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Chris D'Elia
I love this shit.
18 Nov, 06:19 PM UTC

Don Cherry

Special K
If u don’t know who @bts_bighit is, you will! Hear them on @krbe teaching us Korean. 540p
18 Nov, 10:23 PM UTC


Adam Schiff
Thank you again, Mr. President, for showing such maturity and magnanimity. Your words demonstrate why, as you say,…
18 Nov, 08:19 PM UTC

Incredibles 2

i swear to god if liI kids ruin my incredibles 2 viewing experience next summer I'm fighting parents.
18 Nov, 05:26 PM UTC

After 40

Common White Girl
Getting your first degree after 21 is still an achievement. Being married after 30 is still beautiful. Starting a f…
18 Nov, 08:03 PM UTC


me: is single clickbait: is he cheating on you? me:
18 Nov, 05:59 PM UTC


Chelsea FC
What a way to mark Antonio Conte's 50th Premier League game in charge of the Blues! 🙌 #WBACHE
18 Nov, 05:28 PM UTC


Common White Girl
my future husband is going to have the coolest wife lol u go dude
18 Nov, 09:43 PM UTC

Justice League

Patton Oswalt
Having dinner with this beauty. Her frozen smile shows how interesting my monotone rant about JUSTICE LEAGUE is.
18 Nov, 11:21 PM UTC


S.E.Mはスタジオにはいないです🙄DRAMATIC STARSの3人がスタジオ生出演ですよー! #SideM #NAOMIの部屋
18 Nov, 04:05 PM UTC


Rob “Not A Guru” Taub
Chance The Rapper killed the Hockey skit on Saturday Night Live #SNL
19 Nov, 05:45 AM UTC

Paul Byron
Kyrie Irving scored 30 PTS and made 10 of 12 FGA (83%). Last @celtics player with at least 30 pts while making 80%…
19 Nov, 05:14 AM UTC


VVS Laxman
Awesome stuff from @BhuviOfficial & @MdShami11 this morning.Thoroughly enjoying watching it. #INDvSL
19 Nov, 05:53 AM UTC

Velveteen Dream

"Enjoy infamy... VELVETEEN DREAM!" Looks like @VelveteenWWE got what he wanted from @WWEAleister, after all.…
19 Nov, 01:40 AM UTC

David Cassidy

The Associated Press
'Partridge Family' star David Cassidy, who is 67 and has suffered health issues, is in a Florida hospital, 'surroun…
18 Nov, 09:14 PM UTC

Final Score

Notre Dame Football
Final score: Navy 17 - #8 ND 24 #GoIrish☘️ #NAVYvsND
18 Nov, 11:35 PM UTC

Azzedine Alaïa

Emmanuel Macron
Azzedine Alaïa est parti, emportant avec lui son regard si singulier sur le monde. Ses œuvres restent des fragments…
18 Nov, 03:52 PM UTC


JYP Boy Trainees
171118 Minho was spotted with Stray Kids members. First one(holding the door) - Felix Navy cap - Woojin Gray hoodi…
18 Nov, 11:54 AM UTC

Shea Weber

Brady Trettenero
The ref cam of Jordie Benn and Shea Weber beating up on Nazem Kadri is terrifying
19 Nov, 02:22 AM UTC


Daniel Schneider
44 years ago you would have been lucky to see any Bald Eagles in the United States, let alone 4 together. The Endan…
19 Nov, 02:44 AM UTC


Bath time for the babies 💞 #BeKindToElephants
18 Nov, 02:28 PM UTC


Chicago Blackhawks
When they take the field on Jan. 1, 2019, for the #WinterClassic, it won't be the first time the #Blackhawks play a…
18 Nov, 09:51 PM UTC


Kevin Baron
JUST IN: Top US nuclear commander, Gen. Hyten, says if given an order to launch nuclear weapons he deems "illegal"…
18 Nov, 01:51 PM UTC


Barstool Hawkeyes
One last time for the seniors. Get the fuck up. It’s Hawkeye gameday in Iowa City
18 Nov, 03:33 PM UTC

Brayden Schenn

St. Louis Blues
BLUES GOAL!!! Brayden Schenn extends his point streak to seven games with a game-winning goal. Game over! #stlblues
19 Nov, 05:40 AM UTC


BT Sport Football
Man Utd 4-1 Newcastle FT: The Red Devils have scored 16 goals in just five Premier League games when Paul Pogba ha…
18 Nov, 07:23 PM UTC


