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Top Tweets on Arts

The White House
#ICYMI: @SecondLady Karen Pence announced her official platform, Art Therapy: Healing with the HeART. Read more: https://t.co/Mn23jrLg7w
22 Oct, 05:23 PM UTC
"Catch Me If You Can Color" features a composition that looks as if it will fly straight off the page.… https://t.co/awvUrWrKP0
22 Oct, 04:35 PM UTC
Bold '70s-esque concept art takes its inspiration from the colors of ocean creatures. https://t.co/GFRVkIQGiF
22 Oct, 07:35 PM UTC
A pink-haired explorer views lush forest vegetation seemingly inspired by underwater plant life.… https://t.co/ymThB4UfIS
23 Oct, 01:35 AM UTC
Happy birthday to Robert Rauschenberg, born #onthisday in 1925: https://t.co/RLskObJC0Q Robert Rauschenberg, Almana… https://t.co/N7ThWAvTpl
22 Oct, 11:10 AM UTC
The Met
“It becomes a process of liberating the form within." @WSJ previews the #MetMichelangelo, opening November 13.… https://t.co/qP3TLXaVa7
23 Oct, 02:05 AM UTC

Top Tweets on Books

J.K. Rowling
Good luck. Don't let her get too attached to... well, you're safe for a few books. https://t.co/fxBLgvLTao
22 Oct, 08:24 PM UTC
Quite Interesting
Superterrain and @jve_academie have created a version of Fahrenheit 451 that can only be read when flame is applied… https://t.co/g5WWXnAGFv
22 Oct, 05:14 PM UTC
This was totally not the player's fault https://t.co/O2524RbFzC
22 Oct, 11:25 AM UTC
Bookish motivation at its finest. https://t.co/ZKq93au2vc
22 Oct, 02:00 PM UTC
What's the last book you recommended to a friend?
22 Oct, 07:00 PM UTC
New York Times Books
Mythicality is defined in a no. 1 book by @RhettandLink on our advice, how-to and misc. best-seller list https://t.co/bHbFzff6MY
22 Oct, 03:00 PM UTC

Top Tweets on Cars

Formula 1
HAM: "I know a lot of you would like to drive an F1 car. I can tell you that it's the best feeling in the world"… https://t.co/xZeg9WaQYW
22 Oct, 08:53 PM UTC
AM Joy w/Joy Reid
.@RepWilson-Why was La David separated from rest of battalion? Why was he found almost a mile away? Why wasn't he i… https://t.co/u1EfDdc4Cq
22 Oct, 02:27 PM UTC
chris harris
When your sport punishes awesomeness, you have a problem .
22 Oct, 08:49 PM UTC
RAW VIDEO: Truck driver crashes into multiple vehicles in Manhattan before trying to steal firetruck, 9 people were… https://t.co/KMPeVqo87b
22 Oct, 11:03 PM UTC
Muscle Cars
Fastback 😍
22 Oct, 05:24 PM UTC
chris harris
Ah, so track limits only matter at the end of the race. I get it now. #utterbullshit
22 Oct, 09:21 PM UTC

Top Celebrity Tweets

Neymar Jr
Que Deus nos abençoe e nos proteja 🙏🏽⚽️ God bless and protect us 🙏🏽⚽️
22 Oct, 06:06 PM UTC
Dwayne Johnson
Congrats to my good bud @RealKurtAngle and his return tonight to a @WWE ring. Special athlete and great human being. Have FUN brotha #WWETLC
22 Oct, 11:18 PM UTC
Kim Kardashian West
❤️❤️❤️💋💋💋 https://t.co/qnp1suz5cx
22 Oct, 02:55 PM UTC
Gareth Bale
22 Oct, 01:57 PM UTC
Lewis Hamilton
4 years in a row!! I'm so proud of our Team’s achievement today! #4TheTeam #Champions #StillWeRise #USGPhttps://t.co/50gfSuZ1pS
23 Oct, 12:18 AM UTC
Gareth Bale
Great 3 points and performance from the team tonight 💪🏻 #HalaMadrid
22 Oct, 09:12 PM UTC

Top Tweets on Drink

Planet Fútbol
Jozy Altidore scores, tries to head a beer thrown at him, Giovinco picks up the beer and drinks out of it. Amazing https://t.co/lM8l0sYPJU
22 Oct, 09:43 PM UTC
#WIN with #MegaMonday! RT & Follow @myLondis for your chance to WIN a case of @CarabaoUK energy drinks!… https://t.co/SBBTNp7EQG
23 Oct, 05:00 AM UTC
7 years ago today - @untappd official launched to the world and it looked like this. It’s been… https://t.co/4Wvu6Tkpnc
22 Oct, 02:09 PM UTC
Food & Wine
José Andrés has served 1 million meals in Puerto Rico, more than the Red Cross: https://t.co/yVPWKsRCCP
22 Oct, 03:14 PM UTC
21 next week
I feel like if you can tell a guy is interested in you, you should suggest going out for drinks or something.
22 Oct, 09:07 PM UTC
Food & Wine
One of Baltimore's best restaurants is throwing an epic crab feast this month: https://t.co/63DuXydViW
22 Oct, 12:32 PM UTC

