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#WeirdThingsToBuyInBulk googly eyes, but really you can never have enough! 😂😏
15 Jul, 05:01 PM UTC


Iron Maiden
Fans pick their favourite tracks from #TheStudioCollectionRemastered - part 3. Forum user ‘Zawulon’ - “The Clansman. Simply because I got tears in my eyes when I shouted "Freedom" along with thousands of fists in the air when they played it live." #MusicMonday #IronMaiden @IronMaiden's photo on #MusicMonday
15 Jul, 06:00 PM UTC


Rand Fishkin
 @randfish my slides from today's #mozcon cover the modern search landscape with loads of new data from @jumpshotinc... Including June's CTR data (spoiler, zero-click searches crossed 50% for the first time)
15 Jul, 04:24 PM UTC


💙𝓋𝓉𝓈 𝓅𝒶𝓋𝑒𝒹 𝓉𝒽𝑒 𝓌𝒶𝓎💙
for the culture. {#BlackOutBTS}
15 Jul, 01:45 PM UTC


Hotep Jesus
Holy shit! #IceBae is real and she fine AF! WTF?! I think I'm coming down with a case of undocumentation! 😍
15 Jul, 06:44 PM UTC


Meet the Press
BREAKING: Congresswomen respond to President Trump's attacks #MTPDaily @IlhanMN: "It is for this reason precisely that we have to take action when a President is openly violating the oath he took to the constitution of the United States and the core values we aspire to” @MeetThePress's photo on #mtpdaily
15 Jul, 09:33 PM UTC


Gators Football
.@CoachDanMullen is swagged out for #SECMD19! 🐊Jordan Custom Retro DM 11 @GatorsEquipment 👀 #JUMPMAN
15 Jul, 04:15 PM UTC


I’ve made my decision... #MakingTheBand is coming back!!! This will be a global talent search, upload your auditions now using #MTBcasting!! @Diddy's photo on #MTBCasting
15 Jul, 05:21 PM UTC


Yes it's #PrimeDay but it's also the #AmazonStrike. Amazon's Warehouse employees are going on strike for better pay. Also... Amazon owns IMDB Amazon owns Twitch Amazon owns Whole Foods Amazon owns Audible Don't cross that picket line, physically or virtually.
15 Jul, 10:15 AM UTC


ARMY Protection Squad
Attention K army are trying to trend the hashtag #방탄_별을다다줄게 (tr-we will give BTS the stars) To take attention away from hashtag started by antis who joined forces to work against BTS. Kindly help trend the hashtag and report the other tags under spam category.
15 Jul, 04:22 PM UTC

Matt Ryan

Ari No Grande
Drop a gif that describes your current mental state ill start per usual 🌚🌝 @ariibabii29's photo on Matt Ryan
15 Jul, 02:06 AM UTC


NBA 2K20
Kawhi and PG's new look 👀 Does this new duo have the highest average overall rating? Find out by tapping below to set a reminder for the #2KRatings Reveal livestream 👇 🔗 🗓 Tonight ⌚ 8pm ET/5pm PT @NBA2K's photo on #2KRatings
15 Jul, 04:32 PM UTC

Coach O

Sean Salisbury
LSU Tigers football fans I just want to let you know how blessed you are to have John Robinson joining the Tiger staff. He recruited me and was my first college Head Coach at USC. He was like my father away from home. This is a great move by Coach O. No bigger fan! #GeauxTigers
15 Jul, 02:24 AM UTC


Pomp 🌪
Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin basically told everyone to follow the rules and not doing illegal things with Bitcoin or crypto. Sounds like a green light for those who want to do things the right way 🙏🏽
15 Jul, 06:10 PM UTC


Donald J. Trump
We will never be a Socialist or Communist Country. IF YOU ARE NOT HAPPY HERE, YOU CAN LEAVE! It is your choice, and your choice alone. This is about love for America. Certain people HATE our Country....
15 Jul, 09:08 PM UTC


Sen. Lisa Murkowski
There is no excuse for the president’s spiteful comments –they were absolutely unacceptable and this needs to stop.
15 Jul, 05:47 PM UTC

