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Jay Park

고마워요 여러분 다시 만날 날을 기다릴게요~ #JIMIN
22 Oct, 02:14 PM UTC


[#오늘의방탄] 욜로욜로 타이페이잼👏 오늘을 같이한 아미에게 #방탄소년단 깜샤~드립니다💕💕
22 Oct, 11:57 AM UTC


Bleacher Report
Welcome back, @NBA. What. A. Finish!
23 Oct, 01:27 AM UTC


Ali Jawad
I swear to god I can defend better than Liverpool and I have no legs 😫 #TOTLIV
22 Oct, 03:12 PM UTC


JULIO. Grown man strength 💪💪💪 #InBrotherhood #ATLvsNE
23 Oct, 03:18 AM UTC


小泉進次郎「消費税増税をしろしろと言ってる新聞が消費税を負担しないんですよ、これおかしくないですか?テレビもいろんなところで忖度があるのか報道しないんですよ村尾さんよろしくお願いしますよ」 村尾キャスター「(苦笑)」 いやこれマ…
22 Oct, 12:16 PM UTC


Narendra Modi
Great game, great win! Congrats to our hockey team for winning the #AsiaCup2017. India rejoices at this stupendous victory. @TheHockeyIndia
22 Oct, 03:26 PM UTC


The Walking Dead
It's here. You made it. #TheWalkingDead returns with its 100th episode TONIGHT at 9PM! See you there 💀
22 Oct, 12:52 PM UTC


Mercedes-AMG F1
22 Oct, 08:38 PM UTC


Tyler Spookley
nothing but respect for MY...self
23 Oct, 12:24 AM UTC


Scientists: do you remember anything? Snail: Scientists: my god what have we done
23 Oct, 02:02 AM UTC


⛽️ AK-47 | Fuel Injector Giveaway * RT & Follow * Test: Winner picked in 24 hours!
22 Oct, 08:16 PM UTC

Boom Time

Judd Legum
Status: Puerto Ricans without power: 80% Puerto Ricans without drinking water: 28% Trump: Golfing for the 7th time in the last 16 days
22 Oct, 05:40 PM UTC


Da um RT aqui pra subir a tag da essa moral pa nois #ParódiaRapLordWN
23 Oct, 01:23 AM UTC


Y el ganador del premio #TheBest 2017 será... 🤔🏆 🔁 @Cristiano ❤️ Messi
23 Oct, 12:02 AM UTC

Mr Stunning

Triple H
Landed in #WWESantiago. Stunning views of a beautiful city. Visit here is short, it’s almost time to play the game…
22 Oct, 02:23 PM UTC


Christmas Countdown
🎅🏼🎄🌟🎁🎅🏼🎄🌟🎁🎅🏼🎄 🎄 9 W E E K S 🌟 🎁 L E F T U N T I L 🎅🏼 🎄 CHRISTMAS EVE! 🌟 🎁🎅🏼🎄🌟🎁🎅🏼🎄🌟…
23 Oct, 01:04 AM UTC


Buffalo Bills
Comeback complete. BILLS WIN!!! #TBvsBUF Highlights:
22 Oct, 08:11 PM UTC


Parker Brett
FTM TransGuy and proud af to share it. Don't ever be afraid to express who you really are! #Lgbtproud
22 Oct, 06:54 PM UTC

All Blacks

Malcolm Nance
Concur. Don’t forget her attacks on Preet, BLM & all immigrants. She also said blacks can’t write books-they rely o…
22 Oct, 05:15 PM UTC

Story of the Week

Michelle Piper
Media won't touch Russian uranium story tied to Hillary, and other epic journalism disasters of the week. #FoxNews
22 Oct, 12:12 PM UTC


John Carlos Catalan
Medyo clingy pero ok lang..😉 @nicoletteannmc #Japan #ADNFestival2017 Absent nanaman kami..
22 Oct, 03:41 PM UTC


Monster Yamaha Tech3
This. Is. @MotoGP. ✊🏁🇦🇺 When it's almost too much....! 😵 Wait until the end! #AustralianGP @JohannZarco1
22 Oct, 11:12 AM UTC


60 Minutes Australia
.@NiallOfficial's story begins in the sleepy Irish town of Mullingar. Girls aside, it was music that was Niall’s dr…
22 Oct, 10:12 AM UTC

Mark Latham

Sunday Politics Scot
Nobel Prize winning economist @JosephEStiglitz says an Independent Scotland in the EU would resolve the uncertainti…
22 Oct, 11:00 AM UTC


Piers Morgan
5-2. Brilliant by Sanchez. Taxi for Koeman.... #EFCvAFC
22 Oct, 02:23 PM UTC


India TV
EAM @SushmaSwaraj arrived in #Dhaka, greeted by #Bangladesh Foreign Min AH Mahmood Ali & High Commissioner Of India…
22 Oct, 10:56 AM UTC


manuş baba: dönersen islik çal kiz: offff bayiliyorum bu adama ben: fiyuv fiyuv kiz: napiyor bu salak yorum yok
23 Oct, 12:00 AM UTC


.@GarbiMuguruza earns her 1st win of the 2017 #WTAFinals! Downs Jelena Ostapenko 6-3, 6-4!
22 Oct, 01:10 PM UTC


If AEC are trying to make out GetUp are an "associated entity" for the benefit of a political party, would that not make News Ltd one too?
22 Oct, 09:21 PM UTC

