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Lin-Manuel Miranda
Aaaaaand my mom is watching Gilmore Girls on her phone on the way to the Oscars.
26 Feb, 10:30 PM UTC
Dan Howell
if you wanna know what the oscars theatre is like backstage watch this relevant 360° VR video we made during TATINOF https://t.co/LjhmdK1Vik
27 Feb, 12:09 AM UTC
Typical Girl
lets remember this iconic devil wears prada moment at the oscars 2007 https://t.co/NwV3pEOqIx
27 Feb, 04:08 AM UTC
몬스타엑스_MONSTA X
[#형원] 5분후에 시작하니깐 씻고 누우세요 #눕방 https://t.co/AiEXnsr21v https://t.co/4AYVA04SYt
27 Feb, 11:55 AM UTC
Samsung Mobile US
Shout out to all those who said "you can't." This one's for you. With love, from @CaseyNeistat. https://t.co/351MuxS35t
27 Feb, 01:53 AM UTC
I feel like a lot of people forgot about this song https://t.co/UkFEliZsL1
26 Feb, 05:31 PM UTC
Baby Animals
retweet if u love sea dogs https://t.co/xWt2PifG7w
26 Feb, 09:47 PM UTC
Marques Brownlee
Samsung announced their Galaxy S8 event on March 29th. Looks bezelless to me... https://t.co/CLglpWSoHh
26 Feb, 07:02 PM UTC
끝까지 종대의 편❤️
จงแดได้รับการตอบรับเข้าเรียนปริญญาโทที่Hanyang Cyber University สาขามีเดียและการโฆษณา 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 สู้ๆนะคนเก่งง https://t.co/5fyi5XnebF
27 Feb, 12:39 PM UTC
Entertainment Weekly
Forever in our hearts. ❤️ #Oscars #StarWars https://t.co/I69TrFvRH7
27 Feb, 04:24 AM UTC
When you get that "I'm here" text and you walk outside and they ain't here yet https://t.co/WOVMIWmBtQ
27 Feb, 12:58 AM UTC
Netflix US
And you thought the ending to @The_OA was wild #oscars
27 Feb, 05:18 AM UTC
When you realize spring break is just around the corner https://t.co/m3NRx2sR9l
26 Feb, 11:15 PM UTC
Marques Brownlee
Nokia 3310 is back. I have no choice but to pick up the original and compare them on video 👀… https://t.co/5ZqRKrT8m5
26 Feb, 06:15 PM UTC
they combined a pre school and nursing home together. This is the best thing ever! https://t.co/8vAwSBvI4R
27 Feb, 05:33 AM UTC
Marques Brownlee
So @YouTube sent me a TON of pins with my face on it. Part flattered, part confused what to do with them 😂 https://t.co/iD26alCu0O
26 Feb, 03:52 PM UTC
Marques Brownlee
Shoutout to @CaseyNeistat for delivering the message of so many creators on a platform that get less credit than they deserve. #TeamInternet
27 Feb, 02:38 AM UTC
` มตบบจสจยจบยจยค .
ตอนพี่ทึกบอกให้แบมพูดไทย ลิซนี่ตบมือใหญ่เลย พอแบมพูดสวัสดีครับ ลิซนี่ขำแบม ส่วนเจนนี่กับพี่จีซูไหว้ทำไม โอ้ยยยยย555… https://t.co/G1MCAn7u08
27 Feb, 02:02 PM UTC
UK Grime
The ending kills me when the police hop on 🤐🤐🤐 https://t.co/3Z0pSsWzid
27 Feb, 12:27 PM UTC
Netflix US
And the award for most UGH PLEASE NO service outage goes to...us right now. Sorry & working on fixing stat! Check @Netflixhelps for more
27 Feb, 02:32 AM UTC
Marques Brownlee
10,000 miles in 6 months with Apollo @TeslaMotors P100D 👌🏽 https://t.co/uxgROHhOBZ
26 Feb, 09:03 PM UTC
Little Glee Monster
可愛い可愛い弟達にやっと会えた、、ずっと会いたかったんだよ〜1ヶ月ぶりの弟達、私にはこののんびりとした時間がかなり大切なんだよ〜あ〜本当に幸せだよ〜 #ビートベリー #また私でごめんね #だけどこの幸せをみんなと共有したかったhttps://t.co/t1RbWCqYNQ
27 Feb, 02:49 PM UTC
Marques Brownlee
Flying cars might not be such a good idea after all… have you seen people drive normal cars?
27 Feb, 02:26 PM UTC
"This is for all the immigrants" #Oscars https://t.co/yWr8Fdv4dl
27 Feb, 02:10 AM UTC
Netflix US
Before arriving at the #oscars tonight, Gary single-handedly repaired our service outage. Thank you Gary.
