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J. Cole remixed “Pipe Down” by Drake 😳 @TeamDreamville's photo on Saul
22 Sep, 01:07 AM UTC


BTS Charts & Translations⁷
.@BTS_twt met with Hwang Hee, South Korea’s Minister of Culture, Sports, and Tourism at the Korean Cultural Center New York
22 Sep, 09:30 PM UTC

Washington DC

Narendra Modi
Grateful to the Indian community in Washington DC for the warm welcome. Our diaspora is our strength. It is commendable how the Indian diaspora has distinguished itself across the world.
22 Sep, 11:58 PM UTC


22 Sep, 09:54 AM UTC


BBC Radio 1
Ok so: @lizzo is covering @BTS_twt's 'Butter' in the Live Lounge at 11:00am today! 🧈💜 Should've known a Vmin stan would have really excellent taste 😌 @BBCR1's photo on vmin
23 Sep, 06:58 AM UTC


Narendra Modi
Landed in Washington DC. Over the next two days, will be meeting @POTUS @JoeBiden and @VP @KamalaHarris, Prime Ministers @ScottMorrisonMP and @sugawitter. Will attend the Quad meeting and would also interact with leading CEOs to highlight economic opportunities in India.
22 Sep, 11:35 PM UTC


jk updates ★
JEON JUNGKOOK!!!!!! @jjklve_'s photo on JEON JUNGKOOK
22 Sep, 09:28 PM UTC


people who flirt while having 0 interest in you are evil
22 Sep, 03:58 AM UTC


back to New York, it’s saturday night
22 Sep, 07:58 PM UTC


Rahul Gandhi
मोदी सरकार सिर्फ़ मित्रों के साथ है। लेकिन देश अधिकार व आत्मसम्मान के लिए सत्याग्रह कर रहे किसान-मज़दूर-विद्यार्थी के साथ है। और मैं हमेशा देश के साथ हूँ और रहूँगा। #IStandWithIndia
22 Sep, 06:35 AM UTC


Au futsal à la fac ça a boudé là parce que j’ai allumé les cages alors que c’est une fille au goal mdrrr qu’est-ce que j’en ai à foutre
22 Sep, 09:53 AM UTC


「目立たないようにって言ったじゃんもぉ〜!!!!」 #創作百合 @agu_knzm's photo on Chrome
22 Sep, 12:03 PM UTC


Guilherme Fiuza
A Seringa Press já saiu correndo p/ dizer que o ministro da Saúde pegou covid vacinado mas a vacina é ÓTIMA etc etc. Então para q serve o passaporte fascista, se o vacinadíssimo ministro poderia ter entrado em qq lugar com a doença? Confessem: vcs não querem saúde, querem vacina.
22 Sep, 06:35 PM UTC


CPing Media
Chris Martin talking about originally writing My Universe for @bts_bighit and seeing them later today on Howard Stern #ColdplayxBTS @CPingMedia's photo on #ColdplayXBTS
22 Sep, 04:39 PM UTC


Manchester United
Come on United! 🔴 #MUFC | #CarabaoCup
22 Sep, 05:45 PM UTC


Ramesh Bala
#BREAKING : According to official sources, a glimpse of most expected Thala #Ajithkumar 's #Valimai will be out tomorrow.. Thursday - Sep 23rd.. Teaser and Trailer will be released at a later date.. Get ready for #ValimaiGlimpse
22 Sep, 05:09 AM UTC


scott budman
Text messages between Elizabeth Holmes and Sunny Balwani today at the #Theranos trial. Holmes: "You are the breeze in desert for me." "My water." "And ocean." "Meant to be only together tiger." Balwani: "OK"
22 Sep, 04:33 PM UTC


Arvind Gupta
If UK or any other country have a problem with India’s vaccine certificate, it’s because of their own “Tech Inferiority complex”. Our certificates are QR coded- digitally verified, available via Aarogya Setu, CoWin, Whatsapp, DigiLocker amongst others.
22 Sep, 10:09 AM UTC


