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Idol Philippines
The Idol PH's Top 5! #IdolPHroadToFinale @idolphilippines's photo on #IdolPHroadToFinale
21 Jul, 12:48 PM UTC


Lisa Champney
#CommercialsWeWillNeverSee Affordable ground beef servings! 🤓
21 Jul, 12:09 PM UTC


𝓣𝓲𝓶𝓮 𝓸𝓾𝓽🌙 | 𝐸𝒞𝐿𝐼𝒫𝒮𝐸 feat. นากน้อย💘
ไกลแค่คือใกล้ จินย้องงงงงงง #HeisPsychometricFMinBKK @Naknoi333's photo on #HeIsPsychometricFMInBKK
21 Jul, 12:04 PM UTC


Dennis Eckersley
Incredible turn out in Cooperstown for Hall of Fame Induction Weekend. True fans. #hof #hof2019 @Eck43's photo on #HOF2019
20 Jul, 11:13 PM UTC


Paul Murphy
This little world, This precious stone set in the silver sea. Richard II A2Sc1 #ShakespeareSunday #OTD #Apollo11 #Apollo11at50
21 Jul, 06:00 AM UTC


"This is a guy who is worse than a racist," said 2020 candidate Cory Booker on #CNNSOTU. "We have a demagogue, fear-mongering person who is using race to divide. This is a referendum, not on him, it's actually a referendum on the heart and soul of our country." @CNN's photo on #CNNSOTU
21 Jul, 01:14 PM UTC


Patrick Kielty
Quick question - So I know none of us are actually playing but it’s ok to be shittin yourself on Shane Lowry’s behalf, right? Asking for a friend. #theopen2019
21 Jul, 03:15 PM UTC


Want to win a day as a Madden Ratings Adjustor? Post a pic or video telling us which player deserves a 99 rating & why. 📸🎥 Tag @NFL & use #NFL100Contest by 8/4 for a chance to win! FULL DETAILS ➡️ @NFL on NFL100Contest"> @NFL's photo on #NFL100Contest
21 Jul, 02:00 PM UTC


#Heize Takes #WeDontTalkTogether1stWin On "Inkigayo" @soompi's photo on #WeDontTalkTogether1stWin
21 Jul, 08:01 AM UTC


.@ElieNYC on Bill Barr, “He has shown himself not to be the Attorney General of the United States, but Trumps bather. His job is to sponge down the President and wipe away all the legal problems that he has.” #uppers
21 Jul, 12:30 PM UTC


Philadelphia Phillies
#DocHOF @Phillies's photo on #DocHOF
21 Jul, 01:58 PM UTC


Terrence K. Williams
Another #HateHoax Georgia State Rep. Erica Thomas said a Racist White Man told her to go back He said he’s Cuban & also a Democrat. SHE CHANGED HER STORY *RT if you’re laughing with me & think she should Resign! #EricaThomas #EricaSmollett #EricaThomasResign @w_terrence's photo on #EricaThomas
21 Jul, 01:37 PM UTC


Trixie B. Lulamoon
"The Great and Powerful Trixie is demonstrating her magic mouth for this #SeductiveSunday~"
21 Jul, 08:34 AM UTC


Brother Jesse
The Honorable Minister @LouisFarrakhan speaks today (July 21st) at 10A CT!! His official Twitter account is still locked up, so if you haven’t utilized your Twitter account in a very long time, today would be the perfect day... #Farrakhan #NOISundays
21 Jul, 12:59 PM UTC


Noir Alley
Pull up a seat, grab a drink, and get ready for Fritz Lang's WHILE THE CITY SLEEPS ('56) tonight at Midnight ET on #NoirAlley hosted by @EddieMuller @NoirAlley's photo on #NoirAlley
21 Jul, 12:01 AM UTC


TIN-틴 💜
ATTENTION‼️ The #HEAR_YOURSELF comeback screenshots going around of a bighit staff account is FAKE. Please be aware and dont spread false rumours. Lets patiently wait for the official announcements only because im sure our boys works hard for that. #BTS @BTS_twt #MGMAVOTE
21 Jul, 11:28 AM UTC


