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예압! #GRAMMYAwards2020 @BTS_twt's photo on #GRAMMYAwards2020
27 Jan, 03:31 AM UTC


Jared Sullinger Sr.
Rest In Peace Kobe Bryant Rest In Peace Gianna Bryant Rest In Peace Alyssa Altobelli Rest In Peace John Altobelli Rest In Peace Kerry Altobelli Rest in Peace Christina Mauser Rest in Peace Sarah Chester Rest in Peace Payton Chester Rest in Peace Ara Zobayan
27 Jan, 03:06 PM UTC


𝕆𝕕𝕕 𝔽𝕦𝕥𝕦𝕣𝕖
Tyler, The Creator calls out the #Grammys on their racism when it comes to music genres @itsOddFuture's photo on ceballos
27 Jan, 03:26 AM UTC


Andrew Doughty
ABC: Kobe Bryant and 4 children killed. FOX: Kobe Bryant and 3 others killed. TMZ: Kobe Bryant survived by wife and 4 daughters. I hope some people lose their jobs today for rushing reports.
26 Jan, 08:27 PM UTC


Gigi and her friend/teammate Alyssa who was also killed in the crash along with Alyssa’s mother Keri and father John.#RIPKobe 🙏🏾 @bluelionesss's photo on #RIPKobe
27 Jan, 01:33 AM UTC


Jordan Daley
We grew up shouting 'KOBE' anytime they threw something. Never stop doing it, Never let the tradition die.
26 Jan, 08:53 PM UTC


Joey Nolfi
“Please don’t be me. Please.” Billie Eilish being genuinely disgusted by her own success is one of the most hilarious things I’ve ever seen at a major awards show. #Grammys @joeynolfi's photo on Billie
27 Jan, 04:42 AM UTC


Shareef O’Neal
I still got the trophy... imma hold this forever @SSJreef's photo on Joachim
27 Jan, 03:29 AM UTC


YOU THINK YOU KNOW HIM!?!?!?!?! @EdgeRatedR IS BACK AND IN THE #MensRumble!!!!!!!!!!!! #RoyalRumble @WWE's photo on #RoyalRumble
27 Jan, 03:47 AM UTC


Felipe Neto
Por favor, leiam esta thread. Estou completamente enojado.
26 Jan, 07:02 PM UTC


Most Kobe video ever, goat, lebron was in the crowd too #RIPMamba @Tryumphh's photo on #ripmamba
27 Jan, 03:34 AM UTC


cat ⁷
when joon said ariana was “spitting some bad words” while watching their rehearsal coz she was amazed this is what he was talking about @mygscene's photo on ariana
27 Jan, 10:24 AM UTC


Mohamed Salah
My heartfelt condolences go out to the families and friends of Kobe and of those who died in the terrible accident.
26 Jan, 10:06 PM UTC


Mark Hamill
His legend will live forever. #RIPKobeByrant 💔 @HamillHimself's photo on #RIPKobeByrant
26 Jan, 09:42 PM UTC

Grammy Awards

Headline Planet
BTS in the crowd at the 62nd Grammy Awards (press pic by Francis Specker/CBS) @bts_twt @headlineplanet's photo on Grammy Awards
27 Jan, 01:46 AM UTC


Auschwitz Memorial
75 years ago today over 7,000 prisoners of the German Nazi #Auschwitz camp, including ca. 700 children, were liberated by the soldiers of the Soviet army. 1,689 days of murder, humiliation, suffering, and pain were over. Today we all remember. | #Auschwitz75 #OnThisDay
27 Jan, 06:13 AM UTC


ช่วยน้องเขาด้วยยยยยย #ไวรัสโคโรนาสายพันธุ์ใหม่ @mysteriousrva's photo on terrier
26 Jan, 07:35 AM UTC


Kobe’s verse on the “Say My Name” remix with Destiny’s Child. @HipHopxHotspot's photo on Solène
27 Jan, 02:09 AM UTC


Tʜᴏʀғᴀʟʟ ®
La célébration de Neymar pour Kobe Bryant 2⃣4⃣ 🙏❤️ #LOSCPSG @ThorfalI's photo on #LOSCPSG
26 Jan, 09:17 PM UTC


DeMar DeRozan with a heartfelt message on what Kobe Bryant meant to him. @ESPNNBA's photo on derozan
27 Jan, 01:28 AM UTC


shannon sharpe
Everyone knows KOBE’s nickname “Black Mamba”. Black Mambas are deadly not only because of their venom but, they’ll strike w/o provocation. Kobe had no friends on the court, but off the court. Kobe had a heart of gold and made you feel like he’s known you his entire life. (1/2) @ShannonSharpe's photo on brock
27 Jan, 03:28 AM UTC


Donne-moi ta main, le film va durer toute une vie
27 Jan, 04:59 PM UTC


The Pistons all wore Motor City jerseys that had No. 8 or No. 24 on the front with “Bryant” on the back. @SportsCenter's photo on Tate
28 Jan, 12:24 AM UTC

bad guy

Recording Academy / GRAMMYs
Congrats Song Of The Year winner (A Songwriter(s) Award) - "Bad Guy" @billieeilish and @finneas, songwriters (Billie Eilish) @RecordingAcad's photo on bad guy
27 Jan, 03:42 AM UTC


Without Edge, there is no me. He gave me his time when he didn’t have to. He gave me advice when he didn’t have to. He gave me a friend when he didn’t have to. He gave me a place to live when he didn’t have to. I owe him everything. Tonight made me happy.
27 Jan, 05:26 AM UTC


Me estoy muriendo. @zetadice's photo on Garo
27 Jan, 12:45 AM UTC

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