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Business News

Trump Announces 'Fake News' Award Winners... https://t.co/bVgSwDlxj7
18 Jan, 02:26 AM UTC
Fox News killed Trump porn star affair story before election https://t.co/7mTROrSnyA
18 Jan, 04:33 AM UTC
John McCain: President Trump sending a dangerous message to world https://t.co/PDDVC8CMNP
18 Jan, 02:00 AM UTC
Foreign Policy
EXCLUSIVE: @realdonaldtrump personally made the decision to curtail the testimony of former chief White House polit… https://t.co/8KMsteEgzG
18 Jan, 06:28 PM UTC
Movie Theater Attendance Hits 24-Year Low... https://t.co/hwT5DR0aTd
18 Jan, 02:26 AM UTC
Rep. Swalwell on Bannon hearing: "aggressive effort by the White House to obstruct" https://t.co/YViH9TYOSs
18 Jan, 01:30 AM UTC
GOP fears of "blue wave" in midterm elections grow https://t.co/7KGLFMkOjd
18 Jan, 06:00 AM UTC
Bannon “is still working with Trump” https://t.co/u2q4ZFhOLx
18 Jan, 02:30 AM UTC
日本経済新聞 電子版
「SAKE」のうまさを知る外国人客が訪日した際、高級ワインに比べた日本酒の安さに驚くそうです。なぜ安いのか。もっと高く売れないのか。日本酒の価格体系を取材しました▶ https://t.co/YOJ7g77kSX
18 Jan, 03:33 AM UTC

Top Tweets on Markets

Stephanie Ruhle
TRUMP does NOT want a shut down.He wants a high-drama, grand finale,reality tv cliff hanger & just as that markets… https://t.co/udUWwqLQV6
18 Jan, 12:54 PM UTC
Dan Bongino
Jimmy, What’s disgusting are your repeated efforts to mislead the American ppl by lying to them about the devastati… https://t.co/oC5t3PL2gr
18 Jan, 12:08 PM UTC
Paul Krugman
I get a "fake news award" for a bad market call, retracted 3 days later, from 2000-lie man, who still won't admit h… https://t.co/q3unTksSmw
18 Jan, 12:27 PM UTC
Phil Davis
Thin Air Thursday - Markets Begin to Gasp At New Highs $SPY $DIA $JO $UGA #Gasoline #Futures #Portfolios --… https://t.co/zMFSRvVGS2
18 Jan, 02:42 PM UTC
U.S. filings for unemployment benefits plummeted to the lowest level in almost 45 years https://t.co/aHiXel85nh Bloomberg's photo on Markets
18 Jan, 01:32 PM UTC
Paul Krugman
What this pathetic list really shows is that anti-Trump "fake news" is like farms broken up by the estate tax: they… https://t.co/6GWZ08szjx
18 Jan, 12:29 PM UTC
BREAKING: Amazon narrows list of candidates for new headquarters HQ2 to 20 https://t.co/cSxc9ls92O CNBC's photo on Markets
18 Jan, 02:07 PM UTC
The Economist
Seoul's subway is run using real-time data, which can predict bottlenecks before they happen. It's one of the ways… https://t.co/43815DOs0z
18 Jan, 06:45 AM UTC
Paul Krugman
The great thing about tax cuts is that they provide an incentive for more productive activities -- like, uh, spendi… https://t.co/b3YEiFJbzt
18 Jan, 03:49 PM UTC

Top Tweets on Politics

Dylan Scott
trying to imagine something more cynical than leaving CHIP unaddressed for four months (or a year) and then pulling… https://t.co/6BnGyo70GD
18 Jan, 02:46 AM UTC
Paul Krugman
Everyone who works for Trump ends up destroying their credibility https://t.co/MqN6omAwB0
18 Jan, 02:08 PM UTC
Carles Puigdemont 🎗
Parlen de la composició del @parlament_cat i són incapaços d'utilitzar termes polítics. El seu militarisme instituc… https://t.co/aCYqIFxf8P
18 Jan, 09:22 AM UTC
NBC Politics
JUST IN: Democrats have enough votes to block the spending bill in the Senate and prevent Republicans from keeping… https://t.co/yv5kdH4osN
18 Jan, 08:50 PM UTC
NBC Politics
Nancy Pelosi: "The president said in May that our country needs a good shutdown in September...perhaps you do not u… https://t.co/Q49PCVUsDD
18 Jan, 05:31 PM UTC
HuffPost Politics
White supremacists killed over twice as many people in 2017, and more than twice as many people as Islamic extremis… https://t.co/obpU282tXK
18 Jan, 12:52 AM UTC
BREAKING NEWS: Senate Democrats say they have votes to block government funding bill Read more:… https://t.co/VKXbEBunmb
18 Jan, 08:14 PM UTC
NBC Politics
BREAKING: Hope Hicks is expected to testify before the House Intel committee Friday, two sources familiar with the committee tell @NBCNews
18 Jan, 06:05 PM UTC
CNN Politics
Sen. Lindsey Graham: “There are people around the President who have an irrational view of immigration, they always… https://t.co/QE2U2Oxztp
18 Jan, 04:37 PM UTC