Mufti Menk
Never think that the Almighty is your last hope! He’s not! He’s your ONLY hope. Unfortunately, we put more trust in the creation rather than the Creator! He’s the only One who can do for us what no man could ever do! So turn to Him and only Him!
22 Sep, 06:52 AM UTC


I think bts is leaving New York to come back home. HAVE A SAFE FLIGHT BACK HOME @BTS_twt !! 😭💜
23 Sep, 04:19 AM UTC


Prints bolsonaristas
apertem os cintos @printsminions's photo on Mata
22 Sep, 03:35 PM UTC


Chelsea FC
Mood = Mason. 👏 @ChelseaFC's photo on Mason
22 Sep, 09:05 PM UTC


Eddie Nketiah 📞
Phone will never die, stronger than a Nokia brick. 😂 Bring on the next round! ⚽️📞 @Arsenal
22 Sep, 08:59 PM UTC

श्री राम

Arun Govil
“अगर आपको किसी एक से शिकायत है तो उससे बात कीजिए, यदि आपको अधिकतर लोगों से शिकायत है तो खुद से बात कीजिए” जय श्री राम🙏
22 Sep, 03:49 AM UTC

रामधारी सिंह दिनकर

Yogi Adityanath
महान साहित्यकार एवं राष्ट्र-कवि रामधारी सिंह 'दिनकर' को उनकी जयंती पर कोटिशः नमन। आपकी अनुपम व कालजयी रचनाएं युगों-युगों तक भारतीय जन मानस के मन को राष्ट्र प्रेम, मानव सेवा एवं वीरता के भाव से अभिसिंचित करती रहेंगी।
23 Sep, 01:17 AM UTC


THATS WHAT I WANT @LilNasX's photo on Isco
22 Sep, 08:50 PM UTC


Actu Foot
Le message de Mike Maignan face aux insultes et cris racistes dont il a été victime par des supporters de la Juventus. 👊👏 📸 @mmseize @ActuFoot_'s photo on Juventus
21 Sep, 08:25 PM UTC


Anand Ranganathan
Indian Covishield now approved by the UK. Well-done, @PMOIndia and @DrSJaishankar. Don't know what it was that worked - baat ya laat. But it worked. That, too, within 24 hours. Well-done.
22 Sep, 07:40 AM UTC


Girish Mathrubootham
Today is a dream come true for me - from humble beginnings in #Trichy to ringing the bell at @Nasdaq for the FreshWorks IPO. Thank you to our employees, customers, partners, and investors for believing in this dream. #Freshworks #IPO #NASDAQ @mrgirish's photo on Nasdaq
22 Sep, 02:05 PM UTC


If you can travel to space, you can pay taxes.
22 Sep, 03:09 AM UTC


Sᴜᴢᴀɴɴᴇ Bᴇʀɴᴇʀᴛ
🥰 I love Saree ❤ #saree #NewProfilePic @suzannebernert's photo on #saree
22 Sep, 10:48 AM UTC


Joaquim Bosch
Casado exige que los jueces se elijan internamente para el CGPJ con un sistema no proporcional. Si una asociación tiene el 37% de los votos,otra lista el 33% y otra el 30%, la 3ª quedaría excluida. Saben bien que esa es JJpD. Intentan borrarnos del mapa de forma poco democrática.
21 Sep, 03:05 PM UTC


Carl Winslow
Cuando tu visita no le interesa a nadie, pasan estas cosas... @CarlWinslou's photo on Ruben
22 Sep, 02:15 PM UTC


andrea ♡s bts⁷ (new acc)
In the SOOP BTS ver. season 2 [A space created for BTS and BTS only] #BTS #방탄소년단 @BTS_twt
22 Sep, 03:11 PM UTC


