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Today just got a lot hotter 🔥 Hit play on the new @5SOS banger #EASIER right now → #5SOS Spotify's photo on #5SOS
23 May, 05:04 PM UTC


💧Prof Anita Heiss
Omg that was me! Such a wonderful experience. So privileged. Thanks for the clip @rbrink77 #ProudlySydney #GoSwans #AFLSwansPies
24 May, 10:38 AM UTC


Ashton Irwin
Thank you for listening to #EASIER
24 May, 03:35 AM UTC


Gallagher Chiefs
Second half outstanding defence from our Gallagher Chiefs #CHIvRED Gallagher Chiefs's photo on #chivred
24 May, 09:28 AM UTC


It’s time to glow! ✨ Sydney has turned it on for @vividsydney, the world’s biggest festival of light, music, and ideas from now till 15 June. 📷 #vividsydney #seeaustralia #ilovesydney #sydneyoperahouse Australia's photo on #VividSydney
24 May, 09:25 AM UTC


Well Dylan Edwards certainly found that funny - as did the crowd 🤣 #NRLEelsPanthers #NRLIndigenous Round NRL's photo on #nrleelspanthers
23 May, 11:00 PM UTC


Mrs Theresa May
Guess June really will be the end of May smh x #Brexit #TheresaMay
24 May, 09:07 AM UTC


Emma Alberici
Heed the words of 99yo holocaust survivor Eddie Jaku who was wrenched from parents he never saw again. At #TEDxSydney today “I don’t hate anyone. Hate is a disease. It might kill your enemy but it will destroy you too. “Happiness doesn’t fall from the sky, it’s in your hands” Emma Alberici's photo on #TEDxSydney
24 May, 06:19 AM UTC


Gold Coast Titans
We needed that one! Titans 36 - Sea-Eagles 18 Match Centre: #NRLManlyTitans #WEAREREADY Gold Coast Titans's photo on #NRLManlyTitans
24 May, 09:51 AM UTC


zainab abbas
Ex Captain of the defending champions Australia @MClarke23 spoke earlier about #PakvAfg - also was highly impressed with @babarazam258 and said “Babar Azam is the @imVkohli of Pak,such a classy batsman” #pakvafg zainab abbas's photo on #PAKvAFG
24 May, 02:40 PM UTC


Hashim Amla and Faf du Plessis have reached half centuries, and their partnership is close to hundred now SA are 144/1 in 21 overs #SAvSL #CWC19
24 May, 11:06 AM UTC


Leigh Sales
Ah yes of course. The announcement isn't even official yet and already the efforts by the usual suspects to paint @David_Speers as an ABC leftie begin!
24 May, 03:28 AM UTC


Mohammed Abdullah
Somehow, the Terminator: Dark Fate trailer posted by Arnold on reddit turned into an AMA and someone asked about Commando.... Mohammed Abdullah's photo on terminator
23 May, 04:27 PM UTC


Collingwood FC
Good Old Collingwood Forever 😍 Collingwood FC's photo on Collingwood
24 May, 12:52 PM UTC

majak daw

Titus O'Reily
Pies win despite Majak Daw's efforts. #AFLSwansPies
24 May, 12:37 PM UTC

brad scott

Titus O'Reily
North Melbourne have announced Brad Scott will stop coaching the club in 2016.
24 May, 09:01 AM UTC


Edward Snowden
The Department of Justice just declared war––€”not on Wikileaks, but on journalism itself. This is no longer about Julian Assange: This case will decide the future of media.
23 May, 08:27 PM UTC


ᴼʰˢʰ⁸ᵗ 🥀
When Basil Valdez said, "It's your smile, your face, your lips that I miss." Tang ina, miss na miss talaga kita.
24 May, 10:38 AM UTC


Collingwood FC
Pendles! What a superstar. Pies 17 - Swans 19 #AFLSwansPies #GoPies Collingwood FC's photo on Pendles
24 May, 10:36 AM UTC


Jalen Skutt
why does your dad look like he just got a letter
23 May, 11:12 PM UTC


