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Classify 😼
This dude Speed deadass set off a whole ass firework pikachu IN HIS ROOM BRUH 😭 @Class's photo on Falcon
04 Jul, 08:09 PM UTC
FC Barcelona
𝐈𝐓'𝐒 𝐎𝐅𝐅𝐈𝐂𝐈𝐀𝐋! 😏 Welcome, Kessie! 💙❤️ @FCBarcelona's photo on Kessie
04 Jul, 11:16 AM UTC
僕にもできるよ @tyomateee2's photo on Charles
03 Jul, 11:29 AM UTC
ILMA Express
マクドナルドのチキンナゲットの箱に謎のミシン目が入ってたんだけど、押し込んだらソースがピッタリはまるようになってました。知らなかった… @ILMA_Express's photo on HAKA
04 Jul, 07:09 AM UTC
Stranger Things
Chapter 9. The Piggyback. It will all be over soon. 🎨 @billythebutcher @Stranger_Things's photo on antonia
04 Jul, 06:00 PM UTC
🦑+🇧🇷=😁 90 dias
04 Jul, 10:44 AM UTC
04 Jul, 06:07 AM UTC
chris 🌙
moon knight (2022) @chrisvellx's photo on Moon Knight
03 Jul, 01:53 PM UTC
FC Barcelona
Welcome to Barcelona, Andreas Christensen! @FCBarcelona's photo on Christensen
04 Jul, 02:08 PM UTC
lucas’s gf 🦕
me leaving my room after i watched vol 2 with a breakdown and cried for 2 hours straight @winchesterlvr's photo on Leonor
04 Jul, 03:57 PM UTC
Christian Carroll
A ella le gustan las flores y a mí me gusta ella
04 Jul, 05:51 AM UTC
Strong Minded
15 Powerful Visuals About Psychology & Life 1. @strongminded101's photo on Lobato
03 Jul, 12:07 PM UTC
Fabrizio Romano
Confirmed. Cristiano Ronaldo to miss return to Manchester United training today “due to family reasons”, club have accepted this explanation. 🚨🇵🇹 #MUFC Man United are aware of his desire to leave the club - but insist on their position: not for sale, want to keep him. @FabrizioRomano's photo on Cristiano
04 Jul, 08:26 AM UTC
04 Jul, 02:11 AM UTC
Jules 🍃
Paris, France @Outrojules's photo on Lobato
03 Jul, 01:02 PM UTC
Insane fan footage of the Silverstone crash. Zhou’s car ends up right next to them 😮 🎥 ted_meagher98 on Tiktok @wtf1official's photo on Zhou
04 Jul, 10:11 AM UTC
‎ ♱
“moots you have 24 hours to unfollow” who do you think you are
04 Jul, 02:08 AM UTC
つけ方間違っててワロタ @bocco_tw's photo on HAKA
04 Jul, 05:32 AM UTC
Ni velada ni pollas, este vídeo es el peak de twitch. @adrianceitor_'s photo on Alcaraz
03 Jul, 08:15 PM UTC
menina veneno meu pinto eh piqueno
@amigoanormal's photo on Araujo
04 Jul, 01:19 AM UTC
te amo salsichinha com papadinha @salsichinhas's photo on Ayuso
04 Jul, 08:09 PM UTC
地獄絵図 @morryfantasy59's photo on Marisa
03 Jul, 08:47 AM UTC
Dicas De Inglês (English Dicks)
@de_dicks's photo on Rivas
03 Jul, 08:55 PM UTC
栄児 อีอ้วนเมียไอ้ยุด
คนไทยบอก ผับไต้หวัน มีโชว์เกือบเย็ดกัน ว้าวมาก อเมซิ่ง คนไต้หวันบอก มาเมืองไทย ต้องไปดูโชว์คนเย็ดกัน เอาควยตีกลอง ชักว่าวใส่คนดู ให้คนดูโม๊ก หีปล่อยนก ปาลูกดอก อ่ะ แกว่าใครยืนหนึ่งในเอเชียแปซิฟิค
04 Jul, 07:06 AM UTC
Blue supremacy 💙 #blue @honwowo's photo on Rivas
03 Jul, 04:49 PM UTC
Understanding is a love language.
04 Jul, 01:26 PM UTC
ⓘ Este usuario
ⓘ Este usuario necesita hacerse tatuajes
03 Jul, 07:06 PM UTC
礼儀正しいワンコが撮影される… @tyomateee2's photo on HAKA
04 Jul, 02:00 PM UTC
Read Wobblies and Zapatistas
No way the New York Times just published this today. No fucking way @JoshuaPotash's photo on New York
03 Jul, 01:44 PM UTC
twitter is a public diary bro. mute if you felt annoyed. simple!
04 Jul, 07:10 AM UTC
Fabrizio Romano
AC Milan & Chelsea will be in direct contact again for Hakim Ziyech deal. Negotiations started two weeks ago and still ongoing to agree on the final formula. 🇲🇦 #ACMilan Tuchel, open to let Ziyech go - while player’d be happy to join Milan this summer. Work in progress.
03 Jul, 02:14 PM UTC
Alex G
All I want is someone to try a bunch of new restaurants with
03 Jul, 08:17 PM UTC
Ahorita No
Un consejo para la vida: Quiéranse primero ustedes mismos.
04 Jul, 12:57 AM UTC
Wajahat Ali
Democrats should release ads in red states and battleground states featuring Republicans like Graham and others talking about going after Social Security and Medicare. Just create a non stop narrative of GOP extremism before 2024.
03 Jul, 08:37 PM UTC
gold digger
es un 10 pero abraza a los perritos en la calle, entonces es un 20
04 Jul, 12:54 AM UTC
Maybe this year I will draw one more.⚡️#pokemon
04 Jul, 02:02 AM UTC
Luis Suarez having the Second most assists in football history after Leo Messi isn’t Talked about enough @ZaranATM's photo on Luis Suárez
03 Jul, 05:57 PM UTC
we all lost a bond over some wack shit.
04 Jul, 04:56 AM UTC