Just someone who isn’t racist would be nice #CampaignPromisesIWant
21 Jul, 02:00 PM UTC


Harry Kane
Good to be back 😉⚽ #COYS @HKane's photo on #COYS
21 Jul, 02:08 PM UTC


Karen Gillan
A sentence I’ll likely never say again in my life: our film has become the biggest movie in cinematic goddamn history!!!!!!!!!!!! #AvengersEngame #nebula @karengillan's photo on #AvengersEngame
21 Jul, 12:07 PM UTC


jaemin pics #BOOM
Fans are tweeting hashtags to raise awareness on Renjun’s mistreatment by SM staff! Please help trend the following tags: 1. #런쥔_지켜 - Protect Renjun 2. #시즈니들의_빛_런쥔 - Seasonie’s light, Renjun
21 Jul, 02:38 PM UTC


As I said on @amjoyshow today, the word "Trump" is no longer a name. It's a symbol of hate like a modern day swastika and people who say they support "Trump" mean they support white supremacy and bigotry. #AMJoy @DeanObeidallah's photo on #AMJoy
20 Jul, 06:54 PM UTC


⠀⠀ ⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀ ⠀ 𖤐┊﹫ ⋆ 🌱 ⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀ 𝓎𝑜𝓊𝓇𝑒 𝒶𝓁𝓁 𝓂𝓎 𝒽𝑒𝒶𝓇𝓉 𝑒𝓋𝑒𝓇 𝓉𝒶𝓁𝓀𝓈 𝒶𝒷𝑜𝓊𝓉. ⠀ ⠀⠀ #AtinySelcaDay @ATEEZofficial
21 Jul, 01:28 PM UTC


💛💖세훈&찬열 EXO-SC❤️💙 #경_신인듀오_세훈찬열_데뷔_축 #오늘자정_WhatALife #WhatALifeWithSeChan #EXO_SC #WhatALife #SEHUN #세훈 @weareoneEXO @GYPSOPHiLA_412's photo on #WhatALifeWithSeChan
21 Jul, 03:22 PM UTC

Championship Sunday

Call of Duty World League
It’s @TeamReciprocity!!! The #RECPack punch their ticket to Championship Sunday with the Game 5 S&D win over @Luminosity! @CODWorldLeague's photo on Championship Sunday
21 Jul, 01:39 AM UTC

Nick Harrison

Kurt Busch
We all lost a friend last night. We love you Nick Harrison. You were a leader, and a great friend to all. Nick really helped me rebuild my career when I was at a low point. RIP @KurtBusch's photo on Nick Harrison
21 Jul, 03:23 PM UTC

Mariano Rivera

Michael Kay
I saw his first pitch and his last pitch and most of the pitches in between and he was the greatest relief pitcher I’ve seen. In fact, he might have been the best pitcher I ever saw. Today, Mariano Rivera takes his place as part of forever in Cooperstown. Congrats, Mo.
21 Jul, 01:08 PM UTC

JB Holmes

No Laying Up
“He’s had to know what he’s gonna hit off this tee for at least 23 hours. And he STILL took his time pulling that club!” -Zinger on JB Holmes- AND HE GOES OB!
21 Jul, 12:40 PM UTC

Mercedes Schlapp

Philip Rucker
WH adviser Mercedes Schlapp claims in a single sentence to @GStephanopoulos both that Trump “made it very clear” he disavowed chant yet “stands with those people in North Carolina.”
21 Jul, 01:16 PM UTC

Face the Nation

Adam Klasfeld
This past week, I listened to Prime Minister Trudeau’s denunciation of Trump’s racist tweets in an earpiece before appearing on Canadian TV. A segment on it came before my interview about the Epstein case. Face the Nation highlights how the world is watching this unfold. @KlasfeldReports's photo on Face the Nation
21 Jul, 02:50 PM UTC