Mick Stewart
BT pronouncing 'Aliir Aliir' as 'Majak Daw' is probably taking his Australian way a bit too far. #AFLSwansPies #AFL
24 May, 10:09 AM UTC


Larry the Cat
“I am announcing that I’m standing to become the next Prime Minister. If Boris Johnson is running, then people deserve a serious candidate too...” #LarryForPM #YesWeCat Larry the Cat's photo on Boris
24 May, 11:05 AM UTC


Sydney Swans
A special night on our calendar ✨ Tonight it’s Marn Grook at the SCG against Collingwood #ProudlySydney Sydney Swans's photo on #ProudlySydney
23 May, 10:51 PM UTC


Tyler, The Creator
sometimes you gotta close a door to open the window
24 May, 03:32 AM UTC


Elon Musk
Racing at 127mph in a tunnel under LA
24 May, 06:35 AM UTC


Omar Navarro
Wells Fargo decided to give Donald Trump’s private bank records to Maxine Waters. I want to call for people to take their money out of Wells Fargo because we don’t trust them to protect our private information from Maxine. @foxandfriends @FoxNews @FoxBusiness
23 May, 11:46 PM UTC


Pastor Cash Luna
Jehová te bendiga, y te guarde; Jehová haga resplandecer su rostro sobre ti, y tenga de ti misericordia; Jehová alce sobre ti su rostro, y ponga en ti paz. Números 6:24-26
24 May, 05:44 AM UTC


Tig Notaro
New idea: men’s rights but for women
23 May, 07:24 PM UTC

sam reid

Joe Moore
Some thought from #AFLSwansPies 1. Huge, ultra competitive effort. 2. Sam Reid 3. Loss of Hewett & Kennedy hampered contested ball situations greatly. 4. There is something seriously good building here. 5. Still 16 Swans under 100 games tonight. Very much #ProudlySydney
24 May, 12:35 PM UTC


Mason Cox
Thoughts on the jumpers tonight? Might be my favourite @CollingwoodFC jumper of all time tbh #gopies
24 May, 10:27 AM UTC


this bitch really thought I was finna cashapp her $150 for some nudes. instead, I sent a request for $150 and she accidentally accepted it 💀 FINAM! ♈️'s photo on Grundy
23 May, 04:56 PM UTC


Troy Barry
Rampe running 27 metres over the mark is stupidest thing I’ve seen on a footy field since some bloke climbed a goal post #AFLSwansPies ⚫️⚪️
24 May, 12:44 PM UTC


Mitch Pearce: "Hey guys, remember me?" #NRLKnightsRoosters 22-6 #TelstraPremiership #NRLIndigenous NRL's photo on #NRLKnightsRoosters
24 May, 10:47 AM UTC


Tom Gleeson
I’ve quit #HardQuiz. Tom Gleeson's photo on #HardQuiz
24 May, 05:00 AM UTC


Donald J. Trump
I don’t know why the Radical Left Democrats want Bob Mueller to testify when he just issued a 40 Million Dollar Report that states, loud & clear & for all to hear, No Collusion and No Obstruction (how do you Obstruct a NO crime?) Dems are just looking for trouble and a Do-Over!
24 May, 12:34 PM UTC


햇빛 쨍쨍 ☀️ 더운 날씨에도 ABNEW의 응원 소리는 최고예요 👍 오늘도 감사합니다 😊 #BREATHE #B_COMPLETE #에이비식스 #임영민 #전웅 #김동현 #박우진 #이대휘 #브랜뉴뮤직 #BRANDNEWMUSIC
24 May, 09:45 AM UTC


Twitter Moments
Theresa May announces she will stand down as Tory party leader on Friday June 7 and a leadership contest will begin for a new UK PM.
24 May, 09:08 AM UTC

The Swans

Swansea City AFC
😎 The @WayneRoutledge show goes on! 💪 (Possible) latest scenes from the #Swans training ground. *No Hollywood films ripped off. 😏 Swansea City AFC's photo on The Swans
23 May, 05:15 PM UTC