Trending This Week


Delilia O'Malley
.@realDonaldTrump When my brother was killed, Pres Bush listened while I screamed at him & then held me as I sobbed…
16 Oct, 09:29 PM UTC


Lil Chano From 79th
I got my Grammys in the mail. Thank you everyone who made this music with me, especially this girl right here.…
19 Oct, 04:17 PM UTC


Rob Perez
Absolutely amazing weird NBA moment find by @NBA_Reddit's u/Colvjs, every Suns player starts running at same EXACT…
19 Oct, 02:09 PM UTC

Aaron Young

Sean Don
Made it down for Gucci n Keyshia wedding.
18 Oct, 04:35 AM UTC


bird chest lil boy
this all of twitters son now, when is bring ur parents to breakfast day we all finna pull up
17 Oct, 05:14 AM UTC


20 Oct, 11:06 AM UTC

Hillary Clinton

Donald J. Trump
I was recently asked if Crooked Hillary Clinton is going to run in 2020? My answer was, "I hope so!"
16 Oct, 01:12 PM UTC


BigHit Entertainment
[기사] #방탄소년단, 가장 새로운 아이돌의 가장 오래된 전략
20 Oct, 12:30 AM UTC


Young Thug ひ
12 Tonight
19 Oct, 09:29 PM UTC


lemonade heux 💋
I don't care how much y'all think this cracker bitch bops, if you're streaming her trash you're enabling her theref…
17 Oct, 03:31 PM UTC

Gordon Hayward

Bleacher Report
LeBron gives Gordon Hayward some words of encouragement following his injury.
18 Oct, 12:24 AM UTC

Paul Keating

Donald J. Trump
The Budget passed late last night, 51 to 49. We got ZERO Democrat votes with only Rand Paul (he will vote for Tax Cuts) voting against.....
20 Oct, 10:11 AM UTC


Gucci also manned up n got his shit together a lot of y’all Niggas ain’t built like that
18 Oct, 01:45 AM UTC

Happy Diwali

Virat Kohli
A very Happy Diwali to everyone. 😇🙏
19 Oct, 03:22 PM UTC


Donald J. Trump
The Democrats will only vote for Tax Increases. Hopefully, all Senate Republicans will vote for the largest Tax Cuts in U.S. history.
18 Oct, 10:38 AM UTC


Niall Horan
Excited to share #Flicker on @Spotify with you . Listen now
20 Oct, 09:13 PM UTC


Scott Dworkin
.@BarackObama flew to Delaware at midnight in 2009, met with families of & paid honor to the remains of 18 American…
16 Oct, 09:06 PM UTC


New York Yankees
@RedSox Ah, work day for us. Game time is 5:08pm, if you're not busy.
17 Oct, 06:02 PM UTC


Bette Midler
Trump has spent 1 out of every 4 days as President playing golf. Boy, that takes a lot of small white balls.
17 Oct, 10:51 PM UTC


Demi Lovato
Proud to present… #SimplyComplicated. Watch the full documentary now on YouTube​!!
17 Oct, 05:12 PM UTC


16 Oct, 02:21 PM UTC


New season. Same LeBron.
18 Oct, 02:40 AM UTC


Bleacher Report
Rockets spoil Warriors’ banner night!
18 Oct, 05:29 AM UTC


Bleacher Report
Cavs win! Still king.
18 Oct, 02:32 AM UTC

Practice 1

Narendra Modi
Spending time with our Forces gives me new energy. We exchanged sweets & interacted. Happy to know the Jawans pract…
19 Oct, 09:21 AM UTC

UN Human Rights Council

Raül Romeva i Rueda
Leaders of Catalonia's civil society movement jailed. This is how the new member of UN Human Rights Council responds to our offer of talks.
16 Oct, 07:57 PM UTC

Race 1

20 Oct, 09:55 AM UTC


Bill Maher
I hope President Dumbass thinks he won his battle with war widows so we can move on - cuz his next step is to have Pence walk out on funeral
20 Oct, 09:03 PM UTC


Chelsea Handler
Is there anyone dumber than @realDonaldTrump? Besides his children, and Melania? Does anyone know anyone dumber? Maybe tila tequila.
18 Oct, 02:07 AM UTC


Bleacher Report
Eminem getting Pistons fans ready for opening night 🔥
18 Oct, 11:43 PM UTC


Gary Lineker
Huddersfield Town have beaten Manchester United in a league game for the first time in 65 years.
21 Oct, 03:53 PM UTC


Eric Bolling
ISIS has lost their “self proclaimed” capital Raqqa, Syria. Very material development in war on terror, defeat ISIS. Thank you US military🇺🇸
17 Oct, 05:14 PM UTC


Oh we talkin' teams? 💍🏆
18 Oct, 02:53 AM UTC


💜 Bowie Knife | Fade Giveaway * RT & Follow * Test: Winner picked in 24 hours!
17 Oct, 08:11 PM UTC


Dragun 🐲
How to take a picture with ya man
19 Oct, 02:10 AM UTC


RuPaul's Drag Race
Oh, honey. ⭕🍯 @trixiemattel, honey? Oh, she’s on #AllStars3, honey. 🌟🌟🌟 Hooooneeeeyyyy.
21 Oct, 12:27 AM UTC
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