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College Student
Winding down to the end of the semester Procrastinated too much Cared too little Stressed to the max My grades: College Student's photo on Education
23 Apr, 04:16 PM UTC
ANNONCE : je vais être PAPA !!! Après la bonne nouvelle et la joie, j'ai réfléchi à ce que ça impliquait et mon rythme de vie n'est pas adapté à l'éducation de mon futur enfant. J'ai décidé de mettre en pause ma carrière pendant un moment pour me consacrer au futur frenchmonster.
23 Apr, 09:10 PM UTC
Still growing still learning....
23 Apr, 01:47 AM UTC
Candace Owens
We survived centuries of slavery and decades of Jim Crow only to turn around and give up our freedom to THINK? The left has understood that if you control the mind, you control everything. They took Black fathers, Black education, & Black culture, and we let them.
23 Apr, 08:07 PM UTC
Federal Student Aid
Can't decide on a major? This should help: https://t.co/HHN5HdKPJl #MondayMotivation Federal Student Aid's photo on Education
23 Apr, 02:30 PM UTC
Microsoft Education
Are your students & parents looking for things to do this summer? @MicrosoftStore is offering 5 new FREE YouthSpark Summer Camps. This year's programs pair technology & philanthropy, teaches robotics and more! https://t.co/z90ZGLzB9C #MicrosoftEDU Microsoft Education's photo on Education
23 Apr, 05:12 PM UTC
Microsoft Education
Learn to use Microsoft Photos. This video creator, launched in the #Windows10 Fall Creators Update, is designed to inspire educators and students alike to create and tell unique, personalized stories! #MicrosoftEDU https://t.co/n2LequrFU5 Microsoft Education's photo on Education
23 Apr, 02:12 PM UTC
BBC Learning English
🎂Today is William Shakespeare's Birthday!🎂 ✍️Shakespeare created many expressions we still use in modern English✍️ Here's Dan to explain one of them for you!👍 Learn the other 7 and watch the full video on YouTube: https://t.co/MIldQ6iOcA BBC Learning English's photo on Education
23 Apr, 07:43 PM UTC
Google For Education
Help students boost their productivity with #GoogleKeep. Whether as a note taker or as a to-do list, @richardallaway shows six ways for students to integrate the tool into their digital toolbox. https://t.co/H36M2N7Adz Google For Education's photo on Education
23 Apr, 06:35 PM UTC
By giving students jobs like Passage Picker, Psychologist, and Wonderer within their literature circles, you can foster critical thinking in a clearly defined collaborative environment. https://t.co/f3AWzPVcQe edutopia's photo on Education
23 Apr, 06:37 PM UTC
The Open University
Woop! Happy Birthday to us - this looks great! https://t.co/Z3fCVZTyYE
23 Apr, 04:56 PM UTC
One of the things admissions officers pay attention to, besides GPA, is course selection throughout HS and especially senior year. They like to see students have momentum going into the freshman year. If you sit back your senior year, it's hard to recapture that momentum.
23 Apr, 09:40 PM UTC
STEM Learning
From teamwork to negotiation skills, this poster highlights the top ten skills that employers value most https://t.co/QmqPYwHK8V STEM Learning's photo on Education
23 Apr, 06:30 PM UTC
Apple Education
Creativity helps students stretch their imaginations and make connections they might not otherwise make. Designed with the help of educators and creative professionals, #EveryoneCanCreate brings video, photography, music, and drawing to the classroom. https://t.co/Dyes0bnwRL Apple Education's photo on Education
23 Apr, 05:00 PM UTC
MIT OpenCourseWare
To be or not to be! Today we celebrate the birth AND death of William Shakespeare. He was born on this day in 1564, and died on this day in 1616. OCW has dozens of courses referencing Shakespeare. Take a look here: https://t.co/stoozIHWrc MIT OpenCourseWare's photo on Education
23 Apr, 02:15 PM UTC
BBC Learning English
📚 You’ll find a story to feed your imagination here (and learn English while you enjoy it!) ☺️☺️☺️✨ https://t.co/IAPUk6fQkA #drama #learnenglish BBC Learning English's photo on Education
23 Apr, 06:00 PM UTC
Education Week
The American Federation of Teachers has dropped Wells Fargo from a list of recommended mortgage providers for its 1.7 million union members over the bank's ties to gun makers and the NRA. https://t.co/0xPIwRv9Em Education Week's photo on Education
23 Apr, 06:53 PM UTC
Federal Student Aid
Parents! Direct PLUS Loans are available to help you pay for the cost of your child's education. See if you're eligible! For more info, visit: https://t.co/9rtj3cMrXp Federal Student Aid's photo on Education
23 Apr, 08:00 PM UTC
BBC Learning English
( C ) is INCORRECT. If I’m only talking about 1 of my sisters, I should say ‘only one of my sisters…’ or just ‘one of my sisters…’. If talking about 2, it should be ‘both of my sisters’. If talking about 0, it should be ‘neither of my sisters …