Brit Hume

Ted Lieu
Dear @brithume: When people tell me to "go back" to China or Japan, that is racist because they are treating me differently based on race. Like you Brit Hume, my home is America. I don't have a different home because my skin color happens to be different from your skin color.
15 Jul, 05:59 PM UTC


dudes be like “raid area 51” bro raid ur fridge that queso in the back expired 8 months ago
15 Jul, 06:59 PM UTC

Ed Orgeron

Greg Sankey announced that the SEC hired consultants to review the conference’s officiating program. Summary of results: The SEC has very good officials. No word on if said results were sent directly to Ed Orgeron’s office.
15 Jul, 04:48 PM UTC

Christian Wood

Shams Charania
Sources: New Orleans has waived forward Christian Wood.
15 Jul, 09:03 PM UTC


NFL Update
Madden 20 QB ratings: Mahomes: 97 Brady: 96 Rivers: 94 Luck: 92 Wilson: 91 Rodgers: 90 Ryan: 89 Big Ben: 85 Cam: 84 Goff: 83 Baker: 83 Watson: 82 Wentz: 82 Dak: 81 Cousins: 81 Carr: 80 Dalton: 80 Mariota: 79 Stafford: 79 Jimmy G: 78 Foles: 77 Lamar: 76 Winston: 76 Trubisky: 75
15 Jul, 03:04 PM UTC

Susan Collins

Adam Parkhomenko
Remember how quiet Mitt Romney is. Remember how quiet Susan Collins is. Remember how quiet Cory Gardner is. Remember how quiet they all are.
15 Jul, 03:07 AM UTC

Richard Spencer

Jason Johnson
The fact that we need to specify that *THIS* Richard Spencer isn't the Neo Nazi White Nationalist Richard Spencer being appointed acting Defense Secretary says all you need to know about the current administration
15 Jul, 09:31 PM UTC

Mark Reynolds

Mark Reynolds is a.... (•_•) <) )╯POSITION / \ \(•_•) ( (> PLAYER / \ (•_•) <) )> PITCHING / \ at coors @Cut4's photo on Mark Reynolds
15 Jul, 09:27 PM UTC

Steve Daines

@AdamParkhomenko Enough. These people need to go. Vote them Out, GOP Senators up for Re-election 2020 1/2 Mitch McConnell KY Lindsey Graham SC Shelley Moore Capito WV Susan Collins ME Bill Cassidy LA John Cornyn TX Tom Cotton AR Steve Daines MT Mike Enzi WY Joni Ernst IA Cory Gardner CO
15 Jul, 09:39 AM UTC

Making The Band

15 Jul, 07:52 PM UTC


Aaron Rupar
Trump thinks Al Qaeda is spelled "Alcaida”
15 Jul, 08:06 PM UTC


Michael Thomas
Brees don’t play video games 99 in real life!
15 Jul, 06:49 PM UTC


Steve Daines
Montanans are sick and tired of listening to anti-American, anti-Semite, radical Democrats trash our country and our ideals. This is America. We’re the greatest country in the world. I stand with @realdonaldtrump. 🇺🇸
15 Jul, 08:05 PM UTC

Ben Simmons

Bleacher Report
$170M. Five years. Ben Simmons just got paid, per @ShamsCharania @BleacherReport's photo on Ben Simmons
15 Jul, 05:38 PM UTC

Al Qaeda

Scott Dworkin
BREAKING: Trump’s lying on tv right now, more than usual. He keeps saying AOC, Tlaib, Pressley, Omar and Dems are all supporters of al Qaeda. Trump is a pathetic racist liar. And he’s going to tell more gross lies like this. Shame on every complicit Repub. They let this happen.
15 Jul, 05:08 PM UTC

JR Smith

Adrian Wojnarowski
Once guard JR Smith clears waivers, the Los Angeles Lakers are an unlikely destination, league sources tell ESPN.
15 Jul, 09:17 PM UTC


Los Angeles Chargers
safe to say Keenan isn't happy with his Madden rating 😂 @Chargers's photo on Madden
15 Jul, 06:05 PM UTC


