vote and help us #FlipThe6th when early voting in person starts tomorrow. Find out more:…
27 Mar, 01:37 AM UTC


Buffalo Sabres
"It's an honor to play one game. To play 1,000 is incredible." Congrats @Giostyle21 on your 1,000th @NHL game!…
27 Mar, 11:10 PM UTC
Buffalo Sabres
RT for a chance to win an autographed Gionta rally towel commemorating his 1,000th @NHL game! #G1000NTA Rules ▶️…
27 Mar, 07:05 PM UTC
Buffalo Sabres
WE HAVE A GIONTA GOAL! Gio scores in his 1,000th @NHL game. #G1000nta #G1000nta #G1000nta #G1000nta
28 Mar, 12:13 AM UTC


"This does raise a lot of questions over whether this was a White House staffer who briefed him." @kwelkernbc on @DevinNunes #Hardball
27 Mar, 11:08 PM UTC
"@SpeakerRyan signed off on every step that @DevinNunes has taken so far." @RepSwalwell #Hardball
27 Mar, 11:16 PM UTC
"@seanspicer looks like he was in the dark on this thing." @HardballChris on @DevinNunes coming to the White House #Nunes #Hardball
27 Mar, 11:09 PM UTC


Marc Stein
Story posting now: League sources tell @ZachLowe_NBA and me that the Kings have received permission to speak to former Sixers GM Sam Hinkie.
27 Mar, 11:56 PM UTC
Adrian Wojnarowski
As ESPN reports, Sam Hinkie is a target. Ranadive has casually talked with Hinkie, sources say, but Hinkie unsure his interest in job there.
28 Mar, 12:01 AM UTC
Marc Stein
League sources say Kings have interest in bringing Hinkie into their front office. Neither exact role nor Hinkie's interest level yet known
27 Mar, 11:59 PM UTC


Ðεε Inappropriatεly
Flu Fighters #HospitalBands
27 Mar, 11:42 PM UTC

iOS 10.3

Apple Support
To Do Today: ◽️Back up your iPhone ◽️Update to iOS 10.3 ◽️High five yourself Learn how to back up here…
27 Mar, 08:03 PM UTC
Agora só falta um Iphone pro meu iOS 10.3.
27 Mar, 07:00 PM UTC
obrigado twitter por me avisar que saiu a atualização do iOS 10.3
27 Mar, 07:59 PM UTC


Next Gen ATP Finals
Bravo, Sascha! #Zverev saves 3 match points to beat #Isner 6-7(5) 7-6(7) 7-6(5) and reach the @MiamiOpen 4R. 💪🏻…
27 Mar, 11:39 PM UTC
Miami Open
Welcome to the show. #Zverev knocks off #Isner 6-7, 7-6, 7-6. #NextGenATP #MiamiOpen
27 Mar, 11:44 PM UTC
Miami Open
This match was as long as its players were tall, but what a great one it was! ISNER 7(7) 6(7) 6(5) A. Z…
27 Mar, 11:38 PM UTC


josh!! is!! just!! as!! important!! as!! tyler!! #joshappreciationday
27 Mar, 06:58 PM UTC
Tim | Zoo wee mama
Retweet this if you love Josh Dun and appreciate him or if he's helped you in any way #joshappreciationday
27 Mar, 09:18 PM UTC


no but forreal 😂
27 Mar, 11:37 PM UTC
Scott Dworkin
No double standards. No sexism. Don't forget about the women in #TrumpRussia Ivanka Trump Ivana Trump Wendi Deng Dasha Zhukova Karlie Kloss
27 Mar, 02:08 PM UTC
Jasmine: Hey Karlie can you c.... Karlie: #LHHATL
28 Mar, 12:13 AM UTC

