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Vice President Mike Pence
Today @march_for_life will with one voice call on the United States to rededicate itself to the most fundamental right enshrined in our Declaration of Independence – the unalienable right to life. #whywemarch #MarchforLife Read my op-ed in the @NRO:
19 Jan, 12:30 PM UTC


Seattle Sounders FC
Another one! With the 22nd pick in @MLS #SuperDraft 2018, the Seattle Sounders select midfielder Alex Roldan! Seattle Sounders FC's photo on #SuperDraft
19 Jan, 06:02 PM UTC


Donald Trump Jr.
Hey @AdamSchiff you were very vocal after and almost certainly leaked info during my private testimony. All of a sudden you are rather quiet about this memo. I thought you were all about transparency? 🤔 #FullOfSchiff #ReleaseTheMemo
19 Jan, 04:43 PM UTC


That #FridayFeeling. 💯🔥 Betsafe's photo on #FridayFeeling
19 Jan, 08:18 AM UTC


Clark Gregg
It shows. #agentsofSHIELD #100Episodes
20 Jan, 02:06 AM UTC

Dustin Brown

Pittsburgh Penguins
Penguins: 3 Kings: 1 Dustin Brown: Game Misconduct
19 Jan, 05:56 AM UTC


Protesters gather in a US Senate office building in Washington, chanting in support of protection for Dreamers as the possibility of a government shutdown looms over Capitol Hill. CNN's photo on Washington
19 Jan, 10:56 PM UTC

Randal Grichuk

Toronto Blue Jays
We've acquired OF Randal Grichuk from the Cardinals in exchange for RHP Dominic Leone and RHP Conner Greene. Last season, Grichuk hit 22 home runs with 59 RBI and 25 doubles in 122 games. Toronto Blue Jays's photo on Randal Grichuk
19 Jan, 09:16 PM UTC

After 2

Dan Bongino
After they #ReleaseTheMemo Obama will only have two options: OPTION 1) I didn’t know anything about the most important CI investigation in American history, despite being notified about it,or OPTION 2) I did know and I approved of using the police state to spy on my opposition.
19 Jan, 05:55 PM UTC


You Want Statistics? Democrats are choosing 700,000 illegal aliens over ✔️1.3 Million soldiers ✔️50,000 homeless Veterans ✔️15 Million children in poverty ✔️500,000 homeless Americans ✔️9 Million children needing CHIP Democrats don't care about us. #TrumpShutdown
20 Jan, 02:54 AM UTC


Manchester United
1 January 2018: @PaulPogba ➡️ @AnthonyMartial ➡️ Goal 15 January 2018: @PaulPogba ➡️ @AnthonyMartial ➡️ Goal Déjà vu! ✨ #MUFC Manchester United's photo on GOAL
19 Jan, 09:15 AM UTC


Joy Reid
Keep in mind, REPUBLICANS let CHIP expire last year. They could have reauthorized it at any time, and could reauthorize it today. They could vote right now. They're not, because they wanted to use those 9 million kids as hostages.
19 Jan, 04:22 PM UTC


Christian Powe
Fresh Prince of Bel Air was prophetic. I see this literally everyday on Twitter and a lot of you women never catch on 😂 Christian Powe's photo on Cougars
19 Jan, 01:04 PM UTC

Barry and Honey Sherman

#Breaking The Sherman family's private investigation into the deaths of billionaire Barry Sherman and his wife Honey indicate it was a double murder, not murder suicide, sources say. #StarInvestigation
20 Jan, 12:46 AM UTC


Chris Evert
SO impressed with the great effort from @LaurenDavis93 and @Simona_Halep Both deserved to win that match.👏👍💪
20 Jan, 04:02 AM UTC


San Antonio Spurs
Players with 1,000+ points in each of the last 11 straight seasons: 1. LeBron James 2. LaMarcus Aldridge That’s it, that’s the list.
20 Jan, 12:14 AM UTC

Diplomatic Immunity

Hip Hop
Drake is dropping two songs tonight: “God’s Plan” ft. Trippie Redd “Diplomatic Immunity”
20 Jan, 04:14 AM UTC


We know @K9Flex_JPD is ready for #LivePD tonight, but are you? The weather forecast in Indiana for tonight is calling for K9 Flex and a side of Sgt. Leverett. 😀 #LivePDNation #bluepawsmatter #BackTheBlue #gifty 🎾🐾💙 such a handsome boy... #LivePDNation's photo on #LivePD
19 Jan, 12:22 PM UTC

Red Fisher

Michael Farber
Sad news. Red Fisher, the chroniquer and conscience of hockey, died today. He was 91.
19 Jan, 09:20 PM UTC


