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James Worthy
That was all her. #respect ✊🏾👏🏾
14 Dec, 08:53 PM UTC


Geert Wilders
Duurder gas, duurder stroom, hogere energiebelasting, meer btw, duurzaamheidsheffing. Rutte laat Nederlanders letterlijk in de kou staan. Kappen met al die belastingverhogingen en klimaathysterie! #Rutte3WegErmee #StemPVV Geert Wilders's photo on Nederlanders
15 Dec, 06:14 AM UTC


Avry ✨
How I look in public until I see my people 😭😂 Avry ✨'s photo on Robbe
15 Dec, 03:30 AM UTC


David Corn
EXCLUSIVE: Russian agent Maria Butina claimed she had a "signed cooperation agreement" with the NRA via @MotherJones
14 Dec, 05:39 PM UTC


📆 32 Years Ago Today: 🇳🇱 Dennis Bergkamp made his professional debut. 🏟 697 Games ⚽️ 282 Goals 🎯 79 Assists 🇳🇱 79 Caps 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏆 3x PL 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏆 4x FA Cup 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏆 3x Community Shield 🇳🇱🏆 1x Eredivisie 🇳🇱🏆 2x Dutch Cup 🇪🇺🏆 2x UEFA Cup 🇪🇺🏆 1x UEFA Cup Winners Cup 🙌 A Dutch Legend.
14 Dec, 09:50 PM UTC


َxyra *。☽
this was such a precious moment, out in the fields havin a picnic or smth while listening to the music. not surrounded by cameras, not crowded by people. wish they could do this more often َxyra *。☽'s photo on Picnic
15 Dec, 01:59 PM UTC


merry christmark and hoppus new year
Every morning I wake in abject terror that it might be my turn to cover Toto’s “Africa.”
14 Dec, 05:58 PM UTC


Onze generatie over 15 jaar "Mama, hoe heb je papa leren kennen?" "Hij had geslide in mijn dm's en vroeg of ik op zijn gezicht kon zitten"
14 Dec, 03:26 PM UTC


Randy Quaid
To all Deep Staters: No matter what Fake News, no matter what fake indictment, you’re not getting the country back to ruin it again. Trump’s got thick Teflon skin and America is watching you. Shitter’s full! Merry Christmas. 🎄
14 Dec, 03:58 PM UTC


Antonio Baños
Una abraçada de tot cor @jorditurull . No podran amb tant dignitat Antonio Baños's photo on sparta
14 Dec, 06:41 PM UTC


💚#寒い冬も頑張っている人を応援💛 スーパーNANOX・ソフランプレミアム消臭🌈 合同キャンペーン📣 プレゼント商品は、オリジナルスタジャン🌟 選べるデザインやお好きなアルファベットで、あなただけの一着が⁉️ 詳細👉 #洗濯って応援だ #まだまだ着られる 柔軟剤のソフラン公式アカウント's photo on TOP Oss
15 Dec, 02:00 AM UTC


Ashton🌊 ⁶
OR....maybe he’s not a snitch?
14 Dec, 06:36 PM UTC


Michael Grzesiek
Congrats @teamoneesports and GL in the Minor at IEM Katowice 2019!!! YAY!!!!!!!!
14 Dec, 09:39 PM UTC


Ahmed Samir
اللهم اني اسألك الرضا.
15 Dec, 12:18 AM UTC


Christel van Bebber
De hele lagere school uitgescholden voor homo. Nu #paarsevrijdag mee organiseren op school voor @GSAnetwerk. Goed gedaan kerel! Christel van Bebber's photo on #paarsevrijdag
14 Dec, 07:23 AM UTC

mariah carey

Christopher Zech
Mariah Carey listening to Ariana Grandes perfect whistle tone in Imagine Christopher Zech's photo on mariah carey
14 Dec, 04:56 AM UTC


Soo Choi
#ThankYouBTS we will love you forever @BTS_twt Soo Choi's photo on #ThankYouBTS
14 Dec, 05:50 PM UTC


Wallis Fashion
To celebrate #ChristmasJumperDay, we're giving you the chance to #WIN one of these looks!*. To enter, simply follow us on Twitter, reply with your favourite look & retweet this post. Quick, ends midnight! *T&Cs apply. Shop Knitwear now > Wallis Fashion's photo on #ChristmasJumperDay
14 Dec, 06:00 AM UTC

ac milan

Actu Foot
Parmi les éliminés de l'@EuropaLeague... 😮 🇩🇪 Leipzig 🇫🇷 Marseille 🇫🇷 Bordeaux 🇩🇰 Copenhague 🇧🇪 Anderlecht 🇧🇪 Standard 🇮🇹 Milan AC 🇹🇷 Besiktas
14 Dec, 08:10 AM UTC


Nampak je aku pendiam, otak aku tak pernah berhenti bercakap.
14 Dec, 02:30 AM UTC
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