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Bette Midler
In the midst of the #Omarosa flap, one does have to admit, #Trump has achieved great depths; he has brought in the tackiest, seediest, shabbiest group of chiselers the American people have ever had to pay their hard earned tax dollars to.
14 Aug, 12:26 AM UTC


Talk about super fans! Congrats to @MelissaBenoist on her #TeenChoice Award! #Supergirl Supergirl's photo on #Supergirl
13 Aug, 10:30 PM UTC


Giancarlo Esposito
May tonight’s episode satisfy you. #BetterCallSaul Giancarlo Esposito's photo on #BetterCallSaul
13 Aug, 07:56 PM UTC


R Λ Z Ξ R 🇩🇪
⚔️ FOLLOW & RETWEET #GEWINNSPIEL Mach dich bereit für den Kampf! Damit du der Konkurrenz immer voraus bist, verlosen wir für #BattleForAzeroth eine Razer Naga Trinity. Das #Giveaway endet am 16.08.2018 um 23:59 Uhr. Werdet ihr #FürDieAllianz oder #FürDieHorde kämpfen? R Λ Z Ξ R  🇩🇪's photo on #BattleForAzeroth
13 Aug, 12:08 PM UTC

The Ontario

Andrea Horwath
Ontarians made more than 1,600 calls to PC MPPs telling Doug Ford to stop his undemocratic election meddling. Will Mr. Ford respect the people of Ontario, or will he behave like a dictator by using Bill 5 to settle personal beefs and go after his political rivals? #onpoli #topoli Andrea Horwath's photo on The Ontario
13 Aug, 06:32 PM UTC

Coach K

Coach: I don’t care why body part you use, just get the ball in the net. Me: SoccerGirlProblems®'s photo on Coach K
13 Aug, 12:20 PM UTC


David Lammy
Peter, it's "fukin immigrants" who make up 12.5% of the NHS' staff, 19.7% of workers on house building sites, and "fuckin" EU immigrants who contribute £1.34 to the UK for every £1 they take out. Yeah we have housing problems. Let’s end right to buy and build some council houses.
13 Aug, 11:27 AM UTC


13 Aug, 10:10 PM UTC

Brady Tkachuk

Ottawa Senators
News Release: #Sens sign fourth overall selection Brady Tkachuk to entry-level contract: Communiqué : Les #Sens accordent un contrat d’entrée à l’attaquant Brady Tkachuk : Ottawa Senators's photo on Brady Tkachuk
13 Aug, 07:25 PM UTC

Jack White

Omar Sharif Jr.
Really @Disney #JungleCruise ? Your first significant gay role will be played by a straight white man perpetuating stereotypes? Fail! This ship should sink.
13 Aug, 09:34 AM UTC

Maxime Bernier

Spencer Fernando 🇨🇦
It’s very obvious what Maxime Bernier is saying: People from all different backgrounds make up Canada, and to ensure our country is strong we need to unify people around shared values, rather than focusing on differences. This is common sense.
13 Aug, 03:11 PM UTC


Ann Marie Pincivero
To review: Tia tells Becca it's OK to date Colton. Colton makes it far into the process & falls for Becca. Tia tells Becca I changed my mind. Becca dumps Colton. Tia is mad that Colton isn't super psyched to date her...? What part makes Colton the bad guy?! #BachelorInParadise Ann Marie Pincivero's photo on #BachelorInParadise
14 Aug, 01:17 AM UTC

Aretha Franklin

Claire Underwood
I Say a Little Prayer for Aretha Franklin 🙏 Claire Underwood's photo on Aretha Franklin
13 Aug, 07:15 AM UTC


Marvel Studios
Your #TeenChoice Sci-Fi Movie Actor is...@chrishemsworth for Thor: Ragnarok. Congrats! Marvel Studios's photo on #TeenChoice
13 Aug, 04:48 AM UTC


Neha Kakkar
Such patriotic feels!! ♥️ Hey guys! Come & Participate with me in the #ProudlyIndian chain. Let’s take this forward and cherish our love for #India. What a lovely initiative by @LavaMobile . #Respect #JaiHind 🙏🏼 Neha Kakkar's photo on #respect
13 Aug, 07:51 AM UTC


