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Warren Sharp
awareness level: 0 drunkenness level: 98 fireproof superpowers: 100 @SharpFootball's photo on pizarro
03 Jul, 06:42 PM UTC
Lars-Johan Larsson
This blue Lobster was caught off the coast of Portland yesterday and returned to the water to continue to grow. Blue lobsters are one in two million. @LarsJohanL's photo on Russell
03 Jul, 03:08 PM UTC
free my dawg he ain’t do anything
03 Jul, 02:31 PM UTC
Stranger Things
been here all along. ❤️
03 Jul, 02:03 PM UTC
Real Life Doodles
Clementine slices @RealLifeDoodIes's photo on Andrada
03 Jul, 11:10 AM UTC
Just when I thought this Kroos goal couldn’t get any better then I see this angle. Such an insane goal man. @WolfRMFC's photo on Diogo
03 Jul, 03:52 PM UTC
Stranger Things 4
Eddie: "I didn't run this time" // ME:
04 Jul, 01:00 AM UTC
Annabelle ➐
the feminine urge to say “liar” everytime a man speaks
03 Jul, 02:22 PM UTC
お互いに驚かし合う猫と子供、仲の良さが伺える…@tyomateee2's photo on maxi
03 Jul, 02:29 PM UTC
Written Notes
10 movies that will change your life + mindset 1. Interstellar @1WrittenNotes's photo on del valle
03 Jul, 03:00 PM UTC
q debil q es uno,cuando quiere tanto a alguien
03 Jul, 06:23 AM UTC
Formula 1
Your #F1DriverOfTheDay What a drive from Checo! 👏👏👏 #BritishGP @salesforce @F1's photo on Checo
03 Jul, 04:35 PM UTC
Braden 🏺
Hollywood must be losing their minds trying to figure out how to market to Gen Z. We refused to watch Morbius and then gaslit Sony with memes into thinking we would see it if Sony rereleased it; then Minions got the meme crowd Sony thought they'd get with Morbius.
03 Jul, 08:27 AM UTC
sergio roca🥷🏽
mi humor esta demasiado roto @sergiorocaa's photo on Santiago
03 Jul, 05:01 PM UTC
here’s a bouquet of flowers for you 🌷🌸🌷🌸 🌸🌷🌸🌷🌸 /ᐠ🌷🌸🌷🌸🌷 ( ˶ᵔ ᵕ ᵔ🌷🌸🌷 \ つ \ / U U / 🎀 \
03 Jul, 12:48 PM UTC
гг ~ 𖤐
nah this is crazy ngl @tize4PF's photo on Benito
04 Jul, 12:28 AM UTC
💜 #MyBTStory Highlights ✨ 방탄소년단의 음악과 활동들이 이렇게 많은 사람들에게 힘과 행복이 되었다니! #감사합니다아미🥺 #아미는우리의원동력 #아포방포💜 So grateful to see how BTS became ARMY's motivation and happiness!🥺 #ThanksARMY #AFBF💜
04 Jul, 03:00 AM UTC
[17'S JUN] 하루종일 먹을 수 있겠다🍛🍜 @pledis_17's photo on Moreno
04 Jul, 03:02 AM UTC
Chero ✏️
Bad Bunny: “Con Gabriela somos amigos. Ella puede tener pareja, y no hay problema. Yo puedo tener novia y no hay problema”. Yo: @MrCheroSv's photo on Bad Bunny
03 Jul, 06:35 AM UTC
YO todas las mañanas @giorgiompj's photo on Gallardo
03 Jul, 05:03 PM UTC
Thomas Mujica
Actitudes que cansan.
03 Jul, 07:24 AM UTC
George Russell left his Mercedes car straight after the red flag to check on Zhou Guanyu. A true sportsman ❤️ @ESPNF1's photo on Russell
03 Jul, 02:53 PM UTC
Lunes 4 y no estás .
04 Jul, 08:49 PM UTC
“I want you” with no action? Boringggg.
03 Jul, 12:53 PM UTC
Spotify Korea
[Jack In The Box]의 선공개 곡 ‘MORE’💜 제이홉의 고민과 열정이 가득 담긴 노래를 지금 #스포티파이 에서 들어보세요! @bts_bighit #jhope #MORE @SpotifyKR's photo on Mochis
04 Jul, 10:00 AM UTC
Salvador Iglesias Jr
*Llega el 4 de julio* Estadounidense / Latinoamérica
04 Jul, 06:02 PM UTC
現行のインボイス制度導入反対について|公益社団法人日本漫画家協会 #漫画家協会 @mangaka_kyokai's photo on Toto
04 Jul, 05:00 AM UTC
03 Jul, 05:37 AM UTC
AnimeTV チェーン @ AX
【BREAKING NEWS】: SOLO LEVELING Anime Adaptation Officially Announced! #AnimeExpo
03 Jul, 07:15 PM UTC
𝙋𝙖𝙢𝙢𝙮 ✨
Never force connections. If people don't see the value in having you by their side, don't try to convince them.
03 Jul, 01:00 PM UTC
A mi me da igual el 4 de julio yo solo quiero empezar el 2023 bien cabron
04 Jul, 12:14 AM UTC
Sebastián Rodríguez
todos hoy // yo hoy
04 Jul, 02:37 PM UTC
𝔐𝔞𝔩𝔢 𝔏𝔲𝔫𝔫𝔞 🌙
El de afuera nunca va a entender las situaciones por las que pasan los de adentro 🧏🏻‍♀️
03 Jul, 10:16 AM UTC
pretending to be a crab so namjoon will pick me up @fayepjm's photo on Rubí
03 Jul, 06:48 PM UTC
Ciencia y Mas!
Impresionante lava @Cienciaymas_'s photo on Jesucristo
04 Jul, 10:17 AM UTC
「イモトの体力の衰え」ってdisってるけどさぁ、妊娠·出産·育児してたらあの体力オバケみたいだったイモトだってそうなっちゃうんだよ! 言い方~! お母さんになるって、色々大変なんだよ!!がんばってるイモトを称賛してあげて!!! #イッテQ
03 Jul, 11:21 AM UTC
Las relaciones largas y sanas no son solo amor. Es una construcción diaria de cuidado, de charlas incómodas, de detalles hacia Ia otra personas, de tiempo de calidad, de apoyo incondicional, de desacuerdos y crecimiento. Nadie nos lo dice pero lo bonito cuesta y se construye.
03 Jul, 04:52 PM UTC
Guy Freire
Deeply funny to get mad at Elliot Page for acting under his preferred name when almost every single actor uses a pseudonym for their stage name and no one cares.
03 Jul, 11:29 PM UTC
04 Jul, 11:56 AM UTC
Just wait til he sees Omni-Man’s cape @InvincibleHQ's photo on Salcedo
03 Jul, 08:41 PM UTC
03 Jul, 10:24 PM UTC
Cardi B
I wear Chanel the best 🤫 @iamcardib's photo on Chanel
03 Jul, 09:53 PM UTC
Hablarle al cielo es contarte todo👴🏼🤍
04 Jul, 02:55 AM UTC