Coordinadora 25S
Si amenazas de muerte a Albert Rivera por Facebook, la policía te detiene. Pero si te subes a un tanque y lo haces con Puigdemont y Pablo Iglesias, se echan unas risas Coordinadora 25S's photo on Titan
19 Jan, 04:30 PM UTC

Tom Petty

Frederick Douglass
I can't help but feeling that if Tom Petty was going to trend again, for any reason, It would be today. Almost like he wanted to remind us all to never back down. God bless you, Tom. RIP #TrumpShutDown
20 Jan, 01:12 AM UTC


What did you think of tonight’s #Supernatural, West Coast? Don’t go anywhere because #Arrow is new NOW on The CW. Supernatural's photo on #Supernatural
19 Jan, 05:00 AM UTC


Ariel Helwani
If there was ever an indication needed as to who the most powerful person in MMA is, that was it. Pretty incredible, really. Like it or not, that was a testament to what McGregor has built.
19 Jan, 11:18 PM UTC


Pablo Feliz Navarro
#WomensMarch #womensrights #ImpeachTrump #TheResistance #resist #ResistanceUnited #ThursdayThoughts #MarchForImpeachment #ImpeachmentMarch No excuses EVERY MAJOR CITY!! Pablo Feliz Navarro's photo on #WomensMarch
19 Jan, 04:44 PM UTC


QAnon +++
The BIGGEST Political #Scandal our country has ever seen is about to be exposed. You know #TheFour on the list: Hillary Clinton Loretta Lynch Barack Obama Debbie Wasserman Schultz The House will be ROCKED! #QAnon #UraniumOne #FusionGPS #PedoGate #FISA #FolllowTheWhiteRabbit QAnon +++'s photo on #Scandal
19 Jan, 02:15 AM UTC


The SHAKU SHAKU dancer of the year award goes to this"OYIBO PEPPER"😍😍😍😍😁😁😁 #TGIF #FridayFeeling #friyay WWW.KRAKS.CO's photo on #friyay
19 Jan, 12:25 PM UTC


Greys Anatomy
Retweet if your stomach just sank. #GreysAnatomy
19 Jan, 01:48 AM UTC


Nick Short 🇺🇸
Who made the requests to unmask the identity of Americans named in intel reports on behalf of Power? If they were authorized to do this, why didn’t they make request under their own name? And if they aren’t, why did Power allow them to use her clearance to do it? #FlashbackFriday
19 Jan, 05:56 PM UTC

Bill Manning

Ezra Klein
I've never seen anything as cynical in politics as Republicans spending 4 months refusing to reauthorize the Children's Health Insurance Program, then attaching reauthorization to another controversial bill, then blaming Democrats for not supporting CHIP. It's breathtaking.
19 Jan, 12:48 PM UTC


Brian Fallon
Very proud to be a Democrat tonight as our senators stand up to a racist President on behalf of vulnerable young immigrant kids whose only sin is wanting to become Americans.
19 Jan, 03:36 AM UTC

Eric Lindros

"Eric Lindros, from tonight until eternity, your number 88 will never by worn by another Philadelphia Flyers player." NHL's photo on Eric Lindros
19 Jan, 02:03 AM UTC


とぉ FGO
ときめきオルタ倶楽部リリィ とぉ FGO's photo on Pillar
19 Jan, 02:47 PM UTC


Stephen King
Coming in May. Stephen King's photo on Moose
19 Jan, 03:01 AM UTC


it wasn’t a suggestion, mitch
19 Jan, 08:51 PM UTC


Feel Good Contacts
It's #NationalPopcornDay and we're giving you the chance to #win £20 #Odeon Giftcard! Just Follow & RT to enter Ends: 22/01/18 Feel Good Contacts's photo on #NationalPopcornDay
19 Jan, 09:40 AM UTC

Sea King

Stephen King sigue escribiendo, lee novelas de otros y ve series, yo me levanto, tiendo la cama y ya son las diez de la noche y me voy a dormir.
19 Jan, 12:45 AM UTC


Aaron Rodgers
Deep thoughts with Joe. Can't wait to read the next one #ThursdayThoughts #joecallahanbrain #BigTomsForgottenSon #brakepads #halfamillion #chickenwings
19 Jan, 01:17 AM UTC

50 Cent

Eric Cherry
Someone said the Ja Rule and 50 cent beef is old enough to drive 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I can't stop laughing!!!!
19 Jan, 02:45 PM UTC


Louie Gohmert
Read the CLASSIFIED @HouseIntelComm memo on repeated FISA warrant abuses. The truth may not set the guilty free but it needs to come out. Release the #FISAMemo:
19 Jan, 12:08 AM UTC


