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Dublin GAA
It's two wins from two for Dublin in the #Super8s! 💪 #UpTheDubs @DubGAAOfficial's photo on #Super8s
20 Jul, 07:35 PM UTC


Lisa Champney
#CommercialsWeWillNeverSee Affordable ground beef servings! 🤓
21 Jul, 12:09 PM UTC


Lancashire Cricket
VICTORY! @mattyparky96 takes the final wicket & Lancashire Lightning win by 72 runs 😬 How good was that performance?! 🔥 ⚡️ #LightningStrikes @lancscricket's photo on #LightningStrikes
21 Jul, 04:08 PM UTC


ゆんた@μ'sic Forever!
ミズゴロウ「んまっ!」 #ミズゴロウARコンテスト #PokemonGOCommunityDay
21 Jul, 08:22 AM UTC


61' SIIIIII!!!! @Cristiano turns it around!! ⚽️🔥 #JuveSpurs [2-1] #ICC2019
21 Jul, 12:56 PM UTC


Tottenham Hotspur
😲🔥🔥🔥🔥😲 @HKane, ladies and gentlemen. #SpursTour2019 ⚪️ #ICC2019 @SpursOfficial's photo on #SpursTour2019
21 Jul, 01:46 PM UTC


Donovan Sung
Taking a quick inventory of the smartphones in our house... So many great memories with each and every single one of these phones. 📱📱 #SundayFunday @donovansung's photo on #SundayFunday
21 Jul, 04:34 AM UTC


BBC Politics
Irish Deputy Prime Minister Simon Coveney on a no deal #Brexit: “If a new British prime minister chooses to take Britain in that direction then it will happen. This is a British choice… We have a deal” #Marr @BBCPolitics's photo on Coveney
21 Jul, 09:53 AM UTC

Richard Burgon

Richard Burgon tried to outsmart the interviewer. Didn’t work.
21 Jul, 09:14 AM UTC

Adam and Eve

Kamala Harris is a Cop
@livingforjc where did Adam and Eve hold their wedding reception?
20 Jul, 11:35 PM UTC

Stage 15

Tour de France™
Stage 15 / Étape 15 🚩 Limoux 🏁 Foix Prat d'Albis ⏰ 12:05 CET > 17:23 CET 💚 Tarascon-sur-Ariège ⛰️ 3x1️⃣c, 1x2⃣c #TDF2019 @LeTour's photo on Stage 15
21 Jul, 07:00 AM UTC

Project 56

Adam Peaty MBE
WORLD RECORD! 56.88 - Project 56 ✅ Final tomorrow night, let’s see what’s in there! @adam_peaty's photo on Project 56
21 Jul, 02:56 PM UTC


Tottenham Hotspur
#THFC: Gazzaniga, Walker-Peters, Alderweireld, Tanganga, Georgiou, Winks, Skipp, Lamela, Dele, Son, Parrott. #SpursTour2019 ⚪️ #ICC2019 @SpursOfficial's photo on Skipp
21 Jul, 10:34 AM UTC


Laurie Garrett
Germans know fascism when they see it. Today the nation's top magazine, Stern, declares @POTUS @realDonaldTrump a Nazi. Yesterday Chancellor Angela Merkel came to the defense of US Congress "Squad." @Laurie_Garrett's photo on A'Ali
20 Jul, 09:58 PM UTC

Layla Moran

Oz Katerji
Layla Moran is the first and only British-Palestinian MP, and when she says the Labour antisemitism crisis is damaging the wider movement for Palestinian civil rights, you should be advised to listen to her.
21 Jul, 02:31 PM UTC


El Guarromántico
Salir a la calle con mi papá es salir de gira con un gobernador, saluda a todo mundo y todo el mundo lo conoce.
21 Jul, 03:30 PM UTC


📝 LINE-UP | Maurizio Sarri names his first Juventus team! ⚪️⚫️ 💺 SUBS | Szczesny, Pinsoglio, Loria, de Ligt, Demiral, Di Pardo, Coccolo, Beruatto, Rabiot, Kastanos, Muratore, Toure', Frederiksen, Pereira, Higuain, Mavididi. #ICC2019 #ForzaJuve @juventusfcen's photo on Rabiot
21 Jul, 10:46 AM UTC