Subramanian Swamy
TV News today is showing Owaisi's house vandalised by "Hindu Sena". I condemn it as un-Hindu act. Same time type of vandalisation took place when the Priyanka Vadra hoodlums attacked my house in Nizamuddin after I won the 2G Spectrum Scam case in SC. TV did not show it then.
22 Sep, 05:00 AM UTC


Ram Charan
Here’s the fun-filled teaser of #AnubhavinchuRaja Good luck to the entire team ! #AnubhavinchuRajaTeaser @AnnapurnaStdios @SVCLLP @itsRajTarun @GavireddySreenu @adityamusic @GopiSundarOffl @AlwaysRamCharan's photo on #AnubhavinchuRaja
23 Sep, 04:38 AM UTC


Actu Foot
Le début de saison de Benzema en Liga est EXCEPTIONNEL !!! En 6 matches, le Français a marqué à 8 reprises et délivré 7 passes décisives. 🥵 @ActuFoot_'s photo on Bailly
22 Sep, 09:41 PM UTC


Deepak Chaurasia
अमेरिका में पीएम मोदी का जोरदार स्वागत , खास बात यह है कि बारिश के बाद भी लोग मोदी के इंतजार डटे रहे. मोदी ने गाड़ी से उतरकर इन लोगों से मुलाकात की. #ModiInAmerica @DChaurasia2312's photo on #ModiInAmerica
23 Sep, 04:24 AM UTC


"Pride for the soldiers, healing for the people" New musical "Meisa's Song" will start showing beginning October 15. Auditions have been ongoing since May & #CHANYEOL was chosen among 31 soldiers as members of the cast. @no_loey_no_life's photo on Chanyeol
22 Sep, 07:51 AM UTC


Archaeo - Histories
A 2000 year old glass mosaic, found in the city of Zeugma, Turkey. #archaeohistories @archeohistories's photo on Turkey
21 Sep, 09:32 PM UTC

Manmohan Singh

Some photographs are harder to copy. Former PM, Dr. Manmohan Singh addressing Press Conferences on board Air India One.
23 Sep, 05:30 AM UTC


UP ATS has arrested Maulana Kaleem Siddiqui, a resident of Muzaffarnagar, in connection with India's largest religious conversion syndicate busted by the ATS. He runs Jamia Imam Waliullah trust that funds several madrassas for which he received huge foreign funding: Police @ANINewsUP's photo on UP ATS
22 Sep, 06:55 AM UTC


Anthony Martial would be allowed to leave #mufc in January if a fair offer arrives. United are looking for around £40m #mulive [@DeanJonesSoccer, @Eurosport]
22 Sep, 09:38 AM UTC


NHS Million 💙
Dear @BorisJohnson, GP practices saw more than 15 million patients face-to-face last month, despite the Government's inability to recruit more GPs as promised. Please stop trying to blame other people for your failures. Yours, Everyone who knows what is really going on here @NHSMillion's photo on Jadhav
21 Sep, 07:49 PM UTC


Assal Rad
🔥 @AOC: “The US has long supported abusive regimes in South America and the Middle East to serve our own interests, yet we seem somehow shocked & confused when refugees from these places show up at our borders seeking asylum from the inhumane conditions we helped create” @AssalRad's photo on greenwood
22 Sep, 10:11 PM UTC


Nilesh Shah
UK vaccination episode makes you understand why few lakh Britishers were able to rule crores of Indians for Hundreds of years. We fight amongst ourselves rather than with the opposition.
23 Sep, 04:13 AM UTC


Se tem um vídeo que precisa ser visto por todo mundo hoje é o da @SimoneTebetms. Mas não o dela sendo verbalmente agredida pelo ministro da CGU, e sim o trecho onde ela esfrega na cara dele tudo que ele não fez e como acobertou o esquemão da Covaxin. Parabéns à senadora.
21 Sep, 08:24 PM UTC


Jessica Mason Pieklo
Wow so they admit it was political terrorism all along!
22 Sep, 05:34 PM UTC

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