Jake Niall
Jordan Roughead might be the budget recruit of the season for @CollingwoodFC. Cost very little, delivered quite a lot. #AFLSwansPies
24 May, 11:07 AM UTC

the knights

Lights, Camera, Pod
A ‘Star Wars’ movie based on the ‘Knights of the Old Republic’ video game is in the works at Disney by Laeta Kalogridis. (via @BuzzFeedNews) Lights, Camera, Pod's photo on the knights
23 May, 11:13 PM UTC


Anto 🖤
En otro capítulo de “no vas a ser feliz siendo mujer” una piba me paro en la calle para avisarme que tenía el pantalón manchado con semen. Me falta para llegar a mi casa y bañarme, solo quiero bañarme y llorar.
23 May, 06:05 PM UTC

the pies

Dane Swan
Think the pies could do with a hair regrowth/advanced hair sponsor. Few of em down to their last couple Haircuts.
24 May, 10:54 AM UTC


Beyonce has an uncle named Larry Beyince. Bruh....
Kawhi has these Raptors not looking like the Raptors we always clown every postseason. But buddy if TOR loses two straight while being one win away from the Finals then they could unlock a level of Raptoring that we've never witnessed before.
24 May, 03:28 AM UTC


Mason Cox
@swandane set to do his first ice bath in his career at Queens Birthday... #BigFreeze5
24 May, 11:19 AM UTC

mary poppins

Ken Clarke
I’m not sure Mary Poppins could even control these unruly, hard right (mostly wrong), Etonian children but good effort @theresa_may.
24 May, 12:13 PM UTC

the roosters

The Roosters getting rid of Ryan Matterson for Angus Crichton on three times the salary is up there with us playing Jordan Rankin over Josh Addo-Carr
24 May, 10:51 AM UTC

full time

Imagine not paying someone to do a FULL TIME job.
24 May, 07:39 AM UTC


Collingwood FC
Wellsy and JT discussing how many they’ll slot through the big sticks tonight. 👊🏼 Collingwood FC's photo on wellsy
24 May, 08:31 AM UTC


Live Action
DO NOT defend abortion before watching this video. RT to spread the word. Live Action's photo on hargreaves
23 May, 06:27 PM UTC


💧Prof Anita Heiss
This morning I saw a preview of #TheFinalQuarterFilm about the final years of #AdamGoodes career. It broke my heart. Tonight when I do the coin toss at the #Marngrook game @scg I’ll do so as a proud Wiradjuri woman & Ambassador of @GOFoundationAU & @sydneyswans #IStandWithAdam
24 May, 02:46 AM UTC


Our Heavenly Bodies/Fantastic Planet #sidebyside #movies #cinema #film #scifi #sciencefiction #animation @Criterion PINNLAND EMPIRE's photo on #sidebyside
23 May, 01:27 PM UTC


🗓 FOUR YEARS AGO TODAY 🔴 Stoke beat Liverpool 6-1 on Steven Gerrard’s last ever game With Stoke going into half time 5-0 up, Ryan Shawcross recalls what happened in the changing room: “When we went back to the dressing room nobody said a word, we just burst out laughing” 😂 ODDSbible's photo on HALF TIME
24 May, 08:46 AM UTC


💧 Tina Kulski
#howgoodis the fact that Australia can incarcerate kiddies who were born here and deny them the right to an education and the govt. gets off #scottfree Are there any MPs or prominent journalists prepared to stand up for this family? Anyone? #hometoBilo #auspol
24 May, 06:26 AM UTC


Donald J. Trump
24 May, 01:09 AM UTC

brett bewley

AFL Fantasy
Brett Bewley (MID, $170k) to debut! #AFLFantasy
24 May, 07:03 AM UTC

The Titans

Bleacher Report NFL
The new-look Browns open up against the Titans. They’re gonna take a deep shot to Odell. Kevin Byard is ready for it. (via @LefkoeShow) Bleacher Report NFL's photo on The Titans
23 May, 08:56 PM UTC


Kirk Herbstreit
I have been a consistently loyal @Reds fan my entire life, but this is getting tough! They’ve averaged 68 wins the last 5 years & appear to have a more competitive team in 2019 & yet not only are they losing games, but losing MANY when they’ve had 3, 4, & 5 run leads-LETS GO!!!
23 May, 11:42 AM UTC