27 Feb, 03:30 AM UTC
Bill Paxton, actor who starred in Aliens and Titanic, dies at 61 https://t.co/vyrwr27mWv #RIP https://t.co/Y20EqW2HZc
26 Feb, 04:06 PM UTC
Leansquad 🎄
21 Savage is without a doubt, the funniest man alive 😂 https://t.co/hz3O8py6CC
27 Feb, 01:12 PM UTC
Netflix US
A story of modern day heroism. Congrats to #TheWhiteHelmets team! Winner of The Academy Award for Best Documentary… https://t.co/UfCWUTfNZu
27 Feb, 04:02 AM UTC
The Get Down
Set me free.
26 Feb, 06:35 PM UTC
❥ ปลอบใจ
เมื่อเป่าเปาป่วย หงอยไปเลยเจ๊เปาเรา สงสารง่ะ หายไวๆนะลูกกก . . แต่ๆพอรู้สาเหตุแล้วนี่แอบขำ ggบอกว่า"อมตีนตัวเองแล้ว… https://t.co/Frg1RDNO02
27 Feb, 02:51 PM UTC
When you're the most charming person in the room, amirite? @TheRock #Oscars #IMDbLIVE https://t.co/y9PHMsCabZ
27 Feb, 02:24 AM UTC
笑った まおきゅんの手紙終わり せっかく一緒のチームになれたんやから、恵ちゃんや私に付いて来てもらわないで、彩さんと離せるようになりやー 「キッスしいや、キッス」 彩ちゃん 「何でやねん」 #山本彩 #NMB48 東由樹生… https://t.co/yU2O1isQuj
27 Feb, 11:39 AM UTC
Amazon Studios
Congratulations to Asghar Farhadi and #TheSalesman for their #AcademyAward win for Best Foreign Language Film… https://t.co/9JZWgnzN0e
27 Feb, 03:00 AM UTC
Netflix CS
Annnnnd we're back! Thanks for your patience. Now back to your regularly scheduled binging.
27 Feb, 03:15 AM UTC
Los Simpsons
"Una interpretación prodigiosa, Homer. Huele a Oscar... Oscar, date una ducha, un baño de tomate o algo por favor." https://t.co/BW9Y7NdWZH
26 Feb, 11:32 PM UTC
David Aiello
Et oui, les supporters parisiens peuvent aussi être au top.Super images de l'accueil des Parisiens https://t.co/n1FTtxkihG @Co_Ultras_Paris
27 Feb, 09:15 AM UTC
Marques Brownlee
.@elonmusk’s Tunnels/Hyperloop idea might lowkey be his best yet. https://t.co/Ubj17r4ec7
27 Feb, 02:31 PM UTC
A 360° view into the Black American experience for #BlackHistoryMonthhttps://t.co/sQBqRb8BLr https://t.co/dwhGSoMWQ2
26 Feb, 09:28 PM UTC
Heavy is the head that wears the 187-pound turban → https://t.co/e9c3bJT8lu https://t.co/J7d3l1PKBY
26 Feb, 07:00 PM UTC
Bling on bling on bling on 18 wheels. Japan's Dekotora culture → https://t.co/d3zF8alEPk https://t.co/LEJA1jIp2p
26 Feb, 09:00 PM UTC
🏆👏 🏆👏 🏆👏 🏆👏 🏆👏 Watch @TheGigiGorgeous’ critically acclaimed documentary here → https://t.co/qFDUOG9HcThttps://t.co/Zqwacl7zxc
27 Feb, 01:32 AM UTC
Are women socialized differently? The women of @AsapSCIENCE explain → https://t.co/lA9LeuZDko https://t.co/3IMc2AOGD5
26 Feb, 11:00 PM UTC
Netflix US
Creativity is everywhere, and it's now streaming on Netflix. https://t.co/rmXuhpZMpD
26 Feb, 06:04 PM UTC
Netflix US
The monsters are familiar but the castles are amiss. #bright #oscars
27 Feb, 01:31 AM UTC
2017 입학 축하메세지... 아이들은 14년도에 머물고 있다... 메세지 돌려막기인가 https://t.co/qGhD6aRHDb
27 Feb, 02:54 PM UTC
Amazon Video
Actually Jimmy, you can probably ship an Oscar in one hour. 🤔 @amazonprimenow #Oscars
27 Feb, 01:42 AM UTC
Amazon Video
And Casey Affleck takes home @TheAcademy Award for Best Actor in #ManchesterByTheSea. Congratulations,… https://t.co/2KwxMp2YJq
27 Feb, 04:50 AM UTC
(@Songkook IG) จุดไฟยังไงให้คูล.. ❤ พี่แทสูงมากอ่ะ 150+แล้วมั๊ยเนี่ยลูก 😙 #songtriplets https://t.co/kZVpFh05B4
27 Feb, 03:02 PM UTC
Congratulations to #ManchesterByTheSea on 2 Academy Award wins including Best Actor. #Oscars https://t.co/cDUVL6t6Ax
27 Feb, 05:11 AM UTC
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