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Bill Gates
I had the privilege of speaking with @GreatCitySchls about how we can continue to address inequities in public ed:… https://t.co/d7drDUen06
22 Oct, 03:11 PM UTC
George Soros
Government transparency is important to ensuring healthy communities. https://t.co/E1OcKojDsE
22 Oct, 01:06 PM UTC
Mike Bloomberg
LIVE: Kicking off #CityLabParis by discussing how cities can take an inclusive approach to the future of work. https://t.co/Qv3hkFzIx8
23 Oct, 07:42 AM UTC
Richard Branson's 5 A.M. Workout and 5 Other Morning Habits of Successful Billionaires https://t.co/qM9nSFOOdM
22 Oct, 05:24 PM UTC
Can the billionaires spend anymore money? What do they need that they don’t already have? Weapons systems? https://t.co/M0dHIXTtU5
23 Oct, 09:31 AM UTC
Captain Fluffula
This is depressing, but Australia, in the thrall of billionaires who businesses r threatened by progress #4corners
23 Oct, 09:42 AM UTC
Egesa Wuod Samia!
@citizentvkenya @MAgapetus Some pple were born on a national prayer day! Yesterday they were broke ass today they r… https://t.co/AJ06e6Mqb4
23 Oct, 09:25 AM UTC
Naveed Razzaq
These mafia become richer billionaires looted Pakistan from 30 years #FreeSindhFromPPP @ImranKhanPTI @smasood801https://t.co/sCCzK80ZmG
23 Oct, 09:24 AM UTC
ThinkBusiness Africa
Debt is becoming a burden to the rich. https://t.co/8HvUe40PsS
23 Oct, 09:19 AM UTC
@nytimes Seems to be the way. Billionaires must have a handbook detailed how to screw over the people. Worldwide shit. Storm is a comin'
23 Oct, 09:47 AM UTC
Alexandra Chudik
Elon Musk's to do list is literally insane. In fact, it would put most other billionaires to shame!… https://t.co/CtoX3hbt2l
23 Oct, 09:30 AM UTC
The billionaires paid for this you numpty & they'll be the only ones to make money from it https://t.co/HoZIaZMaD5
23 Oct, 09:24 AM UTC
Christine Rapley
@damocrat So have to commit economic /welfare suicide because 5 billionaires funded lying campaign? Nonsense.Parlia… https://t.co/c2J9kyvfjN
23 Oct, 09:54 AM UTC
Roberto Sylianteng
@NolteNC @DonaldJTrumpJr NowSecKelley erred when he apparent-coached @realDonaldTrump;who fumbled it “the last few… https://t.co/xfl054DQfz
23 Oct, 09:54 AM UTC
If I work cheap, many people will come to me, so this dick will get as much money as the billionaires baby
23 Oct, 09:51 AM UTC
Its called CLASS WARFARE. Cut programs for the working class to give tax cuts to billionaires that don't need it. https://t.co/Fhd4PmAx4V
23 Oct, 09:49 AM UTC
The Unhappy Nigerian
@CNNAfrica Also make post about the business billionaires that did not drop out of school to also encourage the educated. Thanks
23 Oct, 09:48 AM UTC
Sarah K. Samyn PHR
#christmaslist2017 Just in case!! Here's everything on Neiman Marcus' Christmas gift list for billionaires: https://t.co/0z4MHBz4k5 via @AOL
23 Oct, 09:42 AM UTC
the fat chief
Lol brownback *destroyed* the state but somehow neo cons are still elected (bc they help billionaires) https://t.co/3WTi62WJAy
23 Oct, 09:38 AM UTC
Andy Fineman
Education, environment, healthcare. Cutting our needed programs to give tax relief to billionaires. #THINKthenVOTE
23 Oct, 09:29 AM UTC
Michael D Francois
@tommyobrien @jonfavs @FoxNews All those "left wing" billionaires like @jeffbezos (WP) and Murdoch (Fox News)? Eisn… https://t.co/zwh1oEj7rQ
23 Oct, 09:28 AM UTC
Ivelisse Singer
T.Y.B.E (Top Young Billionaires entertainment)
23 Oct, 09:27 AM UTC
Also you think our government is going to let us all be millionaires billionaires get real I love this soap opera
23 Oct, 09:24 AM UTC
RT ThinkBizAfrica "Debt is becoming a burden to the rich. https://t.co/D6YhpiF54D"
23 Oct, 09:24 AM UTC
close to ideal
billionaires are outliers and if you really insist on using the mean they generally shouldn't be counted https://t.co/l4st5sRH8p
23 Oct, 09:23 AM UTC
Art And Act
Rothschild Family Wealth Is Five Times That Of World’s Top 8 Billionaires Combined https://t.co/jCQawPQMDQ
23 Oct, 09:23 AM UTC
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