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Red Pill
Kellyanne Conway Destroys CNN’s Dana Bash After Attack on Her Marriage #HashtagConfessions If there's one thing you watch today, watch Kellyanne destroy Bash w/ Class #QAnon #GreatAwakening #LoveYouAriana #PORvNYC #LetsGoPens #MAGA #FakeNewsCNN #news
22 Apr, 11:50 PM UTC


RT & follow @OriginalFunko for the chance to win a Bernard Pop! #Westworld Funko's photo on #Westworld
23 Apr, 02:02 AM UTC


Bradley Scott 🙏🇺🇸
ANOTHER reason I could NEVER be a Lib: The lady on the left still blames "old white men" for society problems. Libs CELEBRATE. The lady on the right says people are responsible for their own lives. Libs EXPLODE! RETWEET if you support @RealCandaceO! #MondayMotivation #MAGA
23 Apr, 11:20 AM UTC


Professor Snape
Retweet if you've read Harry Potter. #WorldBookDay
23 Apr, 08:11 PM UTC

Salah Abdeslam

GLOBAL SECULARISM Salah Abdeslam, convicted & sentenced, but not called a terrorist. Still a "suspect." People like Col Purohit, Pragya and others were "HINDU TERRORISTS" even before the investigations began. Media still call them the same even after the acquittal under MCOCA. THE SKIN DOCTOR's photo on Salah Abdeslam
23 Apr, 09:39 AM UTC


Ryan Saavedra 🇺🇸
Yesterday: Man kills 4 people at Waffle House using a gun. Far-left Parkland activists: Calls for gun confiscation and spread lies. Today: Man kills 9+ people in Toronto using a van. Far-left Parkland activists: Total silence.
23 Apr, 08:32 PM UTC


If the word ear is in Earth, maybe we should listen to it. Peace be with you on this beautiful #earthday 👂🏻🌎♥️
22 Apr, 11:39 PM UTC


John 🌈 Kershaw
Can you recommend a GDPR expert? Yes! Great, can you give me their email address so I can contact them? No.
23 Apr, 10:27 AM UTC


The big rig keeping rusty safe from flyer fans throwing beer cans... we should all have someone like this in our life to protect us... KesselMania's photo on Heuvel
22 Apr, 11:06 PM UTC


Caption writer at the BBC just got fired! #RoyalBaby Sketchaganda's photo on Philips
23 Apr, 01:04 PM UTC


İsmail Abi
Ya onca yüzyıl varken neden böyle saçma bir zamana denk geldim aklım mantığım almıyor
22 Apr, 08:04 PM UTC

Robin van Persie

BBC Sport
He's still got it 🔥 Robin van Persie fired Feyenoord to a 13th Dutch Cup 🏆 More: BBC Sport's photo on Robin van Persie
22 Apr, 07:46 PM UTC


ITV Football
With a huge semi-final coming up at Anfield for @LFC this week - we take a trip down memory lane... 📅 3 May 2005: 🏟 Anfield 🔴 Liverpool 1-0 Chelsea 🔵 🙌 What a night of Champions League action on @ITV! ITV Football's photo on Chelsea
23 Apr, 11:16 AM UTC


Ryan Saavedra 🇺🇸
This is a lie, the 6 deadliest shootings in history were outside the US: (year/attack/deaths) 1. 2017 Egypt Mosque, 305 2. 2014 Kenya University College, 148 3. 2015 Pakistan School, 141 4. 2015 Paris Attacks, 130 5. 2011 Norway Attacks, 67 6. 2013 Kenya Shopping Mall, 67
22 Apr, 07:05 PM UTC


Als je moeder zegt dat je de vaatwasser moet uitruimen #azfey Yorin's photo on #azfey
22 Apr, 05:33 PM UTC


Cody Rhodes
Matt Taven is a good wrestler. Actually has not 1...but 2 victories over me and he's the only dude with the balls to do CMLL, but you can file this graphic under "Flip Gordon" because the only way it would happen is over my dead body And I'm the fucking lizard king so good luck
22 Apr, 08:11 PM UTC


Isabel Rose 🌹
#selfiesforqueers 💘🌈 I love girls
22 Apr, 05:48 PM UTC


Imágenes duras... Esto es lo que pasa cuando los hinchas de Napoli y los de la Juventus se encuentran en una calle.... MEJORES VIDEOS's photo on Juventus
22 Apr, 05:47 PM UTC


Marvel Studios
See @Avengers: #InfinityWar in 5 Days. Get tickets: Marvel Studios's photo on Avengers
22 Apr, 04:30 PM UTC


Thomas Sanders
My birthday is in two days and I literally have no plans. Maybe a dinner with the parents? There’s not much one can do on a Tuesday. Maybe plan a trip with friends down to Orlando on a future weekend? Decisions... I wanna make it memorable somehow!
23 Apr, 01:14 AM UTC


ถกวนไป #PeckPalitchokeFirstDate #FirstLadyของผู้ชายคนนี้ #palitgallery #เป๊กผลิตโชค #DrugPixx
23 Apr, 08:48 AM UTC


Las protestas en Nicaragua van mucho más allá de una queja por programas sociales. Van contra la falta de democracia y en contra de la manera en que Daniel Ortega y Rosario Murillo se han eternizado en el poder. Cuando un gobierno mata a su gente, el cambio es inevitable.
22 Apr, 01:46 PM UTC

Van Persie

B/R Football
Van Persie’s still got it—congratulations, @Feyenoord! 🇳🇱🏆 B/R Football's photo on Van Persie
22 Apr, 05:58 PM UTC


The undisputed King of @COTA 🇺🇸 The number 93 wins his 93rd #MotoGP race 🔥 #RideOnKentuckyKid MotoGP™🏁🇺🇸's photo on #MotoGP
22 Apr, 07:47 PM UTC

Bas Dost

Sporting Clube de Portugal
#LigaNOS | #SCPBFC | ⏱ 25' | GOLOOOOOOO! BAS DOST não tremeu na cara do guarda-redes e fez o primeiro em Alvalade! 👊 #DiaDeSporting Sporting Clube de Portugal's photo on Bas Dost
22 Apr, 07:43 PM UTC


ツイチューブ Twitube
何が始まるのかと思えばみんなが好きなあの曲でした #Avicii ツイチューブ Twitube's photo on Avicii
22 Apr, 12:07 PM UTC


Miss Jane
S U M M E R : Expectation vs. Reality @mainedcm
23 Apr, 06:37 AM UTC


Greg James
You haven’t known misery until you hit the wall at mile 23 and while you’re stumbling around trying to make your legs work and questioning everything, a man in a giant bollock costume overtakes you. Go well marathoners! It’s worth it in the end...just. #LondonMarathon
22 Apr, 09:23 AM UTC


Sharifah Amani
Lima tips awet muda Nanina. 1. Jgn sibuk hal orang. 2. Jgn comment nonsense kat social media orang yang kita tak kenal. 3. Amalkan puasa social media. 4. Naik lift jgn berebut. 5. Bila dah habis makan kat IKEA atau tempat fast food kemas sampah sendiri. Sharifah Amani's photo on IKEA
22 Apr, 07:52 AM UTC


Lost In History
Air India 1970s. Lost In History's photo on Kuipers
22 Apr, 08:11 PM UTC


Beyoncé's choir and BGVs singing "Party" before hitting the stage at #Coachella🎉 #Beychella #Round2 BEYONCÉ LEGION's photo on Idrissi
22 Apr, 07:11 PM UTC


GgWp @astralisgg , sad but Astralis is better atm, congratz !
22 Apr, 04:54 PM UTC
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