Fabrizio Romano
Zinedine Zidane: “Bale today did not play because he is very close to leave. We hope he leaves soon, if tomorrow it’d be better! We are working on his transfer to a new team”. ❌ #transfers #RealMadrid #Bale
21 Jul, 02:19 AM UTC

Chris Wallace

Molly Jong-Fast
Santa Monica Goebbels using his Judaism to launder the president’s racism.
21 Jul, 03:05 PM UTC

Harry Kane

Tottenham Hotspur
HARRY KANE, TAKE A BOW! An incredible goal from @HKane in stoppage time as he beats Szczęsny from just past the halfway line!!! 🔵 #THFC 3-2 #JUVE ⚫️ @SpursOfficial's photo on Harry Kane
21 Jul, 01:29 PM UTC


Marvel Studios
Just announced in Hall H at #SDCC, Marvel Studios’ THOR: LOVE AND THUNDER with Chris Hemsworth, Tessa Thompson and Natalie Portman. Taika Waititi returns as director. In theaters November 5, 2021. @MarvelStudios's photo on #SDCC
21 Jul, 01:25 AM UTC


Bleacher Report
Manny Pacquiao wins the WBA World Welterweight Title at 40 years old and hands Keith Thurman his first pro loss! #PacquiaoThurman
21 Jul, 05:02 AM UTC


Marvel Studios
Just announced in Hall H at #SDCC, Marvel Studios’ BLADE with Mahershala Ali. @MarvelStudios's photo on Blade
21 Jul, 01:43 AM UTC


Joe Biden
Happy #NationalIceCreamDay! I hope everyone enjoys some ice cream on this hot summer day. I’ll be eating a pint of chocolate chip myself. @JoeBiden's photo on #NationalIceCreamDay
21 Jul, 02:44 PM UTC


#SignsSomeoneIsPsycho when you confront them about a problem they twist it back on you and guilt you into apologizing for not liking their toxic behavior @baby_kmarie's photo on #SignsSomeoneIsPsycho
21 Jul, 10:55 AM UTC


Ted Lieu
So @realDonaldTrump now wants us to forget his tweets & what the videos showed about his North Carolina rally. We will not forget. "The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command." - Orwell, 1984 #SundayThoughts
21 Jul, 03:50 PM UTC


Jahvillani.. unofficial #ReggaeSumfest2019 closing act
20 Jul, 02:27 PM UTC

USA TODAY's Editorial Board

🖕🏻Aunt Crabby calls Bullshit 🖕🏻
USA TODAY's Editorial Board: 𝗧𝗿𝘂𝗺𝗽 𝗶𝘀 '𝘂𝗻𝗳𝗶𝘁 𝗳𝗼𝗿 𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝗽𝗿𝗲𝘀𝗶𝗱𝗲𝗻𝗰𝘆'
20 Jul, 09:57 PM UTC


MisterChip (Alexis)
Joder con Zizou... así o más claro?
21 Jul, 02:58 AM UTC


Sincerely, The PoPo #HEATWAVE2019 @Breaking911's photo on #HEATWAVE2019
20 Jul, 11:21 PM UTC


Harvard Dropout Rudebwoypee!!!
The only Nigerian musician born with a silver spoon that hustles like a broke kid
20 Jul, 01:03 PM UTC

matt beaty

Los Angeles Dodgers
MATT. BEATY. SEASON. @Dodgers's photo on matt beaty
21 Jul, 04:14 AM UTC


큐티 🌃📌
190721 #EXplOrationinSeoulDay3 EXO-Ls came wearing yellow + Baby Chick is Sehun's nickname Sehun: Baby chick! EXO-Ls: Bbi-yak Bbi-yak! Sehun: Baby chick! EXO-Ls: Bbi-yak Bbi-yak! Chanyeol: Sehunnie? Sehun: Bbi-yak Bbi-yak! #EXO @weareoneEXO #엑소 @qtpiebyunbaek's photo on #EXplOrationinSeoulDay3
21 Jul, 07:51 AM UTC