ABC News
'Public health system should be better than this': AMA president warns of shift towards US-style healthcare
24 May, 04:44 AM UTC

Bob Carr

Greg Barns
#auspol #Assange campaign in Australia big development with former Foreign Minister Bob Carr now saying Australia must act. 175 years jail for Assange is the death penalty.
24 May, 07:25 AM UTC


The army of #pink #inflatable #kangaroos is ready to march! HorseplayToys's photo on Kangaroos
24 May, 12:00 AM UTC

Dylan Walker

when i say “SKSKSK” this is what i mean zander's photo on Dylan Walker
23 May, 06:48 PM UTC


Andrea Penazzi
Oggi, ancora in marcia per il #clima! A #Milano due gli appuntamenti. Per tutte le iniziative: #fridaysforfuture #strike4climate #globalclimatestrike #climatechange #schoolstrike4change #ClimateEmergency #ClimateStrike #economia #società #ambiente #futuro
24 May, 06:04 AM UTC


evelyn araluen
#ClimateStrike rally arriving at Hyde Park for #SorryDay protests, “Always Was, Always Will Be Aboriginal Land” evelyn araluen's photo on #SorryDay
24 May, 02:11 AM UTC


Richard Denniss
Dear All, please stop debating whether #Adani mine is ‘economically viable’. With enough subsidies anything is. Subsidies can even make indoor pools and piano elevators at private schools ‘viable’. Free coal, free water and free infrastructure can make any mine ‘viable’ #auspol
23 May, 09:45 PM UTC

Wicked Campers

💧Ronni Salt
Country Women’s Association members take law into their own hands over Wicked Campers. They just painted right over the abusive signage. GO CWA!!
24 May, 12:14 AM UTC

richard ashcroft

Liam Gallagher
Congratulations to my mate and sweet inspiration Richard Ashcroft for his INAward truly deserved LG x
23 May, 03:52 PM UTC


John Paul Jose
#SchoolStrike4Climate in Delhi #ExtinctionRebellion #FridaysForFuture India should declare #ClimateEmergency The rich biodiversity and culture are under direct threat from Climate Crisis. John Paul Jose's photo on #ExtinctionRebellion
24 May, 05:17 AM UTC

Judith Kerr

i went to a judith kerr talk where she said that when mog was translated into german she was stubbornly rendered in the text as a male cat "because feminism hadn't really hit there yet". pause. small smile. "so i waited some years and gave mog kittens and let them sort it out."
23 May, 10:05 AM UTC


roxane gay
And the most pathetic thing about Moby’s continued insistence that he and Portman dated is how he keeps sharing pictures of them where she looks like she is trying to blink SAVE ME while smiling politely. Like bro...
23 May, 11:08 PM UTC


Anies Baswedan
Setelah dibersihkan mungkin hari ini atau besok akan kotor lagi, kalaupun itu terjadi maka kami akan bersihkan lagi. Tugas kami bukan mengeluh dan menyalahkan siapapun, tanggung jawab kami adalah memastikan ibu kota ini selalu bersih, setiap hari. Anies Baswedan's photo on KOTOR
24 May, 02:30 AM UTC


Nadia Imani
On the left is my Mom holding me when she graduated from Virginia State University in 1997 , Fast forward to 22 years later , here I am graduating from Virginia State University in 2019 , thank you Mommy , without you none of this would’ve been possible 💛 #HBCUGrad #Legacy #VSU
23 May, 02:29 PM UTC

Geoffrey Rush

10 daily
#BREAKING: Geoffrey Rush has been awarded a total of $2.9 million after winning his defamation case against a Sydney newspaper publisher.
23 May, 07:13 AM UTC

Bryce Gibbs

Neroli Meadows
I’m staggered Bryce Gibbs has been dropped again. Watching live, didn’t look like a man not good enough to be in the 22 to me. Stats suggest the same. 2 goals 22 touches 5 tackles 8 score involvements 7 marks 3 clearances
23 May, 10:59 AM UTC


Aaron Rupar
PELOSI: "It's important to note that in the 10 years before this, not a single child died in custody at the border. Now, 6 children have died in the last several months. Six children have died in the last several months." Aaron Rupar's photo on Sunlight
23 May, 03:18 PM UTC

