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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
Si es Trump, tiene que ser corrupto 💸
15 Jul, 02:48 AM UTC


hoje eu chorei vendo a bag de um motoboy
15 Jul, 12:46 AM UTC


KY 🦅
Would have started saving money in kindergarten if I knew life was like this.
14 Jul, 11:28 PM UTC


Il Caffè Nero
9yr old me closing my eyes in the car on the way home and trying to guess where we were
14 Jul, 04:38 PM UTC


Dr. Fahrettin Koca
Büyüklerini seven, ana baba günü gibi ortamlara girmesin.
14 Jul, 06:57 PM UTC


14 Jul, 01:17 PM UTC


Rafael Portugal ☎️
Que Tiago @rafaportugalc's photo on santana
15 Jul, 01:36 AM UTC


Karma got him real good 😂😂😂 @rahm3sh's photo on Gigi
15 Jul, 04:14 PM UTC


nappy by nature
“Your payment has been processed” @___inCANdescent's photo on Marione
14 Jul, 03:18 PM UTC


Preet Bharara
Sessions was Trump’s 1st Senate supporter, lent him legitimacy. In return, Sessions gave up his seat. Lost his cabinet position. Lost his dignity. Lost his reputation. Lost his comeback race. Lost his place in the party. Lost everything. Because of false faith in Donald J. Trump.
15 Jul, 01:32 AM UTC


los ataques de risa con amigos dan vida
14 Jul, 12:51 PM UTC


Jacob Artist
i was so intimided meeting naya for the first time. i was a fish out of water and her warmth was disarming. for all her gifts as a performer she was also gifted as a person and made anyone feel seen and included. celebrating your mark on the world today🕊🤍 @jacobartist's photo on Naya
14 Jul, 02:10 AM UTC


The Lincoln Project
While the pandemic spikes here worse than anywhere on Earth, other countries are back to normal. 135,000 Americans are dead. The economy is shattered. There's no end in sight. And the president: @ProjectLincoln's photo on Ramsey
15 Jul, 07:04 PM UTC


Marques Brownlee
Don't send Bitcoin to strangers.
15 Jul, 08:36 PM UTC


Karim Benzema
Focused until the end ☄️ #Nueve @Benzema's photo on Benzema
14 Jul, 08:06 PM UTC


Gabriel 🔥
Coé MOTO -TÁXI me cobra quanto pra me levar lá no #CARRO #VELHO pra eu vender minhas latinhas? Quero compra uma bicicleta, 0800 SOBE NA MÓTO AGORA .... 😍🥰😭🛵 #RJ021
15 Jul, 05:05 PM UTC


Kylian Mbappé
Bonne fête nationale à tous 🇫🇷 #14juillet #BastilleDay @KMbappe's photo on #14juillet
14 Jul, 01:05 PM UTC


gatitos gorditos
SE DURMIÓ COMIENDO PIZZA 😭 @GorditosGatitos's photo on Lozano
15 Jul, 05:48 PM UTC


smeraldo hater
If I were taehyung I would simply tweet ‘who the fuck is melanie fontana’ and shut off my phone
15 Jul, 08:29 PM UTC


[📺 #여친Air] 고요하고, 늦은 밤! #여자친구 #GFRIEND 가 찾아왔습니다🙌 #심야아이돌 에서는 버디와 어떤 이야기를 나누게 될까요⁉️ 잠시 후, 11시🕚 #네이버나우 에서 🍎#Apple 이야기 한 조각 나눠봐요😍🥰
14 Jul, 01:50 PM UTC


"I get lockdown, but I get up again." Banksy created a Chumbawamba-themed #COVID19 display in the London underground. The title is an apparent reference to people fighting against mask policies: "If you don't mask - you don't get.” (📷: Banksy)
14 Jul, 05:33 PM UTC


Bleacher Report
James Harden has arrived in Orlando. (via @HoustonRockets) @BleacherReport's photo on Orlando
15 Jul, 01:41 AM UTC


kerry washington
The world has lost an amazingly beautiful, brave and talented soul. #RIPNayaRivera, my heart and my prayers go out to your beautiful son and your family. 🙏🏾 @kerrywashington's photo on #ripnayarivera
14 Jul, 02:46 PM UTC


Twitter’s Security #Hacked @Rdcworld1Burner's photo on #Hacked
15 Jul, 10:23 PM UTC


Lucas Hype 💋🧛🏿‍♂️+* 🇷🇺
Se vc acha isso engrasado, se afaste de mim pq na moral... Sem condições nao dá
15 Jul, 12:36 PM UTC


𝕊𝕆̷𝕌̈𝔽 🐍🖤
Blaise Matuidi si Kaaris n’avais pas mis la lumière sur Sevran @Super_slimey__'s photo on Matuidi
15 Jul, 01:15 PM UTC


Mufti Menk
URGENT ALERT! Many Twitter accounts of popular people and companies have just been hacked. If anyone tweets from this account asking for any money, bitcoin etc please DO NOT give anything. Any unusual messages from the account should be ignored! #twitterhacked
15 Jul, 09:15 PM UTC


Saket Gokhale
Sambit Patra's demonetization scam: In 2010, Sambit Patra set up a company called Centre For Holistic Advancement And Upliftment Of Poor & Landless (CHAUPAL). In 2016, when demonetization happened, Patra's company had 61+ lakhs lying IN CASH in 500 & 1000 rupee notes Thread 👇
15 Jul, 08:53 AM UTC


Auschwitz Memorial
15 July 1937 | French Jewish girl Jeannette Rotbaum was born in Paris. In August 1942 she was deported to #Auschwitz and murdered in a gas chamber after the selection. @AuschwitzMuseum's photo on Auschwitz
15 Jul, 03:00 AM UTC

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