21 Jul, 01:34 PM UTC


Sapphire 💖💚
It's the last day of Splatfest, let's go out with a bang! ;_; @gomipomi's photo on Splatfest
20 Jul, 05:00 PM UTC

Tanguy Ndombele

Last Word On Spurs🎙
Tanguy Ndombele has made just 1 pass for Tottenham Hotspur and already had more assists than Chelsea’s Jorginho made in an entire Premier League season. 💙👏🏻 😂🤣😭 [@THFCDave_] #THFC #COYS @LastWordOnSpurs's photo on Tanguy Ndombele
21 Jul, 01:20 PM UTC

Ian White

PDC Darts
WHITEWASH! Ian White secures his place in the second round with a dominant 10-0 victory over Joe Cullen. It's the first World Matchplay whitewash since 2016! 📺 LAST UP on Sky Sports Arena is Michael Smith v Jamie Hughes @OfficialPDC's photo on Ian White
21 Jul, 02:54 PM UTC

john cooper clarke

BBC Radio 4
"I’ve been compiling my list for 60 years!" At 11.15am, the poet John Cooper Clarke (@official_jcc) finally gets to play his #desertislanddiscs, with @laurenlaverne. @BBCRadio4's photo on john cooper clarke
21 Jul, 06:36 AM UTC


No Travessão
Uma besta enjaulada gordinha! @no_travessao's photo on Moura
20 Jul, 04:37 PM UTC

Steven Davis

Ibrox Loyal
Steven Davis is outstanding.
21 Jul, 02:19 PM UTC

Simon Yates

Tour de France™
Solo win for @SimonYatess! Chapeau! 🏆 Victoire en solitaire pour Simon Yates ! Chapeau ! 🏆 #TDF2019 @LeTour's photo on Simon Yates
21 Jul, 02:57 PM UTC


Birmingham Bears 🏏
WOW. THREE WICKETS IN HIS FIRST OVER! Take a bow, Fidel! 🔥🔥🔥 Foxes are 2/3 after one over. 🐻#YouBears @BearsT20's photo on #youbears
21 Jul, 01:37 PM UTC


Tottenham Hotspur
HARRY KANE, TAKE A BOW! An incredible goal from @HKane in stoppage time as he beats Szczęsny from just past the halfway line!!! 🔵 #THFC 3-2 #JUVE ⚫️ @SpursOfficial's photo on Szczesny
21 Jul, 01:29 PM UTC

Adam Peaty

British Swimming
IT'S A NEW WORLD RECORD!!! @adam_peaty goes 56.88 in the @Gwangju2019_ 100m Breaststroke semi-final 🔥🔥🔥 @britishswimming's photo on Adam Peaty
21 Jul, 12:03 PM UTC


Hahahaha Harry Class A You know the rest Schezney you di**head 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 #JUVTOT man got chipped like a playstation 2 fam
21 Jul, 01:31 PM UTC


mitsuru matsuoka
…という事で 大道克己 仮面ライダーエターナル 復活します ずっと エターナルを愛してくれた 皆んなの願いが 実現したよ 皆んなのおかげ 本当にありがとうな #大道克己 #仮面ライダージオウ #仮面ライダーエターナル #松岡充 #MICHAEL
21 Jul, 12:42 AM UTC


Popcorn Shed
ENTER #Competition #ShedSharingSunday Retweet & Follow for chance to #win Popcorn Shed treats! Pls Share: Pineapple on Pizza Yey or Ney and why?
21 Jul, 07:30 AM UTC


Akani Simbine
London Diamond League for the win 💎 #LondonDL #DiamondLeague #RoadToTheFinal @Diamond_League @AkaniSimbine's photo on #LondonDL
20 Jul, 04:52 PM UTC


Rose Shillito #WeBackCorbyn
Wow. Brian Eno just gave endorsement for Jeremy Corbyn on #Marr & called out the campaign against him by the rightwing media. Marr’s face a picture. Happy #SocialistSunday everyone 😂
21 Jul, 09:49 AM UTC


Rav Billan
It’s #runstreak day 499! Tmrw I’m running my first 10k race #ASICSLDN10K with my fab mates to celebrate my little legs reaching runstreak day 500!🥳 I’d love my online friends to run with me virtually to help me celebrate too! #RunWithRav & a selfie please!😘🏃🏽‍♀️ #ukrunchat #runr
20 Jul, 06:26 PM UTC