One Time

That one time when Hanbin, Bobby and TOP had a dance battle 🙈 Dorks 😂 cr: fumcat @crayoness's photo on One Time
20 Jul, 07:04 AM UTC


Charlie Kingery
Everyone have a great night. See you all soon! @StuBishop_LPD @LivePDNation @LivePdFans #LivePD @CKingery_LPD's photo on #LivePD
20 Jul, 09:14 PM UTC


Marvel Universe
Proud to be a part of this family. @77MCU's photo on Spence
20 Jul, 07:20 AM UTC


Nas put out an album out at 45, on a label he has equity in, then did an interview with Nore, on a platform that Nore created, that’s partnered with Puff, and paired the release with Tidal ... Hip Hop is aging beautifully.
21 Jul, 12:13 AM UTC

Caleb Plant

RICO Boxing
Caleb Plant is frighteningly good.
21 Jul, 12:21 AM UTC


Steve Perrault
Sox Offense: No way you can blow this lead Rick Porcello: Hold my beer Sox Offense: No, hold my beer
21 Jul, 12:34 AM UTC

Maximum Security

@Outrageous1520 JA is okay. He is in holding in Belmarsh Maximum Security facility. He is in good, safe hands; and no longer confined to small embassy room 24/7. Also he has lots of social interaction and far more freedom if you think critically.
20 Jul, 05:06 AM UTC

Jane Foster

Entertainment Tonight
Natalie Portman will star as Jane Foster in #ThorLoveAndThunder... and she will harness the power of the god of thunder herself! #MarvelSDCC
21 Jul, 01:34 AM UTC

Fantastic Four

Jeremy Conrad @ SDCC
21 Jul, 01:42 AM UTC

Female Thor

Jeremy Conrad @ SDCC
Love and Thunder is based on a Jason Aaron’s Mighty Thor run. Female Thor!
21 Jul, 01:25 AM UTC


Hollywood Reporter
Marvel finds its #ShangChi with Chinese-Canadian actor @SimuLiu #MarvelSDCC @THR's photo on #ShangChi
21 Jul, 12:57 AM UTC


hit me with that #btemailbag
21 Jul, 12:13 AM UTC

King of the Road

Diana in Palo Alto
@stonecold2050 "I'm a man of means by no means... King of the Road"
20 Jul, 09:51 PM UTC

Addison Russell

Matt Clapp
Addison Russell today has not advanced on a wild pitch, gotten doubled off 2nd on a liner to LF the next pitch, lost a pop-up “double” in the sun that led to a run, didn’t score from 3rd on a groundball that the shortstop had to backhand, & tossed his bat in the stands on a K.
20 Jul, 08:36 PM UTC

Shang Chi

DiscussingFilm @ SDCC
‘SHANG CHI AND THE LEGEND OF THE TEN RINGS’ has been officially announced! #MarvelSDCC #SDCC #SDCC2019 @DiscussingFilm's photo on Shang Chi
21 Jul, 12:51 AM UTC

El Mago

THEY CALL HIM EL MAGO. 🎩 @MLB's photo on El Mago
20 Jul, 09:55 PM UTC


LG FormaL
GGs OpTic, we play FaZe later for top 3
20 Jul, 07:31 PM UTC


Orlando Pride
9 World Cup stars = $9 tickets to welcome them back tonight! #FilledWithPride 🎟 #ORLvNJ | #VamosOrlando @ORLPride's photo on #ORLvNJ
20 Jul, 03:40 PM UTC


When in doubt, point the camera at @javy23baez and pray you’re in focus. #elmago #EverybodyIn @Cubs @realcubsinsider @BleacherNation
20 Jul, 09:58 PM UTC


angel, but with a sword
apology accepted @ambientgaze's photo on Crim
20 Jul, 06:42 PM UTC

War Story

What a finish in the Monmouth Cup! An impressive win by WAR STORY & Luis Saez for Trainer Jorge Navarro & Imaginary Stables/Glenn Ellis! @TVG's photo on War Story
20 Jul, 11:24 PM UTC