Only In Boston
Notable Left Handed People: Neil Armstrong Justin Bieber Bill Clinton Chewbacca Albert Einstein Eminem Lady Gaga Bill Gates Jimi Hendrix Angelina Jolie Paul McCartney Barack Obama Brad Pitt Babe Ruth Jerry Seinfeld Mark Wahlberg Oprah Winfrey #NationalLeftHandersDay
13 Aug, 12:30 PM UTC


Marco Rubio
The stupid sow discord by their insolence, but wisdom is with those who take counsel. Proverbs 13:10
13 Aug, 10:40 AM UTC


Gregory Pecker 👍
SPOILER: This is actually who’s been texting Ricky from Columbia. #90DayFiance #BeforeThe90Days Gregory Pecker 👍's photo on #90DayFiance
13 Aug, 01:30 AM UTC


The best of the best from Sunday at the #PGAChamp PGA TOUR's photo on #PGAChamp
13 Aug, 11:00 AM UTC

Bill 5

Tim Kaine
By signing this bill, President Trump has enacted into law my legislation to help military spouses get good jobs. With their unemployment rate 3-5 times the national average, I'm really proud of this law. It will do a lot of good for these patriotic families.
13 Aug, 08:50 PM UTC


Michael Nöthem
💥RETWEET💥 if you are one of the 63,000,000 voters that will NEVER leave him! We will see @realDonaldTrump through November with #RedWaveRising2018 and then "landslide win" in 2020. We have your back, Mr. President. #MondayMood #MAGA #MondayMotivation #FoxNews #MondayMorning Michael Nöthem's photo on #MondayMood
13 Aug, 01:49 PM UTC


lil phag
“You don’t know the history of the westboro Baptist Church, elijah” lmfao shut the fuck up @petermonn. I know my history. I named my album after a church and belief that plagued my childhood and made me feel like being gay was evil. The only tea you have is bitter and cold.
13 Aug, 09:36 AM UTC


Duke Basketball
Our guy @RjBarrett6 is 😎😁 about getting back home to 🇨🇦! #DukeCanadaTour Duke Basketball's photo on #DukeCanadaTour
13 Aug, 02:48 PM UTC

Rafael Nadal

Caroline Cameron
Rafael Nadal just surprised all the @rogerscup volunteers at their end of tournament party: “I just came here to say, thank you very very much for everything you’re doing for our sport. Without you this wouldn’t be possible...I hope you enjoy the party.” Class act.
13 Aug, 12:08 AM UTC

Brooks Koepka

Kyle Porter
Tiger Woods wins the 2018 PGA Championship with a score of -14. Brooks Koepka finishes in second at -16.
12 Aug, 11:05 PM UTC

Jim Neidhart

Ric Flair®
My Good Friend Jim Neidhart, A World Class Athlete And A Man Among Men. Rest In Peace. Ric Flair®'s photo on Jim Neidhart
13 Aug, 03:14 PM UTC

Adam Scott

Tiger Tracker
Bogey at the last from Adam Scott gives Tiger a solo second-place finish. Whoda thunk it?
12 Aug, 11:03 PM UTC


Natasha Rothwell
"Don't talk about what me and my wife do." #INSECUREHBO Natasha Rothwell's photo on #InsecureHBO
13 Aug, 03:04 AM UTC


Bleacher Report
What a run 🐅 @TigerWoods (-14) completes round two shots back at the #PGAChampionship; will finish top 10 for second straight major Bleacher Report's photo on #PGAChampionship
12 Aug, 10:40 PM UTC


#ÚLTIMAHORA Rafa Nadal, campeón del Masters 1.000 de Toronto tras ganar la final ante Tsitsipas
12 Aug, 09:55 PM UTC

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Conservative Party
Here are our 2018 Summer Interns! They are going to help us beat Justin Trudeau in 2019 and elect @AndrewScheer as our next Prime Minister! #cdnpoli Conservative Party's photo on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau
12 Aug, 09:34 PM UTC


National Geographic
For a baby elephant, there's no greater joy than a mud bath #WorldElephantDay National Geographic's photo on #WorldElephantDay
12 Aug, 10:04 PM UTC

Simona Halep

.@Simona_Halep takes her second @CoupeRogers title! Outlasts Stephens 7-6(6), 3-6, 6-3, in a high-quality epic! WTA's photo on Simona Halep
12 Aug, 08:24 PM UTC