Greg Inglis

South Sydney Rabbitohs 🐰
Rabbitohs and Souths Cares ambassador Greg Inglis has entered a facility to undergo treatment to assist with and support his mental health. Full Statement 👉 South Sydney Rabbitohs 🐰's photo on Greg Inglis
24 May, 01:33 AM UTC


Kon Karapanagiotidis
Please note the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (@ASRC1) is closed this Monday 27th of May. We voted to permanently boycott #AustraliaDay public holiday & stayed open in solidarity with Indigenous people. We have chosen the start of #ReconciliationWeek as our public holiday for now
23 May, 10:43 PM UTC


Milwaukee Bucks
🍻 @DavidBakhtiari and @AaronRodgers12 go head-to-head in a beer chugging competition!! #GoPackGo | #FearTheDeer Milwaukee Bucks's photo on #FearTheDeer
24 May, 12:46 AM UTC


Greta Thunberg
This morning it’s 1594 places in 118 countries, and counting! #FridaysForFuture #ClimateStrike #SchoolStrike4Climate
23 May, 06:02 AM UTC

Dark Emu

beverley wang
Reading Dark Emu totally rearranges your thinking and assumptions about pre colonial Australia. So glad that a kid's version is on the way. We need these books!
24 May, 02:01 AM UTC


Star Trek
25 years ago today, ‘All Good Things’ brought us to an end. The end is only the beginning. #StarTrekPicard to stream exclusively on @CBSAllAccess in the United States, Amazon #PrimeVideo in more than 200 countries, in Canada on @SpaceChannel & @CraveCanada Star Trek's photo on Picard
23 May, 04:46 PM UTC


Greta Thunberg
To change everything, we need everyone. It is time for all of us to unleash mass resistance – we urge the adults to join us. On September 20th we call for a global general strike. #FridaysForFuture #ClimateStrike
23 May, 06:22 PM UTC

Dubbo and Tamworth

💧 Dr Rhonda Garad
Back in the real world NSW towns running out of water with no rain forecast for the winter period and longer. While Adani is given 12.5 billion litres to profit from. What is the LNP plan to tackle climate change? @M_McCormackMP #climatecrisis
23 May, 08:30 PM UTC

Nancy Pelosi

Charlie Kirk
This is your daily reminder Hillary Clinton deleted over 33,000 emails from a private server, as Secretary of State AFTER a congressional subpoena And Nancy Pelosi has the nerve to accuse the President of a massive coverup 🤔
23 May, 01:10 PM UTC

Linda Hamilton

Rotten Tomatoes
The Terminator universe is back! Linda Hamilton, Mackenzie Davis, and Arnold Schwarzenegger star in the first trailer for #TerminatorDarkFate Rotten Tomatoes's photo on Linda Hamilton
23 May, 01:09 PM UTC

Sydney Stack

Jon Ralph
"He is so resilient. Life has smacked him in the face most days and some kids don’t come back from that." The extraordinary story of Sydney Stack. Those who know him best on how he overcame unimaginable hardships to find his way to AFL football
24 May, 12:57 AM UTC

NBA Finals

Bleacher Report
KD is “unlikely” to play at the beginning of the NBA Finals Boogie is expected to play “at some point” in the series Bleacher Report's photo on NBA Finals
23 May, 06:42 PM UTC


Since day one. #1stVideoGameCrush Xbox's photo on #1stVideoGameCrush
23 May, 03:30 AM UTC


😱 KAWHI HANDLES! 😱 @Raptors visit Milwaukee for ECF Game 5 TONIGHT at 8:30pm/et on @NBAonTNT! #WeTheNorth #NBAPlayoffs NBA's photo on #wethenorth
23 May, 09:00 PM UTC


"Hi. You from the casino?" "I'm from *a* casino." "Good enough. Let's go."
23 May, 04:13 PM UTC


Bleacher Report
Klay looked livid when he found out he didn't make All-NBA (via @anthonyVslater) Bleacher Report's photo on Klay
23 May, 07:38 PM UTC

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