Jensen Ackles
Make sure to watch the return of #supernatural and our #waywardsisters tonight on…
18 Jan, 09:58 PM UTC


Toei Animation
Botamo looks awfully familiar... 🤔 #WinnieThePoohDay Toei Animation's photo on #WinnieThePoohDay
18 Jan, 11:24 PM UTC


new YIAY in like 90 minutes RT if you're ugly and proud
19 Jan, 08:32 PM UTC


#MusicTaughtMe that #Gleeks are the best! GLEE's photo on #MusicTaughtMe
18 Jan, 09:00 PM UTC


Pat McAfee
Hey @amazon... Indianapolis is an absolutely magical place. Can't wait to be neighbors with you #AmazonHQ2 Pat McAfee's photo on #AmazonHQ2
18 Jan, 09:24 PM UTC


Philadelphia Flyers
#Flyers WIN in OT! #TORvsPHI Next game Sat. vs. NJD, 1pm. Philadelphia Flyers's photo on Flyers
19 Jan, 03:42 AM UTC


Ron Wyden
CHIP expired 111 days ago – you didn’t seem to mind until these kids became a useful political hostage.
19 Jan, 06:29 PM UTC


Breitbart News
However could they have avoided this disaster?
18 Jan, 09:36 PM UTC


Claude Taylor
We received this today from the Richmond office of a national billboard company “We will not accept any attack ads for any PAC insinuating that our president has a nefarious relationship with a communist dictator”.
18 Jan, 11:34 PM UTC


My girl is really beautiful as fuck
19 Jan, 01:17 AM UTC


Rita Ora
It's finally here! I'm beyond #PROUD to share my new song inspired by YOUR stories of acceptance - in collaboration with @ABSOLUTvodka_US. Listen NOW at and keep the acceptance going ❤️🤗 #partner #refreshthetalk Rita Ora's photo on #partner
19 Jan, 05:16 AM UTC


Hisham Al-Omeisy
No amount of words can express my gratitude for everyone's support & relentless campaigning to release me. I owe my life to you all. #Yemen Hisham Al-Omeisy's photo on #Yemen
19 Jan, 12:46 PM UTC


Mike Levin
One year ago, my wife and I attended the #WomensMarch and felt hope for the first time since Trump’s election. On the way home, we resolved to run for Congress — and we were all in. We’re thrilled and excited to be attending #WomensMarch2018 on Saturday. The fight continues! Mike Levin's photo on #WomensMarch2018
19 Jan, 01:22 AM UTC


#Concours 🎁 Une #Xbox One S édition limitée #Minecraft à gagner ! 🕹 Pour participer : - Follow @OMGSERV - #RT ce tweet OMGSERV.COM's photo on Concours
19 Jan, 04:30 PM UTC


Patton Oswalt
Perfect match! #GoogleArts Patton Oswalt's photo on #GoogleArts
18 Jan, 06:47 PM UTC

Can U.S.

Bleacher Report
Qualified for Sochi at 13 Won the X-Games at 14 Has a trick only she and Shaun White can do Watch out, Pyeongchang: Chloe Kim is the new face of U.S. snowboarding #TheHomeTeam🇺🇸 Bleacher Report's photo on Can U.S.
18 Jan, 06:23 PM UTC

Vancouver Aquarium

Quad Finn
VICTORY: Vancouver Aquarium Will No Longer Keep Whales & Dolphins in Captivity! #EmptyTheTanks Quad Finn's photo on Vancouver Aquarium
18 Jan, 09:28 PM UTC


Virginia Reginato
Por vez primera en #VIÑA2018 Tengo el agrado de confirmar a la gran banda británica de funk JAMIROQUAI @JamiroquaiHQ para el Festival de Viña del Mar 2018. Será una gran noche Anglo. Virginia Reginato #CHILE Virginia Reginato's photo on Chile
18 Jan, 07:58 PM UTC


Chuck Schumer
There is a STILL bipartisan deal from Sens Durbin & Graham to protect Dreamers AND fund @POTUS’s full request for the WALL. @realDonaldTrump, it's time to take yes for an answer.
18 Jan, 05:45 PM UTC


Samuel Sinyangwe
Trump paid Stormy Daniels six figures after she spanked him with a Forbes magazine that had Ivanka on the cover and there are people who still think the pee tape is too outlandish to be true.
18 Jan, 10:43 PM UTC

Willie O'Ree

Vegas Golden Knights
60 years ago today, Willie O’Ree became the first black player to play an NHL game. Since then, he has dedicated his life to providing opportunities for youth players of all backgrounds. On behalf of the Golden Knights, thank you, Willie. Vegas Golden Knights's photo on Willie O'Ree
18 Jan, 08:02 PM UTC