Top Tweets on Startups

Umar Saif
PITB has completed over 270 projects in the last 5 years, radically changing the landscape of governance and suppor… https://t.co/aDK0lNtTkY
18 Jan, 07:01 AM UTC
Shane Barker
3 Common Mistakes Most #Startups Make That You Need to Avoid The road to success is not an easy one. There are a… https://t.co/KTT7T2JHcr
18 Jan, 06:10 PM UTC
https://t.co/jvsZLbhx1t Google Will Pay for You to Polish Up Your Tech Skills- WoW! @InsuranceMobile #startupshttps://t.co/x410wHmzLO
18 Jan, 01:50 AM UTC
Reuters Top News
WATCH: Cyber security startups stumble despite hacking frenzy https://t.co/bwlIVe6Phc via @ReutersTV Reuters Top News's photo on Startups
18 Jan, 05:50 AM UTC
500 Startups
THIS FRIDAY DEADLINE: Apply for our seed program #Batch23! 🔥 Apply for $150K seed funding + mentorship + growth:… https://t.co/fsxlAG6bXg
18 Jan, 06:20 AM UTC
AWS Startups
.@Airtable co-founder and CEO @howietl on embracing unintended customers, eschewing excess, and building a “neural… https://t.co/mg9oh6zeMz
18 Jan, 05:30 PM UTC
500 Startups
Don't miss tomorrow's #VCUnlocked webinar on Cap Table Fundamentals: Liquidation Preferences, hosted by… https://t.co/G5g02prMDy
18 Jan, 12:45 AM UTC
Y Combinator
Tomorrow's the last day to sign up for YC office hours in NY on 1/22: https://t.co/TCKgzEOuro
17 Jan, 11:02 PM UTC
Are you looking to raise finance to fund your #startup or #scaleup? @L_pbusiness & @gotogrow_london show you how:… https://t.co/2qVmzbHczS
18 Jan, 08:30 AM UTC

Top Tweets from Billionaires

Bernie Sanders
Billionaires got their tax breaks last month, but for 113 days health insurance for 9 million children has been han… https://t.co/fbEun75c9X
17 Jan, 11:30 PM UTC
The Democrats
After a year of Trump, millionaires and billionaires are set to get a tax break while middle-class families foot th… https://t.co/RHo0CMhlqN
18 Jan, 02:30 AM UTC
Mike Bloomberg
Today our Best of Bloomberg volunteers joined @CirqueBijou & @LambethAcademy students to kick off #LumiereLDN outsi… https://t.co/YahVY3mj0v
17 Jan, 11:06 PM UTC
Mike Bloomberg
Noncommunicable diseases are the leading cause of death and a barrier to global economic development. Our new Task… https://t.co/WQdhJUyKs6
18 Jan, 01:48 PM UTC
Ray Dalio
To make effective decisions I needed a real idea meritocracy, not some theoretical version of one. Ray Dalio's photo on Billionaires
18 Jan, 05:25 PM UTC
George Soros
Data can help strengthen the right to education. An example from South Africa shows how this works in practice. https://t.co/VdA7kCTb5o
18 Jan, 11:07 AM UTC
Mike Bloomberg
To find solutions for many of the world’s challenges, look to cities. Glad to speak w/@NatGeoMag’s @SusanBGoldberg… https://t.co/wSsvAssmcs
18 Jan, 07:16 PM UTC
Michael Dell
From Big Data to Big Intelligence: Six Key Trends Shaping IT for 2018 - Direct2DellEMC @theICToptimist https://t.co/SQr0Cz71IZ
18 Jan, 06:11 PM UTC
Carl Icahn
We just released a statement (including other important information) on $XRX – available here: https://t.co/MePX4N8T1Y
18 Jan, 02:01 PM UTC

Top Tweets on VCs

Perhaps one reason why yoga and meditation are hard to sustain is that they have no extrinsic value. Purely single player games.
18 Jan, 06:40 AM UTC
A wise man once told me: “Someone, somewhere, has to be happy all the time... might as well be me!”
18 Jan, 06:43 AM UTC
Jason M. Lemkin 🦄
What I learned from 5 weeks in Beijing + Shanghai: - startup creation + velocity dwarfs anything in SF - no one in… https://t.co/UW2JHrmkVG
18 Jan, 05:04 PM UTC
Why is it that the left controls the Overton Window and the right does not? Perhaps this is @nntaleb ‘s “most intolerant wins” in action.
18 Jan, 05:03 AM UTC
One explanation for the Fermi Paradox is that any sufficiently evolved species eventually perfects wireheading.
18 Jan, 04:54 AM UTC
Mark Suster
1/ I did the "long read" of @stevenbjohnson's Blockchain article late last night. It's a must read. It makes a conc… https://t.co/I35iv1mgkp
18 Jan, 03:35 PM UTC
Jason M. Lemkin 🦄
There is never ever any shame in asking for help In fact, it's a sign of someone that can be trusted
18 Jan, 04:56 AM UTC
Venture Capital
🤣Trump’s Fake News Awards Fake Site is OFLINE‼️🤣🤣 https://t.co/WvAWxTMmFe
18 Jan, 01:06 AM UTC
Venture Capital
🔥Mueller is investigating suspicious bank transactions with Russians - including Kislyak and a small contractor 😳 https://t.co/HI4M8i7NwW
18 Jan, 12:24 AM UTC
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