Philadelphia Flyers
GOAL! Nolan takes back our lead, 4-3. #CGYvsPHI
18 Nov, 07:34 PM UTC


😍😍🐾🐾My non political tweet of the day. Come on....come on!! Let’s PLAY‼️ 🤣😍😎🐾 #DogLovers #SaturdayNight
19 Nov, 03:37 AM UTC


Nashville Predators
#Preds with the 5-2 W over the Avs tonight in #Smashville! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 #COLvsNSH
19 Nov, 03:39 AM UTC


Bryan Hayes
19 Nov, 02:29 AM UTC

Duron Carter

Sask. Roughriders
"We're NOT going back to Regina, we're going right back to Ottawa."👍 [Duron Carter]
18 Nov, 05:10 PM UTC

The Oilers

Dallas Stars
STARS WIN!!! All is right again as the Stars turn in another strong performance on home ice, defeating the Oilers 6…
18 Nov, 09:43 PM UTC

Kyle Connor

Longhorn Network
Bowl-eligibility dance. Knee is looking strong there, Connor.
18 Nov, 09:27 PM UTC

5-0 Leafs

Toronto Maple Leafs
The @MapleLeafs head home from Montreal with a 6 - 0 win and @Proteautype has your 5 Takeaways. 📰 :…
19 Nov, 03:23 AM UTC


Winnipeg Jets
JETS WIN!! JETS WIN!! #NHLJets with some matinee magic beating the #NJDevils 5-2. #GoJetsGo #RiseTogether
18 Nov, 10:34 PM UTC


.@NiallOfficial shares a special holiday greeting! Catch The Original #SantaClausParade Sunday at 4:30et/mt. cc:…
18 Nov, 04:00 PM UTC

Matt Martin

Chris Johnston
The #leafs fifth goal was Auston Matthews from Mitch Marner and Matt Martin. First time Matthews and Marner have ever connected on a goal.
19 Nov, 02:35 AM UTC


James Mirtle
Martin. Matthews. Marner. Never break them up.
19 Nov, 02:45 AM UTC


Jagmeet Singh
Today we're having conversations across the country, in coffee shops, on the street, at the door & online We can b…
18 Nov, 06:12 PM UTC


Folklore Film Fest
Directed by husband-and-wife team Mikhail Tsekhanovsky & Vera Tsekhanovskaya; based on tale by Hans Christian Ander…
18 Nov, 07:57 PM UTC

Western Final

SMent EXO! D-9
ASIAN/AUSTRALIAN EXO-Ls you did it 🎉 you have come to the final wave of the day💪🏻 thanks for hanging in there so st…
18 Nov, 02:00 PM UTC


Canadiens Montréal
Pacioretty, Drouin et Benn confirment qu'ils affronteront les Leafs ce soir. Pacioretty, Drouin, and Benn all conf…
18 Nov, 04:02 PM UTC

Trending This Week


Jimmy Kimmel Live
.@JimmyKimmel meets #BTS! @BTS_twt #Kimmel #BTSArmy #BTSxJimmyKimmel
16 Nov, 03:34 AM UTC


Cristiano Ronaldo
A Alana Martina acaba de nascer! Tanto a Geo como a Alana estão muito bem! Estamos todos muito felizes! ❤️
12 Nov, 08:24 PM UTC

South Dakota

Fuck Thanksgiving
Just a reminder last year on Thanksgiving that Natives were being tortured with dogs, illegal scare tactics, being…
17 Nov, 02:04 AM UTC


Stephen Colbert
Welcome home, @RealDonaldTrump! While you were gone we started actually punishing people for sexual harassment so, you know, heads up.
15 Nov, 04:12 AM UTC


Professor asked what “ghosted” meant and this girl said “what Brian over there did to me 3 weeks ago” it’s time for me to head on home
14 Nov, 07:58 PM UTC


Complex UK
Drake threatens fan who was groping woman at a club: "I will f*ck you up"
15 Nov, 06:11 PM UTC


Henny J🍾💫
When u on your 4th plate so u keep narrowing it down to just the foods your really fw
15 Nov, 04:00 AM UTC


Yashar Ali 🐘
That tusk belongs to her mama and no one else...and it's not a partisan statement to say that.
16 Nov, 04:02 PM UTC


17 Nov, 02:42 AM UTC

25 Tesla

David Hodge
Close up video of Tesla Roadster launching from zero
17 Nov, 05:18 AM UTC

Al Franken

Leeann Tweeden
I’ve decided it’s time to tell my story. #MeToo
16 Nov, 03:06 PM UTC