4 Sunday

FC Barcelona
📆 [KICK OFF TIME CONFIRMED] 📍 Week 23 ⚽️ #BarçaGetafe 🏠 Camp Nou ⌚️ Sunday 11/02 - 4.15pm CET 🔵🔴 #ForçaBarça FC Barcelona's photo on 4 Sunday
19 Jan, 01:20 PM UTC


The Four
Raise your hand if you feel uncomfortable right now! 🙋‍♀️ #TheFour The Four's photo on #TheFour
19 Jan, 02:03 AM UTC


Harper's Bazaar
#Riverdale's @CamilaMendes loves @adultswim and @kylemooney and she's not afraid to show it.
18 Jan, 06:10 PM UTC

Nintendo Labo

Sega CD Games
nintendo labo, 25 yrs late 2 the par ty as usual
18 Jan, 07:32 PM UTC


Time for Team #Arrow to do what they do best. New episode TONIGHT at 9/8c! Arrow's photo on #Arrow
18 Jan, 07:44 PM UTC


Agent Renee 🇺🇸
#ThursdayThoughts Although the New York Times won the grand prize for the #FakeNewsAwards, all of these are worthy of an award as well. Agent Renee 🇺🇸's photo on #FakeNewsAwards
18 Jan, 02:33 PM UTC

Keystone XL

VICTORY: TransCanada announced that it's moving forward with the Keystone XL pipeline. Thank you President Trump for jobs & energy independence. #ThursdayThoughts #KeystoneXL
18 Jan, 04:59 PM UTC


The first time I came to @sundancefest in 1994, I was keeping an eye out for one of my favorite actors: Nic Cage. This year, I’m here with @IMDb to interview the movers and shakers of #Sundance2018, including (wait for it)... Nic Cage! Dreams do come true; it just takes 24 years. KevinSmith's photo on #Sundance2018
18 Jan, 06:04 PM UTC


Doug The Pug
I’m a pug who eats everything and even I know not to eat Tide pods Doug The Pug's photo on Tide
19 Jan, 12:35 AM UTC


90s Football
Remember when Ronaldinho made Gattuso, Pirlo and Maldini look like Sunday League footballers? 🔥 #FastForwardFriday 90s Football's photo on Davie
19 Jan, 08:58 AM UTC

Stormy Daniels

All that build-up & no climax?!!! 😩 I feel like Stormy Daniels... #FailedFakeNewsAwards @HamillHimself's photo on Stormy Daniels
18 Jan, 05:07 PM UTC

Project Prism

PS4新作『GRANBLUE FANTASY PROJECT Re: LINK(仮)』ゲームプレイ映像が公開! #link #ps #ゲームプレイ映像
19 Jan, 08:40 AM UTC

Steven Page

Barenaked Ladies
BNL alongside Steven Page are the 2018 inductees into the Canadian Music HOF on March 25th in Vancouver!! 🎉 “We are honoured to be inducted into the Canadian Music HOF - We’ve traveled the world with our music, but Canada has always been home. This is very special for us.” - Ed Barenaked Ladies's photo on Steven Page
18 Jan, 12:05 PM UTC


Scott Dworkin
#TheResistance ALERT: Trump wants to blame Democrats for a #shutdown, but we won’t let him. This would be a #TrumpShutdown, everyone who retweets this agrees. He owns it. Tweet out the hashtag, let’s get it trending.
18 Jan, 02:11 PM UTC

Frederik Andersen

Chris Johnston
Frederik Andersen with strong words after the #leafs fourth straight loss: “We have to figure out who wants to play for the team.”
19 Jan, 03:55 AM UTC


Kenny Omega
Going to stream tomorrow for our BTE twitch channel. #SFVAE is happening, but what other game(s) are you hoping to see?
19 Jan, 03:20 AM UTC


Umair Siddiqui
Ahhh can’t do that to Chim man! There’s no need for having the main characters dyin away like dat.. 😒😖 #911onFOX Umair Siddiqui's photo on #911onFOX
18 Jan, 07:18 AM UTC


Overwatch League
Player of the Day honors go to @Poko_ow of the @PHL_Fusion and @Muma of the @OutlawsOW! #OWL2018 Overwatch League's photo on #OWL2018
18 Jan, 06:55 AM UTC

Patrice Bergeron

Boston Bruins
#NHLBRUINS WIN!!! 5-2 over the Islanders. A hat trick for Patrice Bergeron! Boston Bruins's photo on Patrice Bergeron
19 Jan, 02:37 AM UTC
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