Cricket Shouts
Nothing to see here, just first slip fielding in keeping pads...
21 Jul, 01:12 PM UTC

Troy Parrot

This match is a great chance for Ronaldo to learn a thing or two from Troy Parrot
21 Jul, 12:16 PM UTC

Lys Mousset

Sky Sports News
Sheffield United have signed French striker Lys Mousset from Bournemouth on a three-year contract for a club-record fee, understood to be £10 million.
21 Jul, 10:47 AM UTC

Wesley Snipes

Harris Foster
With the announcement of a new Blade movie, let us never forget the time when they had to CGI eyes on to Wesley Snipes face because he refused to open his real eyes in a scene where he was supposed to wake up. @HarrisFoster's photo on Wesley Snipes
21 Jul, 01:50 AM UTC

Oliver Skipp

Hotspur Related
An extremely positive first-half for #thfc and the academy; Kyle Walker-Peters, Japhet Tanganga, Oliver Skipp, Harry Winks and Troy Parrott all with impressive performances. #ICC2019
21 Jul, 12:24 PM UTC

Philip Hammond

BBC Politics
“I’m going to resign” The chancellor Philip Hammond tells #Marr that he is going to hand in his resignation to Theresa May this week #Brexit @BBCPolitics's photo on Philip Hammond
21 Jul, 09:49 AM UTC


Jeremy Corbyn
The next Prime Minister shouldn't be chosen by 100,000 unrepresentative Tory party members, but by the people in a General Election. Join us this Thursday evening outside Parliament to demand one: #Ridge #Marr @jeremycorbyn's photo on #Marr
21 Jul, 08:59 AM UTC


Run Norwich
Overnight the city will be transformed into your #RN19 course. Sleep well all, we'll see you tomorrow. 📷 @Sabine_Jacques
20 Jul, 08:30 PM UTC


Jeremy Conrad
This is it! The #MarvelStudios #SDCC #HallH panel is about to begin. Follow this thread for live updates direct from Hall H!
20 Jul, 11:59 PM UTC


Oye amigos la final de los Worlds es en Francia y nos haría mucha ilusión ir allí a comentarlo al estadio, ponednos una caravana y nos llevamos a unos cuantos con nosotros. Mirad toda la gente que quiere que esto pase mirad este tuit @riotgames
20 Jul, 05:59 PM UTC

Rickie Fowler

Ryan Nanni
Rickie Fowler is slowly turning into a Bad Boys villain and it's fantastic. @celebrityhottub's photo on Rickie Fowler
20 Jul, 05:05 PM UTC


Bakehouse Cottage #FBPE #PeoplesVote
Compare and contrast. Police involvement in today's #MarchForChange and police involvement in march by Brexiters (March 2019 Sky News). What sort of country do you want to live in? Remainerland or Brexitland? Time to #StopBrexit. #Marr #Ridge #SundayBrunch
21 Jul, 12:05 AM UTC


🇬🇧 British GT 🏁
Don't you dare. #BritishGT | #SROspeedweek 🇧🇪 @BritishGT's photo on #BritishGT
21 Jul, 08:46 AM UTC


Blaine Gibson
Just had a realization while rewatching Thor Ragnarok: Thor and Loki find Odin chilling in Norway. Odin comments on the land’s beauty and tells Thor to remember it. Then in Endgame that location is New Asgard. These movies have so much rewatchability it’s insane.
21 Jul, 04:54 AM UTC


Andrew Phung
4 years ago, @SimuLiu and I went to see an X-Men movie before filming S1 of #kimsconvenience. Afterwards he told me he was going to play a superhero someday. That day is today. Congrats brother! You made this happen and I’m so proud of you! #SDCC0219 #MCUphase4 #ShangChi
21 Jul, 01:06 AM UTC

Steven Edginton

Luke Baker
It seems barely credible that a 19-year-old who “decided in January” to “look into the impartiality of the civil service” can land the Kim Darroch story 6 months later, while also working for a pro-Brexit party since April. Doesn’t add up
21 Jul, 06:12 AM UTC

iain duncan smith

Iain Duncan Smith complains that the EU is acting like a bully over Brexit - he's the architect of Universal Credit which has literally taken money away from school dinners for poor chldren...AND #IDS cheering disability benefit? Baseline bully tactics... #Marr #Ridge
21 Jul, 06:00 AM UTC