23 Apr, 02:44 PM UTC
Transforming report card handout from a routine event into an inspiring opportunity for student self-reflection and goal-setting. https://t.co/DOEMWaSeux edutopia's photo on Education
23 Apr, 08:34 PM UTC
NASA Education
Send your name on a solar adventure! The Parker Solar Probe is getting ready to visit the star of our Solar System -- the Sun ☀️ -- and your name can tag along. 🗓 Deadline: April 27 📩 Details: https://t.co/5pFhp3VBxS 🎟 Submit: https://t.co/OQ8fIoxYfs NASA Education's photo on Education
23 Apr, 03:00 PM UTC
UNICEF Education
💡💡💡💡 #MondayMotivation by @Oprah via @voicesofyouth UNICEF Education's photo on Education
23 Apr, 04:25 PM UTC
Equal Education
The judgment is a grave injustice for the Komape family, who are entitled to be compensated for the significant trauma they have suffered because of the death of their 5 year old child. His death was at the hands of the State, in the most horrific circumstances. #MichaelKomape
23 Apr, 02:56 PM UTC
Education Week
"When we celebrated their perseverance and hard work, I had children stand and be applauded not according to how high their score was, but according to how much growth they had made." https://t.co/bekqP67ht9 #EWopinion Education Week's photo on Education
23 Apr, 03:53 PM UTC
Into the ether: how much research goes completely uncited? https://t.co/r2yBlOeqKd
23 Apr, 07:00 PM UTC
The Open University
Research shows that reading for pleasure offers a whole host of benefits and, on #Worldbooknight, people are encouraged to share their love of reading by gifting a book - who would you give a book to and which book would it be? The Open University's photo on Education
23 Apr, 06:02 PM UTC
Education Week
95 percent of principals say students spend too much time on devices when they're not in school, according to an exclusive Education Week Research Center survey. https://t.co/f5J2S9IlJZ #TechCounts Education Week's photo on Education
23 Apr, 04:41 PM UTC
MSU Student Assoc.
Taking summer classes on the Starkville campus? ☀️ Check out your orgsync account and look under the forms tab. There’s a scholarship opportunity!! Applicants due tomorrow 4/25 at 5:00 pm. RT to spread the word!!! 🗣
23 Apr, 04:03 PM UTC
BBC Learning English
How clever are you feeling today? Here are some phrases to use to show that you’re a brainbox! Learn English with us: https://t.co/uJrCwy2u9O #learnenglish #vocabulary BBC Learning English's photo on Education
23 Apr, 10:00 PM UTC
Equal Education
EE notes the judgment in the #MichaelKomape case. While we are deeply disappointed that the judgement fails to provide justice for the Komape family, we recognise that some aspects are a progressive step in recognising safe sanitation as part of the right to education&dignity.
23 Apr, 02:44 PM UTC
OECD Education
✍ We’re now accepting #research proposals to join @OECDEduSkills for a 1-year fellowship in #Paris. Find out more about the program, and be sure to send your application by May 13th 👉 https://t.co/DmechUEWzN OECD Education's photo on Education
23 Apr, 02:20 PM UTC
How many times have you checked Twitter today? Break the humdrum cycle and get unstuck. Take this quiz: https://t.co/U2dcnJW1uY edX's photo on Education
23 Apr, 06:30 PM UTC
Higher Education
"I was unsupported and ignored by an indifferent institution. My students’ feedback was never acknowledged. I was never thanked. I was never even given an official job title." https://t.co/3slKEysABc
23 Apr, 03:10 PM UTC
UNICEF Education
The military surrounded his village. He fled and spent 2 months in a forest. He was shot & his arm had to be cut off. A horrifying ordeal no child should endure. #ChildrenUnderAttack UNICEF Education's photo on Education
23 Apr, 07:25 PM UTC
Education Commission
Learn how equity indicators in education will help governments develop data to level the playing field: https://t.co/iEq3qXoKU0 Via @UNESCOstat #LeaveNoOneBehind #SDG4 Education Commission's photo on Education
23 Apr, 03:33 PM UTC
How NOT to write a PhD thesis. https://t.co/RINYD0j7Li #PhDchat
23 Apr, 05:00 PM UTC
Education Week
"I should be writing essays not my will." Students nationwide walked out of classrooms last week for the second mass walkout this year to protest gun violence. https://t.co/14JpFnbDFz Education Week's photo on Education
23 Apr, 05:26 PM UTC
Did you know that access to reading materials can be the single greatest factor of literacy? Find out more from the @thebookalliance GPE's photo on Education
23 Apr, 05:25 PM UTC
US Dept of Education
WEBINAR: Join us tomorrow (11:30 am – 12:30 pm ET) to learn more about #STEM & #ComputerScience K-12 funding opportunities from the Department of ED. https://t.co/ddu3cmqRmj
23 Apr, 04:34 PM UTC
Discovery Education