Kevin Fiala

Nashville Predators
Mr. Kevin Fiala makes it 1-0 #Preds. #NSHvsNYI
27 Mar, 11:43 PM UTC
FOX Sports Tennessee
"YOOOOOOOO, I wasn't offside that time!" - #Preds Kevin Fiala, DEFINITELY! 1-0 #Preds
27 Mar, 11:31 PM UTC
Thomas Willis
Redemption. Kevin Fiala makes it 1-0. #Preds #NSHvsNYI
27 Mar, 11:29 PM UTC


Tonight's #tlap is a can't miss!! My good friend @tishrich will be moderating! #makelearningcomealive #oredchat
27 Mar, 10:11 PM UTC
Matt Porricelli
A2: Expose, never impose! Ss need to learn how we are interconnected - an emphasis on shared values to build empathy! #learnlap
28 Mar, 12:16 AM UTC
Tisha Richmond
A2: Building relationships helps us know when they are struggling. Develop trust & let Ss know you are there for them. #learnlap
28 Mar, 12:16 AM UTC


Style points from Air Gordon. #LetsGoMagic
27 Mar, 11:53 PM UTC
Orlando Magic
Perfect way to start things off, @TFlight31! #LetsGoMagic
27 Mar, 11:44 PM UTC
Orlando Magic
.@TFlight31 is making his return to Toronto tonight. #LetsGoMagic
27 Mar, 11:39 PM UTC

Lovely Mimi

Aunty Ife
Lovely Mimi: "I have a million followers on Instagram" Me: #lhhatl
28 Mar, 12:07 AM UTC
Already canceling this Sierra/Lovely Mimi storyline and it JUST started 🙅🏾‍♂️ #LHHATL
28 Mar, 12:06 AM UTC
Pecan Pie Bae
Friendly reminder that lovely mimi likes to say nigga and block people who tells her it's offensive.
28 Mar, 12:11 AM UTC

Mark Dantonio

Kyle Austin
Mark Dantonio will hold a press conference at 11 am tomorrow
27 Mar, 11:42 PM UTC
Matt Charboneau
Michigan State announces Mark Dantonio holding a press conference at 11 a.m. Tuesday
27 Mar, 11:57 PM UTC
Graham Couch
Mark Dantonio presser at 11 a.m. tomorrow.
28 Mar, 12:06 AM UTC


Christian Pulisic
Come on St. Louis, vote yes. #MLS2STL @Lo_Ponch
27 Mar, 11:22 PM UTC
Tim Ream
I've stayed quiet on this topic until now. I'm with you on this one, but I may be little biased 😁😁 Vote yes on Prop…
27 Mar, 11:33 PM UTC
Martin Kilcoyne
listening to @TaylorTwellman at #MLS2STL I think he needs to resign from ESPN. And run for mayor of St Louis. Understands city's inertia.
27 Mar, 09:10 PM UTC


Rev. Magdalen
Tonight! #MondayActionMovie livetweet riffing starts 8PM EST with the most actiony movie EVER!!! KILLDOZER
27 Mar, 09:19 PM UTC
Ahhh, Halliburton. It figures. #MondayActionMovie #Killdozer
28 Mar, 12:02 AM UTC
Cat Church
Walking into #mondayactionmovie real cool like this ..
27 Mar, 11:53 PM UTC


Daniel • WHY DONT WE
27 Mar, 08:33 PM UTC
Our new music video for Nobody Gotta Know directed by @LoganPaul is out now!! Go check it out!! #NGKVideoOutNow
27 Mar, 08:28 PM UTC

Patrick Kane

Cristiano Simonetta
Patrick Kane gives the #Blackhawks the lead 48 seconds after Palat's goal. 2-1 CHI.
27 Mar, 11:59 PM UTC
Mark Lazerus
Patrick Kane answers.
27 Mar, 11:57 PM UTC
Blackhawks Talk
Rapid fire goals in Tampa. Patrick Kane puts the #Blackhawks back on top, 2-1. #HawksTalk
27 Mar, 11:58 PM UTC