Troy Parrott

Greenwood this, Brewster that. Who the fuck is Nketiah?? It’s Troy Parrott SZN.
21 Jul, 10:41 AM UTC


Devin Haney
All I got to say is vada
21 Jul, 04:20 AM UTC

Priti Patel

Rachael Swindon #EL4C
Apparently Boris Johnson will bring Jacob Rees-Mogg and Priti Patel in to the heart of a hard-right Government. I would also expect IDS, Esther McVey and Dominic Raab to prosper. Tom Watson sees it as his duty to keep the government afloat, and keep Corbyn out. He has to go.
21 Jul, 07:55 AM UTC

Guardians 3

『ガーディアンズ・オブ・ギャラクシー Vol.3』『ブラックパンサー2』『キャプテン・マーベル2』が企画開発中であることを、マーベル・スタジオが公式に認める!かねてよりの報道が裏付けられることとなったが、2021年以降の企画詳細については発表されていない #HIHOnews
21 Jul, 02:34 AM UTC

Simon Coveney

BBC Politics
Ireland’s Deputy Prime Minister Simon Coveney tells #Marr that “we’re all in trouble” if the next prime minister wants to “tear up the withdrawal agreement” #Brexit @BBCPolitics's photo on Simon Coveney
21 Jul, 09:23 AM UTC


Hargeysa International Book Fair
"The story of the Somali civil war is one of men's war with women voices and accounts absent so I needed a different narrative using women's accounts in The Orchard of Lost Souls" - Nadifa Mohammed #HIBF2019
20 Jul, 02:10 PM UTC

Official Secrets Act

Steve Bullock
Thread. TL:DR - Brexiter journo who works for Brexit Party says the plot to leak Darroch DipTels that he was involved in with other Brexiters was not a Brexiter plot. Is also astonished that an apparent crime under the Official Secrets Act could be investigated by Police.
21 Jul, 06:22 AM UTC


Donald J. Trump
With the incompetent Mayor of London, you will never have safe streets!
20 Jul, 10:41 AM UTC

David Gauke

Tim Shipman
BREAKING: David Gauke tonight confirms that he will resign from the cabinet next Wednesday after PMQs because he can’t serve Boris Johnson while he pursues no deal. Tells the Sunday Times he fears it would lead to national “humiliation”
20 Jul, 09:00 PM UTC

Great Hack

Carole Cadwalladr
NEW: Arron Banks loses his shit. He’s now making legal threats at @Netflix over Cambridge Analytica doc #TheGreatHack. Even though *he hasn’t actually seen the movie*....
20 Jul, 06:37 PM UTC


Channel 4
July 20th 1969. Today, man will land on the moon. Join the world in witnessing this epic adventure live at 8pm. #MoonLandingLive @Channel4's photo on #MoonLandingLive
20 Jul, 06:55 PM UTC


Guy Verhofstadt
Great to see so many Liberal voices standing up for a European future in London today! #MarchForChange
20 Jul, 04:08 PM UTC


Eddie Hearn
This is a big moment for British Boxing! Pound for pound number 1 @VasylLomachenko will face @luke11campbell for the WBC,WBO, WBA and Ring World titles August 31 @TheO2 - Both fighters will come face to face at the O2 tonight at #WhyteRivas 🇬🇧 🇺🇦 🥇 👑 @SkySportsBoxing @EddieHearn's photo on #WhyteRivas
20 Jul, 10:58 AM UTC


Jeremy Corbyn
The UK tanker under Iranian control, and its crew, must be released. Escalation risks a deeper conflict, all sides must show restraint. Trump tearing up the Iran nuclear deal has fuelled confrontation. Its negotiated reinstatement is essential to defuse threat of war in the Gulf.
20 Jul, 02:25 PM UTC

Patrick Stewart

Sir Patrick Stewart explains why he finally returned to #StarTrek at #SDCC @Variety's photo on Patrick Stewart
20 Jul, 08:03 PM UTC


Ray Allen turns 44 today 🎈 Never forget his iconic shot in the 2013 Finals with the Heat. @SportsCenter's photo on Allen
20 Jul, 02:21 PM UTC

Scarlet Witch

MCU Direct
It's been confirmed that Scarlet Witch will have a main role in DOCTOR STRANGE IN THE MULTIVERSE OF MADNESS! @MCU_Direct's photo on Scarlet Witch
21 Jul, 01:26 AM UTC