What is your biggest challenge when trying to differentiate instruction in your classroom? Join our webinar on 4/24 to learn best practices for teaching to a diversity of learners. #TGREDUExplore https://t.co/Ph6M3b8Lcd
23 Apr, 03:00 PM UTC
“Make as many mistakes as you are able to. What is the worst that can happen? That you learn from them?” Advice to students from @ElenaRF, new provost at Hereford’s new engineering university https://t.co/AY5OZZOUa8
23 Apr, 09:00 PM UTC
STEM Learning
Using the Internet of Things as a context, #LittleBigFutures gives your students the opportunity to be creative with their learning https://t.co/e4ZLQmmX21
23 Apr, 05:05 PM UTC
“I am generally more sceptical, and sometimes concerned, about suggestions to impose universal standards of research or publication practices on all fields” @rachaelpells writes https://t.co/Gn9zbkjezb
23 Apr, 02:44 PM UTC
Mn Dept. Education
Commissioner @BCassellius is talking with district and school leaders about our state equity commitments this morning, as part of the 6th out of 7 statewide #ESSA implementation meetings this month. Keeping equity at the center of this work, as we have done from the beginning. Mn Dept. Education's photo on Education
23 Apr, 02:34 PM UTC
Learning Forward
"A great leader takes people where they don’t necessarily want to go, but ought to be." #MondayMotivation #Edu Learning Forward's photo on Education
23 Apr, 07:55 PM UTC
USAID Education
The #YoungWomenTransformPrize competition will result in awards to youth organizations in low and middle income countries to capture new evidence and approaches to improve young women's economic opportunities! https://t.co/doKdpkuSg6 USAID Education's photo on Education
23 Apr, 06:01 PM UTC
Education Week
.@TeacherBeat: Will Colorado Teachers Go on Strike? Lawmakers Are Worried https://t.co/AJa3DfBNcV
23 Apr, 05:17 PM UTC
Education Week
Chicago Public Schools CEO Janice K. Jackson—having been a student, teacher, parent, and principal in @ChicagoPublicSchools before taking over as district leader—seeks to bring stability and trust: https://t.co/SpKij0lJiv Education Week's photo on Education
23 Apr, 04:18 PM UTC
“It will become the norm if we don’t do something about it now and nip it in the bud. And part of nipping it in the bud is having appropriate penalties” https://t.co/bEqpXsqdVr
23 Apr, 02:47 PM UTC
Canada Learning Code
Our Girls Learning Code Summer Webmaking Camp is about using technology to make the world a better place! Campers will work in teams and choose a cause like stopping bullying or saving the rainforest! Join us from August 20th to 24th at @MaRSDD! 👯‍♀️💻 https://t.co/7QwkOCIbxX Canada Learning Code's photo on Education
23 Apr, 08:25 PM UTC
Gates Education
Access to #highered has never been more important, but it is still a challenge in some parts of the country. @hechingerreport explains why & where. https://t.co/uaz4G901YV
23 Apr, 06:57 PM UTC
Advanced Education
Have you applied for #OSAP yet? The 2018-19 application for full-time students is open. Apply early to get an estimate of the amount of grants and loans you could receive. Watch our how-to video here: https://t.co/SLBiGmuSAE Advanced Education's photo on Education
23 Apr, 05:57 PM UTC
Restorative justice is widely regarded as one of the most important innovations in modern justice practice. Learn all about it with this course. Enroll now: https://t.co/VJ5bV5uAw6
23 Apr, 05:45 PM UTC
Nat Geo Education
Athens is the 2018 #WorldBookDay Capital. See where it all started with our interactive story of the travels of Odysseus. https://t.co/8BfGggkPTO Nat Geo Education's photo on Education
23 Apr, 04:00 PM UTC
“Perhaps we should regard universities as elite only if they are providing a real ladder of opportunity to the disadvantaged”: @halfon4harlowMP https://t.co/cCTGq2Ke9n
23 Apr, 03:36 PM UTC
U.S. News Education
Standardized tests like the ACT and SAT are more than an admissions formality – they can also lead to scholarships. https://t.co/n2fH32u9Kb
23 Apr, 03:29 PM UTC
Visible Learning
John Hattie's #VisibleLearning webinar on the 10 Mindframes starts in just 1 hour! Are you ready?
23 Apr, 09:30 PM UTC
Education Nation
It's #WorldBookDay! What books are your middle schoolers reading? Here are a few wonderful stories with even better lessons: https://t.co/XVTL6vMclX
23 Apr, 09:22 PM UTC
Student Press Law Center
College news orgs are struggling to remain financially independent. #SaveStudentNewsrooms, initiated by @TheAlligator takes place on 4/25. At least 95 news orgs, including @NevadaSagebrush, are raising awareness. https://t.co/fSMQTriOWW Student Press Law Center's photo on Education
23 Apr, 07:21 PM UTC
Learning Ally
It's #WorldBookDay2018! Wow...Learning Ally has tens of thousands of audiobook readers in #K12. #read2achieve https://t.co/RsLBmLlpWd Learning Ally's photo on Education
23 Apr, 06:38 PM UTC
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