Bill Mitchell
President Trump's attack against #TheSquad is very clever. Here's why. Now @SpeakerPelosi has been forced to come to #TheSquad's defense, even as they attack her. If she does not defend, she alienates the Leftist base by siding with Trump. Trump is leveraging #TDS.
15 Jul, 01:49 PM UTC


Me setting my alarm for 6am at 1am
15 Jul, 04:45 PM UTC


Atul Khatri
So what if England won the #WorldCup2019 ?? So what that Djokovic won the #WimbledonFinal ?? All Indians must remember that our National Anthem has been declared #1 in the world by UNESCO and no one can change that forever!! Jai Hind!!
15 Jul, 05:26 AM UTC


Chris Evans
This is racist, Biff. The only thing worse than actually being hateful and racist, is casually wielding hate and racism to activate your base in an unrelenting, painfully transparent, and crushingly on-brand effort to soothe your only true devotion: feeding your insatiable ego.
15 Jul, 03:32 PM UTC

Prime Day

Tim Lyons
Workers at Amazon are striking for Prime Day! Respect the digital picket line and boycott Amazon on 15 and 16 July. @Picketer's photo on Prime Day
15 Jul, 12:57 AM UTC


Hillary Clinton
They're from America, and you're right about one thing: Currently their government is a complete and total catastrophe.
14 Jul, 11:22 PM UTC


Monique Samuels
I’m not riding with you just because we’re friends. If you’re wrong you’re wrong. And don’t claim to try and fight my battles. Where was that energy last year when I was being thrown under the bus in nemacolin?! Don’t make my past issues your storyline. Get your own ✌🏽 #RHOP
15 Jul, 01:13 AM UTC

Area 51

James Ray
The year is 2090. Every song in the Billboard Top 100 are Old Town Road remixes. Lil Nas X is president. Every American has been required to send in a 1-minute freestyle to add to his upcoming Old Town Country single. Area 51 has been overrun. You have a pet alien. Life is good.
15 Jul, 02:45 PM UTC


Donald J. Trump
So sad to see the Democrats sticking up for people who speak so badly of our Country and who, in addition, hate Israel with a true and unbridled passion. Whenever confronted, they call their adversaries, including Nancy Pelosi, “RACIST.” Their disgusting language.....
15 Jul, 12:02 AM UTC


Shinsuke Nakamura
A change has come. Where can you find me but all the places I can go. #ICTitle #ExtremeRules @ShinsukeN's photo on #ExtremeRules
15 Jul, 01:42 AM UTC


Perdón por el desorden, estoy intentando volver a ser yo.
15 Jul, 03:58 AM UTC

Ryan Hollins

❄️ 7/11 ❄️
Ryan Hollins roasted again this time by Max to start off the show 😂😂😂 @CAPTHABASEDGOD's photo on Ryan Hollins
15 Jul, 05:25 PM UTC


#RejectedAmazonPrimeBenefits Billy Graham Chaperone shorts, for the evangelical who can't leave home without his wife.
15 Jul, 04:02 PM UTC


yuvraj singh
I don’t agree with that rule ! But rules are rules congratulations to England on finally winning the World Cup , my heart goes out for the kiwis they fought till the end 😥. Great game an epic final !!!! #CWC19Final
14 Jul, 06:34 PM UTC


happy early tuesday y’all✨💛 i hope everyone’s having an amazing day #tuesdayselfie @GraysonDolan @EthanDolan
15 Jul, 09:09 AM UTC


Frank Bruno MBE 🇬🇧
So sorry to hear of the passing of a defensive genius and one of the all time greats, Pernell Whittaker. May he rest in peace. My thoughts are with his family & close ones. #sweetpea @frankbrunoboxer's photo on #sweetpea
15 Jul, 01:49 PM UTC


Otro video más de ayer... #exhibitions #Exhibit #rt #HotwifeMexicana #FelizLunes @Coquetasexy3's photo on #FelizLunes
15 Jul, 11:26 AM UTC


she was so young and had her whole life ahead of her. please be careful who you meet online, because people are absolutely fucking insane. give this girl justice #ripbianca
15 Jul, 08:48 AM UTC