Keith Boykin
If Obama had spent 5 years lying about George Bush’s birth certificate, had 5 kids from 3 women, and his third wife…
13 Nov, 01:28 PM UTC


Donald J. Trump
Will be leaving the Philippines tomorrow after many days of constant mtgs & work in order to #MAGA! My promises are rapidly being fulfilled.
13 Nov, 12:33 PM UTC


It's official! We'd like to welcome the newest member of the #ORIGINPCFamily - @pewdiepie! To celebrate our partne…
15 Nov, 05:21 PM UTC


Young Thug ひ
And that's the reason we should try again 💕💕
12 Nov, 09:06 PM UTC

Blake Shelton

Stephen Colbert
“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” There comes a time when one can n…
16 Nov, 04:47 AM UTC


Here we go! Can't wait to perform @MTVEMA #mtvema
12 Nov, 07:20 PM UTC


u ever seen a dog and be like damn
12 Nov, 07:44 PM UTC


Selena Gomez
Wolves video x @marshmellomusic is out now! Watch it first on @applemusic. 🐺
17 Nov, 04:08 PM UTC


Just @KingJames & the @cavs making the Monday morning NY subway commute. NBD.
13 Nov, 05:55 PM UTC


石原さとみさんとマフィア梶田さんの年齢差 #シンゴジラ
12 Nov, 01:02 PM UTC


Full Frontal
Psst, @Keurig, you don’t have to apologize for “taking sides” when one of the sides is pro-pedophilia.
13 Nov, 05:19 PM UTC

Daniel Carr

Carl Fridh Kleberg
Subtle indication there may be a coup: your news anchor is suddenly this guy, telling you it’s totally not a coup.
15 Nov, 07:10 AM UTC


Bleacher Report
Things getting chippy between LeBron and the Knicks 👀
14 Nov, 01:10 AM UTC

Logan Brown

Boston Celtics
FINAL: Celtics 92, Warriors 88. All five Celtics starters scored in double-figures as the C's push they winning st…
17 Nov, 03:41 AM UTC


Austin McBroom
My heart beats for you 💙
16 Nov, 01:18 AM UTC


Chuck Bass
Or what?? You gonna steal her wig??
12 Nov, 04:16 PM UTC


Andrew Sims aka The Sims
This year’s Cards Against Humanity holiday stunt: They purchased a plot of land on the border to stop Trump from bu…
14 Nov, 04:48 PM UTC


Lady Gaga
Happy #worldkindessday #WorldKindnessDay THIS IS THE BEST DAY EVER❤️ my wish is for you all to know how happy it ma…
13 Nov, 11:08 PM UTC


WeRateDogs™ (the good boy quantifier)
This is Oliver. He wanted you to have these flowers. Picked them out himself. Hopes they’re your favorite color. 14…
14 Nov, 05:20 PM UTC


the Australian people have spoken loud and clear. #LoveIsLove 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈
14 Nov, 11:27 PM UTC

Al Montoya

Estas re en pedo en el boliche y tu amigo se va al baño
14 Nov, 12:03 AM UTC


Lady Gaga
On the road to Kentucky. Gas stop. Why do we look like 3 teenagers waiting for an adult to buy us 40s.…
12 Nov, 08:26 PM UTC


sachin tendulkar
This Children's Day, let's do something really special for our kids. Keep them healthy and fit. Encourage them to t…
14 Nov, 01:55 PM UTC

Lil Peep

So sad to hear the news about Lil Peep. So heartbreaking. My heart goes out to his family, friends and fans 💕
16 Nov, 02:41 PM UTC


#cashcarti #playboi
16 Nov, 07:49 AM UTC


Lauren Jauregui
Babies I need you to know, like truly know how much I appreciate each & every single one of you & the amount of lov…
17 Nov, 03:28 AM UTC

RIP Lil Peep

Chris Jericho
Lil Peep overdosed on his tour bus and his folks thought he was just sleep for hours. Don't let this new age "pill…
16 Nov, 06:26 AM UTC

After 1

These guys are the coolest! Who's loving #BTSOnSeacrest?? More coming up with @BTS_twt after tell me something good…
17 Nov, 02:48 PM UTC


Joel Embiid is the first NBA player with 40+ points, 7+ assists and 7+ blocks in a game ... since Julius Erving in…
16 Nov, 06:18 AM UTC

World Cup

Christian Pulisic
A message to our fans 🇺🇸 Read my piece on @PlayersTribune
13 Nov, 03:35 PM UTC
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