BBC Sport
"Lowry, give us a wave, Lowry, Lowry give us a wave." After a round like that, it's no wonder the fans are loving @ShaneLowryGolf #bbcgolf #TheOpen @BBCSport's photo on #TheOpen
20 Jul, 08:02 PM UTC


Fandom at SDCC
Kevin Feige also confirms: • ‘Guardians of the Galaxy 3’ • ‘Black Panther 2’ • ‘Captain Marvel 2’ • ‘Fantastic Four’ but ‘no time left for mutants’ @getFANDOM's photo on Mutants
21 Jul, 01:49 AM UTC

Eddie Nketiah

B/R Football
Arsenal’s last three goals: ⚽—Eddie Nketiah ⚽—Eddie Nketiah ⚽—Eddie Nketiah ⚡ @brfootball's photo on Eddie Nketiah
20 Jul, 11:37 PM UTC

Dan Hooker

Ariel Helwani
Dan Hooker, after the win: "Oct 5th, my brother Israel Adesanya is fighting to unify the middleweight title, and I need to be on that card. I demand to be on that card."
21 Jul, 02:40 AM UTC


shannon sharpe
Ugas/Figueroa Jr fight should be stopped by Figueroa’s corner. He’s taking heavy shots and sending nothing significant bck.
21 Jul, 03:35 AM UTC

juan adams

Ariel Helwani
Juan Adams has emerged as the star of this card. He’s playing it all perfectly.
20 Jul, 04:10 PM UTC


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
There are some DC ”strategists” that seem quite eager (almost wanting) to believe that Trump is a secret genius playing 3-D racism chess. They’re wrong. He’s simply an impulsive racist, one who leaves his party scrambling to excuse bigotry & scam the country.
21 Jul, 12:54 AM UTC

Dillian Whyte

Sky Sports News
BREAKING: Dillian Whyte beats Oscar Rivas on unanimous decision to become mandatory challenger for WBC heavyweight title.
20 Jul, 10:54 PM UTC


20 Jul, 10:13 PM UTC

infinity saga

MCU Direct
Kevin Feige has revealed the official logo for @MarvelStudios THE INFINITY SAGA! #SDCC Via @DiscussingFilm @MCU_Direct's photo on infinity saga
21 Jul, 12:42 AM UTC

The Mandarin

Jeremy Conrad @ SDCC
Yes. The Mandarin is in Shang-Chi.
21 Jul, 12:51 AM UTC


Ariel Helwani
Also of note, Andrei Arlovski now has the most wins in UFC heavyweight history (17), per @ESPNStatsInfo. He breaks a tie with Frank Mir.
21 Jul, 01:52 AM UTC

James Vick

Ariel Helwani
Dan Hooker ends the streak with a vicious KO of James Vick. Great comeback win after the loss to Edson Barboza in December.
21 Jul, 02:36 AM UTC


Paul Smith
The only reason that fight was ever close is because of big priceys vulnerability. He’s levels above Allen, who I hope is ok. Best I’ve ever seen Pricey box, was mentally strong stuck to a good game plan. Jab was key!
20 Jul, 09:31 PM UTC

Monica Rambeau

Jeremy Conrad @ SDCC
Monica Rambeau is in WandaVision played by Tiana Paris.
21 Jul, 12:59 AM UTC


Joe Willock is the goal scoring midfielder we’ve been looking for. The heir to Aaron Ramsey’s throne
21 Jul, 12:00 AM UTC


Black Widow BR
Sobre o teaser: É a Natasha após-Civil War voltando pra Budapeste. Tem ela lutando com a Yelena Belova, depois bebendo juntas e por último, lutando com o Taskmaster. Florence Pugh disse que Natasha é como uma irmã para ela! #blackwidow #MarvelSDCC #SDDC2019
21 Jul, 01:53 AM UTC


Ryan Penagos
WHAT IF...? Summer 2021 on Disney+ #MarvelSDCC #AgentMLovesSDCC #SDCC #MarvelStudios #whatif
21 Jul, 01:13 AM UTC


Reminder. Eddie Hearn wanted to put Dave Allen with Povetkin in 6 weeks time.......and you lot are telling me he's got his fighters best interests at heart 😂
20 Jul, 09:20 PM UTC

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