Amee Vanderpool
OMG, this video of Jason Kessler on the Vienna Station platform frantically making a call after they take his wooden flag poles away is delicious. #ShutItDownDC #UniteTheRight2 #AllOutDC Amee Vanderpool's photo on #UniteTheRight2
12 Aug, 07:02 PM UTC


Adam Schiff
Heather Heyer was murdered by a white supremacist in Charlottesville last year as neo-nazis, the KKK, & white supremacist groups violently rallied for their hateful ideology. We have a moral obligation to stand up to hatred & bigotry. There are not two sides, only right & wrong.
13 Aug, 01:53 AM UTC


Justin Trudeau
During tough times, we pull together. Today, @MattDeCourcey and I joined a grieving community to remember the victims of Friday’s shooting. #FrederictonStrong Justin Trudeau's photo on #FrederictonStrong
12 Aug, 11:10 PM UTC


عامر عبدالله المري
اذا تمت صفقة ليما للنصر السعودي وعقب ما راح عموري للهلال ورومارينيو الاتحاد أشقاؤنا السعوديين باقي مبخوت وخليل وكمن واحد ونقفل دورينا ونسوي معسكر طويل لكأس اسيا ونلغي لجنة الانضباط والحكام والمعلقين والمحللين اصلا الإجازة حلوة
13 Aug, 03:04 PM UTC


Troll Football
1. New 2. Season 3. Same 4. Arsenal
12 Aug, 04:46 PM UTC

V.S. Naipaul

Ayaan Hirsi Ali
V. S. Naipaul was and remains one of my heroes. R.I.P.
13 Aug, 02:20 AM UTC


Erika Costell
12 Aug, 11:11 PM UTC


Yay, us lefties have our very own day. #LeftHandersDay DrivingMissDaisy's photo on #LeftHandersDay
13 Aug, 07:44 AM UTC


Chicago Cubs
Cubs win! Cubs WALK OFF! Final: #Cubs 4, #Nats 3. #EverybodyIn Chicago Cubs's photo on #cubs
13 Aug, 03:04 AM UTC

chris jones

Sleeping Giants
.@shannoncoulter has an idea. And a point: If @jack refuses to honor @Twitter’s own Terms, that all of us are required to follow except for Alex Jones, why should its users remain a commodity to sell advertising? We are Twitter’s most valuable asset and he’s alienated all of us.
12 Aug, 09:44 PM UTC


Western & Southern Open
When you get *THIS* close to the stars @WesternSouthern and literally don’t know what to do with yourself… 😂😳 @KaPliskova #CincyTennis Western & Southern Open's photo on #CincyTennis
12 Aug, 06:54 PM UTC


Melanie Pamela Scrofano
Cried all the way home reading your letters. Thank you for sharing a part of yourselves with us, you beautiful wonderful souls. #Earpers #EHConCanada
13 Aug, 12:24 AM UTC

Max Scherzer

Starting 9
Max Scherzer is an insane person Starting 9's photo on Max Scherzer
13 Aug, 01:55 AM UTC


Bukola Saraki
Today, on #InternationalYouthDay, I join the world in celebrating the contributions of our young people to the development of our nation. While also acknowledging their power and immense potential, we reiterate our commitment to creating more opportunities for all our youth. Bukola Saraki's photo on #InternationalYouthDay
12 Aug, 02:42 PM UTC


Yana, 20, was born with HIV in Ukraine. Her strength will inspire you. #YouthDay UNICEF's photo on #YouthDay
12 Aug, 01:00 PM UTC


Jennifer Lopez
Only 2️⃣ more episodes of #ShadesOfBlue and it’s all over‼️ TUNE IN TONIGHT‼️ We’re definitely going out with a 💥 💥 💥 @nbcshadesofblue @nbc 10/9c Jennifer Lopez's photo on #ShadesOfBlue
12 Aug, 03:57 PM UTC


Happy 1 year anniversary to the love of my life @JGhosty here is to many more! Ninja's photo on Ninja
12 Aug, 05:34 PM UTC


Tom Hall ☘
Easy like #SundayMorning 🦋 #SundayFunday via @Chrisbailey797 Tom Hall ☘'s photo on #SundayFunday
12 Aug, 05:56 PM UTC
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