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Tech News

Marques Brownlee
Is the new i9 MacBook Pro worth it? ... sure, if you cool it in a freezer ❄️ @Dave2Dtv explains: https://t.co/Cd9jPgbaXk Marques Brownlee's photo on Tech
18 Jul, 02:26 AM UTC
Astronomers were searching for celestial bodies deep into space when they casually stumbled upon something they weren't looking for: 12 previously undiscovered moons orbiting Jupiter https://t.co/a5CWmriHwv
17 Jul, 02:03 PM UTC
The Verge
Apple replaced its executive portraits with Memoji https://t.co/oUKZPWXzIE The Verge's photo on Tech
17 Jul, 01:35 PM UTC
Texas Tech Red Raiders
We remember the legacy of "Señor Sack" Gabe Rivera, a @TexasTechFB Ring of Honor member, a #TexasTech Hall of Fame inductee and a @NFFNetwork Hall of Famer. 📰➡️: https://t.co/ItwlK87UOO 🔴#WreckEm⚫ Texas Tech Red Raiders's photo on Tech
17 Jul, 05:46 PM UTC
The Verge
GOP congressman introduces bill to reinstate net neutrality rules https://t.co/xW1P1T2MKj The Verge's photo on Tech
17 Jul, 01:18 PM UTC
Democrats just gained a Republican ally in the battle to save net neutrality: Representative Mike Coffman. https://t.co/DJY7DzBt0K
17 Jul, 05:32 PM UTC
You may not have heard of Safe Browsing, but it's made the web more secure for over a decade. This is the story of how it was built, as told by the nine @Google engineers who have worked on it. https://t.co/i2OFZU57ZG
17 Jul, 08:58 PM UTC
This Anti-Earthquake bed could keep you safe during the big one. CNET's photo on Tech
17 Jul, 11:00 AM UTC

Tech People

Donie O'Sullivan
#BREAKING The now infamous Facebook data set on tens of millions of Americans gathered for Cambridge Analytica was **accessed from Russia,** British MP @DamianCollins tells CNN. https://t.co/Dd9wDegZ7b
17 Jul, 10:51 PM UTC
Seth Abramson
So Trump's data company, Cambridge Analytica, at best unethically and at worst illegally took Facebook user data for a microtargeting operation, then willfully or negligently let the Russians access the info—which was then weaponized. Do I have that right? https://t.co/iEpGbvKEqF
18 Jul, 12:50 AM UTC
Sarah Kendzior
Cambridge Analytica's Facebook data was accessed from Russia, MP says https://t.co/T33ScaE2DS
17 Jul, 11:10 PM UTC
Joseph Cox
New: a top voting machine vendor admits it installed remote-access software on systems sold to states. Senator Wyden said this “is the worst decision for security short of leaving ballot boxes on a Moscow street corner.” https://t.co/V692ouXMlY
17 Jul, 12:08 PM UTC
Students at Texas Tech University are demanding action after a fraternity's racist group chat surfaced. Hunting immigrants at the border is just one of the suggestions. AJ+'s photo on Tech-People
17 Jul, 11:00 AM UTC
Sam Biddle
they had 24 hours and came up with this lmao https://t.co/3Ua9fD7RHd
17 Jul, 07:05 PM UTC
Craig Silverman
BuzzFeed News now working with @ProPublica to collect and analyze targeted political ads on Facebook for the midterms. More info on how to help us gather ads is here: https://t.co/v29wI1ecNJ
17 Jul, 05:01 PM UTC
I asked Facebook a few weeks ago when they were going to get real 2FA for Instagram. They said it was something they were working on, but no more details. Sorry, but one of the richest companies in the world can't fix their broken security? Unacceptable. https://t.co/L4FYipr4Dp
17 Jul, 07:11 PM UTC
Good get by @KimZetter on how one of the largest voting machine manufacturers enabled PCAnywhere on systems, and how it is still stonewalling lawmakers seeking answers about the security of these systems https://t.co/yKY7pMYF31 Can't wait for election hacking village at DEFCON
17 Jul, 03:00 PM UTC

Top Tweets on Mobile

[NOTICE] 준, 디에잇 출연 중국 프로그램 '조음전기(潮音战纪)' 2차 투표 안내 기간 : ~8/31 (금) 01:00(KST) https://t.co/VwJoEPSkL9 *어플설치 腾讯视频 iOS ▶ https://t.co/d2be763wpJ And ▶ https://t.co/nzYxZTEHqo WeChat iOS ▶ https://t.co/OpCOK2d7wm And ▶ https://t.co/Vs8EsnwavP 세븐틴(SEVENTEEN)'s photo on Mobile
17 Jul, 07:39 AM UTC
Jake Tapper
For those unaware, Article Five of the NATO treaty — an “armed attack” on one member “shall be considered an attack against them all” — has been invoked exactly once: by the other nations after the US was attacked on 9/11. https://t.co/IBhFBH3ryz https://t.co/1ELSdqFeIH
18 Jul, 02:52 AM UTC
Ryan Fournier
Check out Bikers for Trump mobile command center. They will be stepping up rally’s across the country to make an impact on elections across the country. To support their efforts, please donate to their Bikers for the President PAC here. https://t.co/QbNjtediEI Ryan Fournier's photo on Mobile
17 Jul, 11:52 PM UTC
Chelsea FC
Check out Jorginho's first day at Cobham in the brand new Chelsea app! 👌 📲 https://t.co/zhGX5RrZrE Chelsea FC's photo on Mobile
17 Jul, 07:54 AM UTC
Just a 3-year-old and her 💐 for #WHPflowerpower. https://t.co/WmH0vEcB9E Instagram's photo on Mobile
18 Jul, 01:07 AM UTC
“I love the idea of art moving and breathing. It doesn’t just sit on the wall. It lives.” —Makeup artist @GeorginaRyland, today on our story 🎨 https://t.co/dVEbEJtbk3 Instagram's photo on Mobile
17 Jul, 06:26 PM UTC
“It feels like being a little ant that sits on one of those flowers, looking toward the mountains.” 🌼 #WHPflowerpower https://t.co/aa4JX5yTTu Instagram's photo on Mobile
18 Jul, 12:04 AM UTC
If these flowers could talk... 🌷 #WHPflowerpower https://t.co/4YljZCjsEb Instagram's photo on Mobile
17 Jul, 11:05 PM UTC
Happy #WorldEmojiDay. To celebrate, we’re taking a look at the woman behind the design, Jennifer Daniel. See how she’s changing the game one 🤠 at a time: https://t.co/DzbEkulMSB Android's photo on Mobile
17 Jul, 07:01 PM UTC