Peter Thiel

Saagar Enjeti
Peter Thiel at the National Conservatism conference calls for Harvard, Stanford and other large academic institutions to lose their non-profit status
15 Jul, 12:28 AM UTC


Manchester United
Attack the day. #MondayMotivation 📸 More #MUTOUR training pics landing soon... #MUFC @ManUtd's photo on #MondayMotivation
15 Jul, 07:53 AM UTC


Fred Guttenberg
Exactly @davidaxelrod. This time, it wont work. We must force every Representative and Senator on record or they will go down as racist. #SilenceEqualsCompliance #SilenceIsCompliance
15 Jul, 01:57 PM UTC


@portarmy ハズブロパルス:WFCトリロジー版ユニクロンのクラウドファンディング企画だと…!? お値段$574.99
15 Jul, 12:59 PM UTC


myrcka 🧚‍♂️
14 Jul, 06:01 PM UTC

Sweet Pea

rt if you see your favorite pet name - kitten - baby - pumpkin - mommy - daddy - cutie - master - pup - sweet pea - delilah - cowgirl/cowboy - babie - little one - baby girl/boy - nugget - bean - mistress - babe - sir/ma'am - prince/princess - king/queen - sweet heart - darling
14 Jul, 07:01 PM UTC

Mia Love

Molly McKew
Has anyone heard a Republican today denounce what POTUS said? Or are they all doing what ex-Rep Mia Love has been doing, and saying "the back and forth has to stop." Which is utterly pathetic. What's "fatiguing" is that.
14 Jul, 07:34 PM UTC


Tony Bahama
Nicole hunting down Azan in 10 years #90DayFiance
15 Jul, 01:40 AM UTC


Mercury Tokyo STAFF
#MONSTA_X 8/21発売 JAPAN 2nd ALBUM「#Phenomenon」 リード楽曲「#X_Phenomenon」 デジタル先行配信は、 今夜 7/14(日)24:00 (7/15 0:00)スタート❣️ メンバーからのメッセージはこちら😍📣 @MercuryTokyo_UM's photo on #X_Phenomenon
14 Jul, 01:02 PM UTC


#NCTDREAM 〖 #Fireflies 〗 Music Release ➫ 2019.07.15.6PM (KST) #NCT #worldscoutfoundation #wsj #wsf @NCTsmtown_DREAM's photo on #Fireflies
14 Jul, 12:38 PM UTC

New Week

Ulrich Janse van Vuuren
This tweet is just for you. Wishing you the most wonderful new week. May everything you're working towards, dreaming of or hoping for start falling in place. Most of all, may your week be filled with so much happiness. 🙏❤⭐
14 Jul, 08:41 PM UTC

how to love

Pope Francis
In today's Gospel, Jesus proposes the Samaritan as a model. By loving his neighbor as himself, he demonstrates how to love God with one's whole heart, while at the same time expressing true religiosity and full humanity.
14 Jul, 11:30 AM UTC


THESE DAYS FEATURING @logic301 OUT NOW!! Link in bio!! This is my Dream feature ever since I first started making music!!! This one is for the RattPack spreading that PLP!! 10 years in the making on this one!! Let’s shake the game up #TheseDays @Silas301's photo on #TheseDays
15 Jul, 04:00 AM UTC


NEW VIDEO: The moment the lights came back on in Manhattan. #nyc #blackout #video @ZedLep67's photo on #Blackout
14 Jul, 11:13 AM UTC


NCT InfoCenter
Let's trend #NCTDREAM_Fireflies now! Reply with random words + hashtag If there will be no 'Fireflies' MV, make sure to share the Spotify / iTunes / Apple Music link followed with the hashtag. Streaming on there is as important as on YouTube. @NCTsmtown @NCTsmtown_DREAM @nctinfocenter's photo on #NCTDream_Fireflies
15 Jul, 08:53 AM UTC

Haus Labs

RDT Lady Gaga
RESUMO: Tudo o que sabemos, até o momento, sobre a "Haus Labs", nova linha de beleza de Lady Gaga
15 Jul, 01:45 AM UTC

End of Days

When Becky got hit with the End of Days
15 Jul, 03:13 AM UTC

Universal Championship

Sean Ross Sapp Of
Samoa Joe is now winless in eight televised WWE World and Universal Championship matches, all in the last two years.
15 Jul, 02:25 AM UTC