PEN America
Tonight's the night! Watch #PENawards live stream at 6:30pm & learn winners of PEN/Bingham, PEN/Jean Stein & more!…
27 Mar, 04:12 PM UTC
PEN America
“There are many ways to fight oppression, and one way is by writing”—@LuisRJaramillo #PENawards
27 Mar, 10:37 PM UTC


Carly Lane
Alex and Maggie are so cute with their yoga mats and rainboots. #Supergirl #QueerEl
28 Mar, 12:04 AM UTC
Valerie Anne
28 Mar, 12:01 AM UTC
Valerie Anne
THAT WAS THE CUTEST. "Hey that's me!" #Supergirl #QueerEl
28 Mar, 12:06 AM UTC


The Las Vegas Raiders.
27 Mar, 06:13 PM UTC
Breaking: The Raiders' move to Las Vegas has been approved 31-1, per @AdamSchefter. The Dolphins voted against the…
27 Mar, 06:10 PM UTC
Bleacher Report
The Raiders are headed to Vegas!
27 Mar, 07:14 PM UTC


🗣🗣 Why is everybody talking to Jasmine ,but Rasheeda???? #LHHATL
28 Mar, 12:09 AM UTC
Karlie more invested in this baby case than Rasheeda is..#LHHATL
28 Mar, 12:12 AM UTC
Angel In Disguise
Why she wanna speak with Karlie, damn girl speak with Rasheeda #LHHATL
28 Mar, 12:08 AM UTC


Charlotte Flair
I was born ready. #RawPhilly 👸🏼
27 Mar, 03:49 PM UTC
Making The Walk
SPOILER ALERT: Photo of Roman Reigns & Undertaker rehearsing their segment before tonight's #RAW #RAWPhilly
27 Mar, 11:16 PM UTC

Robert Kraft

Bleacher Report
Tom Brady told Robert Kraft he'd "be willing to play another 6-7 years"
27 Mar, 09:08 PM UTC
Scary thing for the rest of the NFL to hear...
27 Mar, 09:30 PM UTC
Jeff Howe
Tom Brady told Robert Kraft a couple days ago he's willing to play another 6-7 years.
27 Mar, 07:38 PM UTC

Roger Wilkins

EJ Dionne
Roger Wilkins RIP He battled for civil rights, social justice and government integrity. A great man and a good man.
27 Mar, 10:44 PM UTC
Post Obituaries
@naacp Roger Wilkins, civil rights champion in government and journalism, dies at 85
27 Mar, 07:33 PM UTC

Ryan Ellis

Rick Wilson
The sheer clumsiness of the Ellis/Nunes play is delightful. It's gonna make a great prison story.
27 Mar, 04:44 PM UTC
State of Resistance
Majority of Americans want an #IndependentCommission. Call Paul Ryan at 202-225-3031 & demand he create one. Nunes…
27 Mar, 02:26 PM UTC
Richard Hine
Paul Ryan always been more con artist than wonk. After the healthcare fiasco, the whole world knows it. by @heerjeet
27 Mar, 06:51 PM UTC


Nicole 🇺🇸
Its time to say NO to #sanctuarycities and put Americans first. Thank God for Trump 🇺🇸Thank God for Jeff Sessions 🇺🇸
27 Mar, 09:34 PM UTC
Question of the day! Retweet If You Agree! #sanctuarycities
27 Mar, 07:36 PM UTC


David Jessup, Jr.
.@PGeducator #nailedit @SVPCLT #SEED20 tonight. Our boys of color need men of color at the front of the classroom. 2% won't cut it.
27 Mar, 11:19 PM UTC
.@cltrescue "there has to be more life than this" in one word the goal is: transformation @Seed20CLT @SVPCLT #SEED20 #seed20onstage
27 Mar, 10:57 PM UTC