Top Tweets on FAMGA

#BTS #방탄소년단 #LOVE_YOURSELF 轉 'Tear' R version Photoshoot Sketch (https://t.co/IFHpudZK65) https://t.co/f6wFeHDSwq
17 Jul, 10:01 AM UTC
Bill Gates
I'm excited to share that my next investment in Alzheimer’s research is in a new fund from @TheADDF called Diagnostics Accelerator. I’m joining Leonard Lauder and other philanthropists in committing over $30M to develop a new way to diagnose Alzheimer’s. https://t.co/hPnOu0PEBX
17 Jul, 07:33 PM UTC
Happy #WorldEmojiDay! The most popular animal emoji on YouTube is the 🐼. YouTube's photo on FAMGA
17 Jul, 07:24 PM UTC
Amazon Music
It's a special #PrimeDay #SOTD takeover w/ @DanReynolds of @Imaginedragons! #AskAlexa, "Play the Song of the Day" to hear the band's new single, "Natural" https://t.co/qY7n2rnKG5 Amazon Music's photo on FAMGA
17 Jul, 05:00 PM UTC
🎉🎊🍾 Happy #WorldEmojiDay! Here's how to make a new emoji: https://t.co/BQHNbUC10v. 🎨💻📲 YouTube's photo on FAMGA
17 Jul, 03:02 PM UTC
App Store
3. Guess the game: It’s a me, emoji. #WorldEmojiDay App Store's photo on FAMGA
17 Jul, 08:27 PM UTC
App Store
Happy #WorldEmojiDay! App Store's photo on FAMGA
17 Jul, 12:00 PM UTC
🔴 LIVE NOW in 360°: Watch @BarackObama deliver the Nelson Mandela Annual Lecture. https://t.co/ZLQgBCGcW4 YouTube's photo on FAMGA
17 Jul, 11:47 AM UTC
Satya Nadella
Thrilled to partner with the Walmart team to accelerate their digital transformation. Together we will empower millions of Walmart associates and deliver the best experience for Walmart shoppers wherever they are. https://t.co/TjLgEQJxgO
17 Jul, 04:23 PM UTC

Top Tweets on Science

ICYMI: Bill Nye "The Science Guy" can RAKE ESPN's photo on Science
17 Jul, 01:00 PM UTC
Bleacher Report MLB
Looks like there’s some good chemistry already #AllStarGame Bleacher Report MLB's photo on Science
18 Jul, 12:55 AM UTC
Bill Nye
All Star Game— Scherzer (one of them) is starting pitcher. Woo hoo Bill Nye's photo on Science
18 Jul, 12:52 AM UTC
The ethereal beauty of Earth is perfectly captured in this pic taken by @Astro_Ricky. From the vantage point of @Space_Station, he was able to see orange & brown hues of the Namib Desert & contrasting blues of the Atlantic Ocean. More on photos from space: https://t.co/0cfNUnKdmF NASA's photo on Science
17 Jul, 05:00 PM UTC
The Sun may look unchanging to us here on Earth, but that’s not the whole story. See how the soon-to-launch Parker #SolarProbe will show us that when it comes to our Sun, there’s more than meets the eye: https://t.co/oxtuno0ECV NASA's photo on Science
17 Jul, 06:38 PM UTC
National Geographic
In a curveball of cosmic proportions, astronomers went looking for a planet and instead found 12 new moons around Jupiter https://t.co/d88YC26uou
17 Jul, 02:49 PM UTC
For #WorldEmojiDay, what are we describing here in emojis? Our single ⭐️+ its closest planet ⚪️ The 🔥 planet Our home 🌎 + our neighbor 🌕 The Red Planet 🔴 The ☁️ giant The orb w/ the ⭕️'s The ice giants 🔵 The world w/ the 💟 glacier Find out: https://t.co/jdygdlpqyB NASA's photo on Science
17 Jul, 02:13 PM UTC
Richard Dawkins
“Mr Trump, standing just inches from an autocratic thug who steals territory & has his adversaries murdered, undermined the unanimous conclusion of his own intelligence & law enforcement agencies that the Russian government interfered with the 2016 election” (NY Times Editorial)
17 Jul, 04:30 PM UTC
National Geographic
"Sometimes the best images are not the ones we planned for,” says photographer Thomas Peschak, who snapped the soon-to-be viral frame when a great white started following its tracker https://t.co/ru9Svhp8Cj
17 Jul, 09:14 PM UTC
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