New YIAY challenge: fix it. #YIAYcats
20 Jul, 05:24 PM UTC


Call of Duty World League
😯 @100Thieves SWEPT!!! @FaZeClan put the 3-0 hurt onto the champs and knock them down to the Losers Bracket at the #CWLPS4 Finals! @CODWorldLeague's photo on #CWLPS4
20 Jul, 06:21 PM UTC

Christopher Bell

Three-wide to end Stage 1 at @NHMS! Brandon Jones beats Christopher Bell and Tyler Reddick to the line. We've got a good @NASCAR_Xfinity race on our hands on NBCSN. Stream: #ROXOR200 @NASCARonNBC's photo on Christopher Bell
20 Jul, 08:45 PM UTC


"Eagle, Houston. You are Go for landing. Over." LIVE NOW: Watch special coverage of the original live broadcast of the Apollo 11 #MoonLanding. Hear those familiar voices, feel the anticipation and experience the #Apollo50th with us:
20 Jul, 08:00 PM UTC


minha autoestima sobe de escada e desce de elevador
20 Jul, 10:45 PM UTC


Maicon Küster
bolsonaro: comer merda é bom pessoa normal: ??? comer merda é bom?? como assim??? bolsominion: o que ele quis dizer é q as fezes contém nutrientes e digerir elas podem ser boas para a sua saúde. vai estudar antes de falar besteira petista idiota, lula ta preso, babaca! 🇮🇱🇧🇷😎👍
20 Jul, 02:56 PM UTC


Satellite 9 is not here right now
Consuela - Pin up model who's head is an entire shark #cutiesaturday
20 Jul, 05:54 PM UTC


Becky Berardi
There's a #heatwave here in #newyorkcity which means things are getting SWEATY! Including these cute little #feet ;) Currently taking suggestions on how to keep cool from my #BeckyBuddies! #heatwavenyc #barefoot #fitchick #runner #redhead #beautifulfeet #soles #toes #sweatyfeet
20 Jul, 12:59 AM UTC

Javy Baez

Cubs Talk
Javy Báez has 👀 in the back of his head! @NBCSCubs's photo on Javy Baez
20 Jul, 09:53 PM UTC


Buzz Aldrin
As we approach tomorrow’s moon landing anniversary, I reflect on our approaching the Moon 50 years ago. There was a sense of excitement, anticipation, focus, and purpose. This was it - America was going to accomplish the “impossible”. #Apollo50 #ApolloXI
20 Jul, 01:46 AM UTC


Chad Johnson
Chilling at @CODWorldLeague to support the kid @DashySZN #GreenWall 🔫 @ochocinco's photo on #GreenWall
20 Jul, 12:22 AM UTC

Aaron Craft

Aaron Craft DOING AARON CRAFT THINGS! @OhioStateHoops @ACraft4 #TBT2019 @thetournament's photo on Aaron Craft
20 Jul, 02:35 AM UTC


A Monmouth County Holiday. Horses will be dropping like flies and so will a quarter of the losers I went to highschool with. I’ll see you all there. Haskell 2019.
20 Jul, 01:19 PM UTC


Bleacher Report
Brooks Koepka almost drove this one to the moon 😱 NEARLY 400 YARDS (via @GolfChannel) @BleacherReport's photo on Haskell
20 Jul, 06:19 PM UTC

Happy 50th

Gavin Free
Happy 50th birthday, moon.
20 Jul, 02:53 PM UTC

Tony G

城ヶ崎姉妹すき~! @morikuraen's photo on Tony G
20 Jul, 11:30 AM UTC


Patrick Stewart
Yesterday’s car ride to San Diego. See you soon, #ComicCon. #StarTrekPicard #SDCC2019 #SDCC @SirPatStew's photo on #StarTrekPicard
20 Jul, 04:44 PM UTC


20 Jul, 02:45 PM UTC

Shane Lowry

BBC News (UK)
The Open 2019: Rory McIlroy misses cut after brave fight; Shane Lowry takes share of lead
19 Jul, 07:44 PM UTC

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