📍 Fenway Park #SundayNightBaseball @MLB's photo on #SundayNightBaseball
14 Jul, 10:17 PM UTC


Do. Not. Touch. The Man's. Man. ...unless you want to feel the sting of a kendo stick indefinitely. @BeckyLynchWWE @WWERollins @LaceyEvansWWE @BaronCorbinWWE #WinnersTakeAll #ExtremeRules @WWE's photo on #WinnersTakeAll
15 Jul, 02:40 AM UTC

RIP Bianca

i hate men. i’m tired of them taking their angry/mental health out on people. especially women. it’s fucking sick. rip bianca. you are an angel now and forever. you deserved so much more than this and i’m sorry your death was exploited this way.💜
15 Jul, 12:59 AM UTC


#RHOP Monique - Candiace should've never invited Ashley when she had tension with her - Ashley should have never came - Gizelle should have NEVER invited her back in . - Robyn should have NEVER mentioned the penis thing - Katie ...she was fine
15 Jul, 01:04 AM UTC


Haralabos Voulgaris
Livingston folded QQ faster than Maahs folds his 74os
15 Jul, 05:29 AM UTC


depois vocês perguntam pq essa geração é a que mais odeia homem
14 Jul, 10:38 PM UTC

Samoa Joe

The #WWEChampionship will be decided at #ExtremeRules TONIGHT when @TrueKofi defends the gold against @SamoaJoe! @WWE's photo on Samoa Joe
14 Jul, 07:30 PM UTC


Rubén Pulido
Últimas iniciativas de @vox_es en Andalucía: ▪️Protección y conservación de la Casa de Velázquez. ▪️Dignificar los honorarios de los abogados del Turno de Oficio. ▪️Ayuda a los enfermos de fibrosis quística. ▪️Ayuda a mujeres con embarazos vulnerables. Cosas de fascistas...
14 Jul, 08:11 AM UTC


Mahrez c’est bon mon fils il s’appellera comme toi 😂😂🌹🌹🌹🥵🥵🥵😱😱😱😱😱🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🌹🌹🌹🥳🌹🌹🌹🌹
14 Jul, 09:34 PM UTC


Master ™
Si en vez de estarse sacando los ojos por un lugar de estacionamiento, se echaran un piedra, papel o tijera, seriamos potencia mundial. @K_e_n_o_b_i's photo on Verdugo
14 Jul, 05:55 PM UTC


no one told me it was #NationalNonbinaryDay ??? enby boyz make sum noize
14 Jul, 05:51 PM UTC


Tyler Florence
With 4 teams left, we’re in championship territory for sure. The Summer Beach Battle hits Ft. Lauderdale, Florida as we get one step closer to the Grand finale and $50,000 in cash! The #GreatFoodTruckRace tonight, only on @FoodNetwork 9/8 c. @TylerFlorence's photo on #GreatFoodTruckRace
14 Jul, 10:27 PM UTC


Pupdate: they do come in Mochi’s size
15 Jul, 12:00 AM UTC


nem sei o que escrever aqui mas opa vamo biscoitar nessa porra #issaLGBTQ
14 Jul, 08:57 PM UTC

Brandon Clarke

Brandon Clarke's (23p/14r) DOUBLE PUMP DUNK gives the @memgrizz the lead for good in OT! #NBASummer @NBA's photo on Brandon Clarke
14 Jul, 11:50 PM UTC


A.G. Willliam Barr
When the lights came back on in NYC, I found I myself standing in a Home Depot disoriented - I wasn't sure how I got there but I was covered in plastic straws, wrapped in a Betsy Ross flag, I was eating Chick-fil-A, listening to Rush Limbaugh and wearing a #MAGA hat. #NYCBlackout
14 Jul, 04:21 AM UTC


Seattle Sounders FC
"A piece of perfection from the Peruvian!" @RaulRuidiazM bags his seventh goal of the season 😍 SEA 1 | ATL 0 #SEAvATL @SoundersFC's photo on #SEAvATL
14 Jul, 09:27 PM UTC

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