Dont Thinkso
Blockbuster and chill #The90sIn3Words
27 Mar, 06:32 PM UTC


#TheRants Show
We are live !! Tell a friend to tell a friend it's about to go down on #TheRants !!
27 Mar, 11:37 PM UTC
Saworo ide is actually that movie tho #TheRants
27 Mar, 11:56 PM UTC


Tommie brought Joc to the Double Date!!!!! 😂😂😂 #LHHATL
28 Mar, 12:01 AM UTC
Love & Hip Hop
Tommie shows up to her double date with Karlie’s man, Joc. Can he get away with juggling the 2 women? Find out TON…
27 Mar, 10:23 PM UTC
Love & Hip Hop
Joc....Tommie wouldn't look at you twice if your name wasn't attached to Karlie Redd #LHHATL
28 Mar, 12:04 AM UTC

True Detective

Entertainment Weekly
Exclusive: #TrueDetective season 3 has been revived:
27 Mar, 07:16 PM UTC
One Perfect Shot
BREAKING: True Detective is coming back for S3. Deadwood's David Milch is joining the creative team. Will you come…
27 Mar, 08:09 PM UTC
whos the true detective
27 Mar, 09:53 PM UTC


The Unlikely Game
Let's play #UnlikelyWaysToCloseTheDeal @TheUnlikelyGame hosted by @bigmacher @aslowriot Part of @Hashtagroundup
27 Mar, 11:59 PM UTC
Shea Browning
With some fava beans and a nice chianti! #UnlikelyWaysToCloseTheDeal
27 Mar, 11:59 PM UTC
Aaron Weinbaum
Write a book about closing the deal #UnlikelyWaysToCloseTheDeal
27 Mar, 11:59 PM UTC


Did I miss something? When do we get 2 the part when trump eliminates cronyism as promised? #UnnecessaryConfessions
27 Mar, 09:49 PM UTC
#UnnecessaryConfessions exposing my kids to this album
27 Mar, 11:03 PM UTC
#UnnecessaryConfessions I've been taking showers in the nude for years now.
27 Mar, 09:34 PM UTC


Harry Potter Play
Happy #WorldTheatreDay from everyone at #CursedChild!
27 Mar, 01:11 PM UTC
Shakespeare's Globe
Happy #WorldTheatreDay! If you've ever wondered what it's like standing on our stage... here's the view: (Image c…
27 Mar, 09:31 AM UTC
The Tony Awards
To every actor, artisan and audience member—Happy #WorldTheatreDay.
27 Mar, 02:25 PM UTC


Ian Connor
Do Not Vote Playboi Carti For That #XXLFreshman List Shit, He's Way To Advanced To Be ConsideredA Freshman Amongst Those Young Niggas.
27 Mar, 11:51 PM UTC
Rich The Kid
Vote for Famous Dex for the 2017 #XXLFreshman #10thSpot Presented by #MAGNUMcondoms #
27 Mar, 05:25 PM UTC


Pretty Little Liars
The laughs don’t stop tonight during #FreeformHappyHour. Catch new episodes of #YoungAndHungry, #BabyDaddy and…
27 Mar, 05:19 PM UTC
Join in on #FreeformHappyHour TONIGHT and watch all new episodes of #YoungAndHungry, #BabyDaddy and #TheTwins start…
27 Mar, 08:00 PM UTC
The Fosters
#FreeformHappyHour starts at 8/7c TONIGHT with all new episodes of #YoungAndHungry, #BabyDaddy and #TheTwins.
27 Mar, 10:30 PM UTC


daijia 🍂
#Younotfromhouston if you don't know this saying 97.9 The Box : ITS THE MAAAAADHATA Listeners : MORNING SHOWWWW
27 Mar, 04:26 AM UTC
01/12 🎈
#younotfromhouston if you don't know how to pronounce kuykendahl 😭
27 Mar, 01:18 PM UTC
#younotfromHouston if you don't know who this is 😂😂
27 Mar, 03:45 AM UTC
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