Top Tweets on Education

College Student
do you ever have a plan for the day and suddenly it's 4pm and you've achieved literally nothing
22 Oct, 08:34 PM UTC
College Student
If you don't procrastinate until Sunday night every weekend and hate yourself for it, are you even a college student?
23 Oct, 12:55 AM UTC
Nancy Pelosi
President Trump has shown time & again he has little respect for women’s rights in the workplace, in the home, & in education. #AMJoy
22 Oct, 03:04 PM UTC
#EpikHigh's Tablo Shares Texts Exchanged With #BTS's Suga About Learning "Fire" Choreography https://t.co/XESogfQdFT
23 Oct, 06:39 AM UTC
Student Problems
“All you do is study” First of all, I’ve been on the same slide for 3 hours.
22 Oct, 01:28 PM UTC
Teachers can change a child’s life.
22 Oct, 09:36 PM UTC

Top Tweets on Food

Anthony Bourdain
Long overdue for this well known sack of shit: https://t.co/WcULIz43zF
22 Oct, 10:11 AM UTC
these are the best 😍
22 Oct, 03:53 PM UTC
Gordon Ramsay
Best way to spend a Sunday - at @mazerestaurant !
22 Oct, 11:30 AM UTC

Top Gaming Tweets

Virender Sehwag
After 200 games, Kohli has 8888 runs at sn average of 55.55 . What a brilliant 121 this one was. 280 is a fighting total. #INDvNZ
22 Oct, 11:44 AM UTC
Nintendo of America
Just 5 more days until Mario’s epic journey! #SuperMarioOdyssey
22 Oct, 03:41 PM UTC
OpTic Gaming™
C H A M P I O N S #OpTicHalo | #GreenWall
23 Oct, 01:00 AM UTC
The world’s most powerful console is almost here. Reserve your #XboxOneX today, play it November 7:… https://t.co/cGiCiezwxd
22 Oct, 11:02 PM UTC
Look what we have here - Pot of Greed. This allows us to show over 2 weeks of #YuGiOh, starting 10/23 at 12 PM PT… https://t.co/i0s9WCjSTJ
23 Oct, 03:00 AM UTC
Happy Birthday to the man with the best laugh in the biz, #JeffGoldblum.
22 Oct, 05:00 PM UTC

Top Tweets on Movies

Luke Hemmings
Just bought lemonade off a kid with a real life lemonade stand, I didn't know that actually happened I thought it was just in movies
22 Oct, 07:00 PM UTC
Pradeep Machiraju
Happy bday to the most dedicated actor..🙏 The Bahubali of Indian cinema..👌👏 Our dearest darling👏😊Prabhas garu #HBDDarlingPrabhas
22 Oct, 06:29 PM UTC
Sathish Kumar M
#Mersal crossed 1M not only in U.S, but also crossed 1.5M in Gulf. #Thalapathy Setting records worldwide @APIfilms @homescreenent #Official
23 Oct, 06:24 AM UTC
Sathish Kumar M
Hearing they were 50,000 Admits at @RohiniSilverScr within 5 days. Highest ever for any movie @ Rohini #Mersal #BiggestEverBlockbuster
22 Oct, 05:28 PM UTC
Marvel Entertainment
The God of Mischief is back. Get your tickets to #ThorRagnarok now: https://t.co/3WKtgYAp6T
22 Oct, 07:00 PM UTC
Dharma Productions
Wishing the mighty #Baahubali, Prabhas a very happy birthday! May you continue to rule the hearts for years to come… https://t.co/VhsFX3LkD7
23 Oct, 06:58 AM UTC

Top Tweets on Music

Demi Lovato
Big, big thank you to all of you and to everyone who has supported my music ❤️❤️ #SORRYNOTSORRY
23 Oct, 12:18 AM UTC
#BTS Guards Top Spot With “DNA”; Soompi’s K-Pop Music Chart 2017, October Week 4 https://t.co/ipZwWbZyTu
23 Oct, 02:21 AM UTC
Pop Crave
Camila Cabello and Dua Lipa together at the #R1TeenAwards. 😍
22 Oct, 02:00 PM UTC
Pop Crave
Camila Cabello says she was warned not to release "Havana" because it wouldn’t be a hit. The song is currently #3 o… https://t.co/yaY5chOzNS
22 Oct, 06:49 PM UTC
Pop Crave
Camila Cabello has released Trailer #1 for #HAVANAtheMOVIE - coming October 24th! Watch here:… https://t.co/hmqRX1u2ON
22 Oct, 10:13 PM UTC
Pop Crave
James Arthur and Camila Cabello performed “Say You Won’t Let Go” at the #R1TeenAwards and it was BREATHTAKING. https://t.co/54ZkZByFgu
22 Oct, 04:06 PM UTC

Top Tweets on Photography

thx😫❤️❤️ #김태형
22 Oct, 12:19 PM UTC
22 Oct, 01:20 PM UTC
수고하셨습니당 https://t.co/6va5gjlEIC
22 Oct, 12:50 PM UTC
22 Oct, 12:05 PM UTC
대만 최고~~ 고마워요💓🙌 https://t.co/D9f6IRmQxN
22 Oct, 11:55 AM UTC
xiexie taipei 🐳🤢
22 Oct, 02:13 PM UTC

Top Travel Tweets

i've been jumped before and i didn't get up afterwards and walk away looking like i was on vacation. lil b is magical, obviously.
22 Oct, 03:11 PM UTC
Travel Vibes
Edinburgh, Scotland is so majestic, so fascinating. https://t.co/TiSBfkK6au
23 Oct, 07:06 AM UTC
Nat Geo Travel
There is no question why this destination is topping bucket lists and dazzling nature lovers the world over: take i… https://t.co/8vsPqy9ULR
23 Oct, 12:00 AM UTC
Nat Geo Travel
Get one with nature in these glorious landscapes around the world https://t.co/vyM0om0ypm
22 Oct, 02:00 PM UTC
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